Index of Our Lady of Guadalupe Marriage Records
Book 3

Special thanks to Walter Dunderman for his help on these records

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The records are written in Spanish, (I can not translate them), they include parents names, places they lived and names of witnesses.

Jan 1902 - Aug 1907
Page 1
Date: 7 Jan 1902
Groom: Epifanio Gonzales
Bride: Elisa Trujillo
Date: 12 Jan 1902
Groom: Donaciano Duran
Bride: Preciliana Gallegos
Date: 12 Jan 1902
Groom: Maximiliano Salazar
Bride: Elisa Trujillo
Date: 13 Jan 1902
Groom: Jose Velarde
Bride: Ignacita Arellano
Date: 13 Jan 1902
Groom: Alcario Pacheco
Bride: Maria Gabrielita Velarde
Date: 20 Jan 1902
Groom: Joacium Sandoval
Bride: Madalena Torres
Page 2
Date: 25 Jan 1902
Groom: Juan Isidro Maes
Bride: Maria Ramona Lucero
Date: 27 Jan 1902
Groom: Antonio Lucero
Bride: Sara Lobato
Date: 30 Jan 1902
Groom: Juan de Jesus Sanchez
Bride: Rebeca Ortiz
Date: 3 Feb 1902
Groom: Jose Tomas Trujillo
Bride: Maria Jesusita Fresques
Date: 10 Feb 1902
Groom: Francisco Montoya
Bride: Juana M. Salazar
Date: 10 Feb 1902
Groom: Jose Martin Atencio
Bride: Bernardina Manzanares
Page 3
Date: 10 Feb 1902
Groom: Jose Mateo Duran
Bride: Maria Reyes Marquez
Date: 10 Feb 1902
Groom: Nicomedes Martinez
Bride: Adela Medina
Date: 24 Feb 1902
Groom: Jose Eliseo Salazar
Bride: Micaela del Socorro Valdes
Date: 31 Mar 1902
Groom: Luis Ruibal
Bride: Manuelita Chavez
Date: 7 Apr 1902
Groom: Jose Luis Gomez
Bride: Maria Manuela Zamora
Page 4
Date: 7 Apr 1902
Groom: Alfredo Medina
Bride: Maria Juanita Salazar
Date: 14 Apr 1902
Groom: Candelario Pacheco
Bride: Maria Ramona Garcia
Date: 14 Apr 1902
Groom: Odoniel Martinez
Bride: Juana Nepomucena Espinoza
Date: 14 Apr 1902
Groom: Abram Gutierrez
Bride: Maria Luciana Valdez
Date: 21 Apr 1902
Groom: b>Aureliano Valdez
Bride: Maria Trujillo
Page 5
Date: 10 Jun 1902
Groom: Lloyd Richardson
Bride: Nora Naughton
Date: 27 Jun 1902
Groom: Cirilo Torres
Bride: Virginia Atencio
Date: 9 Jul 1902
Groom: Manuel Cisneros
Bride: Maria Guadalupe Lucero
Date: 28 Jul 1902
Groom: Juan Isidoro Lobato
Bride: Delfina Valdes
Date: 1 Aug 1902
Groom: Miguel Lujan
Bride: Sophia Medina
Date: 11 Aug 1902
Groom: Jose de la Luz Garcia
Bride: Rebeca Madril
Page 6
Date: 21 Aug 1902
Groom: Francisco Duran
Bride: Maria O. Martinez
Date: 20 Sep 1902
Groom: Juan de Dios Martinez
Bride: Pablita Vialpondo
Date: 22 Sep 1902
Groom: Francisco A. Gomez
Bride: Dortea Ruibal
Date: 30 Sep 1902
Groom: Ramon Garcia
Bride: Maria Patrocinia Salazar
Date: 8 Oct 1902
Groom: Epifanio Lopez
Bride: Raquela Velasquez
Date: 17 Oct [1902]
Groom: Abelino Archuleta
Bride: Virginia Gallegos
Page 7
Date: 20 Oct 1902
Groom: Juan Francisco Gallegos
Bride: Maria Juana Martinez
Date: 20 Oct 1902
Groom: Maximiliano Duran
Bride: Juanita Gonzalez
