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City/Town/Place Name Dates/County/Remarks
Babcock Silver Camp 1870-1880 map, Chaffee Co.
Baca Grant #4
see Luis Maria Baca Grant
1860 Land Grant
Now part of Saguache Co.
PO named Teller
Inc 1892, Hinsdale Co.
Later Mineral Co.
Bacon On 1922 map, Gunnison Co.
Bacon 1880s RR Station, Summit Co.
Badger PO 1890-1894, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Washington Co.
Badger Mining Camp, Fremont Co.
Badger RR Stop, Teller Co.
Badger City Park Co.
(Gone by 1900)
briefly Little Orphan
PO 1865-1910, Huerfano Co.
Bagby Moffat Co.
Bagdad RR Stop 1909-1959, Lincoln Co.
Bailey Est 1864, Park Co.
PO Est 1878 (Moved from Deer Valley)
Baker PO 1915-1921, Baca Co.
Baker City Ext 1860s-1874, San Juan Co.
Baker's Bridge Est 1861, Conejos Co.
Site now in La Plata Co.
Baker's Tank RR Station on 1895 map, Summit Co.
Bakerville Est ~1865, Clear Creek Co.
Balarat PO 1879-1887, Boulder Co.
Bald Mountain
orig Nevada
PO 1861-1921, Gilpin Co.
(Name changed 1869)
Baldwin PO 1883-1902, Gunnison Co.
(PO moved to Mt Carbon)
Baldwin PO 1909-1948, Gunnison Co.
(PO moved from Mt Carbon to site
west of original Baldwin)
Baldy RR Stop 1885-1899 map, Costilla Co.
Balfour Est 1866, Park Co.
PO 1894-1907
Balltown Lake Co.
Baltimore PO 1896-1904, Gilpin Co.
(PO moved to Tolland)
Baltista RR Stop on 1895 map, Montezuma Co.
Baltzer 1907 PO, Kit Carson Co.
RR stop was Morris
PO 1891-1903, Garfield Co.
Balzac RR Stop 1895-1920 map, Morgan Co.
Bandora Gold Camp Est 1882, San Juan Co.
Barbee PO 1906-1909, Routt Co.
Bardeen PO 1917-1924, El Paso Co.
Bardine PO 1903-1908, Gunnison Co.
Barehills PO 1896-1901, Fremont Co.
prev Glenham
PO 1873-1931, Las Animas Co.
(Name changed 1874)
Barela Station On 1895 map, Las Animas Co.
now Glenwood Springs
PO Est 1883, Garfield Co.
Barnes RR Stop 1899 map, Montrose Co.
PO 1901-1903
Barnes RR Stop 1887-1927 map, Las Animas Co.
Barnes Junction RR Stop 1892-1920 map, Las Animas Co.
Barnett, Barnes RR Stop 1906-1923 map, Larimer Co.
Barnsville Est 1908, Weld Co.
PO 1910-1935
Barnum PO 1876-1881, Saguache Co.
Later Gunnison Co.
Barnum Inc 1887, Arapahoe Co.
PO 1892-1901, Annexed by Denver in 1896
Barnwell RR Stop 1895-1902 map, Elbert Co.
Barr Lake
prev Barr
PO Est 1883, Arapahoe Co.
(Name changed 1914), Now in Adams Co.
Barre On 1923 map, Chaffee Co.
Barry PO 1892-1893, El Paso Co.
(PO moved to Anaconda)
Site now in Teller Co.
Bartlett Est 1928, Baca Co.
PO 1928-1938
orig Zuck
aka Adana, Byron Station, Heron
PO 1891-1917, Prowers Co.
(Name changed 1895)
prev Aspen Junction
aka Frying Pan City
Est 1882 (Name changed 1895)
Inc 1901, Eagle Co.
Now spans Eagle-Pitkin Co. border
Bashor PO 1909-1918, Adams Co.
Basin San Miguel Co.
Bassetts Mills PO 1869-1872, El Paso Co.
Bassick PO 1917-1920, Custer Co.
see Querida
Custer Co.
Batchelder On 1923 map, Larimer Co.
aka Hilltop, Summit
PO 1893-1903, Chaffee Co.
(RR Station on summit of Trout Creek Pass.
