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City/Town/Place Name Dates/County/Remarks
C. B. Junction RR Stop on 1923 map, Park Co.
Cabeza RR Stop on 1895 map, Mesa Co.
Cabin Creek Est ~1910, On Adams-Arapahoe Co. Border
Cabin Springs
aka Stone City
Est ~1910, Pueblo Co.
now Genoa
Est 1893, Lincoln Co.
(Name changed 1895)
Cable Junction RR Stop on 1895-1899 map, El Paso Co.
later Cucharas
PO 1870-1921, Huerfano Co.
Cache Creek
aka Cash Creek
Ext 1860-193~, Lake Co.
Cash Creek PO 1862-1871
Later Chaffee Co.
Cactus On 1885-1887 map, Pueblo Co.
Cactus Valley RR Stop 1923 map, Garfield Co.
Caddel Est 1908, Huerfano Co.
Caddoa Est 1863, Bent Co.
PO 1881-1958
Cahone Est ~1912, Dolores Co.
PO Est 1916
Caisson PO 1920-1937, Moffat Co.
Calcite PO 1904-1930, Fremont Co.
Calcium PO 1888-1890, Pitkin Co.
(1890 PO moved to Thomasville)
Calhan, Calahan Est 1888, Inc 1919, El Paso Co.
(1888 PO moved from Big Sandy)
Calhoun RR Stop, Washington Co.
California Bar
see Parrott
La Plata Co.
California Camp Rio Blanco Co.
California Gulch 1860s-1870s Mining Area, Lake Co.
Calumet PO 1882-1885, Chaffee Co.
Still on 1899 map.
aka Cloverly
On 1920's maps, Weld Co.
now Fleming
Est 1887, Weld Co.
(Name changed in 1888)
Now in Logan Co.
Camargo 1881 PO, Custer Co.
Camden RR Stop 1907-1924 map, Morgan Co.
Cameo RR Stop on 1895-1920s map, Mesa Co.
Town Est 1907, PO 1907-1969
Cameron RR Stop 1887-1923 map, Elbert Co.
Cameron RR Stop, Huerfano Co.
prev Grassy, Gassy
Est 1892, Inc 1900, Teller Co.
PO 1901-1909
(PO moved from Touraine)
Cameron Spring
see Spencer
Gunnison Co.
Camerons Pass
aka Michigan, Michigan City
On 1887 map, Larimer Co.
Site now on Larimer - Jackson Co. Border
Cameville PO 1882-1890, Gunnison Co.
Later Montrose Co.
Camfield PO 1910-1921, Weld Co.
Camp On 1924 map, Jackson Co.
(Same site as 1964 Camp Nelson)
Camp Adams
aka Camp Alva Adams
Military Post Est 1898, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Denver Co.
Camp Albion Mining Camp 1861-188~, Boulder Co.
Camp Bailey Colo NG Camp 1908-1912, Park Co.
Camp Baldwin Army Camp Est 1917, Denver Co.
Camp Bird, Campbird PO 1898-1918, Ouray Co.
Camp Buchtel Colo NG Camp Ext 1907-1910, Jefferson Co.
Camp Carson
now Fort Carson
Est 1942, El Paso Co.
Camp Collins
later Fort Collins
aka Fort Baker
Military Post Est 1862, Larimer Co.
Camp Cooper
see Fort Logan
Jefferson Co.
Camp Creek
later Vulcan
Gunnison Co.
Camp Custer Military Camp Est 1877, Jefferson Co.
Camp Desolation Est 1848 by John Fremont
Site now in Saguache Co.
Camp Downing
aka Greenhorn Settlement
1862 Settler Post, Pueblo Co.
Camp Elbert
aka Camp Weld, Fort Weld
Military Camp 1861-1865, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Denver Co.
Camp Enterprise Mining Camp, Boulder Co.
Camp Evans 1864 Military Camp, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Denver Co.
Camp Filmore 1863-1865 Military Camps on the Arkansas River
in Pueblo and (then) Bent Counties. Six different sites
were called Camp Filmore.
Camp Francis Mining Camp 1880s-1901, Boulder Co.
Camp Fancy Ext 1880-1884, Summit Co.
Site now in Eagle Co.
Camp Fulford
see Fulford
Est Bef 1887, Eagle Co.
Camp Galena
see Galena
Fremont Co.
Camp Genter PO 1925-1930, Gunnison Co.
Camp George West Military Post, Est ~1916, Jefferson Co.
Camp Greeley
see Greeley POW Camp
Weld Co.
Camp Gunter Military Post, Est 1917, Pueblo Co.
Camp Hale Military Post, Est 1942, Eagle Co.
Camp Harrington
now Cooper Hill Ski Area
Mining Camp Est ~1900, Lake Co.
Camp Hope Est 1848 by John Fremont
Site now in Saguache Co.
Camp Hope Mining Camp Est 1858
Site now in El Paso Co.
Camp Jimtown
later Jimtown
now Jamestown
Mining Camp Est 1860, Kansas Territory
Now in Boulder Co.
Camp Johnson Military Camp Est 1936, Las Animas Co.
Camp Lay Moffat Co.
Camp Livingston 1835 Military Post
Site now in Sedgwick Co.
