Index of Our Lady of Guadalupe Marriage Records
Book 4

Special thanks to Walter Dunderman for his help on these records

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The records are written in Spanish, (I can not translate them), they include parents names, places they lived and names of witnesses.

Aug 1934 - May 1937
Page 41
Date: 20 Aug 1934
Groom: Luciano Martinez
Bride: Sara Gomez
Date: 20 Aug 1934
Groom: Rafael Mondragon
Bride: Maria Emeresciana Mes
Date: 3 Sep 1934
Groom: Jose Reinaldo Rodriguez
Bride: Vicentila Valdez
Date: 7 Sep 1934
Groom: Florentino Villareal
Bride: Elena Lobato
Date: 17 Sep 1934
Groom: Maximiliano B. Trujillo
Bride: Maria Elvira Medina
Date: 19 Sep 1934
Groom: Hipolito Vigil
Bride: Virginia Garcia
Date: 1 Oct 1934
Groom: Maximiano Maestas
Bride: Maria Magalena Rivera
Date: 10 Oct 1934
Groom: Frank Martinez
Bride: Amelia Lopez
Date: 15 Oct 1934
Groom: Harold Francis Walsh
Bride: Henrietta Sanders
Date: 16 Oct 1934
Groom: Adan Trujillo
Bride: Lugarda Lila Marquez
Page 42
Date: 22 Oct 1934
Groom: Teofilo Romero
Bride: Emilia Gallegos
Date: 22 Oct 1934
Groom: Orlando R. Valdez
Bride: Carmina Trujillo
Date: 25 Oct 1934
Groom: Jose Amado Cisneros
Bride: Jesusita Cisneros
Date: 25 Oct 1934
Groom: Porfirio Naranjo
Bride: Teresina Martinez
Date: 5 Nov 1934
Groom: Filemon Romero
Bride: Primitina de Jesus Martinez
Date: 7 Nov 1934
Groom: Virgil L. Nabers
Bride: Dora Sanchez
Date: 12 Nov 1934
Groom: Moises Gallegos
Bride: Beatriz Salas
Date: 14 Nov 1934
Groom: Ruben Gallegos
Bride: Maria Matilde Salazar
Date: 26 Nov 1934
Groom: Posidido Cisneros
Bride: Lucia Archuleta
Date: 26 Nov 1934
Groom: Rodulfo Arellano
Bride: Benita Ortiz
Page 43
Date: 26 Nov 1934
Groom: Jose Isabel Maestas
Bride: Carlota Valdez
Date: 3 Dec 1934
Groom: Benjamin Zamora
Bride: Cristina Archuleta
Date: 6 Dec 1934
Groom: Pablo Montoya
Bride: Anabela Eufrasia Chavez
Date: 10 Dec 1934
Groom: Alfonso Cantu
Bride: Sofia Lefebre
Date: 26 Dec 1934
Groom: Leopoldo Marques
Bride: Luisa Duran
Date: 27 Dec 1934
Groom: Enrique Varela
Bride: Etalia Brito
Date: 29 Dec 1934
Groom: Juanito A. Ruybal
Bride: Maria R. Domitilia Gallegos
Date: 5 Jan 1935
Groom: Gregorio Martinez
Bride: Dora Salazar
Date: 7 Jan 1935
Groom: Jose Celio Lopez
Bride: Oroner Aurelia Montano
Date: 9 Jan 1935
Groom: ...derforo Gonzalez
Bride: Andrita Romero
Page 44
Date: 14 Jan 1935
Groom: Jose Francisco Garcia
Bride: Adina Gomez
Date: 19 Jan 1935
Groom: Moises Gallegos
Bride: Maria Lucila Trujillo
Date: 21 Jan 1935
Groom: Jose Antonio Salazar
Bride: Maria Emelina Lucero
Date: 25 Jan 1935
Groom: Pablo Garcia
Bride: Maria Ines Ortega
Date: 26 Jan 1935
Groom: Abel Valdes
Bride: Manuelita Ester Giron
Date: 4 Feb 1935
Groom: Carlos Marquez
Bride: Eva Trujillo
Date: 14 Feb 1935
Groom: Manuel Hernandez
Bride: Rube Chavez
