Sanford Cemetery Index

AB, CD, EFG, HIJ, KLM, NOP, RST, VWY, Unmarked Graves

This index was made thanks to Marilee Vannoy
NAMEBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date Death PlaceFather's NameMother's NameSpouse's NameNotes
EATON, Randy Briggs21 Sep 1913Kline, Colorado25 Feb 1940     Book 45-19, Tombstone, 1956 Record, 1948 Record (deathdate) p. 5, Death Record, Film #0002769, Richfield Ward Record of Members. (26 yrs. 5 mo.) (Married)Father - Wallons R. Eaton; Mother - Evaline Briggs.
ELLIBEE, Fern (child)3 Jul 1914Sanford, Conejos3 Jan 1917    Knowledge of caretaker, when grave sunk. Record of Death, Sanford Ward Record of Members, Film #0002771. (age 2)
ELLIBEE, Godfrey  19 Mar 1909     Book 78-14, Death Record, Film #0002771, Sanford Ward Record of Members. (Deacon) He died of Pneunomia.
ELLIOTT, Cari Lynn 13 May 1973 13 May 1973 TexasMarshall Joel ELLIOTT  Book 60-5, Tombstone "Crown Without Conflict", She is the infant daughter of Paula (Paquin) Elliot; granddaugter of Verlene (Reed) and Howard Paquin. She was buried in TX, but has gravestone in rememberance in Sanford Cemetery.
ELLIOTT, Marshall Joel1 May 1946 Oahu, , Honolulu, Hawaii20 Sep 1999Clackamas, , Oregon   Book 75-29, Obituary
ELLIS, Steven Wade 30 Apr 1980 Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho 2 Jan 2000Idaho Falls, Bonneville, Idaho   Book 76-8, Tombstone, NOTE: Buried in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Tombstone as a memorial. Died in a car accident. Wife: Amy Mortensen ELLIS of Sanford, Colorado. Father in-law: Art Mortensen.
ELM, George  31 Oct 1943    Book 46-25, Parents - Unknown (Searched Ancestrial File), NOTE: Not sure which Lot he is buried on. He died of Pulmonary Edema.
ELROD, Clifford W.1890  1962    Iva Pearl ELRODBook 54-23, Tombstone
ELROD, Iva Pearl 16 Sep 1897 25 Mar 1978    Clifford W. ELRODBook 64-1, Tombstone
ESPINOSA, Benseslado "Ben" Jr.10 Mar 1904 11 Dec 1988La Jara, Conejos, Colorado  Clea Leone ESPINOSABook 68-17, Funeral Program, Tombstone
ESPINOSA, Clea Leone4 Jun 1906 31 Jan 1998  Arthur Bernard BAILEY Lela May BAILEYBenseslado "Ben" ESPINOSA Jr.Book 74-22, Funeral Program, Tombstone
ESPINOZA, Alonzo Leroy25 Apr 1931 17 Aug 1984 V Y. ESPINOZAIrene R. ESPINOZA  Book 66-9, Tombstone "Beloved Son & Father"
ESPINOZA, Irene R.17 Nov 1905 1 Jan 1985   Victoriano Y. ESPINOZABook 66-17. Tombstone "Mother" "In Loving Memory"
ESPINOZA, Victoriano Y.2 Jul 1903 3 Jul 1987   Irene R. ESPINOZABook 67-20. Tombstone "Father" "In Loving Memory" (Name as Victor Y. Espinoza)
FARMER, Joan (Ashley)9 Jan 1919 4 Oct 1937 Joseph M. ASHLEY Annie (Reid) ASHLEY Book 43-27, Tombstone "Daughter", 1956 Book (name spelled as John Farmer) 1948 Record, p.5, She died giving child birth.
FAUCETT, Alfonzo Cromwell4 Oct 1855Chapel Hill, Orange, Georgia23 Jan 1932Sanford, Conejos, Colorado  Queen Victoria FAUCETTBook 41-15, Tombstone, 1956 Record, Record of Death, Sanford Ward Record of Members, Film # 0002771. (76 yrs. 3 mo) (Married, Farmer)
FAUCETT, Annie Clara5 Jan 1886Cassandra, Walker, Georgia21 Jul 1888 Alfonzo C FAUCETT Queen Victoria FAUCETT Book 25-12, Tombstone, 1956-Record, Ancestrial File: Death Date as 21 July 1889.
FAUCETT, Fredrick L. 28 Nov 1894 5 May 1904  Thomas C FAUCETTSarah E FAUCETT Book 29-24, 1948 Record, p.5, Tombstone "Son"
FAUCETT, Infant Baby    Orson W FAUCETTKatie Ellen J FAUCETT  Book 78-29, 1956 Record. Unmarked Grave
FAUCETT, James Arthur9 Jun 1889 Conejos, Colorado,30 Aug 1960  Thomas C FAUCETTSarah E FAUCETTMary E. B FAUCETTBook 53-20, Tombstone "Colorado, SGT US ARMY, WWI", Film #0002771, Sanford Ward Record of Members. Father - Thomas Faucett; Mother - Elizabeth Huffaker.