Date: 31 Oct 1902
Groom: Benjamin Garcia
Bride: Virginia Duran
Date: 10 Nov 1902
Groom: donaciano Cisneros
Bride: Maria Teofila Garcia
Date: 10 Nov 1902
Groom: Daniel Francisco Lobato
Bride: Maria Esquivelita B. Vigil
Page 8
Date: 22 Nov 1902
Groom: Juan Pablo Martinez
Bride: Maria Silveria Casillas
Date: 24 Nov 1902
Groom: Jose Antonio Salazar
Bride: Maria Fernina Olguin
Date: 23 Nov 1902
Groom: Jose Victor Salazar
Bride: Epimenia Trujillo
Date: 5 Dec 1902
Groom: Juan C. Cisneros
Bride: Onofre Marquez
Date: 31 Dec 1902
Groom: Moises Jaramillo
Bride: Rosenda Trujillo
Page 9
Date: 7 Jan 1903
Groom: Jesus Maria Sanchez
Bride: Maria Carmen Salas
Date: 7 Jan 1903
Groom: Onofre Valdes
Bride: Francisca Ruybal
Date: 7 Jan 1903
Groom: Manuel Manzanare
Bride: Emilia Atencio
Date: 8 Jan 1903
Groom: Jose Maria Montoya
Bride: Gregorita Casillas
Date: 19 Jan 1903
Groom: Jacobo Ortiz
Bride: Eufrasia Salazar
Date: 16 Feb 1903
Groom: Severo Contu
Bride: Maria Candelaria Romero
Page 10
Date: 16 Feb 1903
Groom: Juan Esteban Martinez
Bride: Maria Carlota Pacheco
Date: 19 Feb 1903
Groom: Antonio Jose Manzanares
Bride: Maria Victoria Valdes
Date: 20 Apr 1903
Groom: Florentino Dominguez
Bride: Barbarita Gonzalez
Date: 4 May 1903
Groom: Juan Guadalupe Valdes
Bride: Maria Carolina Rodriguez
Date: 15 May 1903
Groom: Francisco Dominguez
Bride: Grace Agnes Voorhees
Date: 18 May 1903
Groom: Lafayette Garcia
Bride: Amalia Garcia
Page 11
Date: 13 Jun 1903
Groom: Jose Isaac Trujillo
Bride: Epimenia Rodriguez
Date: 16 Jul 1903
Groom: Antonio de los Ramos Rivera
Bride: Virginia Marques
Date: 20 Jul 1903
Groom: Daniel Barela
Bride: Francisquita Lucero
Date: 23 Aug 1903
Groom: Jose Maria Presentasion Gallegos
Bride: Maria Amada Gallegos
Date: 6 Sep 1903
Groom: Juan Thomasin Gallegos
Bride: Maria Adela Maes
Date: 25 May 1903
Groom: Alfredo de Herrera
Bride: Adela Lujan
Page 12
Date: 14 Sep 1903
Groom: German Salazar
Bride: Maria Teorora Dupont
Date: 30 Sep 1903
Groom: Manuel Salvador Martinez
Bride: Florencia Jaramillo
Date: 26 Oct 1903
Groom: Pedro Lucero
Bride: Donaciana Jaramillo
Date: 28 Oct 1903
Groom: Enrique Gallegos
Bride: Maria Trinidad Espinosa
Date: 4 Nov 1903
Groom: Felix Maestas
Bride: Maria Balbina Chacon
Date: 16 Nov 1903
Groom: Celso Domingues
Bride: Beatriz Cisneros
Date: 16 Nov 1903
Groom: Delfido Cabeza
Bride: Maria Catalina Gallegos
Page 13
Date: 19 Nov 1903
Groom: Liberado Sanchez
Bride: Maria de la Luz Lucinda Valdez
Date: 23 Nov 1903
Groom: Eufanio Duran
Bride: Maria del Refugio de Herrera
Date: 23 Nov 1903
Groom: Bartolico Lucero
Bride: Maria Fernina Atencio
Date: 28 Nov 1903
Groom: Narciso Gonzalez
Bride: Maria Isidora de Herrera
Date: 28 Nov 1903
Groom: Manuel de Jesus Olguin
Bride: Maria Elena Salazar
Date: 28 Nov 1903
Groom: ? Martinez
Bride: Piedad Salazar
Date: 16 Dec 1903
Groom: Maximo Quintana
