Index of Our Lady of Guadalupe Marriage Records
Book 4

Special thanks to Walter Dunderman for his help on these records

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The records are written in Spanish, (I can not translate them), they include parents names, places they lived and names of witnesses.

Jan 1931 - Aug 1934
Page 21
Date: 12 Jan 1931
Groom: Carlos M. Martinez
Bride: Maria Encarnacion Espinosa
Date: 12 Jan 1931
Groom: Alfonso M. Cantu
Bride: Delfina de Herrera
Date: 12 Jan 1931
Groom: Candido Valdez
Bride: Maria Lobato
Date: 16 Jan 1931
Groom: Felix Mesa
Bride: Antonia Manzanares
Date: 19 Jan 1931
Groom: Juan Trujillo
Bride: Francisquita L. Montoya
Date: 27 Jan 1931
Groom: Jose A. Pacheco
Bride: Trinidad Griego
Date: 31 Jan 1931
Groom: Antonio F. Pacheco
Bride: Ortencia Medina
Date: 31 Jan 1931
Groom: Benjamin Trujillo
Bride: Bernabe Dominguez
Date: 24 Jan 1931
Groom: Manuel Carrion
Bride: Balbina Chavez
Date: 16 Feb 1931
Groom: Celos (?) C. Vigil
Bride: M...lia Archuleta
Page 22
Date: 17 Mar 1931 -
(on a seperate paper added to pg. 22)

Groom: Antonio Lucero
Bride: Zelpha Faye Land
Date: 2 Feb 1931
Groom: Jose de la Luz Romero
Bride: Rosalia Apodaca
Date: 6 Apr 1931
Groom: Benito Archuleta
Bride: Leontina L. Lucero
Date: 25 Feb 1931
Groom: Tobias Garcia
Bride: Soria Rael
Date: 1 Mar 1931
Groom: Belisandro(?) Avila
Bride: Beronia(?) Oliva Gonzalez
Date: 5 Mar 1931
Groom: Jesus Montoya Garcia
Bride: Teodora Roybal
Date: 18 Mar 1931
Groom: Jose A. Lucero
Bride: Bernardina Martinez
Date: 13 Apr 1931
Groom: David Jaramillo
Bride: Petronila Lopez
Date: 13 Apr 1931
Groom: Luis Manzanares
Bride: Eloisa Garcia
Date: 19 Apr 1931
Groom: Edgar Chapman
Bride: Anne Craddock
Date: 23 Apr 1931
Groom: Jose E. Cisneros
Bride: Placida Trujillo
Page 23
Date: 1 May 1931
Groom: Nicolas Cruz
Bride: Ena (?) Gallegos
Date: 4 May 1931
Groom: Antonio R. Vigil
Bride: Eloisa de Herrera
Date: 4 May 1931
Groom: Jose Francisco Gallegos
Bride: Maria Luisa Ribera
Date: 4 May 1931
Groom: Adolfo Gomez
Bride: Maria Silvia Valdez
Date: 11 May 1931
Groom: Juan de Dios Lopez
Bride: Juanita p. Mondragon
Date: 15 May 1931
Groom: Elipio Lucero
Bride: Lula Macrom
Date: 1 Jun 1931
Groom: Meliton Romero
Bride: Ema Jaramillo
Date: 8 Jun 1931
Groom: Pedro Valdez
Bride: Florina S. Lucero
Date: 16 Jun 1931
Groom: Daniel Romero
Bride: Marina Lucas
Date: 23 Jun 1931
Groom: Agustin Chavez
Bride: Emalda Lujan
Page 24
Date: 25 Jul 1931
Groom: Enrique Montoya
Bride: Maria C. Olivama Lopez
Date: 5 Aug 1931
Groom: Bonifacio Salazar
Bride: Maria Carolina Baca
Date: 10 Aug 1931
Groom: Jose Miguel Ruybal
Bride: Eulilia Martinez
Date: 17 Aug 1931
Groom: Jose P. Padia
Bride: Maria Amalia Giron
Date: 14 Aug 1931