FAUCETT, Jesse B. 1850 1916   Victoria FAUCETTBook 32-19, Tombstone, 1956-Record, 1948 Record, p.5
FAUCETT, Katie Ellen 14 Nov 1883Troy, Pike, Alabama 13 Oct 1920Alamosa, Alamosa, ColoradoJohn J JACKSONEmma S JACKSONOrson W FAUCETTBook 36-1, Tombstone, 1956 Record
FAUCETT, Martin Lucas17 Mar 1890 Sanford, Conejos, Colorado2 Oct 1890 Alfonzo C FAUCETT Queen V FAUCETT Book 25-23, Tombstone, 1956-Record
FAUCETT, Mary E. 30 Jan 1903Manassa, Conejos, Colorado23 Oct 1935   James A FAUCETTBook 42-30, Tombstone "Mother & Baby", 1956 Record (wife & mother) 1948 Record, p.5, Death Record, Film #0002771, Sanford Ward Record of Members. (32 yrs. 8 mo) (Married, Housewife)Father - Ruben J. Bailey; Mother - Mary J. DePreist.
FAUCETT, Mary Gwinith1935 1935 James A FAUCETTMary E. FAUCETT Book 42-29, Tombstone, 1956 Record as an unmarked grave
FAUCETT, Orson Willard11 Jun 1882Cassandra, Walker, Georgia2 Aug 1970Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UtahAlfonzo C FAUCETTQueen V B FAUCETTKatie Ellen J FAUCETTBook 58-21, Tombstone
FAUCETT, Queen Victoria6 Feb 1860Ringgold, Catoosa, Georgia25 Apr 1895Sanford, Conejos, Colorado  Martha Jane C BAILEYAlfonzo C FAUCETTBook 27-2, Tombstone, 1956 Record, 1948 Record, p.5 (dau. of Martin Faucette and Annie Faucette, Wife of A. C. Faucette.)
FAUCETT, Sarah Elizabeth (Huffaker)31 May 1858 Whitfield, Georgia8 Feb 1932    Thomas C FAUCETTBook 41-20, Tombstone "Mother", 1948 Record (Birthdate as 31 May 1959) p.5, Record of Death, Sanford Ward Record of Members, Film #0002771. (73 yrs. 8 mo) (Married, Housewife) Sanford Ward Record of Members, Film #0002771. Father - Ashberry Huffaker.
FAUCETT, Thomas Cannon5 Oct 1862 Walker, Georgia10 Feb 1935   Sarah Elizabeth FAUCETTBook 43-5, Tombstone "Father", 1948 Record, p.5, Death Record, Film #0002771, Sanford Ward Record of Members. (72 yrs. 4 mo) (Widower, Farmer) Father - James Meritt A. Faucett; Mother - Elmina Bowers.
FAUCETT, Thomas L. 27 Mar 1892 6 Oct 1906 Thomas C FAUCETTSarah E FAUCETT Book 30-11, Tombstone "Son"
FAUCETT, Victoria 1842 1923   Jesse B. FAUCETTBook 37-2, Tombstone "His Wife", 1956-Record (Died 1933) 1948 Record, p. 5 (Married)
FAUCETTE, Cora Millie30 Sep 1918Sanford, Conejos, Colorado2 Jan 2005La Jara, Conejos, ColoradoT Walter CROWTHERCora E CROWTHER Obituary
FAUCETTE, Edna Lee 29 Oct 1913Sanford, Conejos, Colorado4 Apr 1994 WashingtonJames Gilbert REEDFrances P REEDKenneth G. FAUCETTEBook 71-30, Funeral Program, Sanford Ward Record of Members, Film #0002771.
FAUCETTE, Geraldine 5 Jun 1938 5 Jun 1938 Kenneth G. FAUCETTEEdna L R FAUCETTE Book 44-21, Tombstone, 1956 Record (Birthdate)
FAUCETTE, Kenneth G.17 Dec 1911Sanford, Conejos, Colorado9 Jun 1994Moses Lake, , Washington Orson W FAUCETTKatie Ellen J FAUCETTEdna L R FAUCETTEBook 72-7, Tombstone, Funeral Program, Obituary
FAUCETTE, Myron C.18 Oct 1950 Alamosa, Alamosa, Colorado27 Mar 1957Sanford, Conejos, Colorado  Cora M FAUCETTEBook 52-14, Tombstone, He was ran over by a car and killed. He is the son of Francis and Millie Faucette.
FAUCETTE, Richard 15 Feb 1936 15 Feb 1936 Kenneth G. FAUCETTEEdna L FAUCETTE Book 43-17, Tombstone, 1956 Record, twin
FAUCETTE, Robert15 Feb 1936 15 Feb 1936 Kenneth G. FAUCETTEEdna L FAUCETTE Book 43-17, Tombstone, 1956 Record, twin
FINCHER, Delma (Shawcroft)15 Mar 1912 Jun 1978    Book 63-7, Tombstone, Social Security Death Index
FINCHER, James Paul 6 Oct 1936 Jul 1963    Book 55-3, Tombstone, Social Security Death Index
FINCHER, John F. 22 Mar 1908 Nov 1978    Book 63-14, Tombstone, Social Security Death Index
FIORINI, Don Anthony 1 Mar 1940 Durango, , Colorado 11 Nov 2002Antonito, Conejos, Colorado   Book 81-24, Obituary
FLAVIN, Blanche Eevelyn (Howell)20 Oct 1901 Virginia7 Nov 1979     Book 63-21, Funeral Program, Tombstone, Father - Harold Howell; Mother - Dora Tubbs.