Bride: Ramona Duran
Page 14
Date: 7 Jan 1904
Groom: Francisco Vigil
Bride: Maria Bonifacia Ortiz
Date: 7 Jan 1904
Groom: Acacio Martinez
Bride: Eloisa Lucero
Date: 7 Jan 1904
Groom: Tranquilino Tafoya
Bride: Maria Elena Valdes
Date: 7 Jan 1904
Groom: Marcus Duran
Bride: Maria Elvira Gonzalez
Date: 7 Jan 1904
Groom: Deloi Montano
Bride: Petra Mondragon
Date: 7 Jan 1904
Groom: Jose Leandro Campos
Bride: Epimenia Trujillo
Date: 11 Jan 1904
Groom: Luis Maestas
Bride: Maria Trinidad Marquez
Page 15
Date: 11 Jan 1904
Groom: Jose Hilario Sandobal
Bride: Maria Andrita Apodaca
Date: 16 Jan 1904
Groom: Miguel A. Lucero
Bride: Desideria Ruybal
Date: 18 Jan 1904
Groom: Epimenio Espinosa
Bride: Zenaida Lobato
Date: 22 Jan 1904
Groom: Venancio Vigil
Bride: Maria Raquel Chaves
Date: 26 Jan 1904
Groom: Claudio Cisneros
Bride: Maria Genoveva Romero
Date: 1 Feb 1904
Groom: Genaro Montano
Bride: Maria de la Luz Rosanra Salazar
Date: 1 Feb 1904
Groom: Antonio Quintana
Bride: Ana Maria Valdes (Dominguez)
Page 16
Date: 5 Feb 1904
Groom: Antonio Domingo Gomez
Bride: Carmelita Ruybol
Date: 8 Feb 1904
Groom: Francisco E. Chavez
Bride: Ana ...? Gomes
Date: 8 Feb 1904
Groom: Francisco Casillas
Bride: Maria Elena Trujillo
Date: 9 Feb 1904
Groom: George Taylor
Bride: Maria L. Du Poor
Date: 15 Feb 1904
Groom: Luis Gonzaga Trujillo
Bride: Juanita Lucia Lopez
Date: 8 May 1904
Groom: Jose de la Luz Marques
Bride: Maria Adelaida Valdez
Date: 14 May 1904
Groom: Simon M. Chavez
Bride: Maria Guiteria Marques
Page 17
Date: 20 Jun 1904
Groom: Moises Large
Bride: Maria Margarita Martinez
Date: 29 Jun 1904
Groom: Luis O. Chacon
Bride: Maria Candelaria Garcia
Date: 1 Jul 1904
Groom: Amarante Lobato
Bride: Cecilia Trujillo
Date: 18 Jul 1904
Groom: Andres Donicio Valdez
Bride: Maria Detronila Martinez
Date: 25 Jul 1904
Groom: Jose Primitivo Miguel Marques
Bride: Maria Clarinda Silva
Date: 27 Jul 1904
Groom: Antonio Gonzalez
Bride: Raquel Duran
Date: 5 Sep 1904
Groom: Salomon Ruybal
Bride: Rebeca Lobato
Page 18
Date: 12 Sep 1904
Groom: Roman Madrid
Bride: Lencadia Mestas
Date: 19 Sep 1904
Groom: Antonio Domiguez
Bride: Maria Armida Olguin
Date: 10 Oct 1904
Groom: Juan Andres Gutierrez
Bride: Isabel S. Alvires
Date: 16 Oct 1904
Groom: Ricardo Barela
Bride: Vicenta Martinez
Date: 3 Nov 1904
Groom: Pablo Lopez
Bride: Teresita Mares
Date: 7 Nov 1904
Groom: Salomon Sanchez
Bride: Maria Cleofes Montoya
Date: 7 Nov 1904
Groom: Pedro Salazar
Bride: Maria Gabrielita Molina
Page 19
Date: 19 Nov 1904
Groom: Manuel Noriega
Bride: Carmelita Olquin
Date: 21 Nov 1904
Groom: Quinino Martinez
Bride: Maria Rosana Martinez
Date: 21 Nov 1904
Groom: Ricardo Ruybal
Bride: Sofia Gonzalez
Date: 26 Nov 1904
Groom: Felipe Romero
Bride: Sofia Duran
Date: 26 Nov 1904
Groom: Isidro Federico Jaramillo
Bride: Maria Genoveva Valdes
