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City/Town/Place Name Dates/County/Remarks
Fair Play
see Fairplay
Park Co.
Fairfax PO 1884-1885, Grand Co.
Still on 1922 map
Fairfield On 1940-1964 map, Phillips Co.
Fairmont Stage Station, Elbert Co.
now Swink
Est 1900, Otero Co.
(Name changed in 1906)
Fairplay, Fair Play
aka Fairplay Diggings, Platte City,
South Park City, Sacramento Flats
Est 1859, Kansas Terr.
Inc 1880, Park Co.
(1859 - Fair Play, Fairplay Diggings
1861 - Platte City, Fairplay
1869-1874 South Park City, 1874 - pres. Fairplay)
Fairview PO 1882-1913, Custer Co.
see Fruita
Mesa Co.
Fairview RR Station on 1895-1899 map, Montrose Co.
Fairview On 1885-1922 map, Pueblo Co.
Fairview Teller Co.
later Slaghts
now Shawnee
PO 1878-1900, Park Co.
(Name changed in 1879 and 1900)
Fary 1881 PO, Fremont Co.
Fairy Glen RR Station on 1895-1899 map, Fremont Co.
Falcon Est 1887, El Paso Co.
Falcon Air Station,
Falcon Air Force Base
now Schriever AFB
Est 1985, El Paso Co.
prev Alfalfa,
Est ~1900, PO 1924-1954, La Plata Co.
Fall Creek RR Stop 1895-1899 map, San Miguel Co.
(Near location of later town.)
Fall Creek Town, PO 1933-1943, San Miguel Co.
(Same site as 1880s Seymour, Silver Pick)
Fall River Est 1860, Clear Creek Co.
Far View Montezuma Co.
prev Huerfano Canon, Talpa
Est ~1855, Huerfano Co.
Farisita PO Est 1923
Farley 1908 PO, Kit Carson Co.
Farmers, Farmer's Spur RR Stop 1895-1968 map, Weld Co.
Farncomb Hill
see Lincoln City
Summit Co.
Farnham, Farnham Spur RR Station, Summit Co.
PO 1881-1895
Farr PO 1907-1946, Huerfano Co.
Townsite was Independence
PO 1881-1882, Pitkin Co.
Farwell PO 1888, Garfield Co.
Farwell PO 1892-1894, Rio Blanco Co.
Fayette Otero Co.
Fearnowville Pueblo Co.
Federal Center Jefferson Co.
Federal Heights Inc 1940, Adams Co.
Fenders Jefferson Co.
Fenton RR Stop 1916 map, Otero Co.
Ferbertie PO 1916-1918, Boulder Co.
aka Hawkins
PO 1888-1890, Bent Co.
Fergus still on 1923 map, Kiowa Co.
later Silt
PO 1883-1891, Garfield Co.
Ferncliff Boulder Co.
Ferndale On 1923 map, Jefferson Co.
Fernleaf RR Stop 1923 map, Fremont Co.
Fields Trading Post On 1964 map, Jefferson Co.
Fidler PO 1881-1882, Fremont Co.
Fife RR Stop 1910 map, Larimer Co.
Filger City 1880s Mining Camp, Summit Co.
Finntown Mining Camp, Lake Co.
Fir Costilla Co.
Fire Clay Jefferson Co.
Firestone Est 1907, Inc 1908, Weld Co.
Firstview PO 1907-1961, Cheyenne Co.
Fifteen Mile House
aka Pierson
Stage Stop, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Adams Co.
Fish Hatchery On 1924 map, Conejos Co.
Fisher RR Stop 1892 map, Boulder Co.
Fisher PO 1899-1890, Chaffee Co.
Still on 1923 map
Fisher PO 1895-1908, Pueblo Co.
Fisher's Fort
see Fort Pueblo
Pueblo Co.
Fisherville Est 1889, San Juan Co.
(At Fisher Stamp Mill)
Fisk's Broadway Gardens Park and Townsite, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Denver Co.
Fisk's Orchard Place, Fisk's Gardens Est 1892, Jefferson Co.
(Second part of Fisk's development)
Fitzsimons Army Medical Center
orig Camp Speer
briefly Bunell PO
Est 1918, Adams Co.
