Boulder County Cemeteries


Dear Ancestor,

Your Tombstone stands among the rest,
neglected and alone.
The name and dates are chiseled here,
on polished marbled stone.

It reaches out to all who care,
though it is too late to mourn.
You do not know that I exist,
you died and I was born.
Yet each of us are cells of you,
in flesh, in blood, and bone.

The place you filled so many years ago,
I wonder if you could have known,
would spread among the ones you left
in all the seeds you 've sown.

I wonder if you lived and loved?
I wonder if you ever knew?
That someday I would find you in this spot,
and come to visit you?

Unknown author

Mountain View, Longmont (Mountain View Cemetery is now in book form and on a CD)! Contact the Longmont Genealogical Society for more information. As an aside, this society is very active and their website is worth taking time to visit and puruse. They have a number of cemetery transcription CD's for sale as well as several other projects in progress.

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  • Altona Cemetery, first burial 1864 (plowed over)
  • Burlington Cemetery, Longmont, est. ca. 1864
  • Caribou Cemetery, first burial 1870 photos!
  • Coal Creek Cemetery, 10203 E. South Boulder Road, Lafayette, CO. Telephone: 303-664-0302
  • Coal Creek Memorial Cemetery, Louisville, CO
  • Columbia Cemetery, Boulder (aka Pioneer, Old Boulder, I.O.O.F., Masonic, City), first burial 1870. 9th Street & College Avenue, Boulder, CO. (a few photos can be found here)

  • Eldorado Springs Cemetery, first burial 1875
  • Evergreen Memorial Gardens, Lafayette, CO (Photos)
  • Jamestown Cemetery, Jamestown, CO. Telephone: 303-449-1806
  • Goldhill Cemetery, Gold Hill, first burial 1859 photos!
  • Green Mountain Cemetery, Boulder est. 1904. 290 20th Street, Boulder, CO. Telephone: 303-444-5695 Fax: 303-442-1500. Note: Due the huge number of discrepancies in the transcripts I inherited when I took over this site, I have removed the Green Mountain transcripts and the link now goes to the Boulder County Genealogy Society's transcriptions which I believe are more accurate.

  • Foothills Garden of Memory (On Hwy 287 between Longmont and Berthoud)
    Contact: 2051 Terry Street, Longmont, CO. Telephone: 303-776-0202
  • Hygiene Cemetery-North Here is another link to transcripts of the Hygiene Cemetery.
  • Jamestown Cemetery, first burial 1875
  • Lafayette Cemetery: (first burial 1888)  A-G - H-P - Q-Z   Baseline Rd, Lafayette, CO. Telephone: 303-665-5588  Fax: 303-665-2153

  • Lakeview Cemetery, Lafayette, CO
  • Louisville Cemetery, Louisville, CO. First burial 1878. Empire Rd & Hwy 42. Telephone: 313-666-6565
  • Lyons Cemetery, first burial 1888. (Courtesy of the Boulder County Genealogical Society)
  • Monarch #2 Coal Mine Memorial USGenweb Hwy 36 Broomfield, Colorado
  • Marshall Cemetery, first burial 1876
  • Nederland Cemetery (Index of all gravestones, ca. 1999) Forest Rd, Nederland, CO. Telephone: 303-258-3266
  • Mountain View Memorial Park, Boulder. 3016 Kalmia Avenue, Boulder, CO. Telephone: 303-442-4448
  • Mountain View Cemetery, Longmont. 620 11th Avenue, Longmont, CO 80501. Telephone: 303-776-1036
  • Niwot Cemetery, first burial 1874
  • Pratt Family Cemetery (across from the Burlington Cemetery)
  • Ryssby Church Cemetery. 63rd St., Boulder, CO. South of Nelson Rd
  • Riverside Cemetery, first burial unknown.
  • Rowena Cemetery
  • Rowley and Roadside Cemetery. The former Rowley Ranch and family cemetery lies about 12 miles north of the South St. Vrain Canyon on Highway 7, on private property. The cemetery is located on a small rise within walking distance of the original ranch house. The area is fenced with barbed wire, 51 ft 4 in on the west and east sides; 13ft 6 in on the south and 15ft 6 in in on the north. The graves lie along the west fence and were in fair condition in 2002. The family maintains access to the cemetery.

  • Salina Cemetery (aka Ingram Cemetery), first burial 1882
  • Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Graveyard, Est. 1873. 6739 S Boulder Rd, Boulder, CO. Telephone: 303-494-7572
  • South Boulder Catholic Cemetery, first burial 1873
  • Sugarloaf Cemetery, first burial 1867
  • Sunshine
  • Superior Cemetery, (coming soon-Photos!) first burial 1873 (Also known as the Coal Creek Cemetery and as the Old Louisville Cemetery)
  • Valmont Cemetery (A - GO names only; GR - Z unavailable at this time)
  • Valmont Old Cemetery, first burial 1863
  • Ward Cemetery, first burial unknown.
  • Wiesner Cemetery, first burial 1864.


In the year 1936 January 20th at 6:30 a.m. An explosion occurred at the Monarch No. 2 Mine.
Eight men perished in this explosion. The bodies of the following seven men were recovered:

Ray Bailey
Oscar Baird
Steve Davis
Anthony De Santis
Kester Novinger
Tom Stevens
Leland Ward

The body of Joe C. Jaramillo still remains entombed.
Six miles from Boulder on the road to Denver, one can see his monument on the right side about quarter of a mile from the  right of way. The headstone is in the proximity where his body lies in an underground mine. The inscription reads:

Joe C. Jaran Jaramillo
A faithful employee
who died in the
performance of his duty.

About halfway between Ward and Left Hand Creek is a tree with a board nailed to it with the inscription:

Mary Ann HARRY
d. Aug. 7, 18?3

It is said there were once 60 graves at this site.


Lyons, Colorado Highway 7, S. of St. Vrain Rd., out of Lyons, on the high point near the gravel bar, is a small family plot. There appear to be three children graves, only one is fenced.


Niwot: Haystack Mountain, Section 27, one Indian grave site near the creek.




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