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City/Town/Place Name Dates/County/Remarks
Dacono Est 1907, Inc 1908, Weld Co.
Daffodil PO
Town named Trumbull
PO 1896-1908, Jefferson Co.
(1908 PO moved to Deckers)
Dailey PO 1900-1903, Garfield Co.
Dailey PO 1915-1961, Logan Co.
Dairy Place Est 1898, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Adams Co.
Dakan PO 1896-1898, Douglas Co.
Dake PO 1883-1892, Park Co.
Still on 1899 map
Dalerose PO 1916-1943, Las Animas Co.
Dallas, Dallas City
prev Gold City
aka Umiweep, Umaweep
PO 1884-1899, Inc 1889, Ouray Co.
(PO moved from Lawrence)
Dallas Divide
prev Aurora
PO 1894-1909
(PO moved to Noel)
Site on Ouray - San Miguel Co. Line
Dallasville PO 1877-1879, Ouray Co.
Damascus PO 1914-1917, Lincoln Co.
now Edgemont
PO 1949-1954, Jefferson Co.
Darlow On 1920 map, Adams Co.
Davenport RR Stop on 1895-1899 map, Saguache Co.
PO was Howbert
RR Stop on 1899 map, Park Co.
David's Well Stage Station, Cheyenne Co.
Davidson PO 1873-1878, Boulder Co.
Davies 1895 PO, Pitkin Co.
Davis On 1887 map, Las Animas Co.
PO 1878-1879
Davis Mining Camp, Routt Co.
Dawkins PO 1885-1907, Pueblo Co.
(PO moved to Pinon)
Dawson PO 1890-1894, Jefferson Co.
Dawson PO 1917-1919, Routt Co.
Dayton Lake Co. Seat 1866-1868
Died before 1881
(1868 PO moved to Granite)
Dayton Est Bef 1887, Bent Co.
Site now in Kiowa Co.
(In 1887 townsite moved to Eads)
Dayton PO 1897-1911, Gunnison Co.
De Beque, Debeque Est 1888, Inc 1890, Mesa Co.
(PO moved from Ravensbeque)
De Nova PO 1916-1955, Washington Co.
Deadman Cow Camp Mining Camp, Saguache Co.
Deadwood Park Co.
Deadwood Diggings
later Gambell Gulch
Est 1859, Kansas Territory
Site now in Gilpin Co.
Dean RR Stop 1899 map, Fremont Co.
Dean PO 1900-1913, Las Animas Co.
Deane, Deansbury
later Strontia Springs
Est 1879, Douglas Co.
(1879 PO moved from Platte Canon)
(Name changed 1892)
Dearfield Est 1914, Weld Co.
(Same site as earlier Corona)
see De Beque
Est 1888, Mesa Co.
Debs PO 1915-1925, Hinsdale Co.
later Argentine
Est ~1868 PO 1879-1885
Inc 1882, Summit Co.
Decatur PO 1888-1891, Las Animas Co.
Site now in Baca Co.
Decker RR Stop 1909-1956 map, Weld Co.
Deckers Est ~1885, Douglas Co.
(Served by Permberton and Daffodil POs prior to 1908)
Deep Channel PO 1922-1926, Moffat Co.
Deep Creek RR Stop on 1895 map, San Miguel Co.
Deep Creek, Deepcreek PO 1900-1936, Routt Co.
Deer Park RR Stop on 1923-1924 map, Routt Co.
Deer Ridge Est 1913, Larimer Co.
Deer Run On 1895-1924 map, Mesa Co.
Deer Trail, Deertrail Est 1875, Inc 1920, Arapahoe Co.
Deer Valley PO 1871-1878, Park Co.
Still on 1885 map
(PO moved to Bailey)
Deercreek PO 1896-1899, Jefferson Co.
Deering's Well Stage Station, Cheyenne Co.
Deermont Arapahoe Co.
Deermont Jefferson Co.
see Fort Defiance
and Glenwood Springs
Garfield Co.
Del Carbon, Delcarbon PO 1915-1953, Huerfano Co.
Del Mine, Del Mino 1880s Mining Camp, San Juan Co.
PO 1883-1884
Del Norte Est 1872, Conejos Co.
PO Est 1883
Inc 1885, Rio Grande Co.
Del Rio PO 1942-1946, Conejos Co.
Delagua PO 1903-1954, Inc 1903, Las Animas Co.
