Index of Our Lady of Guadalupe Marriage Records
Book 4

Special thanks to Walter Dunderman for his help on these records

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The records are written in Spanish, (I can not translate them), they include parents names, places they lived and names of witnesses.

May 1937- Sep 1940
Page 61
Date: 17 May 1937
Groom: Juan Bautista Martinez
Bride: Maria Ernestina Rodriguez
Date: 19 May 1937
Groom: Jose Rodolfo Lobato
Bride: Rosela Quintana
Date: 22 May 1937
Groom: Maximiliano Gallegos
Bride: Librada Gonzalez
Date: 24 May 1937
Groom: Alfredo Madril
Bride: Estela Lujan
Date: 31 May 1937
Groom: Fructuoso Manzanares
Bride: Maria Semarita Martinez
Date: 2 Jun 1937
Groom: Eduardo Serna
Bride: Alexina Salazar
Date: 9 Jun 1932
Groom: Elias Martinez
Bride: Adelia Padilla
Date: 21 Jun 1937
Groom: Jose Lascadio Lucero
Bride: Merceda Cosilda Vigil
Date: 28 Jun 1937
Groom: Delfino Cisneros
Bride: Ana Maria Duran
Date: 12 Jul 1937
Groom: Manuel Sabino Lopez
Bride: Maria Dolores Arellano
Page 62
Date: 19 Jul 1937
Groom: Jose S. Medina
Bride: Nieves Gallegos
Date: 21 Jul 1937
Groom: Andres Sandoval
Bride: Senaida Vigil
Date: 23 Jul 1937
Groom: Miguel A. Gasea
Bride: Ana Cornelia Ruybal
Date: 2 Aug 1937
Groom: Luis Quintana
Bride: Manuela Catalina Martinez
Date: 7 Aug 1937
Groom: Manuel Gonzalez
Bride: Celestina Velazquez
Date: 14 Aug 1937
Groom: Frank Mather
Bride: Edith Montoya
Date: 20 Aug 1937
Groom: Jose Reinaldo Tafoya
Bride: Maria Lucil Ortiz
Date: 23 Aug 1937
Groom: Gregorio Montoya
Bride: Petra Apodaca
Date: 26 Aug 1937
Groom: Candido Jaramillo
Bride: Maria Olfega Ortega
Date: 30 Aug 1937
Groom: Salvador R. Montano
Bride: Ma. Paulina Zamora
Page 63
Date: 30 Aug 1937
Groom: Gilbert D. Arts
Bride: Honora Hazel Haag
Date: 6 Sep 1937
Groom: Maximinio Adonais Blea
Bride: Felicita Afortunada Salazar
Date: 4 Sep 1937
Groom: Vicente Velasquez
Bride: Teodora Jaramillo
Date: 8 Sep 1937
Groom: Harry Barr
Bride: Stella Ormand
Date: 4 Oct 1937
Groom: Celso Pacheco
Bride: Lucinda Montano
Date: 18 Oct 1937
Groom: Desiderio Montoya
Bride: Adrainia Montoya
Date: b>18 Oct 1937
Groom: Fernando Garcia
Bride: Ana Martinez
Date: 23 Oct 1937
Groom: Jesus Lopez
Bride: Fidelia Jiron
Date: 25 Oct 1937
Groom: Francisco Archuleta
Bride: Cleofes Jiron
Date: 25 Oct 1937
Groom: Francisco Gomez
Bride: Elsie Guadalupe Del Norte
Page 64
Date: 25 Oct 1937
Groom: Juan Pablo Morales
Bride: Siria Montano
Date: 25 Oct 1937
Groom: Salomon Ortiz
Bride: Cleo Maestas
Date: 4 Nov 1937
Groom: Isaac Mondragon
Bride: Maria Isabel Vigil
Date: 4 Nov 1937
Groom: Alfredo Gonzalez
Bride: Maymie Gonzalez
Date: 5 Nov 1937
Groom: Jose Maria Lopez
Bride: Petrolina Jiron
Date: 6 Nov 1937
Groom: Jose L. Sandoval