FLAVIN, Derrick Kacy 1 Aug 1982 16 Jul 1994Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona  John Chester FLAVIN Book 72-10, Obituray
FLAVIN, John Chester S 28 Jul 1923   12 Oct 1984Sanford, Conejos, Colorado Blanche E FLAVIN Vivian (King) FLAVINBook 66-11, Funeral Program, Tombstone
FLAVIN, John Chester III 30 May 1950 Japan 11 Feb 1993Scottsdale, , ArizonaJohn Chester FLAVIN Sr.Vivian (King) FLAVIN Book 71-11, Funeral Program
FLAVIN, Vivian (King) 10 Apr 1914 11 Feb 1993La Jara, Conejos, Colorado  John Chester FLAVIN Book 71-10, Funeral Program
FLETCHER, Alnerous W.3 Dec 1888 18 Dec 1918     Book 25-11, Tombstone, 1956-Record, 1948 Record, p.5 (name spelled Alverous.; deatdate as 8 Dec 1918.)
FLETCHER, Rhody Eearl 14 Dec 1914 21 Sep 1926    Book 24- Tombstone
FLOREZ, Lonnie (baby) 1968 1968    Book 346, Note: Daughter of Willford & Mary Florez, Sanford, CO.
FORD, Dixie Jean 20 Sep 1934 18 Sep 1936     Book 43-25, Tombstone, 1948 Record, p.5 (name spelled Dexie Jean)
FORD, Everett Lloyd 21 Mar 1929Morgan, Conejos, Colorado10 Dec 1933    Book 42-3, Tombstone, Death Record, Film #0002769, Richfield Ward Record of Members. (4 yrs. 9 mo.) Father - George Everett Ford; Mother - Venie Alice Coombs.
FORD, Sally L. (baby)23 Jun 1942 23 Jun 1942     Book 46-13, Tombstone
FRANKLIN, Arnild (child)7 Jun 1907 1 Dec 1915 Jerome FRANKLINMaggie FRANKLIN Book 32-31, Tombstone, 1956 Record
FRANKLIN, Jerome1873 1938   Maggie FRANKLINBook 44-19, Tombstone, 1956 Record (Birth year as 1875)
FRANKLIN, Maggie1882 1964   Jerome FRANKLINBook 55-19, Tombstone
FRANKLIN, Sylvia K. (McMillian)22 Jul 1916 Hutchinson, , Kansas 20 Feb 2002La Jara, Conejos, Colorado  Walter Scott FRANKLINBook 81-7, Obituary, Tombstone, Parents: James & Nellie May McMillian. Obituary Lists Children living: Walter Franklin, Lawrence Franklin, and Clarence Franklin. Children precedded her death: Robert Leroy Franklin Sr., Zelda Joann Franklin, and Barbara Delda Franklin.
FRANKLIN, Walter Scott10 Dec 1910 27 Feb 1975 Jerome FRANKLINMaggie FRANKLINSylvia K. FRANKLINBook 61-16, Tombstone, Social Security Death Index, Age 64 when died.
FRAZIER, Lillie Melvina (baby)29 Aug 1905Sanford, Conejos, Colorado 9 Sep 1905Sanford, Conejos, Colorado   Book 78-2, Ancestral File (Sister to Zelma Frazier) Daughter of Orla Thomas Frazier and Elsie Orissa Hutchins. (Granddaughter of Nephi and Melvina Hutchins)
FRAZIER, Zelma (child)12 Feb 1907Sanford, Conejos, Colorado3 Aug 1910Sanford, Conejos, Colorado   Book 78-3, Record of Death, Sanford Ward Record of Members, Film #0002771. Died from Inflamation of the Bowels. Daughter of Orla Thomas Frazier and Elsie Orissa Hutchins. (Granddaughter of Nephi and Melvina Hutchins)
FREDERICKSEN, Bertha Kjerstine (Madsen) 17 Jan 1858Rans Veile, , Denmark 7 Dec 1917   Carl C FREDERICKSENBook 34-11, Tombstone, 1956 Record, 1948 Record, p.5 (Birthdate as 17 Jan 1855) Record of Death, Sanford Ward Record of Members, Film #0002771. (age 60) (Married)
FREDERICKSEN, Carl 6 Feb 1852Balle, Viborg, Denmark 13 Mar 1930   Bertha K FREDERICKSENBook 40-7B, Tombstone, 1956 Record (As Unmarked Grave) Record of Death, Sanford Ward Record of Members, Film #0002771. (78 yrs. 1 mo.)Father - Cristen Fredricksen; Mother - Cristanna Lindburg (High Priest, Married, Farmer)
FREDERIKSEN, Edna Pearl22 Nov 1894 La Jara, Conejos, Colorado9 Nov 1918 Fredrick SHAWCROFTP Ann SHAWCROFT Book 34-28, Tombstone "Mother", 1956-Record, 1948 Record, p.5, Ancestral File (Birth day & month & place; Death day & month; Middle name Pearl.) Husband: Ray Frederiksen, buried in Texas.