Camp Lyon Mining Camp, Boulder Co.
Camp McDonald Military Post 1906-1910, Jefferson Co.
Camp Nelson On 1964 map, Jackson Co.
(Same site as 1924 Camp)
Camp Orman Military Camp Est 1901, Boulder Co.
Camp Ouray On 1924 map, Grand Co.
Camp Palmer Lake Military Training Camp Est 1910, El Paso Co.
Camp Providence Mining Camp Est 1875, Boulder Co.
Camp Rankin
later Fort Sedgwick
Est 1864, Weld Co.
Site now in Sedgwick Co.
Camp Relief Miners Welfare Camp 1893-1894, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Denver Co.
Camp Robins 1860s Military Camp, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Adams Co.
Camp Rose Military Post 1867-1869, Saguache Co.
Camp Shumway PO 1911-1924, Huerfano Co.
(PO moved to Gordon)
Camp Speer
now Fitzsimons
Est 1918, Adams Co.
Camp Spooner Est 1858, Kansas Territory
Site now in Denver Co.
Camp Sterling Mining Camp, Gunnison Co.
Camp Tolcott
aka Tolcott
Mining Camp, Boulder Co.
Camp Trinidad Military Camp 1913-1917, Las Animas Co.
Camp Trinidad Japanese Relocation Center 1943-1945
Las Animas Co.
Camp Tyler
see Fort Morgan
Morgan Co.
Camp Wardwell
see Fort Wardwell, Fort Morgan
Morgan Co.
Camp Weld
aka Camp Elbert, Fort Weld
Military Camp 1861-1865, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Denver Co.
Campbird, Camp Bird PO 1898-1918, Ouray Co.
Campion Est 1907, Larimer Co.
Campo Est 1912
Inc 1946, Baca Co.
Canadian PO 1883-1891, Larimer Co.
On 1887-1923 maps
Site now in Jackson Co.
Canfield PO 1878-1906, Boulder Co.
Cañon Conejos Co.
Cañon City
aka Canyon City
Est 1859, Kansas Terr.
Inc 1872, Fremont Co.
Cañon Mine RR Stop 1899 map, Boulder Co.
Canton RR Stop 1923 map, Weld Co.
Capers RR Stop 1909-1964 map, Pueblo Co.
Capitol City
see Crystal
Gunnison Co.
Capitol City PO 1877-1920
Inc 1885, Hinsdale Co.
Capitol Hill Est 1907, Boulder Co.
Capitol Hill Est 1905, Denver Co.
Capitol Hill Est 1889, Pueblo Co.
see Scissors
PO 1894-1901, Huerfano Co.
Capulin Est 1867, PO Est 1881
Inc 1885, Conejos Co.
see Carbonero
La Plata Co.
Carbonado On 1964-1980 map, Huerfano Co.
see Leadville
Mining Camp, Lake Co.
Carbonate PO 1883-1886, Garfield Co.
Still on 1899 map
aka Carbonate City
PO 1879-1881
Inc 1879, Summit Co.
1881 merged with Robinson
(Some maps show Eagle Co. location)
aka Yellow Dog
Est 1883
Inc 1888, Garfield Co.
Carbonera On 1922 map, Garfield Co.
aka Carbon, Caronerio
RR Stop, La Plata Co.
Cardiff PO 1889-1918, Garfield Co.
Still on 1980 map
aka New Cardinal
PO 1905-1919, Boulder Co.
Cardinal City Est 1870, Boulder Co.
(Later moved to Cardinal)
Carey, Carey's Camp Est 1882, PO 1883-1884, Pitkin Co.
Carey PO 1910-1916, Kit Carson Co.
Caribou Est 1869, PO 1871-1917
Inc 1885, Boulder Co.
(Two townsites. First one burned to the ground.)
Carlisle, Carlisle Springs RR Stop 1880-1923 map, Pueblo Co.
Carlisle PO 1887-1890, Elbert Co.
Later Kit Carson Co.
Carlite RR Stop 1899 map, Fremont Co.
prev Conroe, Grote
Est 1886, Bent Co.
PO 1891-1960, Prowers Co.
Carlton RR Stop 1922 map, El Paso Co.
Carmel PO 1881-1882, Chaffee Co.
Still on 1922 map
Carnero "1st" PO 1870-1884, Saguache Co.
(PO moved to Green)
Carnero "2nd" PO 1884-1911, Saguache Co.
(PO moved from Beidell)
Carney Heights Est 1895, Mesa Co.
see Carbonero
La Plata Co.
Carpenter PO 1890-1891, Mesa Co.
Still on 1895 map
Carpenter On 1882-1909 map, Pueblo Co.
Carr Est ~1872, Weld Co.
Carr RR Stop 1922 map, Morgan Co.
Carr Crossing PO 1915-1930, Lincoln Co.
Carracas RR Stop 1895 map, Archuleta Co.
PO 1909-1911, Still on 1964 Map
Carriso PO 1887-1895, Las Animas Co.
Still on 1899 Baca Co. map
(Different site than the later Carrizo)
Carriso Springs PO 1888-1890, Las Animas Co.
Site now in Baca Co.
Carrizo Townsite
aka Carrizo, Corrizo
Est 1899, Baca Co.