Bride: Elicia Sandoval
Date: 8 Nov 1937
Groom: Diego Alfonso Duran
Bride: Elacia Rufina Martinez
Date: 11 Nov 1937
Groom: Bryan Rhodes
Bride: Maria Vigil
Date: 13 Nov 1937
Groom: Victoriano Montoya
Bride: Florinda Montoya
Date: 15 Nov 1937
Groom: Manuel Martinez
Bride: Ma. Felicita Atencio
Page 65
Date: 15 Nov 1937
Groom: Malaquias Valdez
Bride: Raquilde Montoya
Date: 14 Nov 1937
Groom: Pablo Jaramillo
Bride: Francisca Garcia
Date: 19 Nov 1937
Groom: Juan B. Garcia
Bride: Maria Elaisa Raquilde Archuleta
Date: 22 Nov 1937
Groom: Patricio Gallegos
Bride: Flaripa Trujillo
Date: 22 Nov 1937
Groom: Epifanio Perea
Bride: Elidia Mondragon
Date: 22 Nov 1937
Groom: Epifanio J.D. Valdez
Bride: ...ana Valazquez
Date: 24 Nov 1937
Groom: Max Duran
Bride: Carolina Casias
Date: 27 Nov 1937
Groom: Herminio Montano
Bride: Helena F. Maestas
Date: 29 Nov 1937
Groom: Edumenia(?) Ortiz
Bride: Adelaida Gallegos
Date: 13 Dec 1937
Groom: Federico Barela
Bride: Maria Sara Martinez
Page 66
Date: 18 Dec 1937
Groom: Luis Romero
Bride: Sidelia Martinez
Date: 27 Dec 1937
Groom: Julian Gallegos
Bride: Lucila Romero
Date: 23 Jan 1938
Groom: Teofilo S. Varela
Bride: Victoria Duran
Date: 23 Jan 1938
Groom: Francisco Vigil
Bride: Lucia Bernabe Jiron
Date: 24 Jan 1938
Groom: Salvador Avila
Bride: Margarita Trujillo
Date: 31 Jan 1938
Groom: Tomas Abeyta
Bride: Ida Garcia
Date: 2 Feb 1938
Groom: Ernesto Duran
Bride: Rosa Cisneros
Date: 9 Feb 1938
Groom: Antonio de Herrera
Bride: Lonita Vigil
Date: 11 Feb 1938
Groom: Antonio Garcia
Bride: Clarinda Espinoza
Date: 21 Feb 1938
Groom: Benjamin Velarde
Bride: Anadia (?) Ortiz
Page 67
Date: 14 Mar 1938
Groom: Elias Lujan
Bride: Estela Luna
Date: 14 Mar 1938
Groom: Ignacia Martinez
Bride: Maria Eulalia Barela
Date: 19 Mar 1938
Groom: Jose L. Muniz
Bride: Trinidad Gonzalez
Date: 18 Apr 1938
Groom: Armenio F. Gutierrez
Bride: Maria Josefa Lucero
Date: 18 Apr 1938
Groom: Alberto Marquez
Bride: Maria Berta Lucinda Martinez
Date: 22 Apr 1938
Groom: Filiberto Velazquez
Bride: Charlotte De Paz
Date: 8 May 1938
Groom: Cirilo Martinez
Bride: Encarnaciana Archuleta
Date: 23 May 1938
Groom: Juan B. De Herrera
Bride: Rosalia Trujillo
Date: 6 Jun 1938
Groom: Salvador Lucero
Bride: Librada Marquez
Date: 6 Jun 1938
Groom: Juan B. Rendon
Bride: Bernabe Salazar
Page 68
Date: 15 Jun 1938
Groom: Charles William Butcher
Bride: Frieda Lucero
Date: 27 Jun 1938
Groom: Avenicio A. Arellano
Bride: Silviana Arellano
Date: 5 Jul 1938
Groom: Aciselo Gonzalez
Bride: Alice Buchwalter
Date: 18 Jul 1938
Groom: Juan Manuel Cordoba
Bride: Albertina Sandoval
Date: 1 Aug 1938
Groom: Jose Antonio Gurule
Bride: Rosalina E. Romero
Date: 8 Aug 1938
Groom: Ubaldo Romero
Bride: Celina Gallegos
Date: 12 Aug 1938
