Index of Our Lady of Guadalupe Marriage Records
Pages 120-160

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The records are written in Spanish, (I can not translate them), they include parents names, places they lived and names of witnesses.

Dec 1870 - Jun 1873
Page 121
Date: 4 Dec 1870
Groom: Jose de Jesus Martin
Bride: Antonia Rosa Vigil
Date: 4 Dec 1870
Groom: Jose Lucas Montoya
Bride: Maria Isabel Salazar
Page 122
Date: 12 Dec 1870
Groom: Jose Inez Valdez
Bride: Maria Juana Nepomusena Garcia
Date: 1 Dec 1870
Groom: Miguel Antonio Trujillo
Bride: Maria de la Merced Solere
Page 123
Date: 17 Dec 1870
Groom: Manuel Lucero
Bride: Maria Damiana Ribera
Date: 21 Dec 1780
Groom: William Sabine
Bride: Maria Soledad del Refugio Gallegos
Page 124
Date: 25 Dec 1870
Groom: Pedro Chaves
Bride: Maria Manuela Alire
Date: 26 Dec 1870
Groom: Manuel Martines
Bride: Maria Manuela Martines
Page 130
Date: 17 Apr 1871
Groom: Jesus Maria Martines
Bride: Maria Bernarda Pena
Date: 17 Apr 1871
Groom: Agustin Martines
Bride: Maria Candelaria Ramero
Page 131
Date: 16 Aug 1871
Groom: Candelario de Jesus Martines
Bride: Maria del Refugio Alarid
Date: 19 Oct 1871
Groom: Marcos Duran
Bride: Maria del Refugio Salazar
Page 132
Date: 6 Nov 1871
Groom: Juan Jose Gabino Lopez
Bride: Maria Tamara Martines
Date: 13 Nov 1871
Groom: Jose Maria Ruiz
Bride: Estafana Padilla
Page 133
Date: 18 Nov 1871
Groom: Adriano Martin
Bride: Maria Trinidad Martin
Date: 18 Nov 1871
Groom: Tomas Antonio Rodriguez
Bride: Maria Magdelena Chacon
Page 134
Date: 25 Nov 1871
Groom: Miguel Antonio Gurrule
Bride: Juana Gertrudes Martin
Date: 26 Nov 1871
Groom: Andres Valdez
Bride: Maria Cristina Sisneros
Page 135
Date: 29 Nov 1871
Groom: Juan Francisco Gallegos
Bride: Maria Eulalia Salas
Date: 29 Nov 1871
Groom: Juan Nepomuseno Mansarres
Bride: Maria Inaera Lucero
Page 136
Date: 1 Dec 1871
Groom: Manuel Nepomuseno Romero
Bride: Maria Dolores Martin
Date: 8 Dec 1871
Groom: Juan de Dios Vigil
Bride: Maria Francisca Sanches
Page 137
Date: 15 Dec 1871
Groom: Jose de la Luz Le Blanc
Bride: Maria Petra Vigil
Date: 16 Dec 1871
Groom: Jose Perfeto Padilla
Bride: Maria Perfelia Martines
Page 138
Date: 16 Dec 1871
Groom: Juan Nepomuseno Espinosa
Bride: Maria Abelina Espinosa
Date: 29 Dec 1871
Groom: Crecensio Valdes
Bride: Maria Florencia Gonzales
Page 139
Date: 10 Jan 1872
Groom: Jose Vicente Montoya
Bride: Maria Dolores Lovato
Date: 12 Jan 1872
Groom: Juan Inacio Garcia
Bride: Maria Ninfa Velina Salazar
Page 140
Date: 15 Jan 1872
Groom: Juan Salazar
Bride: Maria Garcia
Date: 15 Jan 1872
Groom: Lino Armenta
Bride: Maria Ignacia Salas
Page 141
Date: 22 Jan 1877
Groom: Juan Salazar
Bride: Maria Luciana Febronia Gallegos
Date: 28 Jan 1872
Groom: Luciano Trujillo
Bride: Maria Juana de la Paz Garcia
Page 142
Date: 1 Feb 1872
Groom: Jose Antonio Salazar
Bride: Dolores Martines
Date: 4 Feb 1872
Groom: Pedro Ribera
Bride: Barbarita Cordova
Date: 13 Feb 1872
Groom: Jose Crecencio Espinoza
Bride: Maria del Refugio Valdes
Page 143
Date: 14 Mar 1872
Groom: Francisco Raimundo Aragona
Bride: Maria Genoveva Sanchez
Date: 8 Apr 1872
Groom: Pablo Sanchez
Bride: Maria Basilia Casillas
Page 144
Date: 9 May 1872
Groom: Jose Antonio Lucero
Bride: Guadalupe Garcia
Date: 1 Aug 1872
Groom: Antonio Large
Bride: Maria Solidad del Refugio Martin
Page 145
Date: 21 Sep 1872
Groom: Antonio Sandabal