Delaware City
aka Delaware Flats, Preston
1859 Mining Camp
PO 1861-1884, Summit Co.
(PO moved to Braddock)
Delaware Flats On 1922 map, Gunnison Co.
Delhi Est ~1892, Las Animas Co.
PO 1908-1913 (PO moved to Bloom)
PO 1919-1975 (PO moved from Edwest)
Delite RR Stop 1909-1920 map, Prowers Co.
Dell's Camp
see Howbert
Park Co.
later Wallstreet
PO 1895-1898, Boulder Co.
Delta Est 1882, Gunnison Co.
Inc 1883, Delta Co.
Dempsey RR Stop, Pueblo Co.
aka Dennisons Ranch
Stage Stop 1850s-1885, Nebraska Terr.
Later Weld Co.
Site now in Logan Co.
DeNova PO 1916-1955, Washington Co.
Dent On 1916-1970 map, Weld Co.
prev Denver City
Est 1858, Kansas Terr. PO Est 1860
Inc 1885, Arapahoe Co.
Denver Co. since 1903
Denver Arms Plant
now Denver Federal Center
Military Arsenal 1941-1946, Jefferson Co.
Denver Junction
see Julesburg
Inc 1885, Weld Co.
Now Julesburg, Sedgwick Co.
Denver Mills
prev Sheffield
PO 1892-1918, Arapahoe Co.
Later Denver Co.
Denver Stockyards
aka Stockyards
PO Est 1904, Denver Co.
Deora Est 1920, Baca Co.
see Coaldale
Mining Camp, Fremont Co.
see Washburn
Ext 1892-1895, Arapahoe Co.
1892 PO
now Commerce City
Station on 1895 map, Arapahoe Co.
PO Est 1910, Adams Co.
(Name changed 1963)
Derby PO 1888-1889, Eagle Co.
Derby Junction Eagle Co.
Derry Mining Camp, Chaffee Co.
Derry Ranch 1911 Mining Camp, Lake Co.
Deti RR Stop 1924 map, Ouray Co.
Deuel PO Est 1883, Weld Co.
Townsite Est 1886
Site now in Morgan Co.
(1907 PO moved to Weldona)
Deuel RR Station on 1895-1899 map, Las Animas Co.
aka Duer
PO 1916-1920, Prowers Co.
Devil's Hole
see Beulah
Pueblo Co.
Devine Est ~1876, Pueblo Co.
later Black Mountain
PO 1898-1911, Park Co.
(Name changed 1899)
Dexter PO 1896-1911, Grand Co.
Dick On 1895-1923 map, Weld Co.
Dickey RR Station on D&SP
PO 1892-1893, Summit Co.
(Site under Dillon Reservoir)
Dicks PO 1926-1935, Las Animas Co.
later Bradford
PO 1879-1885, Huerfano Co.
Dillingham PO 1911-1920, Washington Co.
Dillon Est 1879, Inc 1883, Summit Co.
Town moved 1960. Orig townsite under Dillon Res.
Dillview Est 1890, Las Animas Co.
Dinan 1929 PO, San Miguel Co.
(Never operated?)
orig Artesia
Est 1914
Inc 1947, Moffat Co.
(Name changed 1966)
Disappointment PO 1919-1920, Dolores Co.
Diston RR Stop 1882-1956 maps, Bent Co.
1908 PO, Kiowa Co.
Divide PO 1874-1885, Lake Co.
Later RR Stop on 1899 map, Chaffee Co.
Divide, Divide Lake
later Palmer Lake
RR Station Est 1871, El Paso Co.
PO was Weissport
(Palmer Lake Est 1883)
Divide Est 1877, PO Est 1889, El Paso Co.
Same site as earlier Ute Pass, Now in Teller Co.
Divide Pueblo Co.
Dix PO 1890-1907, La Plata Co.
Dixie Lake RR Stop 1924 map, Gilpin Co.
Dixon On 1882-1923 map, Weld Co.
Dixon On 1909-1927 map, Larimer Co.
Dixons Mill RR Stop 1895-1916 map, Boulder Co.
Other maps show Weld Co. Location
Doby RR Stop 1920s, Elbert Co.
Still on 1970 map
Dodd PO 1904-1907, Morgan Co.
Dodgeville 1907 PO, Kit Carson Co.
aka Dodson
later Linwood
PO 1873-1886, Las Animas Co.
(1876 renamed Linwood)
Dogtown Mining Camp, Gilpin Co.