Groom: Frank A. Espinosa
Bride: Bernice Maria Fernandez
Date: 7 Sep 1931
Groom: Sabastiano Trujillo
Bride: Odonelia Cisneros
Date: 21 Sep 1931
Groom: Filiberto Chavez
Bride: Celina Ortega
Date: 19 Sep 1931
Groom: Jose Vigil
Bride: Celia Atencio
Date: 8 Oct 1931
Groom: Rafael Carnillo
Bride: Roberta Garcia
Page 25
Date: 4 Nov 1931
Groom: Lucas Gomez
Bride: Amalia Barela
Date: 14 Oct 1931
Groom: Jose A. Manzanares
Bride: Josefa Tafoya
Date: 9 Nov 1931
Groom: Jesus Isidro Benjamin Medina
Bride: Maria Barela
Date: 9 Nov 1931
Groom: Roman Mondragon
Bride: Maria Ema Romero
Date: 18 Nov 1931
Groom: Jose Maria Lopez
Bride: Maria Carmelita Dominguez
Date: 18 Nov 1931
Groom: Tobias Giron
Bride: Olivia Ruybal
Date: 14 Nov 1931
Groom: Avelino Large
Bride: Maria Onofre Gurule
Date: 23 Nov 1931
Groom: Jose Abel Quintana
Bride: Higinia Sena
Date: 23 Nov 1931
Groom: Alfonso Garcia
Bride: Elena Cabeza
Date: 13 Dec 1931
Groom: Osbaldo G. Atencio
Bride: Josefa Valdez
Page 26
Date: 18 Dec 1931
Groom: Antonio Domingo Lucero
Bride: Margarita Ruybal
Date: 21 Dec 1931
Groom: Jose Sigifredo Jaramillo
Bride: Katherine V. Watson
Date: 3 Jan 1932
Groom: Florentino Dominguez
Bride: Ascension Ortiz
Date: 8 Jan 1932
Groom: Emiliano Trujillo
Bride: Carmela Duran
Date: 18 Jan 1932
Groom: Jose Marcelino Baros
Bride: Maria Eneda Maez
Date: 23 Jan 1932
Groom: Andrew Giron
Bride: Jualinita Archuleta
Date: 1 Feb 1932
Groom: Abedenago Jaramillo
Bride: Julia Sanchez
Date: 8 Feb 1932
Groom: Epifanio Gallegos
Bride: Celina Alires
Date: 20 Feb 1932
Groom: Nicolas F. Velasquez
Bride: Maria C. Velasquez
Date: 8 Apr 1932
Groom: Carlos B. Ruybal
Bride: Elena Gallegos
Page 27
Date: 2 May 1932
Groom: Antonio D. Martinez
Bride: Erma Cisneros
Date: 2 May 1932
Groom: Romulo Martinez
Bride: Irma Oliva Martinez
Date: 23 May 1932
Groom: Bernardo Gallegos
Bride: Maria Selina G. Salazar
Date: 9 May 1932
Groom: Jose Ramon L. Martinez
Bride: Maria Librada L. Romaro
Date: 23 May 1932
Groom: Elias B. Velasquez
Bride: Donatra Gonzalez
Date: 11 Jun 1932
Groom: Teodoro Vigil (Lobato)
Bride: Julia Lopez
Date: 6 Jul [1932]
Groom: Ribaldo Giron
Bride: Maria Virginia Mares
Date: 17 Jun 1932
Groom: Luis Jaramillo
Bride: Celina Martinez
Date: 6 Jun 1932
Groom: Jacobo Martinez
Bride: Trinidad Lobato
Date: 6 Jun 1932
Groom: Juan Francisco Trujillo
Bride: Antonia Cisneros
Page 28
Date: 20 May 1932
Groom: Arthur Mandell
Bride: [unreadable] E. Westerhausen
Date: 6 Jun 1932
Groom: Federico Pacheco
Bride: Celina Martinez
Date: 4 Jul 1932
Groom: Jose Zayas
Bride: Juanita Ida Martinez
Date: 7 Jul 1932
Groom: Luis Suazo
Bride: Eliminia de Herrera
Date: 18 Jul 1932
Groom: Juan Antonio Adan Vialpando
Bride: Rosalia Montoya
Date: 15 Jul 1932
Groom: William Gruba