PO 1899-1916
Carson PO 1868-1870, Huerfano Co.
aka Carson City, Carson Camp
PO 1889-1903, Hinsdale Co.
Carsonhart 1917 PO, Las Animas Co.
Carter's On 1881 map, San Miguel Co.
Carters RR Stop 1895-1923 map, Pueblo Co.
Carterville Eagle Co.
Cary PO 1888-1890, Arapahoe Co.
Cary Ranch PO 1914-1930, Routt Co.
Casa On 1923-1924 map, Otero Co.
(Same site as earlier Case)
Cascade Est 1886, El Paso Co.
Cascade On 1885-1899 map, Chaffee Co.
aka Cascade City, Cascade Junction
Stage Station 1870s,
PO 1880-1882, La Plata Co.
later Irving
PO 1897-1913, Douglas Co.
(Name changed 1913)
Case RR Stop 1916-1920 map, Otero Co.
(Same site as later Casa)
Cash Creek
aka Cache Creek
Ext 1860-193~
PO 1862-1871, Lake Co.
Site now in Chaffee Co.
Cashin PO 1898-1905, Montrose Co.
PO at Cashin copper mine
Cassels PO 1899-1929, Park Co.
Casteel Creek Eagle Co.
Castelar PO 1905-1912, La Plata Co.
aka Castiel
RR Stop 1909-1923 map, Otero Co.
now Eagle
PO Est 1885, Eagle Co.
(Name changed 1891)
Castle Rock "1st"
Est 1871, Douglas Co.
(Name changed 1874)
Castle Rock "2nd" Est 1874
(1874 PO moved from New Memphis)
Inc 1881, Douglas Co.
Castles RR Stop on 1895-1899 map, Eagle Co.
Castleton Inc 1882, Gunnison Co.
PO 1882-1894
Castner RR Stop 1923 map, Eagle Co.
Cathedral PO 1898-1921, Hinsdale Co.
Catherin PO 1888-1890, Conejos Co.
Site now in Alamosa Co.
Catherin PO 1892-1902, Garfield Co.
(Same location as later Catherine??)
Catherine RR Stop 1909-1923 map, Otero Co.
Catherine RR Stop 1923-1970 map, Garfield Co.
now Manzanola
Est 1879, Bent Co.
(Name changed 1895)
Now in Otero Co.
Catoga, Chatoga
now Grover
Est 1885, Weld Co.
Cattle Creek RR Stop 1895-1899 map, Garfield Co.
Cebolla PO 1894-1935, Gunnison Co.
Cedar Town, PO 1892-1943, San Miguel Co.
Cedar Cove Larimer Co.
Cedar Creek RR Stop 1885-1923 map, Montrose Co.
PO 1904-1924
Cedar Crest Pueblo Co.
Cedar Grove Pueblo Co.
Cedar Point Stage Station/Small Town 1860-1890s
Kansas Territory, Site now in Elbert Co.
Cedaredge Est 1882, PO Est 1894
Inc 1907, Delta Co.
Cedarhurst PO 1903-1913, Las Animas Co.
(Some maps show Huerfano Co.)
Cedarwood PO 1912-1943, Pueblo Co.
Celeryvale On 1916 map, Adams Co.
Cemetery RR Stop on 1895 map, El Paso Co.
Cenicero, Ceniceros
later Lobatos
Est 1894, Conejos Co.
(Name changed to Lobatos in 1902)
Centennial Michner's fictional Weld Co. town
Centennial PO 1962-1977, Jefferson Co.
Centennial Est 2000, Arapahoe Co.
orig Centerview
Est 1898, Saguache Co.
Inc 1906
(Now spans Saguache-Rio Grande Co. border)
Centerville Listed 1895 map, Park Co.
Centerville, Centreville PO 1868-1930, Lake Co.
Now in Chaffee Co.
Central Inc 1886, Gilpin Co.
Central City Est 1859, Kansas Territory
Inc 1864, Gilpin Co.
(1869 PO moved from Mountain City)
Central Pueblo Inc 1882, Pueblo Co.
Centro Conejos Co.
aka Cerro Summit
RR Station 1885-1923 map, Montrose Co.
(Located near Summit. Some maps show the names combined.)
see Leadville
Mining Camp, Lake Co.
Chacra RR Staion on 1895-1899 map, Garfield Co.
aka Chaffee City
later Monarch
PO 1879-1903, Chaffee Co.
(Renamed Monarch in 1883)
Chaffee PO 1953-1964, Denver Co.
(Substation of Denver PO)
Chaffee City, Chaffee
later Monarch
Est 1879, Chaffee Co.
(1883 name changed to Monarch)
Chalk Creek
now Nathrop
Est 1879, Chaffee Co.
(Name changed 1880)
Chalk Creek Ranch
see Tabor City
Lake Co.
Chama Est 1860, Inc 1885, Costilla Co.
PO Est 1907
Chama Huerfano Co.
Chambers PO 1880-1886, Larimer Co.
Still on 1899 map
Chambers On 1923 map, Archuleta Co.
Chambers Lake 1926 PO, Larimer Co.
Champion RR Stop, Huerfano Co.
Chance PO 1894-1901, Gunnison Co.
Chandler Est 1890, Inc 1903, Fremont Co.