On/near Co. line, Some sources place it in Park Co.)
Battle Creek PO 1911-1936, Routt Co.
Battle Mountain
see Gilman
Eagle Co.
Baum On 1923 map, Weld Co.
Baxter Est ~1859, Pueblo Co.
Baxterville On 1980-1996 map, Rio Grande Co.
aka Los Pinos
Est 1886
Los Pinos PO 1888-1899
Bayfield PO from 1899
Inc 1910, La Plata Co.
Beacon PO 1910-1913, Las Animas Co.
(PO moved to Green Canon)
Beacon Hill Teller Co.
(Absorbed by Elkton)
Bear Canon, Bear Canyon PO 1863-1879, Douglas Co.
Bear Canon
aka Berwind
Mine and RR Stop 1888-1900s, Las Animas Co.
Bear Creek, Bearcreek PO 1899-1918, Montezuma Co.
Bear Creek Listed 1896, Park Co.
Bear Creek
see Beartown
Hinsdale, La Plata, San Juan Counties
Bear Creek Junction RR Stop 1887 map, Jefferson Co.
Bear River PO 1914-1940, Routt Co.
Bear River RR Town 1922-1924 map, Routt Co.
Bearcreek, Bear Creek PO 1899-1918, Montezuma Co.
Beards Corner San Miguel Co.
aka Bear Creek, Cub Town,
Gold Run, Silvertip, Sylvanite
Mining District, Ext 1870s-1890s
On Hinsdale, La Plata, San Juan Co. Border
Beaty PO 1902-1903, Dolores Co.
Beaubois Fort
aka Fort Beaubois
1860s Settlers Fort, Huerfano Co.
Beaumont RR Express Office 1895, El Paso Co.
Beaver, Beaver Creek
aka Toof
PO 1862-1874 (Beaver Creek), Fremont Co.
PO 1881-1883 (Toof)
PO 1883-1902 (Beaver Creek)
PO 1902-1910 (Beaver)
Beaver, Beaver Creek RR Stop 1922-1923 map, Pueblo Co.
Beaver Stage Station through 1890s, Weld Co.
Site now in Morgan Co.
Beaver Brook PO 1875-1892, Jefferson Co.
Beaver City Mining Camp 1870-1880 map, Chaffee Co.
Beaver Creek PO 1915-1916, Arapahoe Co.
Beaver Point Larimer Co.
Beaver Station
aka Beaver Creek
On 1885 map, Weld Co.
Site now in Morgan Co.
Beaverton PO 1910-1915, Kit Carson Co.
Beckwith Place
aka Old Beckwith Place
Est ~1886, Custer Co.
Bedrock Est 1883, Montrose Co.
now Sheridan Lake
Est ~1877, Bent Co.
Renamed 1887
Now in Kiowa Co.
Beecher Island
orig Beecher
briefly Glory
Est in Arapahoe Co.
Now in Yuma Co.
PO 1902-1958
Site of 1868 'Battle of Beecher's Island'
Beef Siding On 1923 Map, Morgan Co.
(Very near Narrows)
Beethurst On 1909-1964 map, Bent Co.
Beetland, Beetland Station RR Station, Logan Co.
PO named Gilman
Est 1879, Summit Co.
Called Bolden on 1889 RR map, Eagle Co.
Belford PO 1879-1881, Hinsdale Co.
Belford 1884 PO, Clear Creek Co.
Belle Monte 1866 PO, Boulder Co.
Belleview RR Station on 1895 map, Chaffee Co.
Belleview, Bellvue
later Hilltop
On Douglas-Elbert Co. Border
(Renamed 1890)
Belleville 1881 PO, Jefferson Co.
Bellevue RR Stop on 1895 map, El Paso Co.
Bellevue, Bellvue
see Belview
Larimer Co.
Bellevue, Belleview Mining Camp, Gunnison Co.
Bellford Mountain Heights Park Co.
Bell's Camp
aka Cleveland
Est 1880, Summit Co.
Site now in Eagle Co.
Belview, Bellvue Est 1882
Inc 1882, Larimer Co.
Bellvue Junction RR Stop on 1895-1899 map, Larimer Co.
Beloit PO 1888-1893, Elbert Co.