FREDERIKSEN, Infant 9 Nov 1918 9 Nov 1918  Edna Pearl FREDERIKSEN Book 77-14, Father: Ray Frederiksen, buried in Texas. Family Records
FREDERIKSEN, Ralph Terrel23 Apr 1931 8 Jul 1950 Hans C FREDRIKSENSarah HOLMAN-FREDERIKSEN Book 49-20, Tombstone "PVT 8 CAV (INF) 1 CAV DIV (INF) Korea" Killed in Action.
FREDRICKSEN, Maria Jensen (Peterson)6 Feb 1853 Randus, Denmark20 Nov 1935     Book 42-20, Tombstone, 1956 Record (Name as Maria Jensen) 1948 Record, p.8, Death Record, Film #0002771, Sanford Ward Record of Members. (82 yrs. 9 mo) (Widow) Father - Neils Peterson; Mother - Christiane Nielsen.
FREDRIKSEN, Hans Christain18 Feb 1888 21 Dec 1945 C C FREDERICKSENB K FREDERICKSENSarah Ann HOLMAN-FREDERIKSBook 47-21, Tombstone, 1956 Record
FRINGER, Leverett Cecil15 Jun 1919Shelbyville, , Illinois11 Sep 1994La Jara, Conejos, Colorado   Book 72-19, Tombstone, Funeral Program, Obituary, Father - Charles Fringer; Mother - Lula Behl.
FUNK, Helen V. (baby)13 Feb 1926 13 Feb 1926    Book 38-14, Tombstone
FUNK, Norma (baby)9 Nov 1908 13 Nov 1908     Book 30-22, Tombstone "Daughter of William J. & N. H. Funk" 1956 Record as an unmarked grave, Record of Death, Sanford Ward Record of Members, Film #0002771. (Death date as: 11 Nov 1908)
FUNK, Stella Naomi 7 Feb 1901 27 Jun 1903    Book 29-12, Tombstone "Daughter of William J. & N. H. Funk" 1956 Record as an unmarked grave
GALLEGOS, Robert "Tiny" C.2 Apr 1932 13 Mar 1983    Book 65-12, Tombstone "Here Lies A Sweet Old Man" Died of a Heart Attack.
GALVES, Maude Mary 14 Feb 1884 York, South Carolina28 Mar 1973Colorado Springs, El Paso, COJames G PATTERSONE M PATTERSON Book 60-8, Tombstone, Social Security Death Index, Information from Cynthia Walsh.
GALVEZ, Ada Janette (Velasquez)15 Jun 1901 3 Feb 1975   James Clander GALVEZBook 61-10, Tombstone, Full Name: Ada Janette Evangeline Velasquez Galvez.
GALVEZ, James Clander 19 Mar 1907 22 Feb 1977Sanford, Conejos, Colorado Turza A IPOC GALVEZAda Janette GALVEZBook 62-15, Tombstone, He died in a fire, Home burned.
GALVEZ, Juan "John" Clander19 Nov 1927Magote, Conejos, Colorado, 2 May 1948 James C GALVEZAda Janette GALVEZ Book 48-17, Tombstone, 1956-Record, Death Record, Film #0002771, Sanford Ward Record of Members. (20 yrs. 6 mo.) (Teacher, Single, US Service) (Name as Juan Clander Galvez) He died in a car accident.
GALVEZ, Rozella (child)2 Jul 1926Antonito, Conejos, Colorado21 Feb 1931     Book 40-2, Tombstone, Record of Death, Sanford Ward Record of Members, Film #0002771. (4 yrs. 6 mo.) Father - Fred Galvez; Mother _ Flossie Garcia. She died of Diphtheria.
GALVEZ, Turza Arbella 24 Jun 1872 York, South Carolina22 Mar 1949Sanford, Conejos, ColoradoJames G PATTERSONE M PATTERSON  Book 49-4, Tombstone, 1956-Record, Husband: Pablo Galvez
GANUS, Hazel M. 9 Jan 1900Sanford, Conejos, Colorado28 Oct 1985La Jara, Conejos, ColoradoRasmus MICKELSENElsie M MICKELSENHeber Monroe GANUSBook 66-28, Tombstone, Film #0002769, Richfield Ward Record of Members.
GANUS, Heber Monroe3 Dec 1900 Okmulgee, Okmulgee, OklahomaJul 1964   Hazel M. GANUSBook 55-23, Tombstone, Social Security Death Index
GARCIA, Abbie Ellen 18 Mar 1882Rockhill, York, South Carolina18 Jan 1963Alamosa, Alamosa, ColoradoJames G PATTERSON E M PATTERSONWilliam Thomas BEALS
Joseph Rufus GARCIA
Book 54-30, Funeral Program, Tombstone, Sanford Ward Record of Members, Film #0002771. Information from Cynthia Walsh.
GARCIA, Antonio "Tony"15 May 1917El Rito, Rio Arriba, New Mexico24 Jun 1957  Jose Librado GARCIACarmelita A GARCIA Book 52-3, Tombstone "Colorado, TEC 5 CO B 513 PRCHT INF" LDS Church IGI Record (birth as 13 Aug 1919).
