Lookup Volunteers and other Resources

Please contact me if you have books or resources for look-ups for others. 

When requesting a look up; please remember this is a volunteer position--limit your request to one each time,
and don't forget to say thank you!

Name Resources
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Gay Weston (gsweston@aol.com) Longmont High School yearbooks for the years 1941 through 1948.  Many of the photos have notations beside them or signatures.  I would be happy to do lookups, and can scan photos to send electronically.
Corwyn Arthurs corwyn_arthurs@yahoo.com Has the Longmont Mountain View Cemetery CD, published by the Longmont Genealogical Society, INC  2003. I would like to offer to do look-ups as an act of kindness, and as a thank you to the many people who have helped me. 
Kathy McGannon : (303) 776-2244 x 22  Obit Look Ups--limit 2 per search. 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays. Daily Times Call / News Room Library


Suggested Books and Materials


  • As a Town Grows by F. O. Repplier © 1959
  • A Story of Gold Hill Colorado, by Mabel Guise Montgomery, reprint © 1987
  • Boulder Story; Historical Portrait of a Colorado Town by Maurice Frink © 1965
  • Colorado Mining Camps by Dave Southworth © 1997
  • They Came to Stay by St. Vrain Valley Historical Association © 1971
  • "Historical Highlights of Boulder," article published Sept. 13, 1963, The Boulder Daily Camera.
  • Nederland, A Trip to Cloudland by Isabel M. Becker © 1989
  • So Long, Longmont © 1996 Part I by Frances Greenly-Hastings & Part II by D. Ernie Greenly
  • When Grass was King by Maurice Frink
  • The Longmont Album by Betty Ann Newby. Out of print but the Longmont Library has a copy.

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