Later Kit Carson Co.
see Brookvale
Clear Creek Co.
Benham Stage Stop, Arapahoe Co.
Benham Springs Stage Stop, Elbert Co.
Benkleys Listed 1896, Park Co.
Benko PO 1915-1917, Elbert Co.
now Bennett
Est 1870, Arapahoe Co.
Inc 1930, Adams Co.
Bennet Springs PO 1862-1865, Douglas Co.
Bennett RR Stop 1899 map, Garfield Co.
Benson RR Stop 1934 map, Larimer Co.
Bent Canyon PO 1872-1902, Las Animas Co.
Benton RR Station 1884-1968 map, Bent Co.
Now in Otero Co.
Bent's Fort
"Old Bent's Fort"
aka Fort William
Est 1832, Site now in Otero Co.
(Now National Historical Site)
Bent's Fort
"New Bent's Fort"
also see Fort Lyon
Est 1852, Site now in Bent Co.
PO 1863-1873, The site has been in Huerfano,
Las Animas, Pueblo, Bent Counties
(Site was north of Prowers on Arkansas River)
Bent's Picket Post Stockade
aka Old Bent's Fort
Est 1829
Site located on what is now Fort Carson, Pueblo Co.
Bent's Road Crossing On 1882-1897 map, Bent Co.
Later Cheyenne Co.
Bent's Stockade Est 1859, Fur Trading Post
Site now in Bent Co.
Bent's Trading Post
aka Jules', Jules Ranch
Est 1850, by Jules Bent
Stage Stop 1860s, Site of Julesburg (1)
on south bank of Platte in Sedgwick Co.
Benuet On 1887 map, Arapahoe Co.
prev McAllister
now Ault
Inc 1904, Weld Co.
Bergen Park Est 1859, Jefferson Co.
prev North Denver
Est 1892 Arapahoe Co.
Renamed 1896, Site now in Denver Co.
Berkeley PO Est 1890, Inc 1898, Arapahoe Co.
Annexed by Denver in 1902
later Mountain View
Est 1888, Site Abandoned, Jefferson Co.
Re-Est 1894 (Inc 1904 as Mountain View)
Berlin Est 1890, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Adams Co.
Bernard PO 1896-1905, Mesa Co.
Bernice PO 1901-1902, Colstilla Co.
Berry PO 1911-1912, Kit Carson Co.
prev Little Thompson
Est 1877
Inc 1888, Larimer Co.
Berts Corner Est ~1935, Larimer Co.
Bertschey's Gulch Mining Camp, Chaffee Co.
aka Bear Canon
Mine and RR Stop 1888-1900s map, Las Animas Co.
Berwind PO 1892-1931, Las Animas Co.
(Probably at Berwind Mine)
aka Beshoar Junction
Est ~1888,
PO 1901-1903, Las Animas Co.
aka Besemer Junction
later Minnequa, Lake Minnequa
Inc 1886, Pueblo Co.
Renamed 1891, Annexed by Pueblo 1894
Beta RR Stop 1916-1960 map, Logan Co.
Beta RR Stop 1924 map, Prowers Co.
Bethesda PO 1902-1909, Douglas Co.
Still on 1923 map
Bethune Est 1889, Elbert Co.
Inc 1926, Kit Carson Co.
prev Mace's Hole
aka Devil's Hole
Est 1862
Renamed Beulah 1876, Inc 1885, Pueblo Co.
Beverly Hills Douglas Co.
Biedell PO 1883-1884, Saguache Co.
(PO moved to Carnero)
Bierstadt RR Stop 1887-1902 map, El Paso Co.
Big Bent
aka Big Bend
Est Bef 1909, Bent Co.
(Near Dolores)
Big Bill Mining Camp, Saguache Co.
Big Elk PO 1915-1917, Boulder Co.
Big Evans
see Evansville
Lake Co.
Big Four On 1923 map, Huerfano Co.
Big Hill
see Russell Station
Costilla Co.
Big Hill On 1885-1895 map, Jefferson Co.
Big Park
later Glade Park
Mesa Co.
Big Sandy PO 1876-1877 and 1882-1888, El Paso Co.
