Conejos County
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Colorado Marriage Index Look-ups:             Judi Galpin

Conejos Co. Information:
We have been researching this area for a long time.
We have all the original church records from Conejos
and vast family information. Would be glad to help
anyone that has questions of this area.                       Pam Gonzales

Conejos History:
1. The Mormons: 100 Years in the San Luis Valley
of Colorado 1883-1983
compiled and edited by
Carlton Q. Anderson, Betty Shawcroft,
and Robert Compton, published by the LaJara Stake
of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Check The INDEX For Your Ancestors Name.

2. Mormon Colonization of the San Luis Valley,
Colorado 1878-1900.
by Judson Harold Flower, Jr.
(it was his master's thesis from BYU published
in 1966 by him.                                 Mary Alice Crowther