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City/Town/Place Name Dates/County/Remarks
Eads Est 1887, Bent Co.
Inc 1916, Kiowa Co.
see Eaglite
Mesa Co.
Eagle PO 1880-1882, Summit Co.
Site now in Eagle Co.
prev Castle, Rio Aguila, McDonald
Est 1885
1891 name changed to Eagle
Inc 1905, Eagle Co.
Eagle City
see Ohio
Gunnison Co.
Eagle Creek
see Eagle Rock
Boulder Co.
Eagle Junction Mining Camp, Teller Co.
Eagle Park On 1887 map, Eagle Co.
Eagle Rock
aka Eagle Creek
PO 1876-1877, Boulder Co.
Eagle Sampler Mining Camp, Pitkin Co.
Eagle's Nest Stage Stop, Weld Co.
Eaglite, Eagalite
later Plateau City
Est 1895, Mesa Co.
Renamed in 1901
Earl, Earle On 1879 map, Las Animas Co.
PO 1895-1923
Early Spring 1883 PO Garfield Co.
East Alamosa Alamosa Co.
East Argentine 1867 PO, Clear Creek Co.
East Canon Inc 1905, Fremont Co.
East Lasalle RR Stop 1950 map, Weld Co.
East Leadville
aka Leavick, Horseshoe, Doran
Park Co.
East Mancos RR Stop 1899 map, Montezuma Co.
East Portal Est 1923, Gilpin Co.
(At East end of Moffat Tunnel)
East Portal Montrose Co.
East Ridge Arapahoe Co.
(Substation of Aurora PO)
East Tincup PO 1960-1963, Jefferson Co.
(At amusement park)
East Weston
PO was Cordova
PO (Cordova) 1881-1889, Las Animas Co.
Eastcliffe Custer Co.
Eastdale PO 1895-1909, Costilla Co.
Easterbrook Park
see Estabrook
Park Co.
Eastlake Est 1912, Adams Co.
see Fraser
Grand Co.
later Eastonville
PO 1872-1932, El Paso Co.
Name changed in 1883
Easyville Est 1899, Washington Co.
prev Eatonton
Est 1882
Inc 1892, Weld Co.
Eaton Park
later Indian Hills
Jefferson Co.
Ebert RR Stop 1899 map, Araphoe Co.
(Site now in Adams Co.)
Echo RR Stop 1895-1923 map, Fremont Co.
Echo Lake Est 1921, Clear Creek Co.
Eckert Est 1891, Delta Co.
Eckley PO Est 1883 Weld Co.
Town Est 1889 Washington Co.
Inc 1920, Yuma Co.
Eclipse On 1881 map, San Juan Co.
Eclipse 1890s Mining Camp, El Paso Co.
Absorbed by Elkton, Teller Co.
Economic Junction Mining Camp, Teller Co.
Eddy PO 1890-1913, Routt Co.
Eden PO 1890-1914, Pueblo Co.
Edenview PO 1919-1920, Las Animas Co.
Edge Plain Est 1889, Pueblo Co.
prev Daniels
PO Est 1954, Jefferson Co.
Edgerton PO 1870-1902, El Paso Co.
(PO moved to Pikeview)
Edgewater Est 1890
Inc 1904, Jefferson Co.
Edison On 1956 map, El Paso Co.
Edith PO 1883-1885, Routt Co.
Edith PO 1895-1917, Archuleta Co.
Spanned Colorado/New Mexico Border
PO 1904-1909, Rico Arriba Co. New Mexico
Still existed 1964 Archuleta Co.
Edler PO 1916-1947, Baca Co.
Edlowe PO 1896-1899, El Paso Co.
RR Stop 1920s, Teller Co.
Edwards Est 1883, Eagle Co.
Edwest PO 1916-1919, Las Animas Co.
(PO moved to Delhi)
Egeria PO 1883-1900, Routt Co.
Eggers PO 1926-1944, Larimer Co.
Egnar Est 1917, San Miguel Co.
Eight Mile Creek Stage Station, Arapahoe Co.
Eiler RR Stop on 1895-1899 map, Lake Co.
Eisner Pueblo Co.
El Jebel RR Stop 1923-1980 map, Eagle Co.
PO Est 1973
El Moro, Elmoro
aka Moro, Fort Moro
PO 1876-1933, Las Animas Co.
El Paso Est 1858, Kansas Territory
El Paso
aka El Paso City
later Buttes
Est 1862, El Paso Co.
(Renamed Buttes in 1893)
El Pueblo
see Fort Pueblo
Pueblo Co.
El Rancho Est 1953, Jefferson Co.
El Vado Boulder Co.
El Valle del Gutierrez
later Stonewall
Las Animas Co.
Elba PO 1910-1958, Washington Co.
Elbert Est 1875, Elbert Co.
Elco PO 1905-1914, La Plata Co.
Elder RR Stop 1916-1923 map, Otero Co.
prev Eldorado
Est 1897, Inc 1898, Boulder Co.
Eldorado Springs
prev Hawthorne
Est 1904, Boulder Co.
(Renamed in 1930)
Eldred PO 1892-1907, Fremont Co.
Eldredge RR Stop on 1895-1899 map, Ouray Co.
Electra RR Stop on 1923 map, La Plata Co.
also see Red Elephant
1881 PO, Clear Creek Co.
Elephant Park Jefferson Co.
Eleven Mile Village Park Co.
later Waunita
Est 1882, Gunnison Co.
(PO renamed in 1885)
Elizabeth Est 1880
Inc 1890, Elbert Co.
see Georgetown
Clear Creek Co.
