Index of Our Lady of Guadalupe Marriage Records
Book 2, 1874 - 1901

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The records are written in Spanish, (I can not translate them), they include parents names, places they lived and names of witnesses.

Dec 1882 - Nov 1888
Page 81
Date: 2 Dec 1882
Groom: Julian Gomes
Bride: Maria Ramoncita Chacon
Date: 25 Oct 1882
Groom: Owen Tunney
Bride: Mary Annie Kennedy
Page 82
Date: 8 Jan 1883
Groom: Romulo Pacheco
Bride: Maria Amabilissima Barros
Date: 11 Jan 1883
Groom: Jose Concepcion Garcia
Bride: Trinidad Martinez
Date: 22 Jan 1883
Groom: Jose Manuel Romero
Bride: Maria de Jesus Martinez
Date: 5 Feb 1883
Groom: Jesus Maria Espinoza
Bride: Maria Guadalupe Montoya
Date: 5 Feb 1883
Groom: Marcario Torres
Bride: Maria del Carmen Romero
Page 83
Date: 5 Feb 1883
Groom: Felipe Valdes
Bride: Lupita Gallegos
Date: 6 Feb 1883
Groom: Jose Atancio Duran
Bride: Maria Franca Chacon
Date: 2 Apr 1883
Groom: Santiago Gonzalez
Bride: Maria Trinidad Romero
Page 84
Date: 2 Apr 1883
Groom: Jose Ramos Naves
Bride: Juana Sabina Ruibal
Date: 23 Apr 1883
Groom: Jose Manuel Noriega
Bride: Maria Carmela Lopez
Date: 30 Apr 1883
Groom: Teodoro Trujillo
Bride: Perfilia Jacques
Date: 10 Jul 1883
Groom: Patrick Breen
Bride: Maggie J. Martin
Date: 6 Aug 1883
Groom: Jose Natividad Aliri
Bride: Maria Natividad Gonzalez
Page 85
Date: 6 Aug 1883
Groom: Juan de Dios Trujillo
Bride: Juliana Lucero
Date: 29 Oct 1883
Groom: Conscencio Chacon
Bride: Maria Apolonia Velasquez
Date: 1 Nov 1883
Groom: Flavio Dorteo Trujillo
Bride: Maria Cirilia de Jesus Valdez
Date: 3 Nov 1883
Groom: Martin Romero
Bride: Maria Rufina Lucero
Page 86
Date: 14 Nov 1883
Groom: Juan Andres Valdez
Bride: Maria Juana Vigil
Date: 26 Nov 1883
Groom: Juan Antonio Sandoval
Bride: Maria de la Cruz ...
Date: 26 Nov 1883
Groom: Jose de Jesus Suaso
Bride: Maria Eleonora Chacon
Page 87
Date: 7 Jan 1884
Groom: Juan Valdes
Bride: Maria Onofre de Herrera
Date: 7 Jan 1884
Groom: Juan B. Naranjo
Bride: Maria Josefa Salazar
Date: 7 Jan 1884
Groom: Damasio Gallegos
Bride: Natividad Rodriguez
Date: 9 Jan 1884
Groom: Juan de Dios Vigil
Bride: Josefa Sanchez
Page 88
Date: 21 Jan 1884
Groom: Jose Nicolas Montoya
Bride: Maria Severa Valdes
Date: 14 Feb 1884
Groom: Jose Vicente Gallegos
Bride: Maria Severa Valdes
Date: 28 Apr 1884
Groom: Jose Prudencio Chacon
Bride: Maria Rita Gallegos
Page 89
Date: 19 May 1884
Groom: Manuel Chimaco Valdes
Bride: Ramoncita Vigil
Date: 26 May 1884
Groom: Eliseo Lopez
Bride: Rosana Vigil
Date: 30 Jun 1884
Groom: Epfanio Torres
Bride: Maria Antonia Lucero
Page 90
Date: 4 Jul 1884
Groom: Delfido Archuleta
Bride: Maria Virginia Lucero
Date: 14 Jul 1884
Groom: Jose Maria Velarde
