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A list of some of the larger communities within Cheyenne County. Population information from 1990 U.S. Census. (Communities without population listed are unofficial or too small for the state to track.)

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Cheyenne Wells, County Seat


Kit Carson


Mount Pearl


Wild Horse


1990 County Population



The Homestead Act caused a rapid population growth in Cheyenne County between 1890 and 1920. Many small communites were established in the county. Many of these were along the railroad route. Many were little more than a post office. The following list of towns was taken primarily from the Cheyenne County History, 1979. Many of these places no longer exist. See History Map for locations

ARAPAHO - present day town. The town of Arapaho was est. 1906; Arapahoe RR Station on 1895 map, Bent County; PO Est 1860, Kansas Terr.; Arapahoe PO closed 1861, reopened 1906; Site now in Cheyenne County

ARENA - town was 4 miles east of Kit Carson; it had a RR section house; flag station (1910), a depot; it was a trade center and had a real estate office; PO operated from April 1, 1910 to 1923

AROYA - town was located 1.5 miles east of Lincoln county line; the KP railraod reached this location in 1870. Settled in 1907; the town had various businesses: general store, hotel (opened 1913), livery stable, pool hall, restaurant, lumber yard (opened 1910), cement store (opened 1913), land office, UP railroad agency station closed in 1931, Post Office operated from September 17, 1889 to 1965.

ASCALON - town was 5 miles west of Cheyenne Wells; small railroad station. 1910

BIG SPRINGS - this was a stage station.

CHEMUNG - town was 2 miles west of Kansas State Line on UP rail line; started in 1888, first PO in 1893-1910. Store, livery stable, saloon, hotel, and three dwellings.

CHEYENNE WELLS - present day County Seat; originally a stage stop (about 5 miles north of present location). Post office established1869, as part of Douglas County, PO established 1876 as part of Bent County, the present-day town site established in 1887, incorporated in 1890 in Cheyenne County.

DAMASCUS - a post office located south of Aroya.

DAVID'S WELL - a stage station.

DEERING'S WELL - a stage station.

DUBOIS - a stage station

EUREKA - RR Stop 1882-1897 map, Bent County, Later Cheyenne County

FIRST VIEW - no longer exists
KPRR 1870 DEPOT town - est 1904. Surveyed by County Surveyor Gudgel. S15 T14S, R46W. Plat. on UP RR.

KIT CARSON - link to a history of the town of Kit Carson. w http://www.kcsdr1.org//our-community/town.html

MEDILL - no longer exists, P.O. was 12 m south of First View

MOUNT PEARL -no longer exists
P.O. and school 12 m north of Kit Carson

PILOT - no longer exists
P.O. south of Arena (1900-1903)

SALIS - no longer exists
RR station 5 miles west of Arapaho

SORRENTO - no longer exists
1908-1910, School, 6 m W of Kit Carson

WILD HORSE - 1904 est, P.O. Fred Goodier

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