Dollard On 1964 map, Gunnison Co.
later Higgins, Newett
PO 1886-1890, Chaffee Co.
Dolores Est 1878, La Plata Co.
Inc 1900, Montezuma Co.
Dome Rock PO 1880-1911, Jefferson Co.
(PO moved to Longview)
Dominguez Est Bef 1887, PO 1907-1913, Delta Co.
Dominion Boulder Co.
Dora Fort
aka Fort Dora
Settler Fort 1848-1849
Site now in Custer Co.
later Gove
PO 1879-1883, Custer Co.
Dora 1906 PO, Chaffee Co.
aka Ladora
RR Station, Gilpin Co.
Doran PO 1901-1907, Park Co.
(Same site as earlier Leavick
and later Horseshoe POs.)
Dorchester PO 1901-1912, Gunnison Co.
Dorcus On 1923 map, Fremont Co.
Dorsey RR Stop on 1916-1970 map, Sedgwick Co.
Dotsero Est 1880, PO 1882-1948, Eagle Co.
Double Adobe On 1916 map, Crowley Co.
orig Castle Rock
Est 1871, Inc 1885, Douglas Co.
Douglas Mining Camp 1881 map, San Miguel Co.
Douglas City Lake Co.
(Shown in Pitkin Co. on some maps)
Dove Creek Est 1915
Inc 1939, Dolores Co.
aka Dover Siding
RR Station on 1895 map, Weld Co.
PO 1905-1931
Dowd, Dowds Junction Est ~1907, Eagle Co.
also see Monarch
RR Stop 1909-1920 map, Boulder Co.
PO 1904-1915
aka Downeyville
Early Stage Stop, Clear Creek Co.
Now a truck stop
Downing PO 1886-1896, Las Animas Co.
Doyle, Doyleville
briefly Gilman
Est 1881, Gunnison Co.
(PO named Gilman Apr 1882-Mar 1883,
Place shown as Gilman on 1887 maps)
Dragoo PO 1915-1916, El Paso Co.
Drake PO 1881-1882, Gunnison Co.
Drake Est 1905, Larimer Co.
Drakes Est ~1902, Larimer Co.
orig Hibbard
Est 1920, El Paso Co.
(Name changed 1922)
Dresdon RR Stop 1909-1923 map, Huerfano Co.
Drew PO 1884-1886, Gunnison Co.
Driscoll 1896 PO, Fremont Co.
(Never operated?)
Druce PO 1916-1922, Las Animas Co.
Dry Gulch PO 1896-1898, Routt Co.
Dryer PO 1916-1917, Jackson Co.
Dublin Bay 1916 PO, Morgan Co.
Dubois PO 1894-1910, Gunnison Co.
Dubois Stage Station, Cheyenne Co.
aka Dudleyville
PO 1872-1880, Park Co.
(PO moved from Montgomery City)
aka Deur
PO 1916-1920, Prowers Co.
Duff PO
site aka Bird, Schuyler,
Magnolia and Sable
PO 1884-1896, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Adams Co.
Duffield El Paso Co.
Duke 1908 PO, Pueblo Co.
aka Dumond
prev Mill City
Mill City Est 1859, Kansas Territory
Dumont PO Est 1880, Clear Creek Co.
Duncan RR Station on 1895 map, Delta Co.
later Gotera, Lone Oak
PO 1901-1928, Las Animas Co.
(Renamed Gotera 1916, Lone Oak 1922)
Duncan PO 1892-1900, Saguache Co.
see Dunkley
Routt Co.
Dundee RR Stop 1892-1902 map, Pueblo Co.
Dune PO 1891-1895, Saguache Co.
RR Stop 1899 map
aka Dunckley
PO 1892-1942, Routt Co.
Still on 1964 map
Dunton PO 1892-1954, Dolores Co.
Dunul On 1923-1996 map, Rio Grande Co.
Dupont Est 1926, Adams Co.
Durango Est 1880, Inc 1881, La Plata Co.
Durango West La Plata Co.
Durham Mesa Co.
Dutchtown Teller Co.
Dwyer Spur RR Stop on 1895 map, Summit Co.
Dyer RR Stop on 1895 map, El Paso Co.
Site now in Teller Co.
aka Overville
On 1885 map, Custer Co.
Dyersville 1880s Mining Camp, Summit Co.
Dyke PO 1901-1950, Archuleta Co.
(PO moved to Chimney Rock)

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