GARCIA, Carmelita (Archuleta)15 Feb 1897El Rito, Rio Arriba, New Mexico28 Nov 1966 Conejos, Colorado  Jose Librado GARCIABook 78-27, Rock as Marker, Caretaker's Knowledge. LDS Church, IGI Record and Sanford Ward Record of Members, Film #0002771. Infromation from son Nick Garcia, Sanford.
GARCIA, Christopher Paul 28 May 1963La Jara, Conejos, Colorado25 May 1996Wichita Falls, , Texas    Book 78-27, Rock as Marker, Caretaker's Knowledge. LDS Church, IGI Record and Sanford Ward Record of Members, Film #0002771. Infromation from son Nick Garcia, Sanford.
GARCIA, Daniel Elieso 19 May 1950 1 Nov 1968Romero, Conejos, ColoradoMiguel "Mike" GARCIAMaria D GARCIA Book 57-12, Funeral Program, Tombstone, Father - Mike Garcia; Mother - Delurde Aldez Garcia, of Sanford. He was killed in a car accident.
GARCIA, Eduardo 21 Oct 1932San Miguel, New Mexico27 Jan 1998Antonito, Conejos, Colorado   Book 74-24, Obituary, Grave Marker, Wife: Roselia M. Trujillo Garcia , Father: Antonio Garcia, Mother: Juanita Cisneros Garcia
GARCIA, Eldora Lavinia11 Feb 1877 York, South Carolina5 Oct 1969  James G PATTERSONE M PATTERSONEpimenio GARCIABook 58-15, Tombstone, Social Security Death Index (Death Date Jan. 1969) Information from Cynthia Walsh.
GARCIA, Epimenio1872 1947    Eldora Lavinia GARCIABook 48-12, Tombstone
GARCIA, George Henry15 Jan 1905 11 Jan 1995La Jara, Conejos, ColoradoJoseph Rufus GARCIAAbbie Ellen GARCIA  Book 72-25, Funeral Program
GARCIA, Harvey (child)28 Jul 1917Sanford, Conejos, ColoradoOct 1922  Joseph Rufus GARCIAAbbie Ellen GARCIA  Book 37-9 (Died 27 Aug 1923) Tombstone, FHC Film #0002771, Sanford Ward Record of Members (Death date; Birth place; age 5.) He died from Bronchial Pneumonia.
GARCIA, Jose Librado1872 21 Sep 1940   Carmelita A GARCIABook 52-4, had name Tony Garcia who died in 1957 (this is same as son). Rock as a Marker 1956 Record (death date, age 68; Name as Jose A. Garcia) 1948 Record (Name as Jose A. Garvia)LDS Church IGI Record name as father on son's, Antonio Garcia, Record.
GARCIA, Joseph Rufus1873Chama, , New Mexico21 Mar 1933   Abbie Ellen GARCIABook 41-27, Tombstone, 1956 Record, Record of Death, Sanford Ward Record of Members, Film #0002771. (Teacher, Married, Farmer) Father - Juan H. Garcia; Mother - Palonia Balaris.
GARCIA, Labon Rufus21 Nov 1906 12 Jul 1990 Joseph Rufus GARCIAAbbie Ellen GARCIA Book 69-17, Funeral Program, Tombstone, He died of Cancer.
GARCIA, Maria Delourdes (Trujillo)18 May 1910Canyon Valliecitos, New Mexico19 Mar 2002Thornton, Colorado  Miguel "Mike" GARCIABook 81-9, Obituary, Funeral Program, Father: Guadalupe Trujillo, Mother: Carolina Aldaz.
GARCIA, Miguel "Mike"8 May 1911Des Moines, , New Mexico28 Jan 2000Alamosa, Alamosa, Colorado  Maria D T GARCIABook 76-9, Obituary, Wife: Delurdes Trujillo md. 13 May 1932. Father: Francisco Caraciolo Garcia. Mother: Epitacia Sanchez Garcia.
GARCIA, Santiago J.25 Jul 1917 28 Sep 1979     Book 63-19. Tombstone "Beloved Husband & Father", He died of Cancer.
GARDNER, Phyllis "Bea"25 Nov 1954Alamosa, Alamosa, Colorado3 Mar 2004Colorado Springs, El Paso, CO  Emma C R MONTOYA 
GARDUNIO, Adam Donald17 Apr 1954 25 Aug 1973   Claudia GARDUNIO Book 60-2, Tombstone "Memory Of His God Parents", He was killed in a car accident.
GARDUNIO, Claudia30 Apr 1915 3 Jan 1996La Jara, Conejos, Colorado   Book 73-23, Final Disposition Permit
GARDUNIO, Ralph Leroy14 Oct 1937 15 Sep 2003    Claudia GARDUNIO 
GARRETT, Deloris 17 May 1931La Jara, Conejos, Colorado30 Aug 1953 A Frank SHAWCROFTS L SHAWCROFT Book 50-20, Tombstone
GIBSON - HEAD, Mabel20 Sep 1901 Sanford, Conejos, Colorado23 May 1982Alamosa, Alamosa, ColoradoFrederick BENTLEYMary A W BENTLEYHeber Jackson HEADBook 64-29, 1956 Record as an unmarked grave, Tombstone
GIBSON, Bertha L. 9 Mar 1932 18 Mar 1932     Book 41-21, Tombstone
GONZALES, Adela (Tafya)15 Mar 1908Taos, , New Mexico20 Dec 1991Alamosa, Alamosa, Colorado   Book 70-17, Tombstone "Mother", Furnal Program., Mother of Precila Prado, Sanford, Colo.