(Closed 1998)
Five Points PO 1908-1915, Denver Co.
prev Bowser, Marlowe
Est 1887, Elbert Co.
Inc 1916, Kit Carson Co.
Flanders Park Co.
Flat Grand Co.
Flat Top PO 1915-1921, Washington Co.
aka Scramento Flats
Est 1878, Park Co.
(Absorbed by Fairplay)
aka McClure House
Est 189~, Pitkin Co.
Flaugh On 1923 map, Archuleta Co.
orig Calvert PO, Twenty-Nine Mile Siding
Est 1887, Weld Co.
(1888 name changed to Fleming)
Inc 1917, Logan Co.
Flemings Ranch Stage Station & PO 1863-1875, Weld Co.
now Aurora
Inc 1891, Arapahoe Co.
Flora PO 1889-1894, Sedgwick Co.
prev Frazerville
Est 1860, Kansas Territory
1872 Renamed Florence
Inc 1887, Fremont Co.
Floresta PO 1897-1919, Gunnison Co.
Florida PO 1877-1881, La Plata Co.
Florida RR Stop on 1899 map, La Plata Co.
(Different site from earlier PO)
Florissant Est 1870, Inc 1891, El Paso Co.
Now in Teller Co.
Floyd Hill RR Station on 1895 map, Clear Creek Co.
PO 1912-1937
Flues PO 1915-1933, Las Animas Co.
Fluorspar Mine Mining Camp, Mineral Co.
Flying M Ranch On 1964 map, Saguache Co.
Flying W Est 1880s, Mesa Co.
Focus PO 1921-1926, Custer Co.
Folsum Town Est ~1880, Ouray Co.
Absorbed by Pandora, San Miguel Co.
Folsum 1880 PO, San Miguel Co.
(At the Folsum Mines)
Fondis PO 1895-1954, Elbert Co.
Fontaine City Est 1858, Kansas Terr.
Site now in Pueblo Co.
aka Foose's Camp, Foose's Gulch
Ext 1879-189~, Chaffee Co.
Foothills PO 1921-1927, Pueblo Co.
Forbes PO 1889-1929, Las Animas Co.
Forbes Junction PO 1906-1910, Las Animas Co.
Ford PO 1881-1885, Fremont Co.
(1885 PO moved to Texas Creek)
Ford PO 1909-1917, Yuma Co.
(1917 PO moved to Wages)
Ford RR Stop 1916-1968 map, Logan Co.
Forder PO 1901-1944, Lincoln Co.
Forest City
see Saint Elmo
Chaffee Co.
Forest Hill Mining Camp, Gunnison Co.
Forestdale PO 1914-1926, Custer Co.
Forks PO 1898-1905, Larimer Co.
Forks Creek, Forkscreek Est 1872, Jefferson Co.
Formby PO 1895-1901, Montezuma Co.
Fort Amity Salvation Army Camp
Ext 1898-1908, Prowers Co.
Fort Arnett Settler Fort Est 1879, Summit Co.
Site now in Eagle Co.
Fort Baker
see Camp Collins, Fort Collins
Larimer Co.
Fort Beaubois
see Beaubois Fort
1860s Settlers Fort, Huerfano Co.
Fort Big Spring Military Post 1858-1870
Site now in Cheyenne Co.
Fort Boyd Settler Camp 1859-1860, Nebraska Terr
Site now in Weld Co.
Fort Breckenridge
see Fort Meribeth
Summit Co.
Fort Carson
prev Camp Carson
Est 1942, El Paso Co.
(Renamed Fort Carson 1954)
Fort Cass
aka Gantts Fort
Trading Post 1831-1835
Site now in Pueblo Co.
Fort Cedar Point Military Post 1867-1868, Douglas Co.
Site now in Elbert Co.
Fort Chambers Settler Post 1864-1902, Boulder Co.
Fort Collins
prev Camp Collins, Fort Baker
Military Post 1864-1867
Town Est 1865
Inc 1883, Larimer Co.
Fort Convenience Trading Post 1832-1834
Site now in Adams Co.
Fort Crawford
prev Uncompahgre Cantonment
Military Post Est 1880
RR Stop on 1895 map, Montrose Co.
Fort Crockett
aka Fort Davy Crockett, Fort Misery
Trading Post 1837-1840
Site now in Moffatt Co.