PO 1890-1942
Chandler Junction RR Stop on 1895 map, Fremont Co.
Chaney PO 1892-1894, Gunnison Co.
Channing RR Stop 1909-1924 map, Prowers Co.
later Graycreek
PO 1894-1921, Las Animas Co.
(Name changed 1895)
Chapelton PO 1917-1922, Weld Co.
Chapin PO 1890-1894, Kit Carson Co.
now Newcastle
Est 1884, Garfield Co.
(Name changed 1888)
Chapman, Chapman's RR Stop 1895-1920 map, Boulder Co.
Chappell RR Stop 1895 map, Las Animas Co.
Charcoal On 1885-1922 map, Chaffee Co.
RR Station was Weller
PO 1892-1911, Park Co.
Chatfield RR Stop 1882-1887, Arapahoe Co.
Chatoga, Catoga
now Grover
Weld Co.
orig Sheridan Junction
Est late 1870s, Inc 1885, San Juan Co.
PO 1883-1894
Chedsey PO 1917-1918, Jackson Co.
Cheen On 1923 map, Douglas Co.
Cheesman PO 1900-1904, Jefferson Co.
Construction Camp for Cheesman Dam
Chelsea RR Stop 1892-1902 map, Logan Co.
Chemung RR Stop on 1895-1899 map, Cheyenne Co.
PO 1906-1910
Cheney Center, Cheneycenter Est ~1886, Bent Co.
PO 1917-1936, Prowers Co.
Chenoa PO 1886-1895, Weld Co.
Later Logan Co.
Chenoweth PO 1897-1900, Elbert Co.
Cheraw Inc 1890, Otero Co.
Cherokee City
later Latham, Ft. Latham
Est 1861, PO 1862-1870, Weld Co.
(Name changed 1863)
Cherokee Park
orig Saint Cloud
PO 1884-1933, Larimer Co.
(Name changed 1913)
aka Cherrylyn
PO 1894-1916, Arapahoe Co.
Absorbed by Engelwood
Cherry PO 1900-1920, Douglas Co.
Cherry Creek PO 1869-1886, Arapahoe Co.
Cherry Creek PO Est 1963, Denver Co.
(Substation of Denver PO)
Cherry Hills Village Est 1870
Inc 1945, Arapahoe Co.
Cherry Valley Stage Stop, Arapahoe Co.
see Cherrelyn
Arapahoe Co.
Chester RR Station on 1895-1923 map, Saguache Co.
Cheyenne Mountain El Paso Co.
(NORAD HQ- North American Air Defense Command)
Cheyenne Wells
Old Cheyenne Wells
Est 1859, Kansas Terr
PO 1869-1870, Douglas Co.
Stage Stop about 5 miles from the
current Cheyenne Wells, Cheyenne Co.
Cheyenne Wells PO Est 1876, Bent Co.
Inc 1890, Cheyenne Co.
(Many sources combine the two listings)
Chicken Hill Lake Co.
Absorbed by Leadville
Chico RR Stop 1882-1909 map, Pueblo Co.
Chico Basin Ext 1909-1920, El Paso Co.
Chicosa PO 1890-1910, Las Animas Co.
Chicosa Junction RR Stop 1882-1964 map, Las Animas Co.
Chihuahua Mining Camp, 1880-1890
PO 1880-1892, Inc 1880, Summit Co.
Chilcott PO 1884-1890, Pueblo Co.
Childs Park
aka Childs Ranch
PO 1912-1919, Hinsdale Co.
Chile Springs Listed 1896, Park Co.
aka Chilelilla
Est 1887, Las Animas Co.
later Jansen
Las Animas Co.
Chimney Gulch On 1885-1895 map, Jefferson Co.
Chimney Rock
prev Piedre
Est ~1880, Archuleta Co.
(PO moved from Dyke 1950)
Chinaman's Gulch Park Co.
(Fairplay's "China Town")
Chinatown Est ~1885, Gilpin Co.
Chinn City
see Silver Creek
Clear Creek Co.
Chipeta 1895 PO, Delta Co.
On 1895-1923 map
now Naturita
Est 1881, Gunnison Co.
(Name changed 1882)
Now in Montrose Co.
later Independence
Inc 1881, Pitkin Co.
1899 PO
Chipita Park
prev Ute Park
Est 1890, El Paso Co.
Chivington Est 1887, Inc 1888, Bent Co.
Now in Kiowa Co.
also see Ashcroft
PO 1881-1882, Pitkin Co.
(brief name for Ashcroft)
Chromo Est 1881, Archuleta Co.
PO moved from Price in 1885
Church's RR Stations 1882-1920 map, Jefferson Co.
(There were three different Church's stations)
Cima RR Stop, La Plata Co.
Cima RR Stop, Las Animas Co.
Cimarron Est ~1875, Montrose Co.
PO Est 1883
Cimmaron City Est 1927, Baca Co.
Cimmaron Hills El Paso Co.
Citadel On 1887 map, Douglas Co.
Citizen On 1897 map, Gunnison Co.
City of Mines
now Victor
Est bef 1893, El Paso Co.
Now in Teller Co.
Clanda PO 1920-1926, Las Animas Co.
now Stratton
Est 1888, Elbert Co.