Bride: Camilia Martinez
Date: 15 Jul 1932
Groom: Leonardo Martinez
Bride: Emilia Zundel
Date: 4 Aug 1932
Groom: Pedro Garcia
Bride: Juanita Casias
Date: 1 Aug 1932
Groom: Silviano Chavez
Bride: Maria Felicadad Pacheco
Date: 27 Aug 1932
Groom: Jose Pablo Archuleta
Bride: Pabla Luisa Cisneros
Page 29
Date: 22 Aug 1932
Groom: Meliton Trujillo
Bride: Romoncita Marquez
Date: 31 Aug 1932
Groom: Vicente Ruera
Bride: Genara Valdez
Date: 12 Sep 1932
Groom: Rodolfo Chavez
Bride: Juanita Flossie Mondragon
Date: 26 Sep 1932
Groom: Gaspar Chavez
Bride: Elulia Lujan
Date: 17 Oct 1932
Groom: Alfonso C. Chacon
Bride: Julia Chavez
Date: 20 Oct 1932
Groom: Policarpio Lobato
Bride: Solena Lujan
Date: 28 Oct 1932
Groom: Jose Fortunato Cisneros
Bride: Solides Duran
Date: 29 Oct 1932
Groom: Carlos Ruybal
Bride: Rosa Garcia
Date: 7 Nov 1932
Groom: Jose Manuel Vigil
Bride: Maria Clarinda Paz
Date: 10 Nov 1932
Groom: Makais Sandoval
Bride: Maria Victoria Salazar
Page 30
Date: 14 Nov 1932
Groom: Silas Gallegos
Bride: Alfega Gonzalez
Date: 25 Nov 1932
Groom: Eloy Martinez
Bride: Bertina Atencio
Date: 26 Nov 1932
Groom: Alfonso Romo
Bride: Lucy Salazar
Date: 28 Nov 1932
Groom: Candido Mares
Bride: Maria Sandoval
Date: 28 Nov 1932
Groom: Fidel Romero
Bride: Maria Ana Sabina Sanchez
Date: 5 Dec 1932
Groom: Jose Gallegos
Bride: Nabolina R. Martinez
Date: 5 Dec 1932
Groom: Juan Velasquez
Bride: Francisca Gutierrez
Date: 6 Dec 1932
Groom: Juan Espinoza
Bride: Maria Soledad Romero
Date: 13 Dec 1932
Groom: Daniel Cisneros
Bride: Elena Duran
Date: 13 Dec 1932
Groom: Pedro Casias
Bride: Domitila Espinoza
Page 31
Date: 15 Dec 1932
Groom: Jose A. Cisnersos
Bride: Sara Sixta Martinez
Date: 19 Dec 1932
Groom: Manuel Arellano
Bride: Cora Montoya
Date: 26 Dec 1932
Groom: Candelario Velasquez
Bride: Beatriz Ortiz
Date: 11 Jan 1933
Groom: Francisco A. Chacon
Bride: Maria Corlota Naranjo
Date: 16 Jan 1933
Groom: Eufasio Ortiz
Bride: Clarinda Ribera
Date: 17 Jan 1933
Groom: Ubaldo Vigil
Bride: Francisquita Chavez
Date: 23 Jan 1933
Groom: Delfin Espinosa
Bride: Regina Lopez
Date: 23 Jan 1933
Groom: Carlos F. Gallegos
Bride: Enunciana(?) Dominguez
Date: 13 Feb 1933
Groom: Adolfo Luis Garcia
Bride: Filamena Martines
Page 32
Date: 20 Feb 1933
Groom: Ignacio Salazar
Bride: Fidelina Romero
Date: 26 Feb 1933
Groom: Nicolas Gonzalez
Bride: Cleofes Romero
Date: 27 Feb 1933
Groom: Celestino Quintana
Bride: Josefina Lobato
Date: 27 Feb 1933
Groom: Eliseo Martinez
Bride: Maria Sara Ruybal
Date: 3 Mar 1933
Groom: Guilberto Gonzalez
Bride: Lidia F. Martinez
Date: 27 Mar 1933
Groom: Adolfo Salazar
Bride: Colferina Atencio
Date: 30 Mar 1933
Groom: Juan Casias
Bride: Maria Piedad Benavides
Date: 6 Apr 1933
Groom: Leopaldo Espinosa
Bride: Falina (?) Garcia