Fort Defiance Settler Post Est 1879, Garfield Co.
(On Ute Reservation)
Fort DeReemer Ext 1879, Fremont Co.
(Denver and Rio Grande RR Fort in the Royal
Gorge to keep out Santa Fe RR track crews.)
Fort Dominguez Trading Post
Site now in Delta Co.
Fort Dora
see Dora Fort
Settler Fort 1848-1849
Site now in Custer Co.
Fort Fauntleroy Early name for Fort Lyon, New Mexico often
mistakenly associated with Colorado's Fort Lyon
Fort Fisher
see Fort Pueblo
Pueblo Co.
Fort Flagler Military Post 1879-1880, La Plata Co.
Fort Fraeb 1840s Trading Post
Site now in Routt Co.
Fort Gantt
aka Gantts Fort
Trading Post 1831-1834
Site now in Bent Co.
Fort Garland Military Post & Town Est 1858, New Mexico
Territory, PO Est 1865, Fort Closed 1887
Town now in Costilla Co.
Fort George
see Fort Saint Vrain
Weld Co.
Fort Gerry Trading Post 1830s-1854
Site now in Weld Co.
Fort Henderson Settler Fort, Pueblo Co.
Fort Holly 1860s Settler Fort, Bent Co.
Site now in Prowers Co.
Fort Huerfano
see Autobees Ranch
Bent Co.
Fort Huntsville
aka Fort Peoples, Fort Oakes, Oaks Folly
Settlers Fort Est 1859, Kansas Terr
Site now in Douglas Co.
Fort Independence
see Fort Leche
Otero Co.
Fort Jackson Trading Post 1837-1844,
Site now in Weld Co.
Fort Juana
see Fort Pueblo
Pueblo Co.
Fort Junction Est 1866, Gilpin Co.
PO 1866-1867
Fort Junction Settlers Fort Est 1864, Weld Co.
Fort Lancaster
see Fort Lupton
Weld Co.
Fort Latham
orig Cherokee City, Latham
aka Camp Curtis
Est 1861 (Cherokee City), Weld Co.
(1863 renamed Latham, 1864 Ft. Latham)
Fort Leche
aka Milk Fort, Peebles Fort,
Fort Independence
Trading Post Est 1839
Site now in Otero Co.
Fort LeDuc
aka Fort Maurice Ledoux, Buzzards Roost
Maurices Fort, Crows Nest
Trading Post 1839-1849
Site now in Fremont Co.
Fort Lewis "1st"
aka Fort Pagosa
Military Post Est 1877, Conejos Co.
Site now in Archuleta Co.
Fort Lewis "2nd" Military Post Ext 1880-1891, La Plata Co.
RR Stop 1899-1920s map
Fort Lincoln Settlers Fort Est 1864, Douglas Co.
Fort Logan
prev Camp Cooper, Camp Logan,
Fort Sheridan
Military Post Est 1887, Arapahoe Co.
Now a National Cemetery and state hospital in Denver Co.
Fort Lookout
see Fort Saint Vrain
Weld Co.
Fort Lupton
briefly Fort Lancaster, Weld
Military/Trading Post, Est 1836
PO Est 1861, Nebraska Terr.
Town Est 1882, Inc 1890, Weld Co.
Fort Lyon (Old Fort Lyon)
Fort Wise, Bent's New Fort, Fort Bent
US Army Post Est ~1855, Kansas Territory at Bent's Fort
Fort was north of Prowers in (now) Bent Co..
In 1866, the Army moved to Fort Lyon 2.
Fort Lyon (2nd) US Army Post Est 1866, Huerfano Co.
Has been in Las Animas, and Pueblo Counties
Fort Lyon 2 was closed in Dec 1889.
Site now in Bent Co. just east of the town of Fort Lyon
Fort Lyon (today)
briefly New Fort Lyon
US Navy Hospital, Est 1907, Bent Co.
Transferred to VA in 1922.
Transferred to Colo. Dept. of Corrections in 2001.
Fort Lyon National Cemetery At Fort Lyon, Bent Co.
Fort Lyon (Town of) PO Est 1921, Bent Co.
Fort Marbury
see Fort Meribeth
Summit Co.
Fort Mary B
see Fort Meribeth
Summit Co.
