Conejos Co. Church Records

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Manassa Ward, Mountain View Branch
Death Record

page 110

NameDeath DateDeath PlaceAgeRemarks
Ball, Elise B. Wed., 30 Oct 1895Mountain View, Conejos, CO10y 7dFarwell all sinful pleasures - I want no more of you.
Ball, Mendy June Fri., 28 Jan, 1887 Manassa, Conejos, CO 1m 21d Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord
Ball, Lilly Ellen Wed., 15 Aug 1888 1mi NE of Conejos, Conejos, CO 8m 16d There is sweet rest in Heaven
Hunnicutt, E. Thurs., 28 Nov 1895 Mountain View, Conejos, CO 2y 11m 8d To pure for Earth
Feik, William 8 Jul 1889 Mountain View, Conejos, CO 2m 15d Sleep on little one
Koch, George D. 8 Nov 1884 Antonetio, Conejos, CO 1d-
Koch, Loura B. 8 Jan 1889 Antonetio, Conejos, CO 7m 25d -
Koch, Edna V. 15 Jan 1888 Antonetio, Conejos, CO 25d-
Mayfield, Clementine 4 Nov 1874- 1d -
Mayfield, Riley May 4 Aug 1875- 1d -
Mayfield, Littie E. 18 Apr 1892 Mountain View, Conejos, CO 8y 5m 6d -
Culler, Walter C. 5 Apr 1892 Manassa, Conejos, CO 1y 8m 13d -
Culler, Ernest M. 22 Mar 1899 Mountain View, Conejos, CO 18y 4m 20d-
Culler, Benjamin 2 Nov 1895 Mountain View, Conejos, CO 70y 7m 18d-
Culler, Margret 28 Mar 1896 Mountain View, Conejos, CO 77y 3m 6d -