Date: 2 Mar 1935
Groom: Donald W. McKie
Bride: Georgeanna Jetter
Date: 18 Mar 1935
Groom: Santiago Martinez
Bride: Claira (?) Sandoval
Date: 17 May 1935
Groom: Amarante Garcia
Bride: Margarita Sargent
Page 45
Date: 3 Apr 1935
Groom: Emilio Chavez
Bride: Evangelina Chacon
Date: 19 Apr 1935
Groom: Benjamin De Herrera
Bride: Micaelita Jacquez
Date: 12 Apr 1935
Groom: Jose Velasquez
Bride: Isabel Johnson
Date: 13 Apr 1935
Groom: Policarpio Dominguez
Bride: Desideria Archuleta
Date: 22 Apr 1935
Groom: Andronico Sanchez
Bride: Teresita Eloisa Martinez
Date: 29 Apr 1935
Groom: Juan Romero
Bride: Luisa Mares
Date: 29 Apr 1935
Groom: Emilio Lucero
Bride: Estellita Romero
Date: 27 Apr 1935
Groom: Aniceto Cristobal Maestas
Bride: Maria Estela Maes
Date: 13 May 1935
Groom: Juan Francisco Archuleta
Bride: Atencio Mondragon
Date: 9 May [1935]
Groom: Benito Abeita
Bride: Maria Pabla Montano
Page 46
Date: 12 Jun 1935
Groom: German Manzanares
Bride: Eva Rosalba Martinez
Date: 2 Jun 1935
Groom: Albino Trujillo
Bride: Tomasita Lopez
Date: 24 Jun 1935
Groom: Paul Murphy
Bride: Alice Russell
Date: 8 Jul 1935
Groom: Jose Porfirio Ribera
Bride: Maria Victoria Marquez
Date: no date given [Jul 1935]
Groom: Anastasio Equipula Trujillo
Bride: Felicitas Serra
Date: 26 Jul 1935
Groom: Maximinio Archuleta
Bride: Alesia (?) Sanchez
Date: 24 Jul 1935
Groom: Luis Romero
Bride: Maria Antonia Martinez
Date: 3 Jul 1935
Groom: Tito Lopez Trujillo
Bride: Rosa Cruz Cisneros
Date: 22 Jul 1935
Groom: Jose Maria E. Perea Valdez
Bride: Cecilia Espinosa
Date: 19 Jul 1935
Groom: Fred Lopez
Bride: Cleotilde Lucero
Page 47
Date: 12 Aug 1935
Groom: Jose Medina
Bride: Rosa Gonzalez
Date: 31 Aug 1935
Groom: Maximinio Mondragon
Bride: Maria Zelonis (?) Mondragon
Date: 25 Aug 1935
Groom: Cicilio Romero
Bride: Pablita Martinez
Date: 4 Sep 1935
Groom: Guadalupe Cortes
Bride: Emilia Atencio
Date: 16 Sep 1935
Groom: Jose P. Chavez
Bride: Luisa Salazar
Date: 29 Sep 1935
Groom: Joe Maestas
Bride: Telma Salazar
Date: 11 Oct 1935
Groom: Federico Maestas
Bride: Josefina Valdez
Date: 26 Oct 1935
Groom: Anastasio E. Trujillo
Bride: Felicitas Serra
Date: 4 Nov 1935
Groom: Higario Suazo
Bride: Marcelina Chavez
Date: 5 Nov 1935
Groom: Jorge Martinez
Bride: Cenmira Barela
Page 48
Date: 4 Nov 1935
Groom: Alfredo Garcia
Bride: Juana Maria Chacon
Date: 7 Nov 1935
Groom: Bernardino Arachuleta
Bride: Roberta Vigil
Date: 9 Nov 1935
Groom: Victoriano Vigil
Bride: Lugarda Chavez
Date: 19 Nov 1935
Groom: Felipe Enrique Cordoba
Bride: Gregorita Arachuleta
Date: 28 Nov 1935
Groom: Leofredo Vigil
Bride: Ramona Mares
Date: 25 Nov 1935
Groom: Guadalupe Adolfo Gonzalez
Bride: Eufelia Valdez
Date: 25 Nov 1935
Groom: Elisardo Vigil
Bride: Ina Quintana
Date: 29 Nov 1935
Groom: Pedro Medina
Bride: Amada De Herrera
Date: 30 Nov 1935
Groom: Leon A. Corp...
