Conejos Co. Church Records

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Manassa Ward, Mountain View Branch
This Record is in a small Mountain View Branch record book.
I have tried to copy the exact spelling and layout of the page

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Mountain View Branch was organised sometime

in the winter or Spring of 1889.
With Thimethy Gilbert as presiding Elder
He Presided over the Branch till a Conference
hel in Manassa March the 7th 1891 at which Time
he was honorble released
Mountain View Sunday Schol was first organised
by stake Supt Wm. Christensen in the winter
or spring of 1889 With Joseph Draper Supt
He was Supt. till Sept 27th 1891
Elihu Kaiser Ball was apointed Sunday School
Supt. of the Mountain View Branch
Sept. 27th 1891 by Stake Supt Wm. Christensen
Elihu K. Ball was setapart to preside over
Mountain View Branch and also setapart
Sabath School Superentendent at a Conference
hel at Manassa Nov. 21st 1892 by
Pres. Albert R. Smith

Mountain View Relief Society was organised
August 4th 1895 by Bishop John P. Doltok, E.K. Ball,
Lane Morterson and George Koch, Rosey Koch
was set apart by Lance Monterson President
of the Society. Manerva McCarroll was setapart
a councilear to Sister Koch The Stake
Superintendance of the Relief Society were first
Sister Cornelia Morterson, Pres. Sister Maylaline
Trunk Counciler Sister Jane Crowther Councilors
sister Mary F. Crowther Sect.

Page 50
Sept. 7th 1891
Wm. Christensen made a change in
Supt. of the Sunday School
Aug. 28th 1892
Martin Christensen was present
to setapart officers of the Sunday School
May 7th 1893 Bpt John C. Dolton and
Brother Valentine was present at which time
M.G. Price was ordained a Priest by
John C. Dolton
    On the same date as the above
John L. Fiek was ordained to the office of
a Priest by Elihu K. Ball

May 28th 1893
Stake Supt. Wm. Christensen and
N.C. Erickson was present.
June 25th 1893 Stake PResident Albert R. Smith
with Levi P. Helm his first Counciler was
present Pres. A.R. Smith spoke on infidelity.
Oct 8th 1893 Stake Sup. Wm. Christensen and
Martin Christensen was present at which
time Hugh L. Sellers was set apart as first
assistant Supt. to E.K. Ball

Dec 24 1893 Bpt John C. Dolton and Bro.
Heart was present Bpt. Dolton spoke
on the creation of the world
Bro. Heart spoke on the travils of the
children of Isral in the land of
Dec. 7th 1893 Andrew Jensen of Salt Lake City
Historian and Chronologer delivered an address
on keeping our own records. He spoke
at some length on the history of the Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Page 51
Nov 19th 1894 John C. Dolton was present and
Jobe Good in instruction

Nov 26th 1894 Stake Supt of Saboth Schools
Ira R. Whitney and assistent John A. Smith was
present to fill vacancies in the S. School
organization Bro. George Koch were selected as
first assistant Supt. Bro. W.J. Hunnicutt as
Sect. and Treasurer Bro. D.J. Kirtland as
librarian Sisters Minerva McCarroll and
Susie McEntire as Teachers of the primary
Dec 16th 1894 President Albert R. Smith
and one of his Counclers Thomas Crowther
was presant Brother Crowther Said the
blessings was only promised to those that
continued to the end. Brother Smith said
the day of Repentance had come to the Saints
that they must turn from all unclean...

May 5th 1895 We was visted by Bishop John
C. Dolton Brother Dalton said it would take
works to get into our Fathers Kingdom

Jul 14th 1895 John C. Dolton and Martin Christensen
his councilor visited us they said they was
pleased to see us progressing in our Sunday
4 Aug 1895 Bpt. John C. Dolton
was present to organise the Mountain View
Releaf society He was assisted by the
Presidency of the Stake Releif Society.

Oct. 6th 1895 President Albert R. Smith
was presant Said we should live
the golden rule do unto others as
we would have others do unto us
Jun 30th 1895 The Stake Supt. of Sunday School
Ira R. Whitney and his two assistants
Marcus O. Trunk and John A. Smith was
present they give good instructing to the School.