(In 1888 PO moved to Calhan)
Big Springs 1850's-1870s Stage Station, Kansas Terr
Later in Greenwood and Bent Counties
Site now in Cheyenne Co.
Big Thompson PO 1862-1878, Larimer Co.
(PO moved to Loveland)
Bighorn PO 1898-1900, Larimer Co.
Site now in Jackson Co.
aka Quinn's Spur
Pitkin Co.
see Byers
Arapahoe Co.
later Carr
Weld Co.
Site now in Morgan Co.
later Ensign
Weld Co.
Site now in Morgan Co.
Bijou, Bijou Basin PO 1869-1907, Douglas Co.
Later El Paso, Elbert Co.
Bijou Creek Stage Stop, Elbert Co.
Bijou Springs Stage Stop, Arapahoe Co.
Bijou View, Bijouview PO 1914-1921, Morgan Co.
Bingham On 1885 map, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Denver Co.
Bingham Las Animas Co.
aka Schuyler
later Magnolia, Sable
1880 PO, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Adams Co.
Bird RR Stop 1899 map, Lake Co.
Same site as Birdseye
Bird RR Stop 1923 map, Larimer Co.
Birdseye, Bird's Eye Est 1879, Lake Co.
Birmingham PO 1883-1894, Huerfano Co.
Bismark PO 1872-1879, Saguache Co.
Still on 1899 map
Bison 1898 PO, Routt Co.
(Never operated?)
Bisonte RR Stop, Baca Co.
Bittner 1905 PO, Gunnison Co.
(Never operated?)
Black Canon RR Stop, Huerfano Co.
Black Dumps Spans Chaffee-Park Co. border
Black Eagle Mill Clear Creek Co.
Black Forest Est ~1866, El Paso Co.
PO Est 1960
Black Hawk, Blackhawk
orig Black Hawk Point
Est 1859, Kansas Territory
Inc 1864, Gilpin Co.
Black Hawk, Blackhawk On 1899-1923 map, Dolores Co.
Black Hollow On 1902-1968 map, Weld Co.
Black Hollow Junction
see Plummers
RR Stop, 1924 map, Larimer Co.
Black Mountain
prev Devine
PO 1898-1911, Park Co.
(Name changed 1899)
Black Wolf 1885 PO, Weld Co.
Site now in Yuma Co.
Blackburn PO 1881-1889, Custer Co.
Blackwell PO 1881-1886, Bent Co.
Site now in Prowers Co.
(Moved to Lamar)
Blaine PO 1884-1886, Eagle Co.
Blaine PO 1900-1939, Baca Co.
Blainvale PO 1882-1884, Rio Grande Co.
(Moved to Loyton, Conejos Co.)
Blake City Mining Camp, Garfield Co.
Blakeland Est ~1919, Arapahoe Co.
Blanca Est 1894
Inc 1910, Costilla Co.
Blanco RR Stop 1899 map, Costilla Co.
(East of Russell)
Blanco On 1923 map, Archuleta Co.
Bland PO 1883-1921, Elbert Co.
Blandin RR Stop 1916 map, Weld Co.
Blende Pueblo Co.
aka Iron Spring
On 1884-1902 map (Iron Spring), Bent Co.
PO 1913-1938, Otero Co.
Bloomerville RR Stop & Mining Camp, Boulder Co.
Blue Mining Camp, Clear Creek Co.
Blue Mountain Est 1950, Moffat Co.
PO 1949-1957
(PO moved from Skull Creek)
Blue River Inc 1964, Summit Co.
Blue Valley Clear Creek Co.
Bluebell Est 1910, Elbert Co.
Bluebird Mining Camp, Boulder Co.
Blumenau PO 1879-1890, Custer Co.
(At Palmer Ranch)
Boaz PO 1895-1898, El Paso Co.
Site now in Teller Co.
(1899 RR map shows Boaz in Fremont Co.)
Boaz RR Stop 1895 map, Huerfano Co.
Boaz RR Stop 1899-1923 map, Las Animas Co.
Bobcat Ranch
aka Old Bobcat Ranch
Rio Blanco Co.
see LaBoca
La Plata Co.
Bocea RR Stop, La Plata Co.
Boettcher Larimer Co.
