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     On November 15, 2001, Broomfield became the 64th county in Colorado. Broomfield is located 20 miles northwest of  Denver off  U.S. 36 (Boulder Turnpike) in central Colorado. As a city, Broomfield spanned 4 counties: Adams, Boulder, Jefferson and Weld.

    From it's earliest beginnings dating back to the 1880's as a train station on the Denver, Utah and Pacific Railroad, the unorganized community of Broomfield was in Boulder County. The name "Broomfield" came from the fields of broomcorn that grew in the area. Broomfield was a small farming community until the Turnpike Land Company began development in 1955. The population grew from 125 in 1950 to over 6,000 in 1961. Starting in 1969, the city began annexing parts of  three counties. In 1969, parts of Jefferson County were annexed; in 1971, parts of Adams County; and in 1988 parts of Weld County were annexed. For more information you can visit the City and County of Broomfield site or click on Map of Broomfield  below.

    Because Broomfield is so new, it has no history as a county. Genealogical information relating to Broomfield, can be found in the counties from which Broomfield was created or at the state offices.

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Adams County
Boulder County
Jefferson County
Weld County

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    A history of Broomfield, Gem of the Mountain Valley, was written in 1975 by Laura L. Spitler and Lou Walther. This book has the history of families as well as the history of the area. There are copies of this book at the Broomfield Mamie D. Eisenhower Public Library and also at Carnegie Library in Boulder. 

    A second history of Broomfield was published in November, 2001. Written by Silvia Pettem, Broomfield: Changes Through Time covers the history of Broomfield from 1850 through 2001. There are copies for sale at The City and County of Broomfield and there are also copies at the Broomfield Mamie D. Eisenhower Public Library.




Coulson, Druella (First Postmaster)                                      





List of Broomfield Postmasters from the Record of Appointment of Postmasters, 1832 - September 30, 1971; National Archives microfilm M841.



1930 U.S. Census Index for Broomfield







Broomfield Genealogy Society

Broomfield Depot Museum- Learn about early Broomfield.



    Broomfield two cemeteries. Lakeview Cemetery, located on Eagle Way across from Broomfield High School. It was incorporated in 1890 and is a working cemetery. It is owned and operated by the City and County of Broomfield.

    Commons Cemetery was opened in November 2003. It is located at East 9th Avenue and Sheridan Blvd and is owned and operated by the City and County of Broomfield.

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