Index of Our Lady of Guadalupe Marriage Records
Pages 1- 40

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The records are written in Spanish, (I can not translate them), they include parents names, places they lived and names of witnesses.

Page 1Translation
de la Parroquia de Na Ja de Guadelupe
de Conejos, Colo.

(G. Enro 1860 - 16 Febrero '74)

N.B. Nulla entant Regesta de Tempore
Catries Montano (1857-60); hosest a princijio.
Deount etiem Matrimonia a 24 Jasner ad 12 Aug. 1861.

Matrimonia Perfacta inter februarium et
Octobrem (1869) ubinam sant?
in the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe
in Conejos, Colo.

(Jan. 1860 - 16 Feb '74)

Special Note - The register of
Father Montano from the beginning in 1852 until
1860 does not exist.

Also missing are: Weddings 24 Jan to 12 Aug 1860 and
Weddings Feb to Oct 1869.

Jun 1860 - Feb 1865
Page 2
Date: 27 Jun 1860
Groom: Mariano Andrada
Bride: Ma. Miguela Martines
Date: 2 Jul 1860
Groom: Aqupito Montoya
Bride: Ma. Teodora T...
Page 3
Date: 3 Oct 1860
Groom: Jose Francisco Montoya
Bride: Ma. F. Petania Lujan
Date: 12 Oct 1860
Groom: Juan Bautisa Silva
Bride: Ma. Martina Gallegos
Date: 9 Oct 1860
Groom: Pedro A. Martines
Bride: Ma. Gregoria Gallegos
Date: 1 Oct 1860
Groom: Jose Nestor Vigil
Bride: Ma. Guadalupe Montoya
Page 6
Date: 15 Jan 1861
Groom: Juan Pablo Masquerenas
Bride: Ma. Lenora Chavez
Date: 24 Jan 1861
Groom: Jose Luciano Gallegos
Bride: Ma. Juliana Trujillo
Page 7-1
Date: 12 Aug 1861
Groom: Jose Donaciaeno Masquela
Bride: Ma. Poncinera Lujan
Date: 12 Aug 1861
Groom: Francisco Gallegos
Bride: Ma. Juana Sanchez
Page 8-2
Date: 23 Sep[?] 1861
Groom: Jose Francisco Lucero
Bride: Ma. Eugenia Hurtado
Page 9-3
Date: 12 Oct 1861
Groom: Juan de la Cruz Ballejos
Bride: Ma. Ruperta Quintana
Date: 12 Oct 1861
Groom: Faustino Furicolas Lebato
Bride: Ma. Franca. Gonsales
Page 10-4
Date:12 Oct 1861
Groom: Nepomacino Martines
Bride: Ma. de la Sencion Naranjo
Date: 18 Oct 1861
Groom: Jesus Ma. Herrera
Bride: Cornelia Valdes
Page 11-5
Date: 25 Oct 1861
Groom: Jose Guadalupe Marquez
Bride: Ma. Gertrudis Serrano
Date: 25 Oct 1861
Groom: Juan Christoval Gallegos
Bride: Ma. Juliana Salas
Page 12-6
Date: 25 Oct 1861
Groom: Manuel Antonio Vigil
Bride: Ma. del Carmen Gonsales
Date: 26[?] Oct 1861
Groom: Bartolo Valdes
Bride: Ma. Faustino Gallegos
Page 13-7
Date: 7 Jan 1862
Groom: Manuel Giron
Bride: Ma. Bernarda Roival
Date: 7 Jan 1862
Groom: Jose Manuel Valdez
Bride: Ma. Soledad Martines
Page 8
Date: 7 Jan 1862
Groom: Susano Valasquez
Bride: Ma. Arina Salas
Date: 10 Jan 1862
Groom: Jose Fernandes Gomes
Bride: Ma. Gertrudis Aguilar
Page 9
Date: 13 Jan 1862
Groom: Marcos Montoya
Bride: Ma. Lehora Samora
Date: 12 Jan 1862
Groom: Jesus Ma. Belarde
Bride: Ma. Manuela Chaves
Page 10
Date:12 Jan 1862
Groom: Santiago Gomez
Bride: Ma. Harinea Ballejos
Date: Jan 1862
Groom: Jose Ramon Borrego
Bride: Mario Piedad Gonzillo
Page 11
Date: 3 Feb 1862
Groom: Jose Francisco Martinez
Bride: Ma. Antonia Lujan
Date: 6 Feb 1862
Groom: Jose Ma. Martinez
Bride: Ma. Juana Nepomacena Espinosa
Page 12
Date: 17 Feb 1862
Groom: Diego Antonio Montoya
Bride: Ma. Antonia Romero
Date: 26 Feb 1862
Groom: Pablo Antonio de Yerno Ortega
Bride: Juana Ma. Trujillo
Page 13
Date: 3 Mar 1862
Groom: Juan Bautista Lobato
Bride: Ma. Francisca Martines
Date: 6 Mar 1862
Groom: Jose Fernando Garcia
Bride: Ma. Aracadia Chacon
Page 14
Date: [?] 1862
Groom: Jesus Ma. Valdes
Bride: Ma. Francisca Migam
Date: 12 Oct 1862
Groom: Jose Victor Garcia
Bride: Ma Frenidad Silva
Page 15
Date: 12 Oct 1862
Groom: Silvestre Loerno
Bride: ... Flora Marques
Date: 27 Oct 1862
Groom: Julian de Jesus Gallegos
Bride: Ma. Natividad Garcia
Page 16
Date: 20 Oct 1862