Bride: Sevilla Garcia
Date: 2 Aug 1884
Groom: Luis Jaramillo
Bride: Josefa Valdes
Date: 4 Aug 1884
Groom: Jose Encarnacion Gonzalez
Bride: Maria Leocadia Lujan
Page 91
Date: 11 Aug 1884
Groom: Donaciano Marquez
Bride: Maria Filomena Cabeza
Date: 13 Aug 1884
Groom: Miguel Antonio de Herrera
Bride: Sofia Lucero
Date: 21 Aug 1884
Groom: Celestino Garcia
Bride: Maria Rosa de Jesus Garcia
Page 92
Date: 27 Aug 1884
Groom: Charles DuBar
Bride: Annie Bennett
Date: 11 Sep 1884
Groom: Jose Maria Lujan
Bride: Donaciana Martinez
Date: 15 Sep 1884
Groom: Otoniel de Jesus Espinoza
Bride: Amanda Garcia
Date: 22 Sep 1884
Groom: Antonio Lobato
Bride: Eulogia Sanchez
Page 93
Date: 22 Sep 1884
Groom: Juan de la Cruz Noriega
Bride: Maria Ines Garcia
Date: 29 Sep 1884
Groom: Estevan Gallegos
Bride: Maria Leocardia Lopez
Date: 1 Oct 1884
Groom: William Chambers
Bride: Judith Walsh
Date: 27 Oct 1884
Groom: Albino Quintana
Bride: Filamina Gallegos
Date: 13 Nov 1884
Groom: Juan Vigil
Bride: Maria Erbiana Valdes
Page 94
Date: 24 Nov 1884
Groom: Luciano Cisneros
Bride: Juana Maria Sanchez
Date: 24 Nov 1884
Groom: Francisco Antonio Rodriguez
Bride: Elena Chaves
Date: 24 Nov 1884
Groom: Jose de Herrera
Bride: Anastasia Pacheco
Date: 24 Nov 1884
Groom: Jose Desederio Paz
Bride: Maria Gayetana Martinez
Page 95
Date: 26 Nov 1884
Groom: Ramon Mondragon
Bride: Maria Fulgenisa Valdes
Date: 13 Nov 1884
Groom: Jose Miguel Sanches
Bride: Andrea Lucero
Date: 24 Nov 1884
Groom: Jose Miguel Mestoes
Bride: Maria Solidad Gallegos
Date: 18 Nov 1884
Groom: Federico Ortiz
Bride: Maria Antonia Salazar
Page 96
Date: 7 Jan 1885
Groom: Juan Filomeno Trujillo
Bride: Maria Candelaria Martinez
Date: 7 Jan 1885
Groom: Serafin Garcia
Bride: Maria Petra Miranda
Date: 7 Jan 1885
Groom: Jose Gregorio Montoya
Bride: Maria Pavia Zamora
Date: 7 Jan 1885
Groom: Eliseo Gonzalez
Bride: Maria Adelaila Garcia
Page 97
Date: 12 Jan 1885
Groom: Jose Ramon Montoya
Bride: Maria Torribia Ribaly
Date: 10 Jan 1885
Groom: Jose Aniceto Lucero
Bride: Maria Alegia de Herrera
Date: 4 Feb 1885
Groom: Norberto Zamora
Bride: Juliana Zamora
Date: 16 Feb 1885
Groom: Juan de Dios Martinez
Bride: Maria Piedad Marques
Page 98
Date: 26 Jan 1885
Groom: Jose Vicente Lopez
Bride: Maria Miguela Giron
Date: 26 Jan 1885
Groom: Juan Garcia
Bride: Maria Esquipula Torres
Date: 17 Feb 1885
Groom: Edward Flynn
Bride: Laura E. Brown
Date: 13 Apr 1885
Groom: Jose de la Luz Gallegos
Bride: Maria Adelina Chaves
Page 99
Date: 15 Apr 1885
Groom: Jose de Jesus Vialpondo
Bride: Maria Cecilia Marques
Date: 27 Apr 1885
Groom: Juan Martin
Bride: Maria Delubina Alvarez
Date: 27 Jul 1885
Groom: Juan de Dios Vigil
Bride: Maria de la Paz Valdes
Date: 9 Aug 1885
Groom: Juan Antonio Vigil
