The Ramos Pacheco and Teodora Lobato Family

Salvador Pacheco My Great Grandfather Salvador Pacheco, 1859-1927
Son of Ramos Pacheco and Teodora Lobato
Manuel C. Pacheco Manuel C. Pacheco (1891-1966)
The son of Salvador Pacheco
Adelina Lujan Adelina Lujan (1895-1994)
The Wife of Manuel C. Pacheco

Bob Pacheco has provided us with the picture and this information:

Los Pachecos
By Bobby Pacheco 6/17/2005

  1. I asked my father, Criseldo, where his grandfather Salvador Pacheco and his great uncle Martin Pacheco came from. It seems that the brothers came to Largo/Blanco between 1880 and 1890.
  2. My father Criseldo believes they came from the San Luis Valley near Conejos. My father remembers accompanying his father Manuel in the 1930s to visit an Uncle Lobato in the San Luis Valley. Uncle Tobias Pacheco also believed that they came from the San Luis Valley.
  3. Tia Libinia, the widow of Tio Cristoval Pacheco, told me that Martin had married her grandmother, Margarita, after Margarita’s husband was killed by the gringos near Bloomfield. Tia Libinia’s father, Ricardo Jacquez, was Martin’s stepson.
  4. During the last month I have been searching genealogy sites and the US Census on the internet trying to find where Salvador and Martin came from. The 1860 Census for Rio Arriba County, NM (PO Box Los Luceros) shows Ramos Pacheco and Teodora Lobato with Pacheco children Lucas, Dolores, Salvador,
    and Maria de la Luz.
  5. The 1870 Census for Taos County, NM (PO Box Conejos, Colo) shows Benito Gallegos and Teodora Gallegos with Pacheco children Dolores, Salvador, Rosanna, Martin and Gallegos children Pablo age 2 and Pablo A. age 4 months. Lastly, they have a 14 year old domestic servant named Agapito.

  6. It looked like Ramos Pacheco had died and Teodora had married Benito Gallegos. I looked in the marriage records of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Conejos Colo and I found the record of their marriage. This is my simple translation. “On the 23 of January 1867 Benito Gallegos son of Santiago Gallegos and Maria Gertrudis Salas married Maria Teodora Lobato widow of Ramos Pacheco, and daughter of Pedro Lobato and Maria Concision Herrera. Witnesses: Tomas Ribera and Antonio Galvio. Padrinos: Jose Ignacio Galvio and Ignes de la Cruz Martin”.
  7. I could not read the 1880 Census so I copied what is found in the Conejos County Genealogy website to my sheet. Someone with better eyes or a better copy put the data on the website. I see Salvador and Martin on it.
  8. The 1900 Census for San Juan County, NM, Pct 7 Largo shows Benito and Teodora Gallegos and a son Rafael P Gallegos. Living next to them are their married sons Antonio Gallegos and Jose P. Gallegos and their families. The Salvador Pacheco family is 12 houses away. Martin Pacheco is living in Aztec.
  9. It looks like Ramos Pacheco and Teodora Lobato were the parents of Salvador and Martin Pacheco. Benito Gallegos was the step father. Pedro Lobato and Maria Concision Herrera (Teodora’s parents) were grandparents of Salvador and Martin.
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