Date: 6 Apr 1933
Groom: Federico Ortiz
Bride: Adelaida Brito
Date: 6 Apr 1933
Groom: Demetrio Salazar
Bride: Margarita Ramirez
Page 33
Date: 17 Apr 1933
Groom: Jose Alfredo Medina
Bride: Eloia (?) Maestas
Date: 18 Apr 1933
Groom: Nicolas Valdez
Bride: Victoria Montoya
Date: 8 May 1933
Groom: Jose Ramon Gomez
Bride: Maria Rita Marquez
Date: 7 Apr 1933
Groom: Candido Martinez
Bride: Manuelita Medina
Date: 8 May 1933
Groom: Manuel Garcia
Bride: Clotilde Cisneros
Date: 15 May 1933
Groom: Emilio Cordoba
Bride: Maria Oriabel Dominguez
Date: 5 Jun 1933
Groom: Antonio Gomez
Bride: Catalina Valdez
Date: 6 Jun 1933
Groom: Juan Gallegos
Bride: Maria Ines Lobato
Date: 12 Jun 1933
Groom: Ernesto Gallegos
Bride: Cidelia Valdez
Date: 19 Jun 1933
Groom: Alberto Gomez
Bride: Fidelina Pacheco
Page 34
Date: 1 Jul 1933
Groom: Ramon Martinez
Bride: Sofia Muniz
Date: 3 Jul 1933
Groom: Oleberto Birgilio Atencio
Bride: Ofelia Ortiz
Date: 3 Jul 1933
Groom: Carlos Martinez
Bride: Eufemia L. Garcia
Date: 10 Jul 1933
Groom: Otoniel Espinoza
Bride: Josefa Dolores Maestas
Date: 24 Jul 1933
Groom: b>Eliseo Valdez
Bride: Ramoncita Quintana
Date: 24 Jul 1933
Groom: Regino Ortiz
Bride: Manuelita L. Trujillo
Date: 24 Jul 1933
Groom: Francisco Atencio
Bride: Fedelina Archuleta
Date: 14 Aug 1933
Groom: Alcario Garcia
Bride: Cuselda Gellegos
Date: 28 Aug 1933
Groom: Tobias Martinez
Bride: Rebeca Valdez
Date: 4 Sep 1933
Groom: Celestino Tafoya
Bride: Erlinda Archuleta
Page 35
Date: 11 Sep 1933
Groom: David Lucero
Bride: Socorro Trujillo
Date: 16 Sep 1933
Groom: Telesfor Gallegos
Bride: Magdalena Abeyta
Date: 16 Oct 1933
Groom: Amarante Gallegos
Bride: Felicita Romero
Date: 16 Oct 1933
Groom: Urbano Orlando Muniz
Bride: Gertrudis Trujillo
Date: 30 Oct 1933
Groom: Celestino Dominguez
Bride: Isidora Casias
Date: 23 Oct 1933
Groom: Ernesto Ferman
Bride: Elena L. Valdez
Date: 20 Oct 1933
Groom: Pedro Espinosa Trujillo
Bride: Celina Perea
Date: 31 Oct 1933
Groom: Ignacio Ortega
Bride: Maria Porfiria Sena
Date: 6 Nov 1933
Groom: Martin Ruybal
Bride: Rafaelita Corina Lujan
Date: 4 Nov 1933
Groom: Jacobo Martinez
Bride: Andie(?) Valdez
Page 36
Date: 6 Nov 1933
Groom: Hipolito Maestas
Bride: Rosabel Gallegos
Date: 6 Nov 1933
Groom: Salomon Chavez
Bride: Emilia Cordoba
Date: 7 Nov 1933
Groom: Pedro Oyaca
Bride: Carmel Martinez
Date: 11 Nov 1933
Groom: Abel Espinosa
Bride: Maggie Trujillo
Date: 13 Nov 1933
Groom: Miguel Crescencio Valdez
Bride: Aida Valdez
Date: 20 Dec 1933
Groom: Alcario M. Garcia
Bride: Julianita Giron
Date: 27 Dec 1933
Groom: Eustasio Duran
Bride: Rafaelita Montoya
Date: 27 Dec 1933
Groom: Carlos Romero
Bride: Bernardita Chavez
Date: 20 Nov 1933
Groom: Domingo Miguel Naranjo
Bride: Maria Antonia Salazar
