Index of Our Lady of Guadalupe Marriage Records
Pages 160 - 172

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The records are written in Spanish, (I can not translate them), they include parents names, places they lived and names of witnesses.

Apr 1873 - Feb 1874
Page 160
Date: 27 Apr 1873
Groom: Manuel Cisneros
Bride: Maria Turibia Moran
Date: 11 Jun 1873
Groom: Mariano Cordoba
Bride: Ascencion Ortega
Page 161
Date: 13 Jun 1873
Groom: Alejandro Salazar
Bride: Ipolita Marques
Date: 7 Jul 1873
Groom: Donaciano Montoya
Bride: Lencadia Le Blanc
Date: 16 Jul 1873
Groom: Juan Guruli
Bride: Clara Baca
Page 162
Date: 28 Jul 1873
Groom: Hilario Atencio
Bride: Maria Desideria Romero
Date: 25 Jul 1873
Groom: Santiago Herman Harvill
Bride: Rafaela Madrid
Page 162
Date: 4 Aug 1873
Groom: Jose Francisco Mez
Bride: Guadalupe Giron
Date: 6 Aug 1873
Groom: Guadalupe Mez
Bride: Maria Encarnacion Chaves
Page 163
Date: 15 Oct 1873
Groom: Jose Bonifacio Martinez
Bride: Maria Guadalupe Trujillo
Date: 21 Oct 1873
Groom: Abelino Martinez
Bride: Maria Ines de la Cruz Duran
b>Page 164
Date: 22 Oct 1873
Groom: Jose Pablo Montoya
Bride: Juana Maria Atencio
Date: 22 Oct 1873
Groom: Nestor Bueno
Bride: Peregrina Garcia
Date: 5 Nov 1873
Groom: Jose Ignacio Martinez
Bride: Maria Antonia Quintana
Page 165
Date: 10 Nov 1873
Groom: Jose Damian Duran
Bride: Maria Florida Montoya
Date: 10 Nov 1873
Groom: Bonifacio Abeyta
Bride: Maria Ferminia Espinoza
Date: 20 Nov 1873
Groom: Jesus Maria Cordoba
Bride: Maria Mariellena Mestas
Page 168
Date: 7 Dec 1873
Groom: Pedro Jose Chavez
Bride: Juana Maria Romero
Date: 13 Dec 1873
Groom: Jose Ricardo Atencio
Bride: Mariea Clarita Martinez
Page 168
Date: 29 Dec 1873
Groom: Jose de la Luz Trujillo
Bride: Ramonista Mestas
Date: 29 Dec 1873
Groom: Jose Gregorio Munos
Bride: Maria Rita Valdez
Page 169
Date: 25 Dec 1873
Groom: Jose Francisco Vallejos
Bride: Maria Cesarea Martinez
Date: 3 Jan 1874
Groom: Antonio Le Blanc
Bride: Maria Refugio Alary
Date: 7 Jan 1874
Groom: Jose Alvino Martines
Bride: Maria Victoria Vigil
Page 170
Date: 15 Jan 1874
Groom: Jose Victor Garcia
Bride: Maria Andrea Martines
Date: 19 Jan 1874
Groom: Jose Santa Ana de Jesus Martinez
Bride: Maria Ascension Baros
Page 170
Date: 19 Jan 1874
Groom: Pedro Ignacio Valdes
Bride: Maria Ramona Gurule
Date: 22 Jan 1874
Groom: Juan Jose Chaves
Bride: Maria Dolores del Refugio Trujillo
Page 171
Date: 9 Feb 1874
Groom: Jose Ramon Sanches
Bride: Maria de la Cruz Suazo
Date: 16 Feb 1874
Groom: Ramon de Herrera
Bride: Maria Bernina Romero
Date: 16 Feb 1874
Groom: Jose Ramon Trujillo
Bride: Maria Nestora Rival
Page 172
Date: 16 Feb 1874
Groom: Jose Policarpo Martinez
Bride: Maria Paula Aragon