Date: 26 Nov 1904
Groom: Francisco Antonio Martinez
Bride: Amalia Valdes
Page 20
Date: 2 Jan 1905
Groom: Evaristo Lucero
Bride: Maria Nicanora Gallegos
Date: 7 Jan 1905
Groom: Refugio Gallegos
Bride: Romualda Martines
Date: 7 Jan 1905
Groom: Romano Cisneros
Bride: Francisca Martines
Date: 7 Jan 1905
Groom: Diego Antonio Lucero
Bride: Carlota Giron
Date: 7 Jan 1905
Groom: Leofredo Lucero
Bride: Irene Jaramillo
Date: 7 Jan 1905
Groom: Lino Quintana
Bride: Felicita Torres
Page 21
Date: 9 Jan 1905
Groom: Samuel Martinez
Bride: Maria Ester Rodriguez
Date: 9 Jan 1905
Groom: Jose Bonifacio Trujillo
Bride: Josefa Gonzales
Date: 17 Jan 1905
Groom: Felix Salazar
Bride: Ma. Vicenta Garcia
Date: 30 Jan 1905
Groom: Lorenzo Lucero
Bride: Eliza Olquin
Date: 31 Jan 1905
Groom: Robert Schuessler
Bride: Aura Blake
Date: 6 Feb 1905
Groom: Santiago Gonzalez
Bride: Arcadia Gomez
Page 22
Date: 8 Feb 1905
Groom: Jose eusabio Torres
Bride: Maria Cristina Olquin
Date: 20 Feb 1905
Groom: Juan N. Archuleta
Bride: Juana Quintana
Date: 27 Feb 1905
Groom: Juan Cresostimo Medina
Bride: Maria Dolores Martinez
Date: 2 Mar 1905
Groom: Eliseo Gallegos
Bride: Filomena Campos
Date: 6 Mar 1905
Groom: Jose Pablo Salazar
Bride: Virginia Valdes
Date: 1 May 1905
Groom: Jose Guadalupe Arellanes
Bride: Maria Ignacia Silva
Page 23
Date: 3 May 1905
Groom: Francisco Silva
Bride: Maria Petronila Arellano
Date: 15 May 1905
Groom: Santiago Gutierrez-Zamora
Bride: Juana Gregoria de Herrera
Date: 5 Jun 1905
Groom: Rafael Pena
Bride: Antonia Martinez
Date: 3 Jul 1905
Groom: Francisco Garcia
Bride: Maria anieta Gallegos
Date: 10 Jul 1905
Groom: Anmarante Montoya
Bride: Beatriz Cisneros
Date: 17 Jul 1905
Groom: Noe Sanchez
Bride: Maria Rosa Gonzalez
Page 24
Date: 26 Jul 1905
Groom: Fermin Vialpondo
Bride: Mabel Wilson
Date: 31 Jul 1905
Groom: Juan Valdes
Bride: Mariana de Herrera
Date: 8 Aug 1905
Groom: Jose Noe Lujan
Bride: Lauracina Salazar
Date: 14 Aug 1905
Groom: Agustin Barela
Bride: Maria Carmelita Valdes
Date: 16 Aug 1905
Groom: Juan de Jesus Marques
Bride: Maria Eulalia Ruibal
Date: 21 Aug 1905
Groom: Elio Gurule
Bride: Maria Cleofas Gomez
Page 25
Date: 11 Sep 1905
Groom: Epifanio Vigil
Bride: Elena Valdez
Date: 18 Sep 1905
Groom: Pedro Luis Chavez
Bride: Isabel Z. Todd
Date: 18 Sep 1905
Groom: Daniel de Herrera
Bride: Maria Demesia Velarde
Date: 27 Sep 1905
Groom: Francisco Archuleta
Bride: Maria Filomena Trujillo
Date: 10 Oct 1905
Groom: Celestino Montoya
Bride: Cleofas de Jesus Ruibal
Date: 30 Oct [1905]
Groom: Francisco Aguilar
Bride: Maria Adelaide Delfina Salazar
Page 26
Date: 30 Oct 1905
Groom: Sabino Marquez
Bride: Maria Sofia Vigil
Date: 4 Nov 1905
Groom: Antonio Dominio Cisneros
Bride: Maria Lucita Gallegos
Date: 6 Nov 1905
Groom: Fructuso Zebides Silva
Bride: Pablina Garcia
Date: 6 Nov 1905
Groom: Juan Francisco Cisneros