Boggsville Bent Co. Seat 1870-1872
Boiler PO 1914-1915, Larimer Co.
see Belden
On 1889 map, Eagle Co.
Bolton PO 1900-1901, Arapahoe Co.
Site in Yuma Co.
(PO moved to Clugh, Kansas)
Bon Ton Ext 1910-1914, Gunnison Co.
Bonanza, Bonanza City Inc 1881, Saguache Co.
PO 1880-1938
Boncarbo, Bon Carbo Est 1915, Las Animas Co.
Bond PO 1886-1888, Lake Co.
Bond Est 1934, Eagle Co.
Bondad La Plata Co.
Boner Spring 1860s Stage Station, Larimer Co.
Bonita On 1895-1923 map, Gunnison Co.
Bonito Est Bef 1884, Clear Creek Co.
Bonito, Bonita PO 1881-1883, Saguache Co.
Bonny PO 1915-1924, Kit Carson Co.
Book Cliff RR Stop 1922-1924 map, Mesa Co.
orig Booneville
aka Boone Town, Fosdick
Est 1860
Renamed Boone 1891
Inc 1956, Pueblo Co.
Boones Stage Stop, Boulder Co.
Booth On 1881 map, San Juan Co.
Bordenville PO 1879-1884, Park Co.
near the later Orme
Boreas RR Stop, PO 1896-1905, Summit Co.
On Boreas Pass
aka Southwater
On 1887-1923 map, El Paso Co.
Bortonsburg Est 1861, Gilpin Co.
Boston PO 1887-1893
Inc 1888, Las Animas Co.
Site now in Baca Co.
Boughtown Est Bef 1860, Kansas Terr.
1870 absorbed by Leadville, Lake Co.
Boulder Est 1859, Nebraska Terr.
Inc 1885, Boulder Co.
Boulder Diggins Boulder Co.
First Boulder area mining camp (near Gold Hill)
Boulder Siding RR Stop 1881-1885 map, Chaffee Co.
Bountiful Est 1880s, Conejos Co.
(Mormon settlement)
Bovina PO 1899-1955, Lincoln Co.
Bovina RR Stop 1923 map, Mesa Co.
Bow Mar Inc 1958, Spans Arapahoe-Jefferson Co. border
Bowen PO 1883-1901, Rio Grande Co.
orig Aylmer
PO 1900-1929, Las Animas Co.
(Name changed 1906)
Bowens Waystop 1880s, San Juan Co.
Bowenton PO 1881-1884, Rio Grande Co.
Site now in Mineral Co.
Bowerman PO 1903-1910, Gunnison Co.
(Moved to Waunita Hot Springs)
prev Reading
PO 1907-1967, Delta Co.
Bowman PO 1880-1882, Gunnison Co.
Bowser 1888 PO, Elbert Co.
Moved to Flagler
Site now in Kit Carson Co.
Box Elder Stage Stop, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Adams Co.
Box Elder
later Bristol
PO 1876-1890, Larimer Co.
(Name changed 1877)
Box Elder, Boxelder PO 1884-1924, Larimer Co.
Box Prairie Larimer Co.
Boyd RR Stop 1909-1920 map, Larimer Co.
Boyd's Spur
aka Boyd's
RR Stop 1895-1920 map, Weld Co.
Boyer On 1923 map, Park Co.
Boyero Est 1870, Lincoln Co.
Bracewell On 1899-1968 map, Weld Co.
Bradbury RR Stop 1923 map, Crowley Co.
Braddock PO 1884-1890, Summit Co.
RR Stop 1885-1923 map
(PO moved from Delaware City)
Braddock On 1922 map, Gunnison Co.
prev Dickson
Ext 1887-1922
PO 1889-1895, Huerfano Co.
Bragdon On 1909-1968 map, Pueblo Co.
Braidwood RR Stop 1906 map, Larimer Co.
Brandon Est ~1887, Bent Co.
Now in Kiowa Co.
prev Wilson,
Wilson Switch, Coloflats
Est 1916, PO Est 1918,
Inc 1922, Las Animas Co.
Brayton RR Stop 1899 map, Montezuma Co.
Brazil PO 1895-1912, Las Animas Co.