(Name changed 1906)
Now in Kit Carson Co.
Clarence 1892 PO, Gunnison Co.
Townsite adjoined Marble
Clark Est 1889, Routt Co.
Clark Colony Est 1892, Arapahoe Co.
Clarks, Clark RR Stop 1909 map, Weld Co.
Clarkson PO 1892-1898, Grand Co.
Clarkston Est 1897, Boulder Co.
Clarkville Est 1933 (PO 1938-1954), Yuma Co.
Claud PO 1882-1888, Elbert Co.
Claud On 1887 map, Gunnison Co.
Clay, Clay Spur RR Stop on 1895 map, Jefferson Co.
Clay RR Stop, Pueblo Co.
Claytonia PO 1881-1892, Saguache Co.
Still on 1899 map
Clear Creek Junction RR Stop, Jefferson Co.
aka Gillette Station, Gitrells Ranch,
Poverty Ranch
Stage Station Est 1859, Nebraska Terr.
PO 1862-1864, Weld Co.
Site now in Sedgwick Co.
(PO moved from/to Julesburg)
Clelland RR Stop on 1895 map, Fremont Co.
Clemmons PO 1882-1898, Elbert Co.
PO moved to Schley
Cleora PO 1876-1882, Chaffee Co.
RR Stop on 1899 map
Clermont PO 1881-1883, Elbert Co.
Cletemore, Cletamore Lake Co.
see Redstone
Pitkin Co.
Cleveland PO 1885-1886, Custer Co.
aka Bell's Camp
Est 1880, Summit Co.
PO 1883-1884, Eagle Co.
Cleveland Est 1884, Mesa Co.
aka Cliffdale
PO 1889-1933, Jefferson Co.
Cliff 1889-1894,
Cliffdale 1894-1896,
Cliff 1896-1923, and
Cliffdale 1923-1933
Cliff Junction RR Stop on 1895-1899 map, Fremont Co.
Cliff Spur RR Stop on 1895 map, Larimer Co.
aka Cliff
PO 1889-1933, Jefferson Co.
Cliff 1889-1894,
Cliffdale 1894-1896,
Cliff 1896-1923, and
Cliffdale 1923-1933
Clifford Mining Camp Est ~1876, Gilpin Co.
prev Mirage
Est 1870s, Lincoln Co.
Clifford PO 1908-1918
Clifton Est 1882, Mesa Co.
PO Est 1900
Clifton RR Stop 1884-1892 map, Boulder Co.
Clifton Mining Camp 1880-1900, Lake Co.
see Westcliffe
Custer Co.
Clifton Camp
see Shavano
Chaffee Co.
aka Fremont Pass
Est 1887, Lake Co.
(1899-1916 known as Fremont Pass)
Clines Ranch Stage Stop, Montrose Co.
Clinton PO 1879-1881, Custer Co.
see Gilman
Eagle Co.
Clinton City Mining Camp, Summit Co.
Absorbed by Kokomo
later Cramer
PO 1898-1904, Fremont Co.
(Name changed 1901)
Cloud, Cloud City 1881 PO, Gunnison Co.
Cloud City
see Leadville
Mining Camp, Lake Co.
Cloudcrest PO 1916-1918, Jefferson Co.
Clover PO 1895-1902, Mesa Co.
Clover PO 1912-1922, Huerfano Co.
aka Calverly
On 1920's maps,Weld Co.
Clyde PO 1889-1920, Baca Co.
prev Seward
PO 1896-1909, El Paso Co.
(Name changed 1899)
Now in Teller Co.
Coal Basin, Coalbasin On 1881-1910 map, Pitkin Co.
PO 1901-1909
Coal Branch Junction RR Station on 1895 map, Park Co.
Coal Creek Stage Stop, Arapahoe Co.
Coal Creek PO 1864-1873, Boulder Co.
Still on 1885 map
Coal Creek, Coalcreek Est 1872
Inc 1882, Fremont Co.
Coal Creek RR Stop 1909 map, Jefferson Co.
Coal Creek Canyon Jefferson Co.
Coal Creek Junction RR Stop 1887 Map, Fremont Co.
Coal Mine On 1923 map, Jefferson Co.
Coal Park, Coalpark PO 1890-1896, Boulder Co.
Coal Spur RR Station on 1895 map, Park Co.
Coal Track RR Stop on 1895 map, Jefferson Co.
Coalbasin, Coal Basin On 1881-1910 map, Pitkin Co.
PO 1901-1909
Coalby PO 1906-1912, Delta Co.
orig DePauls
Est 1884, Fremont Co.
PO Est 1891 (Moved from Hendricks)
Coalmont Est 1911, Larimer Co.
Now in Jackson Co.
Coalpark, Coal Park PO 1890-1896, Boulder Co.
aka Vulcan
PO 1889-1893, Garfield Co.
RR Stop 1890s-1920s
Located at the Vulcan Coal Mine
Coalview PO 1916-1921, Routt Co.
Coberly's Ranch
aka Halfway House
Stage Station 1858-1870s, Douglas Co.
Coburn On 1964 map, Delta Co.
Cochem PO 1897-1899, Chaffee Co.
Still on 1923 map
Cochetopa Mining Camp, Gunnison Co.