Bride: Maria Dolubina Garcia
Date: 10 Nov 1905
Groom: Juan Felipe Ortiz
Bride: Clotilde Gomez
Date: 13 Nov 1905
Groom: Jose Eutimio Valdes
Bride: Peturigis Gonzalez
Page 27
Date: 20 Nov 1905
Groom: Bellarmino Alire
Bride: Delfina Romero
Date: 25 Nov 1905
Groom: Eduardo Rodriguez
Bride: Maria Ruenaida Lujan
Date: 26 Nov 1905
Groom: Fidel Ortiz
Bride: Genoveva Chacon
Date: 30 Nov 1905
Groom: Nestor Salazar
Bride: Ana Maria Gallegos
Date: 30 Nov 1905
Groom: Teofilo Giron
Bride: Teodorita Jaramillo
Date: 1 Dec 1905
Groom: Juan Jose Vigil
Bride: Maria Elicia Gallardo
Page 28
Date: 8 Jan 1906
Groom: Juan Manuel Gallegos
Bride: Maria Teodoria Duran
Date: 8 Jan 1906
Groom: Manuel de Jesus Barela
Bride: Maria Elisa Giron
Date: 21 Jan 1906
Groom: Epiminio Marquez
Bride: Maria Guadalupe Salazar
Date: 7 Feb 1906
Groom: Felipe de Jesus Martinez
Bride: Ruban Salazar
Date: 12 Feb 1906
Groom: Lizaro Arellano
Bride: Maria Dolores Valdez
Date: 14 Feb 1906
Groom: Ezequiel Valdes
Bride: Maria Concepcion Chaves
Page 29
Date: 17 Feb 1906
Groom: Patrick J. Cregg
Bride: Nora Eagan
Date: 18 Feb 1906
Groom: Celestino Valdes
Bride: Maria Tadea Chaves
Date: 19 Feb 1906
Groom: Vicente Chavez
Bride: Zoraida Vigil
Date: 22 Feb 1906
Groom: Jose de la Luz Garcia
Bride: Cleotilde Vallejos
Date: 26 Feb 1906
Groom: Francisco Barela
Bride: Madalena Olguin
Date: 26 Feb 1906
Groom: Efram Ballez
Bride: Maria Concepcion Valdes
Page 30
Date: 25 Feb 1906
Groom: Juan Martinez
Bride: Barbara Espinoza
Date: 26 Feb 1906
Groom: Manuel Lorenzo Espinoza
Bride: Vicentita Garcia
Date: 23 Apr 1906
Groom: Luis A. Garcia
Bride: Maria del Polar Trujillo
Date: 23 Apr 1906
Groom: Pedro Romero
Bride: Maria Concepcion Lobato
Date: 12 Jun 1906
Groom: James P. McKelvey
Bride: Alice T. Lyons
Date: 2 Jul [1906]
Groom: Epifanio Cabazon
Bride: Andrea Martinez
Page 31
Date: 8 Jul 1906
Groom: Modesto Giron
Bride: Nene Giron
Date: 19 Jul 1906
Groom: Eduvigen Sierra
Bride: Rufina Elvira Chaves
Date: 23 Jul 1906
Groom: Guillermo Gurule
Bride: Aurelia Baca
Date: 23 Jul 1906
Groom: Arcadio Vigil
Bride: Petronila Lucero
Date: 23 Jul 1906
Groom: Leofredo Chacon
Bride: Marcelina Trujillo
Date: 15 Aug 1906
Groom: Alfredo Quintana
Bride: Esclastica Madril
Page 32
Date: 20 Aug 1906
Groom: Jorge Quintana
Bride: Sidelia Archuleta
Date: 20 Aug 1906
Groom: Meliton Vigil
Bride: Librada Montoya
Date: 4 Sep 1906
Groom: Onofre Garcia
Bride: Sofia Chavez
Date: 9 Sep 1906
Groom: Ramon Garcia
Bride: Juana Dominguez
Date: 17 Sep 1906
Groom: Lucas Ruibal
Bride: Clarita Marques
Date: 1 Oct 1906
Groom: Rufinio Ruibal
Bride: Maria Teresita de Jesus Sanchez
Page 33
Date: 8 Oct 1906
Groom: Jose Pablo Trujillo
Bride: Maria Sara Chacon
Date: 15 Oct 1906
Groom: Jose Enos Ruibal
Bride: Eufrasia Delfina Valdes
Date: 26 Oct 1906
Groom: Manuel Trujillo
Bride: Maria Eustaquia Archuleta