Fort Maurice LeDoux, Fort Maurice
see Fort LeDux
Fremont Co.
Fort Massachusetts Military Post 1852-1858
Site now in Conejos Co.
First permanent US Army Post in Colorado
Fort McHenry On 1885 Map, Summit Co.
Fort Meeker Military Post Est 1887, Rio Blanco Co.
Fort Meribeth
aka Fort Mary B, Fort Marbury
Fort Breckenridge
Settlers Fort Est 1859
Site now in Summit Co.
Fort Misery
see Fort Crockett
Moffat Co.
Fort Moore
aka Washington Ranch, Fort Washington
Stage Station Est 1862
PO 1866-1868, Weld Co.
Site now in Logan Co.
Fort Morgan
aka Camp Tyler, Post Junction,
Camp Wardwell, Fort Wardwell
Military Post 1865-1868
Town Est 1866, Weld Co.
(1866 PO moved from Junction House)
Inc 1887, Morgan Co.
Fort Moro
aka El Moro, Moro
Settler Post Est 1876, Las Animas Co.
Fort Namaqua
see Namaqua
Trading Post Est 1858, Nebraska Terr.
Site now in Larimer Co.
Fort Nepesta
see Fort Pueblo
Pueblo Co.
Fort Oakes
aka Fort Huntsville, Fort Peoples
Settlers Fort Est 1859
Site now in Douglas Co.
Fort Pagosa
see Fort Lewis
Archuleta Co.
Fort Pella Settler Post Est 1861, Boulder Co.
Fort Peoples
see Fort Oaks, Fort Huntsville
Douglas Co.
Fort Pueblo
aka El Pueblo, Fort Nepesta,
Pueblo Almagre, Fort Spaulding, Fort Juana,
Fisher's Fort, Fort Fisher
Trading Post 1842-1854
Site now in Pueblo Co.
Fort Reynolds
aka Marcys Camp
Military Post 1867-1872, Pueblo Co.
PO 1869-1870
Fort Rice Settlers Post 1860s-1876, Pueblo Co.
Fort Roubidoux
see Fort Uncompahgre
Montrose Co.
Fort Saint Vrain
orig Fort Lookout, Fort George
Trading Post 1836-1854,
(Abandoned 1854, later rebuilt see St. Vrain, St. Vrains)
Site now in Weld Co.
Fort Sanders Trading Post Est 1858, Kansas Territory
Site now in Adams Co.
Fort Sangre de Cristo
See Spanish Fort
Huerfano Co.
Fort Schofield Military Post, Grand Co.
Fort Sedgwick
aka Camp Rankin
Military Post 1864-1871
PO 1866-1869, Weld Co.
Site now in Sedgwick Co.
Fort Sheridan
see Fort Logan
Arapahoe Co.
Fort Spaulding
see Fort Pueblo
Pueblo Co.
Fort Sterling 1870s Settlers Sod Fort, Weld Co.
Site now in Logan Co.
Fort Talpa Settler Fort Est 1820
Site now in Huerfano Co.
Fort Uncompahgre
aka Fort Roubidoux
Trading Post 1830-1844
Site now in Montrose Co.
Fort Vasquez Trading Post 1835-1840
Site now in Weld Co.
Fort Wardwell
see Fort Morgan
Morgan Co.
Fort Washington
aka Quick Ranch Fort
1860s Military Post, Douglas Co.
Fort Washington
see Fort Moore
Logan Co.
Fort Weld
aka Camp Elbert, Camp Weld
Military Post 1861-1865, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Denver Co.
Fort Wicked
aka Godfrey's
Stage Stop, Est ~1860, Nebraska Terr.
(Same site as later 1873 South Platte PO)
Site now in Logan Co.
Fort William
see Bents Fort
Otero Co.
Fort Wise
also see Fort Lyon
Military Post, Bent Co.
PO 1860-1862
Fort Worth Crossing RR Stop on 1895 map, Las Animas Co.
Fortification PO 1883-1922, Routt Co.
Later in Moffat Co.
Fortune Placer
aka Fortune
Ext 1911, Park Co.
see Boone
RR Station on 1895 map, Pueblo Co.
Fossil Creek RR Stop 1882-1922 map, Larimer Co.
Fosston Est 1909, Weld Co.