Cochetopa Inc 1881, Saguache Co.
PO 1877-1916
Cockrell PO 1879-1892, Conejos Co.
Cody RR Stop on 1895 map, Washington Co.
(very near Xenia)
Cody Park Jefferson Co.
Coffee Pot Springs Garfield Co.
Coke Oven On 1924 map, Montrose Co.
Cokedale Est 1906
Inc 1949, Las Animas Co.
Colby Delta Co.
Cold Spring Custer Co.
Cole PO 1907-1919, Kit Carson Co.
Coleman PO 1915-1919, Weld Co.
later Saint John
Est 1861, Summit Co.
Colfax PO 1862-1863, Douglas Co.
Colfax PO 1870-1879, Custer Co.
(PO moved to Blumenau)
Colfax Inc 1891, Arapahoe Co.
Absorbed by Denver in 1897
aka Colinas
RR Stop, La Plata Co.
Collbran Est 1891
Inc 1908, Mesa Co.
College Hill RR Stop 1920 map, Jefferson Co.
College View PO 1946-1948, Arapahoe Co.
now Branson
Est 1915, Los Animas Co.
now La Porte
Est 1844, PO 1860-1861
Renamed Laporte ~1861, Now in Larimer Co.
orig Hotchkiss
Est ~1860, Lake Co.
1876 in San Juan Co. then
PO 1891-1943, Ouray Co.
Colorado City PO Est 1860 Kansas Terr.
Inc 1886, El Paso Co.
1917 absorbed by Colorado Springs
Colorado City
prev Crow Junction
Est 1963, Pueblo Co.
Colorado Sierra Est 1966, Gilpin Co.
Colorado Springs PO Est 1871, Inc 1872, El Paso Co.
Colorow, Coloraw PO 1882-1903, Grand Co.
orig Brown PO
now Olathe
Est ~1880, Montrose Co.
(Brown PO est 1883, renamed Olathe 1896)
now Telluride
Mining Camp Est 1874, Ouray Co.
Inc 1885, San Miguel Co.
Telluride PO Est 1880
Columbia PO 1888-1890, Kit Carson Co.
Columbine Est 1896, Routt Co.
Columbine La Plata Co.
later Poudre Park
Larimer Co.
Columbine Grove Mesa Co.
Columbine Hills PO Est 1983, Jefferson Co.
(Littleton PO Substation)
Columbine Lodge On 1964 map, Grand-Jackson Co. Border
Columbine Valley Inc 1959, Arapahoe Co.
Columbus PO 1882-1884, Chaffee Co.
Columbus PO 1894-1903, La Plata Co.
Coluta RR Stop 1923 map, Rio Blanco Co.
Comanche PO 1911-1923, Adams Co.
Comargo On 1922 map, Custer Co.
Comer RR Stop 1909-1920 map, Weld Co.
Comfort On 1887 map, Mesa Co.
Commerce City, Commerce Town
orig Derby
Est 1910, Inc 1952, Adams Co.
(Name changed from Derby in 1963)
Commodore Camp Est ~1889, Costilla Co.
Site now in Alamosa Co.
Como "1st"
later King, King Park, King City
Est bef 1879, Park Co.
Como "2nd"
prev Stubbs Ranch
Est 1879, Inc 1883, Park Co.
Concentrator RR Stop on 1923 map, Pitkin Co.
Conchita Junction RR Stop on 1895 map, Huerfano Co.
see Lascar
Huerfano Co.
Concord Est 1891, Pueblo Co.
Concrete PO 1908-1921, Fremont Co.
Concrete On 1923 map, Huerfano Co.
Condon On 1880 map, Park Co.
aka Condon's Corner, Congdon
Est 1885, Arapahoe Co.
PO 1887-1892
(1887 PO moved from Wales)
(1892 PO moved to Vernon)
Site is now in Yuma Co.
Conejos Est 1855, New Mexico Terr.
PO Est 1862, Inc 1885, Conejos Co.
Conejos Ferry On 1885 map, Conejos Co.
see Connell Springs
Lincoln Co.
aka Conger's Camp
Mining Camp Est 1879, Summit Co.
PO 1880-1881
(PO moved to Argentine [Station])
Conger PO 1894-1895, Routt Co.
(PO moved to Pallas)
Conger On 1922 map, Gunnison Co.
aka Congresstown
Mining Camp, San Juan Co.
PO 1883-1884
orig Hutchinson
Est 1860, Jefferson Co.
(Name changed 1894)
Connejos Camp
later Loyton, Stunner
Conejos Co.
Connell Creek
aka Conell, Cornell, Cornett Creek
~1860s, Stage Stop, Douglas Co.
Site now in Lincoln Co.
Conqueror Mining Camp, Clear Creek Co.
Conrad PO 1897-1905, Park Co.
see Carlton
RR Stop 1899 map, Prowers Co.
prev Arbourville
PO 1881-1882, On 1887 map, Chaffee Co.
Consol RR Stop, Huerfano Co.
Consolidated 1905 PO, Huerfano
(Never operated?)
Content PO 1901-1913, La Plata Co.
Contrite, Cortrite PO 1889-1892, Park Co.
Cookville On 1887 map, Gunnison Co.
Coon Creek ~1860s Stage Stop, Douglas Co.