Date: 5 Nov 1906
Groom: Santiago Sanchez
Bride: Clementina Gonzales
Date: 5 Nov 1906
Groom: Adolfo Benavides
Bride: Isabelita Torres
Date: 10 Nov 1906
Groom: Juvenal B. Velarde
Bride: Lucia Trujillo
Page 34
Date: 29 Nov 1906
Groom: Aurelio Martinez
Bride: Maria Isabelita Martinez
Date: 21 Nov 1906
Groom: Thomas L. Eagan
Bride: Catherina Anna Joyce
Date: 26 Dec 1906
Groom: Benedicto Torres
Bride: Emilia Lucero
Page 35
Date: 2 Jan 1907
Groom:Emilio Garcia
Bride: Onofra Valdes
Date: 4 Jan 1907
Groom: Epifanio Barela
Bride: Maria Estefana Ribera
Date: 7 Jan 1907
Groom: Jose Armenio Salazar
Bride: Rosabel Silvana Vigil
Date: 7 Jan 1907
Groom: Carlos Lopez
Bride: Francisquita Jaramillo
Date: 9 Jan 1907
Groom: John Rea Du Bor
Bride: Flora Eunice Shores
Date: 10 Jan 1907
Groom: Apolinario Abeyta
Bride: Maria Crisanta Casillas
Page 36
Date: 14 Jan 1907
Groom: Demetrio Valdes
Bride: Maria Nepomucena Valdes
Date: 16 Jan 1907
Groom: Bonifacio Gonzalez
Bride: Maria Acianita Roybal
Date: 21 Jan 1907
Groom: Jose Gabriel Lopez
Bride: Maria Sara Trujillo
Date: 28 Jan 1907
Groom: Fidel Noriega
Bride: Carlota Chacon
Date: 4 Feb 1907
Groom: Martiniano Gutierrez
Bride: Benita de Herrera
Date: 11 Feb 1907
Groom: Eduardo Dupont
Bride: Maria Veronica Salazar
Page 37
Date: 11 Feb 1907
Groom: Emanuel Lucerecio Giron
Bride: Maria Quirina de Herrera
Date: 18 Feb 1907
Groom: Jose Adelaido Chaves
Bride: Arcadia Silva
Date: 21 Feb 1907
Groom: Luis Romero
Bride: Rufinita Casillas
Date: 28 Feb 1907
Groom: Manuel Martin
Bride: Maria Rosalba Archuleta
Date: 5 Apr 1907
Groom: Elias Martinez
Bride: Sofia Garcia
Date: 8 Apr 1907
Groom: Luis Martinez
Bride: Agapita Gomez
Page 38
Date: 12 Apr 1907
Groom: Jose Luis Martinez
Bride: Sofia Irene Cisneros
Date: 22 Apr 1907
Groom: Tobias Martinez
Bride: Plencadia Jaramillo
Date: 24 Apr 1907
Groom: Eleucadio Archuleta
Bride: Maria de los Reyes Montoya
Date: 29 Apr 1907
Groom: Clemente Medina
Bride: Maria Laurcana Raquel Torres
Date: 29 Apr 1907
Groom: Severo Cantu
Bride: Maria Manuelita Romero
Page 39
Date: 6 May 1907
Groom: Jose Severo Trujillo
Bride: Maria Augustina Valdez
Date: 30 May 1907
Groom: James Albert Paddock
Bride: Bernabeam Montoya
Date: 21 Jun 1907
Groom: Daniel de Herrera
Bride: Andreita Montoya
Date: 11 Jul 1907
Groom: Jose Silvestre Barela
Bride: Beatrice del Carmen Cardoba
Date: 15 Jul 1907
Groom: Herman Montoya
Bride: Candelaria Martinez
Page 40
Date: 15 Jul 1907
Groom: Macasio Mares
Bride: Ruben Gallegos
Date: 15 Jul 1907
Groom: Salvador Trujillo
Bride: Maria Amada Chacon
Date: 21 Jul 1907
Groom: Juan N. Maestas
Bride: Teresa Madrid
Date: 29 Jul 1907
Groom: Jose Pablo Silva
Bride: Anita Gallegos
Date: 1 Aug 1907
Groom: Teofilo Sanchez
Bride: Maria Otilia Ruben Gonzalez
Date: 12 Aug 1907
Groom: Leanueno B. Chacon
Bride: Maria Ines Montoya