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We sure could use your help!!!


We need lookup volunteers!!!  Do you have access to any books, publications, indexes, census, or other genealogical material relating to Alamosa County (or neighboring counties) that you would be willing to do lookups in?  If so, please let me know and I will include your name on this page.


The following individuals are willing do lookups.  Beside each person's name is the publication, index, or database that they are willing to do a lookup in.  Feel free to request a look-up from any of the following. Please limit your request to one name per request. Please putALAMOSA COUNTY LOOKUP in the subject line of your request to ensure the message is not overlooked or accidentally deleted. In the first line of the message please put the name of the item you are requesting the lookup in.


Don't forget to thank your volunteer for their time - their efforts are invaluable to genealogical research!


Judi I am willing to do marriage look-ups for Alamosa County from 1858 - 1939. I do not have copies of actual licenses or any information after 1939.  Please post your questions to the query board and I will answer them there. Thank You!
Melvin McAllister

Hooper Data

I do not live in Colorado and thus cannot do local research. I am researching the history of Mosca-Hooper and have some data for that area. Please post your questions to the query board and I will answer them there.


I have written the history of Hooper. There are 100 pages of text and pictures and 100 pages of data. The book is now being sold. (pages and pages of land ownership and school attendance records will not be included. It will be published later.). The data I have is for Hooper only. Hooper is generally defined as the Hooper School District as of 1957.

1. School attendance records for the Alamosa portion of the Hooper school district. The records for the part that is in Saguache are sparse and too expensive for me to obtain.
2. Speiser-Garnett Cemetery records index.
3. Speiser-Garnett visitor records. Since 1984, the cemetery kept a log of who visited the cemetery. I have transcribed that log.
4. Lot ownership. Who owned lots in the town of Hooper to about 1970.
5. Vital Statistics. Who was married. Who died. Who Was born. Records from newspapers, courthouse and memory. Not exactly complete but extensive.
6. Anybody mentioned in the history text.
7. Postmasters
8. Baptist Church Records
9. 1900, 1910 and 1920 census records. Exception is that a lot of them were unreadable and I do not know the exact area covered.
10. Hooper brands (the kind put on cows).
11. Farmland ownership in Alamosa County portion. (Only 1/3 is so far complete).

Mosca - Hooper Newspaper History


If you are willing to do look-ups for our friends, please email me your name,  e-mail address, the name of the lookup you are willing to do (and author if it is a publication), and a brief description.   Email:  Cynthia Monroe

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Mosca - Hooper Newspaper History