Many of these names have been listed here for a long time and Ihave no way of knowing if their email addresses are still correct. If you are listed here and your email address has changed or if you find an email that is no longer valid, please contact me.

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ALCORN Garr yBryant
ALLEN Betty C.Gilkinson
AMBROOK Mary Ambroo kDougherty
ARDRY Patti Smith Lamb
ARMSTRONG Emmett Mason

BARBER Bonnie Rams
BAUM Harvey L.Bottoms
BENSON Lana Anderson
BIBY Lenard E.McDonald
BIEDERMAN Dorothy E Stanley
BLISS Trudy Spanier
BONER Pat Hutcherson
BOTTOMS Harvey L. Bottoms
BRADY Mike Milner
BRINES Patti Smith Lamb
BRUNING Lottie Hendricks
BRYANT Garry Bryant

CARMEAN Robyn Iverson
CARNER Bonnie Rams
CASE Lottie Hendricks
CASS C.F .Alan Cass
CAYWOOD Judith Adams
CHEATLOY Terence Kelley
CHENEYMike Milner
CLARK Lana Anderson
CLEVELAND Roberta Wallace
COFFMAN MarilynMansouria
COFFMAN Trudy Spanier
COLE Nancy Montgomery
COMSTOCK Terence Kelley
COPELAND Trudy Spanier
COSSLETT Betty C.Gilkinson
COUGHLIN Harvey L.Bottoms
CRAWFORD LenardE.McDonald
CULVER Mary C.Smith
CUMMINGS Barb Frager

DAVIS Harvey L.Bottoms
DEMMON Elisabeth Demmon
DICKENS Betty C.Gilkinson
DURANT LenardE.McDonald
EADE S Garry Bryant

EATON Peggy Hinshaw
ELDER Terence Kelley
EMANUEL Lottie Hendricks

FAGERSTEDT MaryThompsonSaban
FARBER Douglas MarlinKalahar
FRANKLIN BettyC.Gilkinson

GOLLODAY LenardE.McDonald
GOODELL Mary C.Smith
GUSTAFSON LeonaL.Gustafson

HAGMAN Joe Lewis
HAMILTON KathleenAnderson
HAMILTON D. BeaPedenPrice
HAMMER LeonaL.Gustafson
HANNAN VirginiaHillTravis
HAYWARD JoanHaywardHelm
HEDGES Lois Strohmeyer
HILL MarilynMansouria
HILL Virginia Hill Travis
HIXSON Garry Bryant
HOLMES D. BeaPedenPrice
HOPPER RamonaPhilpot
HORRY John Matrow
HOUGH. Lori Campbell
HOUSE MarilynMansouria
HOWARD Terry Jordan
HOWARD LeonaL.Gustafson
HUMRICH Lisa Humrich

IMEL MarilynMansouria

JAIN LottieHendricks
JAMES TerenceKelley
JAMISON JanisNorris
JONES MarilynMansouria
JOY MarilynMansouria
KARR Marsha
KELLEY TerenceKelley
KEELY Betty JaneWojdyla
KOHLER Bonnie Rams

MCLELLAN LoisStrohmeyer
MONTGOMERY LoisStrohmeyer

LALL Terry Jordan
LATHROP Jan Baldwin
LEAHY Janet Rosenbach
LONG Connie Long
LYTLE Bonnie Rams
LUHNOW Mike Milner

MCKINLEY PeggyHinshaw
MCGWIRE DorothyEStanley
MARSH TerenceKelley
MARSHALL Betty C.Gilkinson
MASON Emmett Mason
MILLS TrudySpanier
MILNER Mike Milner
MINKS TerenceKelley
MOSHER MarilynMansouria

NELSON MarilynMansouria
OSTRANDER TerenceKelley

PAINTER Trudy Spanier
PATTON Lois Strohmeyer
PEDEND. BeaPedenPrice
PENSE TrudySpanier
PERKINS Jim Perkins
POLLACK Terence Kelley
POTTER JuneMillsMarcus
PRICE Trudy Spanier
PURVISD. BeaPedenPrice

REED Christopher L.Reed
ROWLEY DianaWare
RUMBEL Harvey L.Bottoms

SALTER TerenceKelley
SANDERS Harvey L.Bottoms
SCHOFIELD Nancy Montgomery
SECOR Betty C.Gilkinson
SHEFFNER Trudy Spanier
SHERMAN PeggyHinshaw
SLAGHT GarryBryant
SPENCER JeanPayton

SAT LeonaL.Gustafson
SPRINGER MarilynMansouria
STACY GarryBryant

TEZAK SandraPelky
TOVEY Mary C.Smith
TOWNER Jackie Towner
TRUITT LottieHendricks
TUCKER Lana Anderson

WALES Robyn Iverson
WALSH Joe Bagg
WHITE DianeWhite
WHITE C.F.AlanCass
WILLIAMS Harvey L.Bottoms
WILTSIE Nancy Montgomery

YATES Joe Bagg

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