Breckenridge, Breckinridge
aka Breckinbridge
Est 1859, Utah Terr.
Inc 1880, Summit Co.
Breed RR Stop 1909-1968 map, El Paso Co.
Breen RR Stop, Huerfano Co.
Breen Est 1900, PO 1901-1954, La Plata Co.
Place was Fort Lewis Indian School
Brewster PO 1899-1916, Fremont Co.
Briargate El Paso Co.
(Substation of Colorado Springs PO)
Bridge No. 3 RR Stop 1895 map, Fremont Co.
Bridgeport On 1895-Pres Map, Delta-Mesa Co. Border
Briggsdale Est 1909, Weld Co.
prev Hughes
Est 1871, Arapahoe Co.
1885 name changed from Huges to Brighton
Inc 1887 (Orig site now in Adams Co.)
Now spans Adams-Weld Co. border
Brightside PO 1900-1902, Jefferson Co.
Brimstone Corner Delta Co.
orig Box Elder
PO 1876-1890, Larimer Co.
Still on 1899 map
(Name changed 1877)
Bristol Est 1906, Prowers Co.
Broadmoor Hotel Est 1918, El Paso Co.
PO Est 1959 (Colorado Springs Substation)
Brodhead PO 1902-1939, Las Animas Co.
Broken Arrow Acres Jefferson Co.
aka Brumley
Stage Stop, Toll Gate,
1890s Mining Camp, Lake Co.
Bronco RR Stop 1916-1920 map, Morgan Co.
(Same site as later Omar)
Bronquist PO 1917-1925, Pueblo Co.
Brook Forest PO 1921-1949, Jefferson Co.
Brooks RR Stop 1916-1924 map, Pueblo Co.
Brookfield PO 1887-1902, Las Animas Co.
Site now in Baca Co.
Brooklyn Inc 1891, Arapahoe Co.
Brookside Est 1891, El Paso Co.
Absorbed by Colorado Springs
Brookside PO 1888-1909
Inc 1913, Fremont Co.
Brookside RR Stop on 1899 map, Park Co.
Brookston PO 1914-1930, Routt Co.
aka Bendemeer
PO 1876-1942, Clear Creek Co.
1924 map shows brief name change to Bendemeer
prev Zang's Spur
Est 1884, Inc 1961, Boulder Co.
spanned Adams-Boulder-Jefferson-Weld borders
Now City and Co. of Broomfield
Broughton Delta Co.
prev Colorow
now Olathe
Est ~1880, Montrose Co.
(Brown PO est 1883, renamed Olathe 1896)
Brown On 1964-1970 map, San Miguel Co.
Brown Canon, Browns Canyon PO 1888-1908, Chaffee Co.
(PO moved from Kraft)
Brownard RR Stop 1920 map, Logan Co.
Brownlee Jackson Co.
Browns RR Stop 1899 map, San Miguel Co.
Browns Corner Larimer Co.
Brown's Park
aka Brown's Hole
Valley settled ~1880, Moffat Co.
School and cemetery in the Green River Valley
(Name was never used for a town or PO)
Brown's Spring
see Rosita
Custer Co.
prev Pomeroyville
Est 186~
PO 1871-1875, Clear Creek Co.
(PO moved to Silver Plume)
also see Abarr
Est ~1915, Yuma Co.
(~1922 moved to Abarr)
Brownville PO 1879-1883, Jefferson Co.
Broyles PO 1905-1908, Conejos Co.
Bruce RR Stop 1909 map, Weld Co.
see Bromley
Lake Co.
Brunker PO 1907-1917, Washington Co.
Brush Est 1882, Inc 1884, Weld Co.
Now in Morgan Co.
see Wolcott
Eagle Co.
Bryant PO 1888-1916, Logan later Phillips Co..
In 1904 PO was moved into Yuma Co.
PO was Satank
RR Stop on 1899-1923 map, Garfield Co.
Brunerville ~1900 RR siding and townsite, Yuma Co.
Same site as the later Schramm
Buchanan On 1892-1902 map, Washington Co.
Buchanan RR Stop 1956-1968 map, Logan Co.
Buchtel RR Stop 1909-1920 map, Otero Co.
Buckeye Baca Co.
Buckeye Est 1925, Larimer Co.