Date: 23 Nov 1933
Groom: [unreadable] Vigil
Bride: ...andita Quintana
Page 37
Date: 27 Nov 1933
Groom: Leonisco Lopez
Bride: Estela Gallegos
Date: 22 Nov 1933
Groom: Efrain Medina
Bride: Salome Chavez
Date: 29 Nov 1933
Groom: Abel Arellano
Bride: Sevilla Ortiz
Date: 30 Nov 1933
Groom: Enrique Garcia
Bride: Celia Gallegos
Date: 21 Nov 1933
Groom: Jose Eligio Mestas
Bride: Angela Maria Chavez
Date: 28 Dec 1933
Groom: Miguel Lujan
Bride: Emiliana Salas
Date: 4 Jan 1934
Groom: Carlos Valdez
Bride: Rafaelita Garcia
Date: 5 Jan 1934
Groom: Lino Martinez
Bride: Margarita Tafoya
Date: 5 Jan 1934
Groom: Tomascino Martinez
Bride: Ramoncita Lucero
Date: 5 Jan 1934
Groom: Jorge Espinosa
Bride: Rosabel Amelia Valdez
Page 38
Date: 28 Dec 1933
Groom: Juan A. Espinosa
Bride: Celestina Browell
Date: 6 Jan 1934
Groom: Franque Duran
Bride: Eulalia Romero
Date: 12 Jan 1934
Groom: Guadalupe Archuleta
Bride: Ascension Cortez
Date: 15 Jan 1934
Groom: Arsenio Archuleta
Bride: Celina Romero
Date: 10 Feb 1934
Groom: Aurelio Chacon
Bride: Lina Valdez
Date: 12 Feb 1934
Groom: Nicolas Salazar
Bride: Emilia Valdez
Date: 12 Feb 1934
Groom: Juan Bautista Vigil
Bride: Victoriana Angelina Gallegos
Date: 12 Feb 1934
Groom: Antonio Gonzalez
Bride: Raquel Garcia
Date: 12 Feb 1934
Groom: Santiago Montoya
Bride: Benita Garcia
Date: 13 Feb 1934
Groom: Cebedeo Lujan
Bride: Juanita Minjica
Page 39
Date: 6 Mar 1934
Groom: Alejandro Cisneros
Bride: Fidelina Archuleta
Date: 12 Mar 1934
Groom: Pablo Benjamin Rodriguez
Bride: Delfina Ruybal
Date: 2 Apr 1934
Groom: Esequiel Valdez
Bride: Eufelia Cordoba
Date: 2 Apr 1934
Groom: Manuel Marquez
Bride: Marelina Rivera
Date: 9 Apr 1934
Groom: Epifanio Martinez
Bride: Maria Elena Valdes
Date: 9 Apr 1934
Groom: Eli Onofre Herrera
Bride: Catalina Espinoza
Date: 9 Apr 1934
Groom: Felix R. Espinoza
Bride: Margarita Lopez
Date: 21 Apr 1934
Groom: Cecil Espinosa
Bride: Elvira Borrego
Date: 9 May 1934
Groom: Jose Chavez
Bride: Patrounis Martinez
Date: 14 May 1934
Groom: Valentin Espinza
Bride: Francisquita Garcia
Page 40
Date: 11 Jun 1934
Groom: Alberto Amador Jr.
Bride: Estela Elina Romero
Date: 26 Jun 1934
Groom: Manuel Ortega
Bride: Rebeca Gonzalez
Date: 3 Jul 1934
Groom: Jose Manuel Montano
Bride: Maximiana V. Trujillo
Date: 3 Jul 1934
Groom: Jose Bernardo Salazar
Bride: Corina Lucinda Martinez
Date: 16 Jul 1934
Groom: Macimano Casias
Bride: Candelaria Casias
Date: 17 Jul 1934
Groom: Moises Cisneros Jr.
Bride: Paulina Lopez
Date: 24 Jul 1934
Groom: Miguel Lopez
Bride: Juanita Cisneros
Date: 28 Jul 1934
Groom: Felipe Vigil
Bride: Ramoncita Salazar
Date: 6 Aug 1934
Groom: Jose D. Marquez
Bride: Maria Espinoza
Date: 12 Aug 1934
Groom: Tomas Manzanarez
Bride: Maria Victoria Salazar