Bride: Madelina Atensio
Page 100
Date: 22 Aug 1885
Groom: Benito Ruival
Bride: Maria Virginia Rodriguez
Date: 31 Aug 1885
Groom: Deniderio Marques
Bride: Maria Manuela Chaves
Date: 29 Sep 1885
Groom: Jose Benito Garcia
Bride: Maria del Refugio Casillas
Date: 19 Oct 1885
Groom: Casimiro Mez
Bride: Maria Rafaela Noriega
Page 101
Date: 26 Oct 1885
Groom: Miguel Antonio Gallegos
Bride: Maria de los Reyes Trujillo
Date: 26 Oct 1885
Groom: Marcelino Vigil
Bride: Maria Sabina Cisneros
Date: 4 Nov 1885
Groom: Refugio Gallegos
Bride: Maria Librada Lucero
Date: 4 Nov 1885
Groom: Jose Victor Archuleta
Bride: Maria del Refugia Cisneros
Page 102
Date: 9 Nov 1885
Groom: Lino Pena
Bride: Maria Anunciana Gutierrez
Date: 9 Nov 1885
Groom: Jose Nestor Ruibal
Bride: Maria Christina Archuleta
Date: 9 Nov 1885
Groom: Patricio Gallardo
Bride: ... Serrano
Page 103
Date: 7 Jan 1886
Groom: Jose Eustacio Favela
Bride: Maria del Carmen Salas
Date: 8 Jan 1886
Groom: Romalo Zamorra
Bride: Maria Antonia Valdes
Date: 18 Jan 1886
Groom: Juan de la Cruz Rodriquez
Bride: ... Lubato
Date: 21 Jan 1886
Groom: Jose Manuel Valasquez
Bride: Maria Madelena Garcia
Page 104
Date: 2 Feb 1886
Groom: Antonio Abelino
Bride: Maria Ramona Dixon
Date: ? Feb 1886
Groom: Juan Medina
Bride: Francisca Ruibal
Date: 1 Mar 1886
Groom: Leandro Ruibal
Bride: Maria Del Refugio Herrera
Date: 8 Mar 1886
Groom: Felix Lopez
Bride: Maria Guadalupe Vigil
Page 105
Date: 19 Jul 1886
Groom: Jesus Maria Martinez
Bride: Maria Duran
Date: 22 Jul 1886
Groom: Juan F. Martin
Bride: Placida Barela
Date: 27 Jul 1886
Groom: Daniel McGillis
Bride: Cecilia Agnes Roper
Date: 2 Aug 1886
Groom: Jose Rafael Martinez
Bride: Francisca Valdez
Page 106
Date: 16 Aug 1886
Groom: Juan de la Cruz Venegas
Bride: Maria Antonia Salazar
Date: 20 Sep 1886
Groom: Dionisio Ruibal
Bride: Maria Medina
Date: 5 Oct 1886
Groom: Manuel Antonio Solerio
Bride: Claudia Espinosa
Date: 26 Oct 1886
Groom: Daniel de Herrera
Bride: Maria Nepomecina Trujillo
Date: 31 Oct 1886
Groom: Antonio de Jesus Rodriguez
Bride: Maria ignasia Mascarenas
Page 107
Date: 8 Nov 1886
Groom: Juan Antonio Ortiz
Bride: Maria Marguerita Dominguez
Date: 15 Nov 1886
Groom: Juan Jose Zamora
Bride: Maria Martin
Date: 27 Nov 1886
Groom: Isidoro Luera
Bride: Maria Cleofas Gallegos
Date: 27 Nov 1886
Groom: Prexedes Gaglia
Bride: Rafaela Padilla
Page 108
Date: 6 Dec 1886
Groom: Meliton Vigil
Bride: Maria F. Quintana
Date: 5 Jan 1887
Groom: Juan Angel Vigil
Bride: Maria Adela Chacon
Date: 7 Jan 1887
Groom: Jose Mestas
Bride: Josefa Chavez
Date: 12 Jan 1887
Groom: Ramon Dominguez
Bride: Teofila Gallegos
Page 109
Date: 15 Jan 1887
Groom: Jesus Torres
Bride: Maria Juliana Gallegos
Date: 24 Jan 1887
Groom: Vivaro Blarllesen?