Groom: Julian Garcia
Bride: Carmen Gauna
Date: 22 Aug 1938
Groom: Jose Benedicto Solomon Gallegos
Bride: Eloida Emilia Espinoza
Date: 29 Aug 1938
Groom: Santos Valles
Bride: Deleinea Gonzalez
Date: 29 Aug 1938
Groom: Raquel Salazar
Bride: Arena Lujan
Page 69
Date: 6 Sep 1938
Groom: Marcos Romero
Bride: Victoria Valdez
Date: 9 Sep 1938
Groom: Bernardo Romero
Bride: Ema Medina
Date: 17 Sep 1938
Groom: Leopoldo Garcia
Bride: Cecilia Trujillo
Date: 19 Sep 1938
Groom: Margarito Mondragon
Bride: Isabel Elena Gallegos
Date: 25 Sep 1938
Groom: Aguinaldo A. Gallegos
Bride: Cora Adelina Trujillo
Date: 10 Oct 1938
Groom: Guilberto Martinez
Bride: Maria Luisa Archuleta
Date: 17 Oct 1938
Groom: Victor Garcia
Bride: Adelaida Sandoval
Date: 24 Oct 1938
Groom: Delfino Garcia
Bride: Rosa Lucero
Date: 31 Oct 1938
Groom: Oliver W. Buchwalter
Bride: Victoria Casilda Ribera
Date: 31 Oct 1938
Groom: Ricardo Montoya
Bride: Janita Vialpando
Page 70
Date: 31 Oct 1938
Groom: Alfonso Chacon
Bride: Eva Garule
Date: 31 Oct 1938
Groom: Elfido Ellibarri
Bride: Margarita Vigil
Date: 7 Nov 1938
Groom: Elisardo Mares
Bride: Maria G. Cordilia Martinez
Date: 7 Nov 1938
Groom: Jose Abel Gallegos
Bride: Arcelia Mondragon
Date: 7 Nov 1938
Groom: Alejandrino Archuleta
Bride: Juanita Jiron
Date: 11 Nov 1938
Groom: Charley Trambley
Bride: Sevilla B. Garcia
Date: 21 Nov 1938
Groom: Bartolo Lujan
Bride: Rafaelita Pacheco
Date: 21 Nov 1938
Groom: Ernesto Martinez
Bride: Ana Fedelina Gallegos
Date: 21 Nov 1938
Groom: Juan Mondragon
Bride: Fidelia Chavez
Date: 26 Nov 1938
Groom: Maximinio De Herrera
Bride: Sofia R...
Page 71
Date: 28 Nov 1938
Groom: Jose Manuel Vigil
Bride: Sotela Lucero
Date: 30 Nov 1938
Groom: Ernesto Gallegos
Bride: Anita Macias
Date: 7 Dec 1938
Groom: Benedicto Bustos
Bride: Estela Abeyta
Date: 26 Dec 1938
Groom: Antonio Olquin
Bride: Maria Edith Sandoval
Date: 26 Dec 1938
Groom: Gustavo Guilberto Muniz
Bride: Carmel Atencio
Date: 26 Dec 1938
Groom: Juan A. Martinez
Bride: Placida Inez Cabeza
Date: 30 Dec 1938
Groom: Eduardo Montano
Bride: Adelia Ruybal
Date: 9 Jan 1939
Groom: Manuel A. Gomez
Bride: Angelica Martinez
Date: 9 Jan 1939
Groom: Juan M. Sandoval
Bride: Estela Duran
Date: 9 Jan 1939
Groom: Teodoro Cisneros
Bride: Cordelia Lopez
Page 72
Date: 9 Jan 1939
Groom: Jose L. Salazar
Bride: Clara Abeyta
Date: 13 Jan 1939
Groom: Alfredo Perea
Bride: Fidelina Ortega
Date: 16 Jan 1939
Groom: Jose Eliodoro Martinez
Bride: Matilde Archuleta
Date: 23 Jan 1939
Groom: Arturo Petrolino Cisneros
Bride: Carolina Trujillo
Date: 25 Jan 1939
Groom: H.C. Hartley
Bride: Josefina A. Sanchez
Date: 30 Jan 1939
Groom: Eduardo Martinez
Bride: Clorinda Martinez
Date: 30 Jan 1939
Groom: Jose Gabriel Ortiz
Bride: Manuelita Estela Salazar