Elk, Elko RR Stop on 1895-1924 map, Saguache Co.
Elk Creek PO 1864-1865, Jefferson Co.
RR Stop 1895 map
Elk Creek RR Stop, Gunnison Co.
Elk Creek Acres Jefferson Co.
Elk Horn
see Elkhorn
Larimer Co.
Elk Lodge On 1964 map, Garfield Co.
Elk Mountain Mining Camp, Gunnison Co.
Elk Mountain Lodge Pitkin Co.
Elk Park Gilpin Co.
Elk Park RR Stop on 1881-1923 map, San Juan Co.
Elk Ridge Routt Co.
Elk Springs Est 1884, Moffat Co.
PO Est 1924
Elkdale PO 1920-1925, Grand Co.
Elkhead PO 1927-1929, Moffat Co.
Elkhead PO 1884-1924, Routt Co.
Elkhorn, Elk Horn PO 1879-1917, Larimer Co.
Elkhorn Mining Camp, Routt Co.
Elko PO 1881-1884, Gunnison Co.
Elko, Elk RR Stop on 1895-1824 map, Saguache Co.
Elkton PO 1881-1882, Gunnison Co.
Elkton PO 1895-1926, El Paso Co.
Later Teller Co.
Ella PO 1873-1876, Greenwood Co.
Later Bent Co.
Site now in Prowers Co.
Ellicott PO 1895-1916, El Paso Co.
see Elwood
Rio Grande Co.
Elm On 1909-1968 map, Weld Co.
aka El Moro
PO 1876-1933, Las Animas Co.
Elmoro Junction RR stop on 1890s map, Las Animas Co.
Elm's Ranch Est 1887, Larimer Co.
Site now in Jackson Co.
(Absorbed by Pearl)
Elphis PO 1916-1923, Kit Carson Co.
Elsmere PO 1889-1890, El Paso Co.
Elwell Weld Co.
aka Ellwood
PO 1882-1899, Rio Grande Co.
Elyria Inc 1890, Arapahoe Co.
PO 1895-1904 (moved from Lyman)
Annexed by Denver in 1897
Embargo PO 1903-1905, Saguache Co.
Emerson PO 1888-1890, Logan Co.
Later Phillips Co.
Emery PO 1892-1897, La Plata Co.
Emma PO 1881-1882, Gunnison Co.
Emma Est 1883, Garfield Co.
Now on Eagle-Pitkin Co. Border
prev Empire City
aka Union City, Valley City
Est 1860, PO Est 1861
Inc 1882, Clear Creek Co.
Empire Station
aka Empire Junction
RR Stop, Clear Creek Co.
Engineer City Mining Camp Est 1881, Ouray Co.
(Part of camp extended into Hinsdale Co.)
Engle, Engleville
aka Engleberg, Engleburg
PO 1882-1913, Las Animas Co.
Engleburg PO 1918-1923, Las Animas Co.
Englewood Est 1875
Inc 1903, Arapahoe Co.
English Gulch RR Stop on 1895 map, Lake Co.
Eno On 1916-1940 maps, Adams Co.
Ensign RR Stop 1884-1887 Map, Weld Co.
Site now in Morgan Co.
Ent Air Force Base
orig Colorado Springs Air Base
Est ~1942, El Paso Co.
PO closed 1975
Now US Olympic Team Training Center
Enterprise PO 1879-1881, Jefferson Co.
(Moved to Platte Canon)
Enterprise On 1899-1923 map, Dolores Co.
later Sanford
Inc 1885
PO 1881-1888, Conjeos Co.
Erickson Spur RR Stop 1916 map, Pueblo Co.
Erie Est 1871, Inc 1885, Weld Co.
(Now spans Boulder-Weld border)
Escalante On 1895-1923 map, Delta Co.
Escalante PO 1889-1893, Routt Co.
Site in Moffat Co.
Escalante 1903 PO, Mesa Co.
(Never operated?)
Escalante Forks Est 1916, Mesa Co.
Eskdale PO 1911-1933, Adams Co.
prev Los Fuertecitos de Encarnacion
PO 1905-1933, Conejos Co.
aka Easterbrook Park
PO 1880-1937, Park Co.
Estelene PO 1910-1927, Baca Co.
Estes Park Est 1876
Inc 1917, Larimer Co.
Estrella Alamosa Co.
Eula PO 1900-1902, Routt Co.
Site in Moffat Co.
Eureka Mining Camp, Gilpin Co.
(Absorbed by Central City)
Eureka Est 1872, La Plata Co.
Inc 1883, San Juan Co.
PO 1875-1942
Eureka RR Stop 1882-1897 map, Bent Co.
Later Cheyenne Co.
Eureka Park Co.
Eva 1889 PO, Montrose Co.
Evans Est 1869
(1870 PO moved from Latham)
Inc 1885, Weld Co.
Evanston Weld Co.
aka Big Evans
On 1879-1900 map, Lake Co.
Evansville Rio Grande Co.
aka Evert, Halfway House,
Seiden's Ranch
Stage Stop, Mining Camp,
PO 1881-1887, Lake Co.
prev The Post
Est ~1866, Jefferson Co.
PO Est 1876
Evergreen Lakes Est 1889, Lake Co.
Eversman PO 1899-1900, Boulder Co.
RR Stop on 1909 map
Excelsior PO 1866-1871, Pueblo Co.
Excelsior On 1885-1887 map, Mesa Co.
PO 1889-1890
aka Exchequerville
PO 1881-1883, Saguache Co.

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