PO 1910-1941
Fountain Est 1864
Inc 1903, El Paso Co.
(Area named La Fontaine Qui Bouille by
early French explorers)
Fountain Valley School PO 1957-1982, El Paso Co.
Four Corners Larimer Co.
Four Corners Lincoln Co.
Four Corners Crossing Bent Co.
Four Mile House 1860s-1870s Stage Stop, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Denver Co.
Fouret 1919 PO, Las Animas Co.
(Never operated?)
Fourmile PO 1895-1899, Routt Co.
Site in Moffat Co.
Fourth of July Camp On 1875 map, Boulder Co.
prev Oxford
briefly Alexander
Est 1882, Bent Co.
Name changed 1890
Inc 1900, Otero Co.
Fowler RR Stop 1923 map, Crowley Co.
Fowler's Lookout Trading Post 1821-1822
Site now in Pueblo Co.
Fox, Fox Ranch PO 1890-1912, Arapahoe Co.
Ranch post office, site now in Yuma Co.
Fox Creek Conejos Co.
Foxfield Inc 1994, Arapahoe Co.
prev Park Siding
Est 1876, Jefferson Co.
Name changed 1909
Fraley PO 1916-1918, Summit Co.
Frances PO 1898-1907, Boulder Co.
Franceville PO 1881-1894, El Paso Co.
Franceville Junction PO 1892-1899, El Paso Co.
Francisco, Francisco Ranch, Francisco Plaza
see La Veta
Huerfano Co.
Franklin 1880s Mining Camp, Summit Co.
aka Franklin Junction
RR Stop, La Plata Co.
Franklin RR Stop 1899 map, Las Animas Co.
Franktown, Frankstown
prev California Ranch
Est ~1861
Inc 1885, Douglas Co.
aka Easton, Frazier, Frazer
Est 1871
Inc 1953, Grand Co.
Fraser POW Camp 1944-1945 Camp, Grand Co.
Frawley PO 1916-1918, Summit Co.
now Florence
Est 1860, Kansas Territory
Renamed 1872, Fremont Co.
Frederick Est 1907
Inc 1908, Weld Co.
Fredonia PO 1892-1900, Bent Co.
Free Gold PO 1880-1881, Chaffee Co.
orig Morgan
PO 1900-1905, Conejos Co.
Name changed 1901
Fredonia PO 1892-1900, Bent Co.
aka Trail Creek Camp
Est 1877
PO 1879-1908, Clear Creek Co.
Freeman On 1964 map, Rio Grande Co.
briefly Morland
now Cripple Creek
Est 1891, Inc 1892, El Paso Co.
Now in Teller Co.
Fremont Stage Station, Weld Co.
Site now in Morgan Co.
Fremont PO 1908-1914, Washington Co.
Fremont Junction RR Stop 1899 map, Fremont Co.
Fremont Mine RR stop 1899 map, Fremont Co.
Fremont Pass
see Climax
Lake Co.
Fremonts Butte Rail Stop, 1885 map, Weld Co.
Same site as Pinneo in todays Washington Co.
Fremonts Orchard Stage Station, PO 1863-1877, Weld Co.
Site now in Morgan Co.
French Mining Camp, 1881 map, San Miguel Co.
French Creek
aka French River
Mining District, Summit Co.
now Guffey
Inc 1897, Park Co.
Frick Baca Co.
briefly Frontier Legion
Est 1886, PO 1887-1901, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Yuma Co.
Frisco Est 1879
Inc 1880, Summit Co.
Frontier City Est 1906, Lincoln Co.
Frost PO 1899-1901, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Adams Co.
Frost's Ranch
prev Virginia
later Rock Ridge
PO 1871-1872, Douglas Co.
orig Fairview, Fruitvale, Mesa
Est 1883, Mesa Co.
Renamed Fruita in 1884, Inc 1894
Fruitmere RR Stop 1899 map, Fremont Co.
Fruitvale Est 1948, Mesa Co.
Frys RR Stop 1916 map, Larimer Co.
aka Camp Fulford
Est Bef 1887, PO 1892-1910, Eagle Co.
Fulton PO 1866-1867, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Adams Co.
Funston Garfield Co.
Furman RR Stop 1916-1924 map, Pueblo Co.
Futurity Chaffee Co.

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