Date: 6 Feb 1939
Groom: Frank Valdez
Bride: Ida Cisneros
Date: 15 Feb 1939
Groom: Enriquez Espinoza
Bride: Virginia Lujan
Date: 25 Feb 1939
Groom: Procopio Jiron
Bride: Maria J... Duran
Page 73
Date: 1 Mar 1939
Groom: Federico Pena
Bride: Manuelita Martinez
Date: 8 Mar 1939
Groom: Celestino Trujillo
Bride: Josefina Garcia
Date: 10 Apr 1939
Groom: Belarmino Medina
Bride: Anita Martinez
Date: 5 Apr 1939
Groom: Salvador Gutierrez
Bride: Julia Trujillo
Date: 15 Apr 1939
Groom: Tomas Sandoval
Bride: Manuelita Dominguez
Date: 20 Apr 1939
Groom: Luis Silva
Bride: Regina Lopez
Date: 1 May 1939
Groom: Manuel Romero
Bride: Elvir Rodriguez
Date: 8 May 1939
Groom: Ricardo Sanchez
Bride: Teresina Duran
Date: 15 May 1939
Groom: Domian Garcia
Bride: Elda Carlotta Ortiz
Date: 22 May 1939
Groom: Gilberto Barela
Bride: Juanita Casias
Page 74
Date: 27 May 1939
Groom: Samuel Duran
Bride: Eulalia Martinez
Date: 5 Jun 1939
Groom: Salimundo Trujillo
Bride: Josefina Lucero
Date: 5 Jun 1939
Groom: Zenobio Sanchez
Bride: Maria Lucille Martinez
Date: 19 Jun 1939
Groom: Jose Archuleta
Bride: Genoveva Garcia
Date: 30 Jun 1939
Groom: Ricardo Barela
Bride: Viola Alirez
Date: 25 Jul 1939
Groom: Jose Ignacio Ellibares
Bride: Maria Celia Trujillo
Date: 29 Jul 1939
Groom: Patrocinio Romero
Bride: Amada Ortiz
Date: 2 Aug 1939
Groom: Armando Maestas
Bride: Juana Valdez
Date: 7 Aug 1939
Groom: Ezequiel Jaramillo
Bride: Luisa Consuela Marquez
Date: 10 Aug 1939
Groom: Melquiades Trujillo
Bride: Deluvina Pilon
Page 75
Date: 12 Aug 1939
Groom: Benito Montano
Bride: Elena Perea
Date: 12 Aug 1939
Groom: Victor M. Valdez
Bride: Angelica P. Salazar
Date: 16 Aug 1939
Groom: Fulgensio Trujillo
Bride: Albinita Lucero
Date: 18 Aug 1939
Groom: Juan Jose Romero
Bride: Eulalia Chavez
Date: 19 Aug 1939
Groom: Flipio Valdez
Bride: Ramoncita Archuleta
Date: 24 Aug 1939
Groom: Ubaldo Sandoval
Bride: Enriquetta Martinez
Date: 30 Aug 1939
Groom: Faustin Pacheco
Bride: Raquel Arellano
Date: 2 Sep 1939
Groom: Bonifacio Romero
Bride: Paula Ruth Quintana
Date: 2 Sep 1939
Groom: Leopoldo Dupont
Bride: Lucinda Lobato
Date: 4 Sep 1939
Groom: Guilberto Romero
Bride: Eleanor Duran
Page 76
Date: 4 Sep 1939
Groom: Esteban Maestas
Bride: Juana Perea
Date: 16 Sep 1939
Groom: Orlando Gallardo
Bride: Maria Eva Valdez
Date: 18 Sep 1939
Groom: Jose Gregorio Maestas
Bride: Genoveva G. Dominguez
Date: 18 Sep 1939
Groom: Ben Maestas
Bride: Elena Mojica
Date: 18 Sep 1939
Groom: Isidoro Chacon
Bride: Francisca Lucila Lujan
Date: 30 Sep 1939
Groom: Candido Perea
Bride: Florence Zamora
Date: 2 Oct 1939
Groom: Salomon Lucio
Bride: Lucia Trujillo
Date: 2 Oct 1939
Groom: Jesus Maria Garcia
Bride: Sofia Gallegos
Date: 2 Oct 1939
Groom: Malaquias Montoya
Bride: Celina Salazar