Bride: Margarita Sandoval
Date: 2 Dec 1935
Groom: Carlos Victor Cantu
Bride: Olivina Cisneros
Page 49
Date: 9 Dec 1935
Groom: David Martinez
Bride: Alicia Ochoa
Date: 11 Dec 1935
Groom: Carlos Archuleta
Bride: Adelaida Giron
Date: 16 Dec 1935
Groom: Carlos Quintana
Bride: Eufelia Barela
Date: 12 Dec 1935
Groom: Manuel Marquez
Bride: Andrecita Martinez
Date: 21 Dec 1935
Groom: Jose Modesto Madril
Bride: Rebeca De Herrera
Date: 24 Dec 1935
Groom: Ancelmo Trujillo
Bride: Dulcinea Espinosa
Date: 25 Dec 1935
Groom: Jose L. Gomez
Bride: Rufinita Martinez
Date: 28 Dec 1935
Groom: Ignacio Montoya
Bride: Refugio Delubina Ortega
Date: 1 Jan 1936
Groom: Moises Garcia
Bride: Placida Montoya
Date: 6 Jan 1936
Groom: Cristobal Montoya
Bride: Anita Jimenez
Page 50
Date: 20 Jan 1936
Groom: Celedonio Vigil
Bride: Reginalda Salazar
Date: 23 Jan 1936
Groom: Nicolas Gonzalez
Bride: Teresa Lucero
Date: 3 Feb 1936
Groom: Alfonso Valdez
Bride: Maria Cordelia Garcia
Date: 4 Feb 1936
Groom: Jose Simon E. Gonzalez
Bride: Erminia Quintana
Date: 7 Feb 1936
Groom: Jose Armando Martinez
Bride: Refugio Garcia
Date: 17 Feb 1936
Groom: Jose C. Duran
Bride: Delfina Martinez
Date: 24 Feb 1936
Groom: Elisardo Isaac Medina
Bride: Rosa Martinez
Date: 26 Feb 1936
Groom: Jose Adam Romero
Bride: Eufelia Esquibel
Date: 29 Feb 1936
Groom: Diego Marquez
Bride: Uvena Lucero
Date: 23 Feb 1936
Groom: Alejandro Espinoza
Bride: Juanita Arellano
Page 51
Date: 18 Apr 1936
Groom: Reinal Velasquez
Bride: Candida Lobato
Date: 20 Apr 1936
Groom: Nazario de Jesus Madril
Bride: Terecita Gallegos
Date: 22 Apr 1936
Groom: Apolonio Quintana
Bride: Reyes Maes
Date: 21 Mar 1936
Groom: Ignacio Garcia
Bride: Arelina Valdes
Date: 2 Mar 1936
Groom: Romualdo Velasquez
Bride: Francisquita Vigil
Date: 16 Mar 1936
Groom: Santiago Garcia
Bride: Lupita Chavez
Date: 21 Mar 1936
Groom: Teodoro Jaques
Bride: Ema Montoya
Date: 5 Apr 1936
Groom: Jose Filia de Velois Gallegos
Bride: Maria Elminia Apodaca
Date: 12 Apr 1936
Groom: ...ito Valdez
Bride: Maria Petra Ganna
Date: 27 Apr 1936
Groom: >Franque Casias
Bride: Maria Selida Simlona
Page 52
Date: 11 May 1936
Groom: Jose Perfecto Veles
Bride: Roselia Martinez
Date: 19 May 1936
Groom: Vey (?) Duran
Bride: Labeida Atencio
Date: 25 May 1936
Groom: Juan Isido Perea
Bride: Maria Emilia Duran
Date: 8 Jun 1936
Groom: Ofido Chavez
Bride: Fidela Valdez
Date: 29 Jun 1936
Groom: Fidel Carlos Lucero
Bride: Savilla Isadora De Herrera
Date: 20 Jul 1936
Groom: Elisando Ortiz
Bride: Casilda Trujillo
Date: 3 Aug 1936
Groom: Rolando Garcia
Bride: Casilda Lela Trujillo
Date: 23 Jul 1936
Groom: Juan Molouff
Bride: Maria Molouff
Date: 5 Aug 1936
Groom: David Cruz
Bride: Maria Madalicia Perea