Bride: Hannah M. Colleton
Date: 25 Jan 1887
Groom: Quinino Moises Martinez
Bride: Ruperta Solano
Date: 31 Jan 1887
Groom: David Hermasillo
Bride: Raquel Giron
Date: 15 Feb [1887]
Groom: Jose de la Luz Valdez
Bride: Maria Ascencion Sanchez
Page 110
Date: 7 Feb 1887
Groom: Vesiceslas Espinoza
Bride: Maria Manuelita Ortiz
Date: 15 Feb 1887
Groom: Antonio Alvarez
Bride: Maria Silveria Valdes
Date: 16 Feb 1887
Groom: Francisco Manzanares
Bride: Juliana Lucero
Date: 16 Mar 1887
Groom: Thomas Shea
Bride: Alice Creason
Page 111
Date: 17 Mar 1887
Groom: Jose Atencio
Bride: Juana Abesta
Date: 25 Mar 1887
Groom: Manuel Romero
Bride: Maria Martinez
Date: 18 Apr 1887
Groom: Samuel Gallegos
Bride: ... Vigil
Date: 20 May [1887]
Groom: Pedro Antonio Chacon
Bride: Bibiana Chacon
Page 112
Date: 23 May 1887
Groom: Felipe V. Rascon
Bride: Juana Perea
Date: 5 Jul 1887
Groom: Ramon de Herrera
Bride: Manuela Gallegos
Date: 11 Jul 1887
Groom: Jose Eliseo Martinez
Bride: Acenaida Garcia
Date: 21 Jul 1887
Groom: Jose Trinidad Martinez
Bride: maria P. Vigil
Date: 1 Aug 1887
Groom: Ramalo Atensio
Bride: Maria Espinosa
Page 113
Date: 11 Aug 1887
Groom: Juan Lopez
Bride: Emilia Trujillo
Date: 16 Aug 1887
Groom: Higinio Barre
Bride: Maria Guadalupe Barros
Date: 17 Aug 1887
Groom: Juan de Dios Duran
Bride: Maria Rosa Holguin
Date: 12 Oct [1887]
Groom: Marcelino Lucero
Bride: Maria Elena Chaves
Page 114
Date: 14 Nov 1887
Groom: Jose Antonio Lucero
Bride: Adelaida Rodrigues
Date: 10 Dec 1887
Groom: Thomas Nolan
Bride: Annie Knight
Date: 16 Nov 1887
Groom: Emiliano Madril
Bride: Maria Cornelia Salazar
Date: 17 Nov 1887
Groom: Juan de Herrera
Bride: Maria Marelina Trujillo
Date: 21 Nov 1887
Groom: Antonio Padilla
Bride: Maria Mariana Martinez
Page 115
Date: 26 Nov 1887
Groom: Jose Benigno Chaves
Bride: Maria Clara Sena
Date: 7 Jan 1888
Groom: Narciso Sanchez
Bride: Maria Berenice Martinez
Date: 7 Jan 1888
Groom: Juan Gonzalez
Bride: Guadalupe Ortega
Date: 9 Jan 1888
Groom: Marcelino Romero
Bride: Maria Guadalupe Ortiz
Page 116
Date: 16 Jan 1888
Groom: Juan Manuel Romero
Bride: Ana Maria Chaves
Date: 27 Jan 1888
Groom: Luis Montoya
Bride: Maria de la Luz Gallegos
Date: 30 Jan 1888
Groom: Dorfirio Chaves
Bride: Ma. Marcelina Gurule
Date: 13 Feb 1888
Groom: Elfego Lopez
Bride: Juanita Gallegos
Date: 14 Feb 1888
Groom: Santiago Garcia
Bride: Maria Salome de Herrera
Page 117
Date: 9 Mar 1888
Groom: Jose Espiridion Martin
Bride: Maria B. Zamora
Date: 4 Apr 1888
Groom: Louis W. Wynhart
Bride: Annie Grattan
Date: 9 Apr 1888
Groom: Jose Concepcion Lucero
Bride: Maria Cardenas
Date: 27 Apr 1888
Groom: Joseph H. Doran
Bride: Nellie V. Thomas
Date: 7 Jun 1888
Groom: Juan de Jesus Gallegos
Bride: Juliana de Herrera
Date: 2 Jul 1888
Groom: Thomas McCuniff
Bride: Mary Alice Murphy
Page 118
Date: 18 Jun 1888
Groom: Cecillo Lucero
Bride: Amada Chavez
Date: 16 Jul 1888
Groom: Santiago Gonzalez
Bride: Nasima Dominguez
Date: 30 Jul 1888
Groom: Jose Presentacion Gallegos
Bride: Maria Carmela Martinez
Date: 31 Aug 1888
Groom: Francisco Vigil
Bride: Maria Rita Romero
Date: 3 Sep 1888
Groom: Tranquilerio Martinez
Bride: Maria R. Lopez
Page 119
Date: 10 Sep 1888
Groom: Candido Ruibal
Bride: Delubina Romero
Date: 2 Oct 1888
Groom: Peter Kennedy
Bride: Sarah G. Power
Date: 29 Sep 1888
Groom: Pedro Rafael Lucero
Bride: Maria Elena Chacon
Date: 12 Oct 1888
Groom: Jose Ramon Vigil
Bride: Maria Camila Romero
Date: 15 Oct 1888
Groom: Jose Eustasio Maes
Bride: Margarita Giron
Page 120
Date: 22 Oct 1888
Groom: Bernardo Gallegos
Bride: Josefa Espinosa
Date: 22 Oct 1888
Groom: Jose Leandro Quintana
Bride: Francisquita Dominguez
Date: 29 Oct 1888
Groom: Leandro Jaramillo
Bride: Abelina Alvarez
Date: 3 Nov 1888
Groom: Jose de Jesus Gallegos
Bride: Francisca Gonzalez
Date: 15 Nov 1888
Groom: Desiderio Naranja
Bride: Maria Abelina Lucero