Groom: Francisco Antonio Martines
Bride: Ma. Ruperta Trugillo
Date: 22 Oct 1862
Groom: Noverto Marquez
Bride: Ma. Colonos Sanchez
Page 17
Date: 11 Dec 1862
Groom: Juan Pablo Montoya
Bride: Ma. Begnina Atencio
Date: 11 Dec 1862
Groom: Conaciano Pineda
Bride: Ma. Antonia Sandoval
Page 18
Date: 7 Jan 1863
Groom: Jose Pablo Garcia
Bride: Ma. Rosa Gomes
Date: 7 Jan 1863
Groom: Jesus Ma. Ortega
Bride: Ma. Martina Archuleta
Page 19
Date: 11 Jan 1863
Groom: Juan Francisco Chacan
Bride: Ma. Josefa Valdes
Date: 21 Jan 1863
Groom: Jose Policar Lopes
Bride: Ma. Regina Mamanares
Page 20
Date: 21 Apr 1863
Groom: Goremios Grediz
Bride: Ma. George Suala
Date: 7 Oct 1863
Groom: Luciano Gallegos
Bride: Ma. Francisca Garcia
Page 21
Date: 22 Oct 1863
Groom: Juan Jose Garcia
Bride: Ma. Ysidora Herrera
Date: 22 Oct 1863
Groom: Rafael Pacheco
Bride: Ma. Teofila Martines
Page 22
Date: 26 Oct 1863
Groom: Jose Pablo Ballejos
Bride: Ma. Leonor Martines
Date: 9 ... 1863
Groom: Jose Martin Medina
Bride: Ma. de la Luz Trujillo
Page 23
Date: 24 ... 1863
Groom: Antonio Tafoya
Bride: Ma. Bibiana Martines
Date: 24 ... 1863
Groom: Jose Guadalupe Chaves
Bride: Ma. Luisa Valdes
Page 24
Date: 7 Jan 1864
Groom: Jose Bautista Chacon
Bride: Ma. Avalina Montoya
Date: ... Jan 1864
Groom: Romon Martinez
Bride: Ma. Eulogia Garcia
Page 25
Date: 9 Feb 1864
Groom: Jose Ma. Delgado
Bride: Ma. Guadalupe Garcia
Date: 9 Apr 1864
Groom: Manuel Antonio Lujan
Bride: Ma. Ramona Ortega
Page 26
Date: 9 May 1864
Groom: Guillermo Godfray
Bride: Juana Nepomacina Sanches
Date: 11 May 1864
Groom: Epifanio de Jesus Solares
Bride: Mialliquela Garcia
Page 27
Date: 20 Jun 1864
Groom: Manuel Esebas Chicon
Bride: Ma. Aqualium Maes
Date: 27 Jul 1864
Groom: Borotholome Lobato
Bride: Ma. Francisca Salvio
Page 28
Date: 2 Aug 1864
Groom: Jesus Ma. Olquin
Bride: Ma. Ramona Valdez
Date: 9 Aug 1864
Groom: Jose Ma. Vigil
Bride: Ma. Guadalupe Mose
Page 29
Date: 5 Sep 1864
Groom: Jose Anortacio Ramiro
Bride: Maria Juana Salasar
Date: 5 Sep 1864
Groom: Telerforo Valori
Bride: Ma. Concepcion Padilla
Page 30
Date: 28 Sep 1864
Groom: Jose Victor Rael
Bride: Ma. del Carmen Trugillo
Date: 31 Oct 1864
Groom: Juan Florensio Gallegos
Bride: Ma Candelaria Olquin
Page 31
Date: 1 Oct 1864
Groom: Jose Crisencio Sisneros
Bride: Ma. Erines Martines
Date: 8 Oct 1864
Groom: Jose Donaciano Chaves
Bride: Ma. Salome Espinosa
Page 32
Date: 14 Oct 1864
Groom: Jose Pradencio Chacon
Bride: Ma. Nicanora Aragon
Date: 16 Oct 1864
Groom: Jose Segerio Jaques
Bride: Ma. Antonia Ortega
Page 33
Date: 16 Oct 1864
Groom: Francisco Antonio Martines
Bride: Ma. Cleofas Santisteban
Date: 17 Oct 1864
Groom: Jose Felis Archuleta
Bride: Ma. Leonor Herrara
Page 34
Date: 21 Oct 1864
Groom: Jose Victor Valdes
Bride: Ma. de la Assencion Sanchez
Date: 7 Jan 1865
Groom: Marcos Giron
Bride: Ma. Abelina Padilla
Page 35
Date: 7 Jan 1865
Groom: Jose Manuel Cena
Bride: Ma. Josefa Madrid
Date: 7 Jan 1865
Groom: Jose Anuncio Borra
Bride: Ma. Trinidad Montoya
Page 36
Date: 9 Jan 1865
Groom: Antonio Espinosa
Bride: Ma. Altagracia Martines
Date: 9 Jan 1865
Groom: Jose Bernardino Quintana
Bride: Ma del Rosario Archuleta
Page 37
Date: 9 Jan 1865
Groom: Juan Luis Naranjo
Bride: Ma. Paula Quintana
Date: 10 Jan 1865
Groom: Jesus Martines
Bride: Ma del Refugio Valdez
Page 38
Date: 10 Jan 1865
Groom: Querino Moss
Bride: Ma. Leanor Sanchez
Date: 11 Jan 1865
Groom: Francisco Antonio Martines
Bride: Ma. Catarina Chaves
Page 39
Date: 12 Jan 1865
Groom: Jose Desiderio Lucero
Bride: Ma. Eucebia Chaves
Date: 12 Jan 1865
Groom: Jose Sotero Martines
Bride: Ma. Victoria Pacheco
Page 40
Date: 9 Feb 1865
Groom: Jose Eulalio Gallegos
Bride: Ane Maria Roival
Date: 19 Feb 1865
Groom: Francisco Cordova
Bride: Margarita Romero