Site now in Lincoln Co.
Coon Valley Kiowa Co.
(Active until 1902)
aka Taylor
PO Est 1881, Summit Co.
Named Taylor 1882-1886, Eagle Co.
Renamed Cooper 1886-1890
(PO moved to Tennessee Pass)
Cooper On 1916-1923 map, Morgan Co.
aka Tennessee Pass
Est 1880s, Lake Co.
Cooper City On 1887 map, Boulder Co.
Cooper's Camp 1880s Mining Camp, Pitkin Co.
Coopers Camp On 1922 map, Gunnison Co.
Cope Est 1888, Washington Co.
(PO moved from Gray 1889)
later Ionia
PO 1898-1899, Mesa Co.
Copper Mountain Est 1977, Summit Co.
Copper Rock PO 1892-1915, Boulder Co.
Copper Spur
prev Coppertown
PO 1922-1955, Eagle Co.
(Name changed 1929)
Copperdale Est 1882
PO 1882-1883, Jefferson Co.
Copperfield PO 1907-1910, Fremont Co.
Copperton 1917 PO, Eagle Co.
later Copper Spur
PO 1922-1955, Eagle Co.
(Name changed in 1929)
Coraville 1959 PO, Kansas Terr.
Merged with Denver City
Coraville PO 1887-1888, Boulder Co.
Corcoran PO 1889-1894, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Washington Co.
Town also called East Weston
PO 1881-1889, Las Animas Co.
(1889 PO moved to Weston)
Cordova Plaza Las Animas Co.
Corinth PO 1887, Las Animas Co.
(PO moved to Minneapolis)
Site now in Baca Co.
Corkscrew RR Stop on 1895 map, Montezuma Co.
Corkscrew District 1880s Mining Camp, Summit Co.
Corkscrew Gulch RR Stop on 1895 map, Ouray Co.
Cornelia On 1909-1920 map, Bent Co.
Cornell 1903 PO, San Miguel Co.
(Never operated?)
Cornell, Cornett Creek
see Connell Springs
Lincoln Co.
Cornish Est 1911, Weld Co.
PO 1914-1967
Cornwall Est 1879, Inc 1885, Rio Grande Co.
(1882 PO moved to Jasper)
now Wiggins
Est 1874, Weld Co.
Now in Morgan Co.
(Name changed in 1896)
now Dearfield
Est ~1887, Weld Co.
Corona RR Station on Grand-Gilpin Co. Border
Coronado RR Stop 1884-1902 map, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Denver Co.
Coronado On 1922 map, Arapahoe Co.
Coronado RR Stop 1884 map, Bent Co.
Site now in Cheyenne Co.
aka Carrizo, Carrizo Townsite
PO 1899-1916, Baca Co.
Cortez Est 1886, La Plata Co.
Inc 1902, Montezuma Co.
Cortrite, Contrite PO 1889-1892, Park Co.
Cory Est 1895, Delta Co.
Cory Station On 1923 map, Delta Co.
later Stanley
PO 1887-1891, Costella Co.
(Name changed 1890)
Site now in Alamosa Co.
Cosden PO 1883-1885, Gunnison Co.
Costilla Est 1862, Costilla Co.
1872 re-survey of the state line placed
Costilla in Taos Co., New Mexico
Costilla Ferry On 1885-1899 map, Costilla Co.
Cotopaxi Est ~1873, Fremont Co.
PO Est 1880
Cotsworth PO 1882-1883, Weld Co.
Site now in Morgan Co.
Cottage Grove On 1880 map, Park Co.
Cotton Creek
later Mirage
PO 1875-1927, Saguache Co.
(Name changed 1895)
Cottonwood On 1895-1922 map, Gilpin Co.
Cottonwood Saguache Co.
Cottonwood Springs PO 1879-1895, Chaffee Co.
Coulter PO 1884-1904, Grand Co.
Courow City Inc 1881, Chaffee Co.
Cousin Springs
aka Cozzens
PO 1914-1920, Pueblo Co.
Coventry PO 1894-1917, Montrose Co.
Cowan RR Stop 1920-1923 map, Jefferson Co.
Cowans PO 1915-1929, Lincoln Co.
Cowdrey, Cowdry Est 1882, Larimer Co.
PO Est 1901, Now in Jackson Co.
Cox On 1924 map, Adams Co.
Cox PO 1903-1905, Gunnison Co.
Cox Mine On 1923 map, Las Animas Co.
(Near Forbes)
later Cresco
On 1885-1923 map, Archuleta Co.
Cozy Corner Adams Co.
Cragmor PO 1927-1935, El Paso Co.
(Sanatorium in Colorado Springs)
Cragmor On 1964 map, El Paso Co.
Crags PO 1911-1913, Boulder Co.
(Resort above Eldorado Springs)
orig Yampa
Est 1883, Routt Co.
(Name changed 1889)
Inc 1908, Moffat Co.
Craig South Highlands Moffat Co.
Crall On 1960s map, Yuma Co.
(Probably didn't exist)
orig Clonmell
PO 1898-1904, Fremont Co.
(Name changed 1901)
Crane Park RR Station on 1895-1899 map, Lake Co.
later Pershing
Est ~1910, Routt Co.
