Index of Our Lady of Guadalupe Baptism Records

This index includes the page number, the date, the name of the person being baptized, how old they were and names of their mother and father.

The record, depending on the person who wrote it, may include more information.
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Book 1
Conejos County, Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, Baptismal Records
The parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe was started the 10th of June 1858.
Rev, V.S. Montano was the first in charge.
The church building was started in 1858 and was finished 12 Dec 1863.
It was blessed by The Most Reverend Bishop of Santa Fe Juan B. Lamy.
Introduction Page:
Jose Prejecto Machebuet [sic](Projectus Machebeuf), V.G.
Pedro Eguillon
J. B. Salpointe
The Parish Church of Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe was chosen by the populace to be in Los Conejos the 10th day of June of 1858. Father V.S. Montano was the first in charge. The same year the church was started and was finished the 12th day of December of 1863, and was blessed by the Most Reverend Lord Bishop of Santa Fe, D. Juan B. Lamy.

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On this 8th Sunday after Pentecost I visited the Jurisdiction of Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe in Los Conejos, the priest being Fr. Jose Miguel Vigil, and I administered Confirmation. In this Parish there is yet no chapel. The church is started, and is four yards high, and the construction is very large, but for reason of the small number of people, and being so dispersed, and also because the people are fairly new here and poor, it has not been possible to finish the church. Fr. MontaƱo was the first parish priest of this new parish that he established three years ago. He kept no records whatsoever, be it of baptisms, or marriages, or burials. Since January when Fr. Vigil arrived, the church has been built up from three yards. Also, the rectory has been bought, in which the parish priest lives, along with 200 yards of land. All the felicitated people of this new parish are very happy with the good attitude and devotion of the present parish priest.
Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe in Los Conejos, July 22 of 1860.
Juan B. Lamy
Bishop of this Faith

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