The Princeton union, March 26, 1896
Princeton, Minn., 1876-1976

A Home-Made Land-Grader
Every small farmer cannot afford the expense of buying a land-grader. Laboring under this inconvenience. Gordon Grimes of Pagosa Springs, Colo., built one which is simple and easily made, and has the desired effect—that is, it levels the land by scraping the dirt off the high places and depositing it in the low places automatically. It will level up a back-furrow as completely as if it had never existed. To make this machine, take two pieces, 2x4 and 20 feet long, place them 7 feet apart, like sled runners, with the front ends sloping upward. Then take a 2x6 7 feet long, and nail it crosswise between the front ends of the runners. Then take a plank 2x12 and fit it in the same manner as the front one, only putting it back about eight feet from the front scraper. Nail some pieces across on the top of the runners for braces, and it is ready for use, as shown in the accompanying outline. Three horses are necessary if the driver sits on the sled, which is recommended as the best way.

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