GONZALES, Ernesto Jose31 Aug 1929New MexicoJan 2000Alamosa, Alamosa, Colorado  Adela T GONZALESBook 76-11, Certificate of Cremation, Colorado Springs Crematory Corp. NOTE: Found dead August 2000, died sometime in January. Ashes Buried at head of Mother's Grave. Father: Manuel Gonzales, Sister: Presila Prado
GONZALES, Rose Willabelle10 Apr 1920Antonito, Conejos, Colorado9 Aug 1990Denver, , Colorado  Mabel S. JACKSON Book 69-20, Tombstone (Name spelled: Rosie Willabell Gonzales) Furnal Program
GOODWIN, Florence "Patsy" 30 Jul 1936 La Jara, Conejos, Colorado11 Jun 1982  A Frank SHAWCROFTS L SHAWCROFT Book 65-2, Tombstone
GOTTSPONER, Christian Lee19 May 1973 Hobert, , Oklahoma 21 Apr 1998Phoenix, , Arizona   Book 74-27, Funeral Program, Grandparents: Clive and Clefane (Reed) King.
GOWDEY, Lester Edward 19 Jan 1882 Guthrie, Iowa 31 May 1914Alamosa, Alamosa, Colorado   Book 32-28, Tombstone, 1948 Record, p.6, Buried by Kinch Mortuary, Alamosa, CO. Wife: Marth Pearl Hunt (Dau. of Samuel Wesley Hunt)
GOWDEY, Lester Rupert13 Mar 1913 Alamosa, Alamosa, Colorado 31 Mar 1913   Lester E GOWDEYBook 32-17, Tombstone "Age 17 Days", 1948 Record, p. 15. (Name as Lester RUPERT, d. 1913) Mother: Martha Peral Hunt Goudey, Grandparents: Samuel Wesley Hunt & Frances Isabell Brodie Hunt, buried in Sanford Cemetery.
GRANTHAM, Griff 5 Dec 1897Sunflower, , Colorado2 Jun 1984Alamosa, Alamosa, Colorado  Tabitha E. GRANTHAMBook 66-6, Tombstone, Father - James Edward Grantham; Mother - Celia Ann Anderson Grantham.
GRANTHAM, Tabitha E. (DePriest)24 Jun 1900 27 Apr 1986   Griff GRANTHAMBook 67-5, Funeral Program, Tombstone
GREATHOUSE, Glen B. "Ben"16 Apr 1902 Temple, , Texas18 Dec 1983Salida, , Colorado  Ruth Jennie GREATHOUSEBook 65-25, Tombstone
GREATHOUSE, Ruth Jennie 24 Dec 1906Alamosa, Alamosa, Colorado1 Apr 2002Areadia, , CaliforniaJames Wesley DYERBuelah Lavert B DYER Glen B. GREATHOUSEBook 81-10, Burial Permit, Funeral Program, Obituary
GREEN, Pauline Elizabeth20 May 1916 Conejos, Colorado29 Nov 1996Mesa, Maricopa, ArizonaR Martin MICKELSENMabel A MICKELSEN Book 74-4, Tombstone, State of Arizona, Disposal - Transit Permit
GUTHRIE, Blythe Rupert10 Jun 1902Sanford, Conejos, Colorado1 Mar 1910Sanford, Conejos, Colorado Dickson W GUTHRIEEmma M B GUTHRIE Book 31-9, Tombstone, 1956-Record, 1948 Record, p.6
GUTHRIE, Dickson Whitlow11 Dec 1859Cassandra, Walker, Georgia22 Nov 1938Alamosa, Alamosa, Colorado  Emma M B GUTHRIEBook 44-41, Tombstone, 1956-Record, 1948 Record, p.6, Father: William Benjamin Guthrey; Mother: Elizabeth Francis Lee.
GUTHRIE, Emma Medora13 Mar 1867Cassandra, Walker, Georgia2 Feb 1960Alamosa, Alamosa, Colorado Martha Jane BAILEYDickson W GUTHRIEBook 53-13, Tombstone, Father - William Dixon Bailey; Mother - Martha Jane Coxwell.
