Pupils of the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind: 1874-1883 (Boulder County only)

Name Community Date Admitted Father Mother Siblings Spouse
Goddard, Hester/Esther M. 


25 Sep 1877

Lewis W. Goddard

Nancy L. Smith

Frank Morton, Zoe Ellen, Edith Estella, Carl

Sp: Joseph Chedsey

McFarland-Moore, Mary Adelia


15 April 1874 

#1 Robert McFarland
#2 Robert A. Moore

#1 Loana Howe
#2 Mary C. Jackson

George E. McFarland

William Webb

Taylor, Marion P.


8 July 1874 

John Taylor

Julia A. [-?-]



Wise, William T.


29 Sep 1880 

Andrew Wise





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