Date: 12 Aug 1936
Groom: Jose Francisco Victor Garcia
Bride: Maria Guadalupe Garcia
Page 53
Date: 17 Aug 1936
Groom: Alfredo Maestas
Bride: Aurelia Ortega
Date: 24 Aug 1936
Groom: Felique Quintana
Bride: Josefa Ribera
Date: 24 Aug 1936
Groom: Lorenzo Cruz
Bride: Maria Florinda Lujan
Date: 26 Aug 1936
Groom: Alfonso Romero
Bride: Bertina Martinez
Date: 31 Aug 1936
Groom: Francisco Gallegos
Bride: R. Eufrasia Maes
Date: 4 Sep [1936]
Groom: Francisco Martinez
Bride: Leonor Martinez
Date: 7 Sep 1936
Groom: Maximinio Marquez
Bride: Carmelita Medina
Date: 21 Sep 1936
Groom: Ernesto Eligio Madril
Bride: Odilia Ruibali
Date: 21 Sep 1936
Groom: Leland Romero
Bride: Luisa Muniz
Date: 21 Sep [1936]
Groom: Nagario (?) Archuleta
Bride: Bertina Giron
Page 54
Date: 19 Sep 1936
Groom: Orlando Velasque
Bride: Ester Crucita Lopez
Date: 12 Oct 1936
Groom: Epiminio Gomez
Bride: Cidelia Sotelo
Date: 18 Oct 1936
Groom: Sandelio Cipriano Martinez
Bride: Cristian (?) Dominguez
Date: 20 Oct 1936
Groom: Solomon Pedro
Bride: Virginia Rival
Date: 28 Oct 1936
Groom: Elizario Madril
Bride: Isabel Medina
Date: 27 Oct 1936
Groom: Candido Lujan
Bride: Lucinda Valdez
Date: 26 Oct 1936
Groom: Andoro Teodoro Gomez
Bride: Roselia V. Martinez
Date: 26 Oct 1936
Groom: Sigifredo Marquez
Bride: Maria Fidelina Trujillo
Date: 26 Oct 1936
Groom: Jose Garcia
Bride: Maria Floripa Gurule
Date: 15 Oct 1936
Groom: Luis Martinez
Bride: Luisa Martinez
Page 55
Date: 2 Nov 1936
Groom: Ubaldo Silva
Bride: Clorinda Large
Date: 3 Nov 1936
Groom: Jose Ruben Romero
Bride: Marcelina Muniz
Date: 5 Nov 1936
Groom: Rafael Antonio Romero
Bride: Rosa Chacon
Date: 7 Nov 1936
Groom: Celia Delfino Valdez
Bride: Eufrasia Margarita Duran
Date: 7 Nov 1936
Groom: Jose Amarante Romen
Bride: Orosinia Margarita Gallegos
Date: 4 Nov 1936
Groom: R.E. McCunniff
Bride: Maria Elsie Sharf
Date: 9 Nov 1936
Groom: Miguel Martinez
Bride: Rebeca Cordoba
Date: 8 Nov 1936
Groom: Samuel Montoya
Bride: Juanita Pacheco
Date: 9 Nov 1936
Groom: Jose Leopaldo Gutierrez
Bride: Madelina Natividad Quintana
Date: 13 Nov 1936
Groom: Dorito Martinez
Bride: Casilda Marquez
Page 56
Date: 16 Nov 1936
Groom: Epifanio Martinez
Bride: Maria Eufelia Valdez
Date: 16 Nov 1936
Groom: Juan Pedro Cordoba
Bride: Perfecta Ortiz
Date: 17 Nov 1936
Groom: Presciliano Ortega
Bride: Maria Norma Maestas
Date: 23 Nov 1936
Groom: Malaquias Martinez
Bride: Tenaida Vialpondo
Date: 23 Nov 1936
Groom: Gilberto E. Dupont
Bride: Eloisa Gomez
Date: 23 Nov 1936
Groom: Armando E. Cordoba
Bride: Elaina Florence Trujillo
Date: 23 Nov 1936
Groom: Filiberto Perea
Bride: Maria Natividad Christina Giron
Date: 23 Nov 1936
Groom: Modesto Quintana
Bride: Deluzina Gonzalez
Date: 23 Nov 1936