Crawford Est 1882
Inc 1910, Delta Co.
Crazy Camp
see Maysville
Chaffee Co.
Cree's Camp Mining Camp, Chaffee Co.
see Genoa
Lincoln Co.
Creede Est ~1890, Saguache Co.
Inc 1892, Mineral Co.
(Absorbed Jimtown, Amethyst and Bachlor)
see North Creede
Mineral Co.
see Jimtown
Mineral Co.
Crescent PO 1907-1922, Boulder Co.
PO Re-established 1959
Crescent PO 1889-1894, Grand Co.
Crescent City, Crescent Est 1870s, 1880 PO, Larimer Co.
Site now in Jackson Co.
Crescent Village Boulder Co.
prev Coxo
On 1885-1923 map, Archuleta Co.
Crest PO 1909-1923, Weld Co.
Crested Butte Est 1879, Inc 1880, Gunnison Co.
Crestone, Creston Est 1879, Inc 1901, Saguache Co.
Creswell PO 1870-1908, Jefferson Co.
Crevasse RR Stop 1880s-1923 map, Mesa Co.
Crews RR Stop 1909-1968 map, El Paso Co.
Cripple Creek
orig Fremont
briefly Morland
Est 1891, El Paso Co.
Now in Teller Co.
(Site homesteaded in 1876)
Crisman PO 1876-1918, Boulder Co.
Cristal City Inc 1883, Gunnison Co.
aka Sangre de Cristo
Mining Camp 1885 map, Costilla Co.
Cristonie PO 1872-1873, Saguache Co.
(Site of later Crestone?)
Critchell PO 1899-1945, Jefferson Co.
Crocker PO 1880-1882, Summit Co.
Croft RR Stop 1923 map, Crowley Co.
Crook Est 1881, Weld Co.
Inc 1918, Logan Co.
Crooke City, Crooke
aka Granite Falls
Mill Town, Hinsdale Co.
aka Crookstown, Crookton
PO 1878-1906, Gunnison Co.
Crookton, Crookstown
see Crooksville
Gunnison Co.
Cross Mountain PO 1919-1943, Moffat Co.
Cross Tie On 1887 Map, Delta Co.
Crosson, Crossons PO 1879-1931, Jefferson Co.
Crossroads Boulder Co.
(Substation of Boulder PO)
Crouse RR Stop 1916-1924 map, Larimer Co.
Crow PO 1885-1907, Pueblo Co.
Crowley Est 1880, PO Est 1914
Inc 1921, Crowley Co.
Crows Nest
see Fort LeDuc
Fremont Co.
Crows Roost PO 1913-1916, El Paso Co.
(Ranch PO)
Crystal, Crystal City
aka Capitol City
prev Rock Creek
PO 1882-1909, Gunnison Co.
Crystal, Crystal Creek RR Stop 1885-1924 map, Montrose Co..
Crystal City of the Rockies
see Aspen
Pitkin Co.
Crystal Creek RR Stop 1887-1923 map, Gunnison Co.
Crystal Hill Mining Camp, Saguache Co.
Crystal Lake On 1880s map, Lake Co.
Crystal Lake PO 1892-1894, Jefferson Co.
Crystal Ranch On 1923 map, Pitkin Co.
Crystal Springs Est 1888, Kit Carson Co.
Shown on 1892-1923 maps.
Crystal Springs Est ~1888, Yuma Co.
Abandoned by 1895
prev Langdon
PO 1907-1913, Teller Co.
(Name changed 1911)
Still on 1964 map on El Paso - Teller Co. Border
aka Quatro
PO 1903-1907, Las Animas Co.
(Colorado Fuel & Iron Coal Camp)
Cub Town
see Beartown
Hinsdale, La Plata, San Juan Counties
Cuba RR Stop 1916-1920 map, Pueblo Co.
Cuchara, Cuchara Camps Est 1916, Huerfano Co.
Cucharas, Cacharas
aka Cuchara Junction
PO 1870-1921, Huerfano Co.
aka Cuerin
PO 1884-1892, Saguache Co.
(PO moved to Cochetopa)
Cuerna Verde Park Pueblo Co.
see San Luis
Costilla Co.
Culver RR Stop on 1895 map, El Paso Co.
Cumberland Mining Camp, La Plata Co.
Cumbres PO 1889-1937, Conejos Co.
D&RG RR Station at summit of Cumbres Pass
Cummings Mining Camp, Grand Co.
Cummings Mining Camp, Jackson Co.
Cunningham Gulch Mining Camp, San Juan Co.
Curran 1880 PO, Gunnison Co.
Currant, Currant Creek PO 1870-1901, Fremont Co.
Currant Creek Junction
see Parkdale
Fremont Co.
aka Curecano
RR Stop 1887-1923 map, Gunnison Co.
Curtin RR Station on 1895-1923 map, Summit Co.
Curtis PO 1888-1901, Washington Co.
Curtis RR Stop on 1895 map, Pueblo Co.
Curtis PO 1901-1915, El Paso Co.
Custer City Est and died June 11, 1902, Custer Co.
Shortest-lived place in Colorado?
Cuthbertson RR Stop 1909-1920 map, Larimer Co.
Cyanide PO 1895-1907, Fremont Co.

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