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Taken from Elmer Curtis Swallow scrapbooks. Submitted by Leah McKin

Hand-dated 3 December 1940
Miss Maud Blackburn Celebrates BirthdayMiss Maud Blackburn, resident of the county home for a number of years, celebrated her 67th birthday anniversary Saturday by entertaining friends who called and brought gifts.  Among them were Rev. and Mrs. Roy Shade, who gave her a quilt; Mrs. C. F. Hixson, who presented her with a luncheon cloth and napkins to use on the little table in her room when she eats, and Mrs. Ralph Montgomery, who brought her a birthday cake.
She received other gifts and many cards.  Miss Blackburn has been a member of the Free Methodist church, of which Rev. Shade is pastor, for over a year.


These appear on a scrapbook page where the only dates noted are 11/5/1940 and 12/3/1940.  They appear to be from a single column of the Boulder Camera. All are from E. C. Swallow's scrapbooks; contact me for scan.  Caps are mine, not the paper’s.  -- Leah McKin,

Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Meyring of Salina spent the week-end in Nederland with their son, Norman Meyring and his wife.
Over the week-end Mr. and Mrs. Al Richardson entertained Mr. and Mrs. David Scott from Long Beach, Calif., and Mr. and Mrs. W. Jerome of Scotts Bluff, Neb.  Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bailey of New York spent Saturday afternoon in the Richardson home visiting, and that evening the group enjoyed a lovely dinner prepared by Mrs. Richardson.

Glenn Stanley, traveling passenger agent for the Union Pacific, and family spent the week-end in the Frank Allen home.  Sunday evening the two families went to Denver and enjoyed dinner together.

Mrs. Irene Mitchel and her son, Bill, spent the week-end with her mother, Mrs. Snyder, who had just returned from a week’s trip in Denver with her son, George, and family.
Elmer and Vernon Rudine, Olga and her son, Bruce Fowler, all of Denver, spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stacey and family.
Mr. and Mrs. John Deal of Boulder visited Wednesday and had dinner with their daughter, Mrs. Lester Snyder, and family.  Bob Snyder of Denver will spend the rest of the week here with his family.  He and his father, Lester Snyder, were deer hunting last week in the White River National Forest where each bagged a deer.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Todd and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wilson, Jr., took in a show last Saturday evening and enjoyed a late snack at Wayne’s in Boulder.
Mrs. Ray Flahirty left Nederland for Fountain, Colo., Thursday to be with her father. He is seriously ill with ear trouble.

The many friends of Willard Roberts will be interested to know that he is taking a post-graduate course in mechanics in Boulder high school.  The course includes welding and sheet metal work.

Wilbur and Leslie Todd and Floyd Robinson left Wednesday morning for San Diego, Calif., where Wilbur Todd and Floyd Robinson will spend their vacation. Leslie Todd plans to find work and stay there.

The employes of the Bureau of Roads of the Nederland district gave a party which was a house-warming on Mr. and Mrs. George McCOLLUM and family in their new home in Boulder Saturday night.  Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Roney, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Talbot, Mr. and Mrs. Foster Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Green, Jake Harris and Mrs. Harry Clark.  Elinor and Ernest Harris entertained with musical selections, then the group played some new and clever games.  Their refreshments were ice cream, cake and coffee.
Johnnie Jackson’s car was put out of commission last Monday evening when he was struck by a Denver car.  He, George Todd, and Harvey Sanderson were on their way fishing.  Mr. Todd sustained minor injuries.
Ed Hollifield is confined to bed with lumbago; but he still thinks of others.  He says he has four pure white puppies which he has been taking care of and which might be happier with some kind little boy.  No doubt the first four boys who see Mr. Hollifield will get the puppies.


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