Groom: Filo Romero
Bride: Celestina Sandoval
Date: 26 Nov 1936
Groom: Hose Helario Chavez
Bride: Maria Angela E. Romero
Page 57
Date: 26 Nov 1936
Groom: Francisca Ignacio Silva
Bride: Emilia Valdez
Date: 27 Nov 1936
Groom: Prisciliano Lobato
Bride: Cordilia Alives
Date: 5 Dec 1936
Groom: Reginaldo Chacon
Bride: Eloisa De Herrera
Date: 7 Dec 1936
Groom: Aron Lopez
Bride: Angelina R. Valdez
Date: 8 Dec 1936
Groom: Felipe J. Romero
Bride: Faustina Vigil
Date: 9 Dec 1936
Groom: David Trujillo
Bride: Fidelina Garcia
Date: 21 Dec 1936
Groom: Federico Salazar
Bride: Mercedes Cordoba
Date: 29 Dec 1936
Groom: John E. Secord
Bride: Adelaida Neilson
Date: 5 Jan 1937
Groom: Bernabe Trujillo
Bride: Josepita Cisneros
Date: 26 Dec 1936
Groom: Frank Gonzalez
Bride: Maria Clarita Ortiz
Page 58
Date: 11 Jan 1937
Groom: Alejandrino Romero
Bride: Eloisa Perea
Date: 11 Jan 1937
Groom: Guadalupe Medina
Bride: Maria IRene Martinez
Date: 16 Jan 1937
Groom: Eli Lucero
Bride: Celia Ortiz
Date: 18 Jan 1937
Groom: Deloy Montano
Bride: Manuelita Gomez
Date: 25 Jan 1937
Groom: Felix Valdez
Bride: Candelaria Chavez
Date: 1 Feb 1937
Groom: Franke Trujillo
Bride: Adelaida Martinez
Date: 1 Feb 1937
Groom: Alfredo Archuleta
Bride: Elvira Romero
Date: 1 Feb 1937
Groom: Manuel E. Archuleta
Bride: Urmilita Romero
Date: 5 Feb 1937
Groom: [unreadable] Lopez
Bride: Mauricia Acuna
Date: 6 Feb 1937
Groom: Francisco Gomez
Bride: Eva Chacon
Page 59
Date: 8 Feb 1937
Groom: Amarante Cisneros
Bride: Rosalbina Lopez
Date: 8 Feb 1937
Groom: Marcos Vigil
Bride: ...ilda Salazar
Date: 15 Feb 1937
Groom: Tomas Arellano
Bride: Francisca Martinez
Date: 13 Mar 1937
Groom: Malaquias Garcia
Bride: Librada Giron
Date: 13 Mar 1937
Groom: Amador Bia
Bride: Teresa Martinez
Date: 7 Mar 1937
Groom: Jorge Medina
Bride: Maria Odilia Maestas
Date: 27 Mar 1937
Groom: Epifanio Cabeza
Bride: Piedad Garcia
Date: 27 Mar 1937
Groom: Albino Martinez
Bride: Ema Pacheco
Date: 27 Feb 1937
Groom: Teofilo Silva
Bride: Clara Ortega
Date: 27 Feb 1937
Groom: Ramon Lujan
Bride: Lina Martinez
Page 60
Date: 27 Feb 1937
Groom: Jorge Garduno
Bride: Claudina Trujillo
Date: 27 Feb 1937
Groom: Esteban Mugica
Bride: Isabel Lujan
Date: 22 Mar 1937
Groom: Andres Eusebio Muniz
Bride: Celina Trujillo
Date: 5 Feb 1937
Groom: Jacobo De Herrera
Bride: Eloida Ruibal
Date: 6 Feb 1937
Groom: Esequiel Lucero
Bride: Maria Levinia Martinez
Date: 10 Apr 1937
Groom: Jose Lopez
Bride: Isabel Trujillo
Date: 12 Apr 1937
Groom: Tito Valdez
Bride: Cidelia Archuleta
Date: 12 Apr 1937
Groom: Ezequiel Espinoza
Bride: Luisita Gatierrez
Date: 26 Apr 1937
Groom: Alfonso Romero
Bride: Davila Duran
Date: 9 May 1937
Groom: Benjamin Ortiz
Bride: Amalia Ribera