Date: 9 Oct 1939
Groom: Abel Fansota Rodriguez
Bride: Camila Lujan
Page 77
Date: 16 Oct 1939
Groom: Jesus G. Camacho
Bride: Adonilia F. Vigil
Date: 22 Oct 1939
Groom: Rosenaldo Gutierrez
Bride: Sara Casias
Date: 30 Sep 1939
Groom: Jose Anselmo Lopez
Bride: Amelina Martinez
Date: 1 Nov 1939
Groom: Moises Garcia
Bride: Maria Ramona Suazo
Date: 1 Nov 1939
Groom: Renaldo Valdez
Bride: Elisaida Espinosa
Date: 6 Nov 1939
Groom: Maclovio Mondragon
Bride: Elena Gurule
Date: 8 Nov 1939
Groom: Amos de Jesus Martinez
Bride: Maria Montoya
Date: 11 Nov 1939
Groom: Filiberto Dominguez
Bride: Elaina Garcia
Date: 21 Nov 1939
Groom: Rosenaldo Cordoba
Bride: Rosa Naranjo
Date: 29 Nov 1939
Groom: Jose Eusebio Salazar
Bride: Manuelita Archuleta
Page 78
Date: 9 Dec 1939
Groom: Jose Adam Trujillo
Bride: Edulia Martinez
Date: 9 Dec 1939
Groom: Alcario Carolos Lopez
Bride: Priscila Martinez
Date: 16 Dec 1939
Groom: Luis Anaya
Bride: Adelaida Chavez
Date: 16 Dec 1939
Groom: Polo Montoya
Bride: Eutinia Duran
Date: 8 Jan 1940
Groom: Adonis Martinez
Bride: Bertina Ruybal
Date: 10 Jan 1940
Groom: Juan B. Sandoval
Bride: Regina Lopez
Date: 13 Jan 1940
Groom: Luis F. Garcia
Bride: Gorgonia Martinez
Date: 11 Feb 1940
Groom: Juan B. Velasquez
Bride: Ana Vigil
Date: 22 Feb 1940
Groom: A. Alfonso Velasquez
Bride: Lucia Valdez
Date: 18 Mar 1940
Groom: Rodolfo Romero
Bride: Celina Casados
Page 79
Date: 19 Mar 1940
Groom: Carlos Duran
Bride: Francisquita Wright
Date: 27 Mar 1940
Groom: Petrolino Varela Martinez
Bride: Refugio Valdez
Date: 25 Mar 1940
Groom: Alfonso Sanchez
Bride: Maemi Eufelia Gonzalez
Date: 25 Mar 1940
Groom: Eduardo M. Espinoza
Bride: Celina de Herrera
Date: 30 Mar 1940
Groom: Alejandro Gomez
Bride: Cecilia Martinez
Date: 1 Apr 1940
Groom: Clodoves Marquez
Bride: Cordilia Cisneros
Date: 1 Apr 1940
Groom: Bernardo A. Gutierrez
Bride: Natividad L. Madril
Date: 10 Apr 1940
Groom: Juan Climaco Aguilar
Bride: Aurora Romero
Date: 18 Apr 1940
Groom: Pedro Salazar
Bride: Reyes Martinez
Date: 20 Apr 1940
Groom: Leofiado Jaramillo
Bride: Sotela Sanchez
Page 80
Date: 4 May 1940
Groom: Margarito Espinoza
Bride: Catalina Romero
Date: 10 May 1940
Groom: Ferdinando Duran
Bride: Ester Lucero
Date: 4 Jul 1940
Groom: Carlos Cisneros
Bride: Clotilde Marquez
Date: 8 Jul 1940
Groom: Jose Maria Montoya
Bride: Maria Lucila Salazar
Date: 16 Jul 1940
Groom: Isaac Manzanares
Bride: Elena Trujillo
Date: 7 Aug 1940
Groom: Patricio Gallardo
Bride: Solenia R. Maestas
Date: 8 Aug 1940
Groom: Aginaldo Cantu
Bride: Margarita Cordoba
Date: 2 Sep 1940
Groom: A. Maximo Vigil
Bride: Elena De Herrera
Date: 9 Sep 1940
Groom: Ricardo Casias
Bride: Angeline Ortiz
Date: 12 Sep 1940
Groom: Jose Crescencio Valdez
Bride: Maria Dulcinea Ruybal