Buckeye Mountain Mining Camp, Gilpin Co.
Buckhorn PO 1878-1888, Larimer Co.
Buckingham Est 1888, Weld Co.
Buckingham Plaza Arapahoe Co.
(Substation of Aurora PO)
Buckley Field,
Buckley Naval Air Station,
Buckley Air National Guard Base
now Buckley Air Force Base
Est 1942, Arapahoe Co.
Buckskin On 1885 map, Lake Co.
Buckskin, Buckskin Joe
prev Laurette
PO 1861-1873, Park Co.
Buckskin Gulch Mining Camp, Costilla Co.
Buckskin Joe Est 1961, Fremont Co.
Bucktown On 1879-1900 map, Lake Co.
Buda Weld Co.
Buena Vista Inc 1879, Chaffee Co.
now Merino
Est 1874, Weld Co.
Name changed in 1883
Now in Logan Co.
Buffalo, Buffalo Creek Est 1878
Inc 1886, Jefferson Co.
Buffalo Springs PO 1875-1912, Park Co.
Buffalo Springs 1860s Stage Station, Weld Co.
Site now in Washington Co.
Buffalo Tank RR Station 1895 map, Jefferson Co.
Buffer PO 1917-1921, Summit Co.
Buford Est 1890, Rio Blanco Co.
Bug Town
see National City
Routt Co.
briefly Beuck
prev Godfrey
PO 1916-1925, Elbert Co.
Bulger PO 1909-1912, Larimer Co.
Bulkley 1895 PO, San Miguel
Bull Hill Mining Camp, Teller Co.
Bullion City
later Howardsville
Mining Camp Est 1874, San Juan Co.
Bullion City Mining Camp Est 1878, Chaffee Co.
Bunce PO 1895-1901, Boulder Co.
see Fitzsimons
PO 1919-1921, Adams Co.
Bunker Hill RR Stop 1923 map, Huerfano Co.
(Served the town of Lester)
Bunyan RR Stop 1920 map, Weld Co.
Burdett PO 1888-1937, Washington Co.
Burke 1923 map, Boulder Co.
Burlington PO 1862-1873, Boulder Co.
(Moved to Longmont)
Burlington Est 1887, Inc 1888, Elbert Co.
Now in Kit Carson Co.
Burnham RR Station 1895 map, Arapahoe Co.
site now in Denver Co.
Burnito On 1895-1923 map, Fremont Co.
Burno Junction RR Stop 1895 map, Boulder Co.
Burns Est 1895, Eagle Co.
Burns On 1923 map, Boulder Co.
Burns On 1899-1923 map, Dolores Co.
Burnt Mill
orig Kinkel
PO 1907-1921, Pueblo Co.
(Name changed 1911)
Burnt Rock Gulch Mining Camp, Saguache Co.
Burro Bridge Stage and RR Stop 1880s-1890s, San Juan Co.
Burrows Park
prev Argentum
PO 1876-1882, Hinsdale Co.
(PO moved to White Cross)
Burt PO 1910-1916, El Paso Co.
later Adams
PO 1882-1897, Larimer Co.
(Name changed 1885)
Busk PO 1890-1894, Lake Co.
Buss Place On 1964 map, Eagle Co.
Buster PO 1916-1927, Las Animas Co.
Butler PO 1890-1911, Larimer Co.
Site now in Jackson Co.
Butte Valley (1st) PO 1869-1878, Herfano Co.
Still on 1899 map.
Butte Valley (2nd)
orig Alamo
PO 1923-1949, Huerfano Co.
(Name changed 1938)
Butterworth Flat On 1964 map, El Paso Co.
orig El Paso
PO 1862-1922, El Paso Co.
(Name changed 1895)
Buttles Station 1860s Stage Station
Site now in Otero Co.
Butts Ranch 1860s Stage Station, Weld Co.
Site now in Sedgwick Co.
Buxton RR Station on 1895-1923 map, Saguache Co.
Buzzard's Roost
see Fort LeDux
Fremont Co.
prev Bijou
Est 1868, Arapahoe Co.
PO Est 1873
Byron Station
also see Barton
RR Station 1885-1899 map, Prowers Co.
PO was Zuck and Barton

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