Conejos Co. Church Records
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Manassa Ward, Mountain View Branch
Names listed on Baptism Records

PAGE 8, 1874

Gilbert, Josah Ran...
Gilbert, Martha

PAGE 8, 1876

Barbour, Elizabeth
Koch, Almindie R.

PAGE 10, 1877

Campbell, Duncan G.

PAGE 10, 1877

Ball, Minta Ellen

PAGE 10, 1878

Ball, Elihu K.

PAGE 8, 1879

Hunnicutt, Victoria

PAGE 10, 1881

Mayfield, Isabella C.
Mayfield, John

PAGE 8, 1887

Feik, John L.
Feik, Manerva

PAGE 8, 1888

Draper, Nellie

PAGE 8, 1888

Dyer, Matilda

PAGE 8, 1889

Beecroft, Izzaheller
Crump, Wm. P.
Johnson, John T.
Mathews, Mary E.
Mayfield, Rula
Nell, Ruben
Draper, Hosana
Perice, Jane B.
Price, Martin G.
Price, Merrin
Spiker, Charles L.
Spiker, Jacob
Spiker, John S.
Spiker, Sarah
Spiker, Sarah E.
Weimer, Mary E.
Weimer, Milten
Weimer, Samuel
Weimer, Silas
Weimer, Simon

PAGE 8, 1889

Hunnicutt, W.A.
Koch, George J.

PAGE 6, 1890

Bagwell, Lola M.
Ball, Alta A.
Brady, Lilly
Dyer, Matilda
Gilbert, Anne J.
Thompson, John
Thompson, Elisebeth

PAGE 6, 1891

Draper, John
Feik, Noah
Jarrell, James W.
Jarrell, Mary
Jarrell, Mary A.
Jarrell, Rideel
Jarrell, Wm. H.
Thompson, Aiva L.
Weimer, Jona B.

PAGE 8, 1891

Ball, Elsie B.
Crump, Alexander
Denison, May
Dyer, Cora J.
Dyer, Betty E.
Dyer, Wesley
Martin, Isabell

PAGE 8, 1893

Gilbert, Mary G.
Kidd, Elisabeth
Sanders, Judith

PAGE 8, 1894

Erickson, Elo L.
Erickson, Olga O.
Nutt, Ella
Wood, Calvin L.
Wood, Jay Y.
Wood, Lona A.

PAGE 8, 1895

Feik, Albert
Dyer, Herbert

PAGE 10, 1896

Culler, Cora
Gilbert, John T.
Kidd, Thomas E.
Mayfield, Jessie
McKenzie, Berthay E.

PAGE 8, 1898

Patton, Allice
Perfer, Thomas

PAGE 69, Ordinations

Elihu K. Ball, 1896 and 1900
Martin G. Price, 1894
John P. Feik, 1893
Wm. Hunnicutt, 1894
George J. Koch, 1892
Duncan G. Campbell, 1889
Timith Gilbert, 1876
Nathaniel P. Culler, 1896
Elery H. Culler, 1896
Emmett M. Culler, 1896