Conejos Co. Church Records

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Manassa Ward, Mountain View Branch
This Record is in a small Mountain View Branch record book.
I have tried to copy the exact spelling and layout of the page

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Visits of Home mishonnaries and others for the year 1895

Page 90
Feb 3rd 1895 - Bro. Nick Miller Said without
the good Spirit it was impossible to eddify
the Latter Day Saints Said he felt a good
Spirit here to day.
    Bro. Bidinger Said it was
through the Gift of the Holy Ghost
that we could explain the Scriptures

Feb 10th 1895 - Bro. John Massa Said that the
Gospel of the Kingdom had gathered us from
the different Nations of the Earth Said through
faith the world was framed
    Bro. Jacob Spiker Said
we had much to learn and much to over
come Said that the Lord speaks to his
Servents here on the Earth in these
the last days Said when the Lord come
here on the Earth to establish his
Kingdom He did not come to the rich
and the wise but he chose the poor
and humble to take charge of his
Feb 24th 1895 - Bro. Thomas
Said it was impossible for
an Elder in Isrel to speak without
the Spirit of God
    Bro. Grantham
Said Faith was the moving cause
of all action Said the Gospel was
the power of God unto salvation

March 10th 1895 - Bro. Brady Said that God
knew where his people were said their
doctorn would stand after the Earth was S...
burnt with fire after Bro. Bidinger said
without faith it was imposible to pl...
God said we had our free agency to upon.
Page 91
March 24th 1895 - Bro. Brigham Harrison
Said In order to get eternal life we must
bere the Cross
May 5th 1895 - Bro. H.A. Jones said we was sent
to the Earth for a purpose
    Bro. Hammon Christensen
said He hoped to do good to all mankind
Bro. Anthon Neelson said the Lord would
bless us if we were faithful

May 26th 1895 - Bro. Hugh L. Sellers said
it would take faith and woorks to
inter in to the Kingdom of God
    Bro. Thimithy Gilbert said
it give him pleasure to meet with the
Saints to day Said we was living in
a day when the Lord had set his hand
to gather Isrel in the last Dispensation
of the fullness of times

June 2ond 1895 - Bro. Silas S. Smith
Said he was raised in the Church
and had come up through the trials
of the early days of the Church His
Father Came to Kirtland Ohio in his
childhood days Spoke of his long experence
in the Church.
June 16th 1895 - Bro. Jacob Spiker Said he felt
to be obedient to those that was placed
over Him Said we had a woork to do in
order to gain a Salvation in God Kingdom
July 7th 1895 - Bro. Grantham Spoke on the
falling way of the Gospel and the resteration
the same Bro. Fuller said all the knowledge
and wisdom that we gained in this life the
same would rise with us in the Resurection
Jul 14th 1895 - Bro. Bass Beck said we should put...
with our faith Bro. Hammon Christensen said ...
have that we would be able to do much good.

Page 92
Sept 8th 1895 - Bro. Alexander B. Kidd Said
the plan of salvation had been
reveled to us agin in these the last days
said He knew the Gospel was true

Sept 22ond 1895 - Bro. Alexander B. Kidd said we
should try to build each other up in the
woorks of the Gospel.

Sept 29th 1895 - Bro. Harmon Christensen spoke
a short time
    Bro. Bass Beck said we should
know what kind of a being we should
seek for and Spoke on the subject of faith

Oct 185h 1895 - Bro. Simond Wymer Said the
judgements of God would commence at the
House of the Lord
    Bro. James Grantham Spoke of
the Apostacy of the primitive Church
and of the resteration of the Gospel
and bore testemony to the principals of the