GUTHRIE, Eulys Ross13 Apr 1889Cassandra, Walker, Georgia18 Nov 1974Alamosa, Alamosa, ColoradoDickson W GUTHRIEEmma M GUTHRIELucy M M GUTHRIEBook 60-18, Tombstone
GUTHRIE, Lucy Margret (Morris)30 Oct 1892Morgan, Morgan, Utah23 Feb 1978Del Norte, Rio Grande, Colorado  Eulys Ross GUTHRIEBook 63-2, Tombstone
GUTHRIE, Nellie Mae 18 Jan 1891Sanford, Conejos, Colorado31 Mar 1918Alamosa, Alamosa, ColoradoWilliam Henry KIRBYEmmeline M KIRBY Eulys Ross GUTHRIEBook 34-29, Tombstone, 1956-Record, 1948 Record, p.6
GUTHRIE, Raymond 15 Jun 1936Alamosa, Alamosa, Colorado15 Jun 1936Alamosa, Alamosa, ColoradoEulys Ross GUTHRIELucy M GUTHRIE Book 43-11, Tombstone
GUTHRIE, Thelma Marguerite13 Jan 1908Sanford, Conejos, Colorado13 Nov 1908Sanford, Conejos, ColoradoDickson W GUTHRIEEmma M GUTHRIE Book 30-26, Tombstone, 1956-Record, 1948 Record, p.6
GUTIERREZ, Infant Son1971 1971    Book 78-12, Son the Fred Gutierrez of La Jara. Information from Jose D. Martinez, of Sanford. Lived for about one hour.
GUYMON, Alma Alonzo6 Jul 1897La Jara, Conejos, Colorado7 Mar 1899 James Alma GUYMO  Book 28-9, Tombstone
GUYMON, Annie Colene7 Nov 1909La Jara, Conejos, Colorado13 Mar 1915La Jara, Conejos, ColoradoWilliam M GUYMON Annie E GUYMON  Book 33-14, Tombstone, 1948 Record, p.6 (name spelled Calene) Record of Death, Sanford Ward Record of Members, Film #0002771. (age 5) Died of Whooping cough.
GUYMON, Annie Eliza 28 May 1885Irish Creek, Rockbridge, Virginia7 Nov 1983Pueblo, , Colorado  William M GUYMONBook 65-22, Tombstone, Father - John Carr; Mother - Mary Layton.
GUYMON, Betty Lou 11 Nov 1927 La Jara, Conejos, Colorado29 May 1946 Elmer Edwin GUYMONGeneva H GUYMON Book 48-4, Tombstone "Our Darling Daughter", 1956 Record, Death Record, Film #0002769, Richfield Ward Record of Members. (18 yrs. 7 mo.) (Single) She died of Farming Accident.
GUYMON, Clara Margaret2 Aug 1895Richfield, Conejos, Colorado10 Mar 1899    Book 28-10, Tombstone, 1956 Record, Father was James Thomas Guymon; Mother was Margaret Schneider Guymon.
GUYMON, Dan Bernard23 Dec 1912Richfield, Conejos, Colorado11 Feb 1988Chandler, , ArizonaJames O GUYMONKatie Alice N GUYMON  Book 68-2 (Birth year 1912) Funeral Program, Tombstone "Children: J. Wayne, Nancy L., Ronald D."
GUYMON, Donna Lavern24 Jan 1928La Jara, Conejos, Colorado8 Dec 1928  William M GUYMONAnnie E C GUYMON Book 39-24, Tombstone, Death Record, Film #0002769, Richfield Ward Record of Members. (10 mos. 5 days)
GUYMON, Donnis Fae10 Feb 1935 Manassa, Conejos, Colorado22 May 1991   Jack D. GUYMONBuried in California
GUYMON, Elmer Edwin6 Oct 1899 28 Dec 1973   Geneva H GUYMONBook 60-9, Tombstone
GUYMON, Geneva (Holman)14 Jul 1904 10 Aug 1994La Jara, Conejos, Colorado  Elmer Edwin GUYMONBook 72-14, Tombstone, Funeral Program
GUYMON, Genevieve (Aydelotte)16 Sep 1905Espanola, , New Mexico3 Nov 1974McAllen, , Texas  George M GUYMONBook 61-1, Tombstone, Obituary
GUYMON, George Milton7 Aug 1907La Jara, Conejos, Colorado25 Nov 1965  William M GUYMON Annie E C GUYMONGenevieve A GUYMONBook 56-6, Tombstone
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GUYMON, Hattie Angeline8 Sep 1881Buffalo Valley, Putnam, TN29 Mar 1968La Jara, Conejos, Colorado Inga B. (Bartlett) DAVISRobert M GUYMONBook 57-27, Tombstone
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GUYMON, James Clyde12 Sep 1905La Jara, Conejos, Colorado25 Dec 1981Denver, , ColoradoRobert M GUYMONHattie A D GUYMONMable GUYMONBook 64-22, Tombstone
GUYMON, James Orso2 Aug 1880Orangeville, Emery, Utah18 Jan 1953Denver, Denver, Colorado  Katie Alice GUYMONBook 50-26, Tombstone, 1956 Record
GUYMON, Katie Alice 21 Nov 1887Fairview, Sanpete, Utah3 Dec 1974Monte Vista, Rio Grande, COAndrew J NIELSONAlice L NIELSONJames O GUYMONBook 60-27, Tombstone
GUYMON, Mable16 Jan 1905Morgan, , Colorado1 Nov 1984  Ephraim W COOMBSE "Bessie" R COOMBSJames Clyde GUYMONBook 66-13, Tombstone
GUYMON, Marie (baby)8 May 1923La Jara, Conejos, Colorado20 Nov 1923 William M GUYMONAnnie E GUYMON Book 37-6, Tombstone, FHC Film #0002771, Death Record, Sanford Ward Record of Members (age 7) She died of Cholera Infantom.