Bride: Maria Aniceta Martin
Date: 30 Sep 1872
Groom: Jose Ignacio Guadalupe Salazar
Bride: Maria Antonia Montoya
Date: 17 Oct 1872
Groom: Teofilo Salazar
Bride: Pedra de Jesus Lucero
Page 146
Date: 8 Nov 1872
Groom: Damasis Garcia
Bride: Tomasa Salazar
Date: 3 Nov 1872
Groom: George Chavez
Bride: Maria Juana Gomez
Page 147
Date: 18 Nov 1872
Groom: Jose Manuel Trujillo
Bride: Nepomucena Montoya
Date: 19 Nov 1872
Groom: Jose Pablo Mez
Bride: Maria Placida Abeita
Date: 28 Nov 1872
Groom: Miguel Antonio Salazar
Bride: Maria Avelina Garcia
Page 148
Date: 30 Nov 1872
Groom: Jose Pablo Martinez
Bride: Maria Cleofas Mestas
Date: 24 Nov 1872
Groom: Nicolas Aragona
Bride: Paula Blanco
Date: 2 Dec 1872
Groom: Jose Ramon Barela
Bride: Maria Natividad Barela
Page 149
Date: 2 Dec 1872
Groom: Jose Vicente Velarde
Bride: Maria Ramona Garcia
Date: 13 Dec 1872
Groom: Sabino Trujillo
Bride: Maria Viviana Romero
Date: 13 Dec 1872
Groom: Pedro Martin
Bride: Maria Andrea Gonzalez
Page 150
Date: 16 Dec 1872
Groom: Juan Pedro Herrera
Bride: Maria Francisca Medina
Date: 20 Dec 1872
Groom: Juan Jose Martin
Bride: Maria Augustina Olquin
Date: 26 Dec 1872
Groom: Jesus Maria Torres
Bride: Maria Manuela Garcia
Page 151
Date: >27 Dec 1872
Groom: Antonio Abraham Lucero
Bride: Maria Arcadia Garcia
Date: 21 Dec 1872
Groom: Francisco Antonio Manchego
Bride: Maria Marina Garcia
Date: 22 Dec 1872
Groom: Jose Atanasis Mez
Bride: Josefa Martin
Page 152
Date: 25 Dec 1872
Groom: Manuel de Jesus Martinez
Bride: Maria Vicenta Le Blanc
Date: 26 Dec 1872
Groom: Juan de Dios Duran
Bride: Maria Josefa Baca
Date: 27 Dec 1872
Groom: Jose Adam Espinoza
Bride: Maria Feliciana Cordoba
Page 153
Date: 10 Jan 1873
Groom: Pedro Jose Gonzales
Bride: Maria Isidera Romero
Date: 12 Jan 1873
Groom: Jose Lazaro Lopez
Bride: Maria Paula Duran
Date: 15 Jan 1873
Groom: Juan Francisco Gurule
Bride: Maria Paula Vigil
Page 154
Date: 20 Jan 1873
Groom: Jose Cesareo Avila
Bride: Maria Perfilia Vigil
Date: 20 Jan 1873
Groom: Jose Damasio Salas
Bride: Maria Georgia Quintana
Page 154
Date: 13 Jan 1873
Groom: Jesus Maria Casilla
Bride: Maria Ignacia Martinez
Date: 27 Jan 1873
Groom: Antonio Maria Cisneros
Bride: Maria Virginia Martinez
Page 155
Date: 29 Jan 1873
Groom: Jesus Torres
Bride: Maria Fiedad Espinoza
Date: 3 Feb 1873
Groom: Excelso Sandoval
Bride: Maria Pedra Aragon
Date: 5 Feb 1873
Groom: Antonio Quentin Giron
Bride: Maria Cesarita Perea
Page 156
Date: 7 Feb 1873
Groom: Jose de la Cruz Trujillo
Bride: Maria Manuela Sanchez
Date: 10 Feb 1873
Groom: Ramon Gallegos
Bride: Maria Teodora Martin
Date: 20 Feb 1873
Groom: Jose Meliton Trujillo
Bride: Maria Josefa Lucero
Page 157
Date: 24 Feb 1873
Groom: Juan Chimaco Trujillo
Bride: Maria Grinea Lucero
Date: 23 Feb 1873
Groom: Mateo Casillas
Bride: Maria Sulalia Lamora
Date: 23 Feb 1873
Groom: Santos Olvera
Bride: Maria Gabona Valdes
Page 158
Date: 23 Feb 1873
Groom: Jose Feliciano Barela
Bride: Maria Trinidad
Date: 23 Feb 1873
Groom: Manuel Salazar
Bride: Maria Germudis Salazar
Date: 15 Feb 1873
Groom: Francisco Esteban Montoya
Bride: Maria Feliciana Miesa
Page 159
Date: 21 Apr 1873
Groom: Jose Teodosio Martin
Bride: Maria de los Angeles Tafoya
Date: 21 Apr 1873
Groom: Jose Ignacio Garcia
Bride: Angela Salazar
Page 160
Date: 27 Apr 1873
Groom: Manuel Cisneros
Bride: Maria Turibia Moran
Date: 11 Jun 1873
Groom: Mariano Cordoba
Bride: Ascencion Ortega