Index of Our Lady of Guadalupe Burial Records

The following is a listing of Death/Burial records of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church
in Conejos, CO.

The records are listed in chronological order. If you are not sure of a death date for your ancestor use the 'Search' feature.
The records are written in paragraph form. Some contain only the name and date, others contain the name of the spouse for a married person or the age and names of parents for a single person. Please Note: A married woman is listed by her maiden name and the name of her spouse is given.
If you would like a copy of the original page, please send me the name, date and page number and I will send you a .jpg copy.
The records are written in Spanish, (I can not translate them).

Page 39
1 Nov 1943
Amarante Lobato, 26y
26 Jan 1944
Juan Ignacio Maestas, 22y
24 May 1944
Juan Alejandrino Lopez, 27y
26 May 1944
Alfonso Maestas, 22y
31 Jul 1944
Jose C. Mondragon, 20y
11 Aug 1944
Maxiamino Gallegos
5 Dec 1944
Jose Arellano
[not given]
Arturo Lucero
24 Feb 1945
Moises Arellano, 23y
24 Mar 1945
Crescencio Ruybal, 20y
10 Mar 1945
Federico Atencio, 24y
18 Apr 1945
Gilberto Garacia
19 Apr 1945
Ernesto Ramon Garcia, 28
[not given]
Juan Martinez
[not given]
Alfonso P. Sandoval
31 May 1942
Maclovio Gonzalez
[not given]
Raymundo Trujillo, 27y
18 Jan 1945
Antonio P. Aguilar
19 Apr 1945
Ramon Ernesto Garcia, 21 [pg 44]
31 Jul 1944
Jose Cleofes Mondragon, 19 [pg 44]
Gilberto Garcia, [pg 45]
In Korea
4 Feb 1951
Jose P. Moises Large