GUYMON, Norman Clyde6 Dec 1926La Jara, Conejos, Colorado18 Aug 2001Alamosa, Alamosa, ColoradoJames Clyde GUYMONMable GUYMON Book 77-7, Obituary, Wife: Colleen Sowards GUYMON, md. 8 May 1949 in Manassa, Colorado.
GUYMON, Ray (child)8 Dec 1920La Jara, Conejos, Colorado1 Apr 1923La Jara, Conejos, ColoradoWilliam M GUYMON Annie E GUYMON  Book 37-5, Tombstone, FHC Film #0002771, Death Record, Sanford Ward Record of Members (age 2 yr 5 mo)
GUYMON, Robert Davis28 Nov 1902La Jara, Conejos, Colorado8 May 1933  Robert M GUYMONHattie A GUYMON Book 42-2, Tombstone, Death Record, Film #0002769, Richfield Ward Record of Members. (29 yrs. 6 mo.) (Married, Painter) He died from a Dynamite accident.
GUYMON, Robert Matthew22 May 1873 10 Apr 1954    Hattie A D GUYMONBook 51-10, Tombstone
GUYMON, William J.15 Jan 1865 20 Jul 1900    Book 28-15, Tombstone "Son of John & Maria Guymon", 1948 Record, p.6 (Birthdate as 15 Jan 1885; Deathdate as 26 Jul 1900) 1956 Record
GUYMON, William Milton13 Jul 1878Fountain Green, Sanpete, Utah31 Jul 1974Monte Vista, Rio Grande, COJames Alma GUYMONAnnie E GUYMON Book 60-30, Funeral Program, Tombstone
GYLLING, Adella Laurette5 May 1891Sanford, Conejos, Colorado9 Apr 1992Corvallis, Benton, OregonSwen PETERSONH L M PETERSONCarl Emil GYLLINGBook 70-25, Funeral Program, Information from son, Paul Gylling.
GYLLING, Alice (Motz)26 Nov 1912 9 Jan 2000Albuquerque, , New Mexico  Orval Reid GYLLINGBook 76-10, Funeral Program
GYLLING, Arzella 2 Dec 1907Rexburg, , Idaho28 Jan 1988Mesa, , ArizonaJohn Samuel KNIGHTBetsy L KNIGHT Otto Walter GYLLINGBook 68-1, Tombstone
GYLLING, Benjamin David 3 Feb 1978La Jara, Conejos, Colorado11 Mar 1985La Jara, Conejos, Colorado   Book 66-21, Tombstone "Our Darling", Son of David & Kathy Gylling of La Jara. He was run over by a car.
GYLLING, Carl (baby)11 Jul 1913Sanford, Conejos, Colorado11 Jul 1913  Carl Emil GYLLINGAdella L GYLLING Book 32-9, Tombstone, 1956 Book (Child)
GYLLING, Carl Emil1 Oct 1885Hessel, , Denmark20 Oct 1937Rochester, , MinnesotaJens Peter GYLLINGP A. GYLLINGAdella L GYLLINGBook 43-26, Tombstone, 1956 Record (Husband & Father) 1948 Record, p.6
GYLLING, Carl Wilford 20 Jun 1904 21 Jun 1977 Otto Walter GYLLINGLoshia E. SNYDERMable Joy GYLLINGBook 62-22, Tombstone, Social Security Death Index, He died of heart complications.
GYLLING, Carlyn (baby)28 Apr 1928La Jara, Conejos, Colorado28 Apr 1928 Carl Emil GYLLINGAdella L GYLLING Book 39-1, Tombstone, 1956 Book (Child), 1948 Record, p.6
GYLLING, Clarence Alfred26 Jul 1911 30 Jul 1911 Otto Walter GYLLINGLoshia E. SNYDER Book 31-25, Tombstone, 1948 Record, p.6, Record of Death, Sanford Ward Record of Members, Film #0002771. (Deathdate as 29 July 1911)
GYLLING, Jens Peter21 Nov 1837Hytestead, , Denmark16 Nov 1917Sanford, Conejos, Colorado  P A. GYLLINGBook 34-4B, 1956 Record, Tombstone, Record of Death, Sanford Ward Record of Members, Film #0002771. (age 80) (Elder, Married)
GYLLING, Mable Joy30 Apr 1904 Oct 1972   Carl W "Bill" GYLLINGBook 59-21, Tombstone, Social Security Death Index
GYLLING, Orval Reid10 Mar 1912Sanford, Conejos, Colorado26 Jul 2005Waco, McLennan, TexasCarl Emil GYLLING Adella L P GYLLINGAlice (Motz) GYLLINGTombstone, Funeral Program
GYLLING, Otto Walter5 Oct 1881 4 Apr 1975   Arzella K GYLLING
Loshia E. SNYDER
Book 61-20, Tombstone, Social Security Death Index
GYLLING, P A. (Carlson)2 Dec 1841Sevte, , Sweden17 Jan 1919Sanford, Conejos, Colorado  Jens Peter GYLLINGBook 35-18B, Tombstone, 1956 Record, Record of Death, Sanford Ward Record of Members, Film #0002771. (age 77) (Widow)