University of Colorado, Boulder

On November 7, 1861, the Territorial Legislature enacted a bill, and Gov. Gilpin signed it, establishing a Universityto be located in Boulder. Not until 1870 did the first University Board of Trustees met. The real progress began in 1874, when $10,000 was appropriated--to be matched by the town.

The cornerstone for the University of Colorado was laid September 20, 1875. Trees were planted in April 1876. The first Regents, authorized under the new Colorado Constitution, were elected in October 1876.

The University opened September 5, 1877 in a four-story brick building (Old Main), with two teachers and 44 students. Board of Trustees: CM Tyler, Ira E. Leonard, Amos Widner, T. J. Graham

A. J. Macky built the first frame house in Boulder City, and the University's auditorium was named for  him.

University of Colorado Newspapers Portfolio 1882-1892. The first University of Colorado publication.

Subscriptions to the University Fund
M. G. Smith

$ 500.00
Buckingham Bros.
A. Arnett
FA Squires
Jonas Anderson, Jr.
George C. Corning
Hugh C. McCammon
CM Tyler
Amos Widner
Robert Culver

William Pound
AL Ellis
Maria Tourtellote
A J Macky

George Lytle
Jay Sternberg
D K Sternberg
James B. Tourtellote
JP Maxwell
William Martin
George A Andrews
GS Allen
RJ Woodward

F W Kohler
Austin & Co.
John A. Ellet
Holstein & Herman
C Boettcher & Co.
Henry & Metcalf
AG Soule
DA Robinson
John H Pickel
George C Squires
BM Williams
Lemuel McIntosh
Ira E. Loeonard

PD Goss
Phillippi & Bro.
Bradley & McClure

HW Allen

Barter & Blodgett
William G Koch
CP Chedsey
J H Boyd
Benjamin Long
James A. King
Richard Crow
Eric J. Anderson


$100 cont.

M. Harris
Mrs. G S Allen
Boulder Lodge I.O.O.F
Charles E Clough
Bixby & Wilder
J H Decker
William E. Beck
WA Hardenbrook
Hanson Snyder
John Morrison
Oren H Henry
Alpheus Wright
J Dartt
George H. Tourtellot
AR Brown
CL Petherbridge
Truman A Stuart
Gabrial J. Hite
Thomas C. Brainard
George F Chase
WF Sears
WH Smith


AE Lea
Wallace & Faurot

Abel Goss, jr.
Eddon W. Austin
James A. Walker
W. G. Pell
AF Safely
EP Mkilner
MA Jackson
Charles M. Farrar
GC Green
J Barber
William Keller
Frank Gilbert
Frank J. Wiest
?B. Rosenkrans
J B Groesbeck
AW Buch
Charles Ambrook
Charles Frey
Clay M Van
Ciles H Fonda
John L. Campbell
SB Austin
D W Bradford
H O Doge
D Meginnes
C N Hockaday
John B Collins
N L Chedsey
J H O'Brien

IL Pond
James Hoyle

William A Corson

Total: $16,656.66



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