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City/Town/Place Name Dates/County/Remarks
Hackberry Spring On 1885 map, Las Animas Co.
Site of later Kazan PO
Hadfield's Island Logan Co.
Hadley RR Stop 1916-1927 map, Bent Co.
Still on 1997 map
Hagens RR Stop 1895-1920s map, Ouray Co.
Hagerman RR Stop 1895 map, Pitkin Co.
Hahn's Park, Hahns Peak Est 1864
Inc 1885, Routt Co.
Hahns Peak PO 1877-1941
Hale Est 1887, Arapahoe Co.
PO 1890-1984
Site in Yuma Co.
Halfway, Half-Way RR Stop 1899 map, El Paso Co.
PO 1903-1917 (Hotel post office)
Halfway, Half Way RR Stop on 1895-1920 map, Park Co.
Halfway House Stage Stop, Archuleta Co.
Halfway House Stage Stop, Eagle Co.
Halfway House
see Coberly's Ranch
Stage Stop, Douglas Co.
Halfway House Gunnison Co.
Halfway House
see Everett
Stage Stop, Lake Co.
Hall RR stop 1902-1909 map, El Paso Co.
Hall Est Bef 1916, Logan Co.
Hall Station 1923 RR Stop, Archuleta Co.
Hall Station On 1954-1970 map, Lincoln Co.
Hall Valley
aka Hall City, Hall's Gulch
later Hallvale
PO 1874-1898, Park Co.
(Renamed in 1894)
Hallack Junction RR Stop 1909 map, Jefferson Co.
Halls 1885 Waystop, Saguache Co.
Halls On 1964 map, Gunnison Co.
Halls Spur RR Stop 1895 map, Clear Creek Co.
Hambert Weld Co.
Hamilton Chaffee Co.
aka Tarryall Diggings
PO 1860-1881, Park Co.
Hamilton Est 1885, Routt Co.
PO Est 1896, Moffat Co.
Hamiltons On 1885 map, Huerfano Co.
Hamlet On 1968 map, Pueblo Co.
Hammond PO 1896-1903, Park Co.
(Still RR Stop on 1923 map)
Hancock PO 1880-1904, Inc 1885, Chaffee Co.
Hancock RR Stop 1895 map, Gunnison Co.
Handcart Gulch
aka Hall's Gulch
Park Co.
Hanging Bridge RR Stop 1895-1899 map, Fremont Co.
Hangman Camp Mining Camp, Chaffee Co.
Hangtown Lake Co.
(Absorbed by Leadville)
Hanna Rio Grande Co.
Hanover 1913 PO, Kit Carson Co.
(Never operated?)
Hanover PO 1913-1921, El Paso Co.
Happy Canyon Douglas Co.
Happyville PO 1910-1922, Yuma Co.
(In 1921 a "Happyville" townsite was platted at the
Heartstrong PO about two miles from the Happyville PO.)
Harbord RR Stop, Baca Co.
aka Harbourville
PO 1915-1925, Bent Co.
prev Platte Valley
PO 1881-1955, Weld Co.
Hardman On 1909-1920 map, Weld Co.
Hardscrabble Est 1840, site now in Pueblo Co.
Hardscrabble 1925 PO, Routt Co.
Hargisville PO 1908-1915, Elbert Co.
Harlem Est 1889, Pueblo Co.
Harlow PO 1890-1891, Mesa Co.
Still on 1895 map
Harman Inc 1886, Arapahoe Co.
PO 1887-1904
Annexed by Denver in 1895
Harman RR Stop 1895 map, Washington Co.
Harmony On 1916-1997 map, Larimer Co.
Harney On 1924-1968 map, Weld Co.
Harp, Harps Mining Camp 1887 map, Chaffee Co.
Harris Routt Co.
now Westminster
Est 1890, Arapahoe Co.
Now in Adams Co.
(Name changed in 1908)
Harris Park Park Co.
Harrisburg PO 1887-1955, Arapahoe Co.
Later Washington Co.
aka Harrison Reduction Works
see Leadville
Lake Co.
Harrison PO 1901-1908, Routt Co.
Hartford Mining Camp, Clear Creek Co.
Hartman Est 1908, Inc 1910, Prowers Co.
Hartner Alamosa Co.
Hartsel, Hartsell Est 1866, Park Co.
PO Est 1875
see Heartstrong
Est 1921, Yuma Co.
Hartsville Mining Camp, Chaffee Co.
Hatton On 1899 map, Fremont Co.
Hartz Mining Camp, Chaffee Co.
Harvard City Ext 1874-1882, Lake Co.
Later Chaffee Co.
Haskill PO 1888-1907, San Miguel Co.
Still on 1923 map
Hastings Waystop 1880s, San Miguel Co.
Hastings PO 1889-1939, Inc 1892, Las Animas Co.
Hasty Est 1907, Bent Co.
Haswell RR Stop 1895 map, Kiowa Co.
PO & Town Est 1903, Inc 1920
Hatchery On 1885-1895 map, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Adams Co.
Hathaway's RR Stop 1895 map, Summit Co.
Hathaway's Quarry RR Stop 1892 map, Douglas Co.
Hatton PO 1882-1887, Fremont Co.
Still on 1923 map
see Hawley
Otero Co.
Haumann, Hauman PO 1882-1885, Saguache Co.
Haver RR Stop 1899-1923 map, Park Co.
Haverly Mining Camp, Gunnison Co.
(Absorbed by Irwin)
Haverly RR Stop, Gunnison Co.
1880 PO near Gunnison
Haverlys Ext 1880s, San Miguel Co.
Hawhurst, Hawkhurst
see Hawxhurst
Mesa Co.
see Fergus
Est ~1888, Bent Co.
Site now in Kiowa Co.
Hawkinsville Mining Camp, Chaffee Co.
aka Hauck
Est 1908, Otero Co.
Haworth PO 1884-1906, Larimer Co.
Later Jackson Co.
Hawthorn Est 1887, Arapahoe Co.
Absorbed by Englewood
now Eldorado Springs
PO 1904-1930, Boulder Co.
aka Hawhurst, Hawkhurst
PO 1882-1892, Gunnison Co.
Site now in Mesa Co.
orig Haxtum
aka Haxton
Est 1888, Logan Co.
Inc 1909, Phillips Co.
(Name changed in 1922)
Hay Creek On 1885 map, San Miguel Co.
Hay Ranch RR Station 1895-1924 map, Park Co.
Hay Siding On 1887 Map, Costilla Co.
Site now in Alamosa Co.
Hay Spur On 1895 map, Morgan Co.
orig Junction City
PO 1912-1951, Routt Co.
(1918 PO renamed Haybro)
Hayden Est 1875, Grand Co.
Inc 1885, Routt Co.
Hayden On 1885-1895 map, Lake Co.
Hayden RR Stop 1916 map, Pueblo Co.
Hayden Creek
later Palmer, Hendricks
Est 1878, Fremont Co.
PO 1878-1880 (Renamed Palmer)
Hayden Placer Est 1891, El Paso Co.
Merged with Fremont to create
Cripple Creek, Teller Co.
Hayes On 1895-1923 map, Alamosa Co.
Hayford RR Stop 1916-1920 map, Logan Co.
Hayman PO 1904-1918, Park Co.
Haynes Ranch PO 1861-1863, Pueblo Co.
Hays Otero Co.
Haywood Stage Stop 1880-1890, Summit Co.
PO 1879-1882
Haywood RR Stop 1899-1920s map, Rio Grande Co.
Haywood Springs RR Stop 1895 map, Chaffee Co.
prev Derblay, Washburn
PO Est 1889, Arapahoe Co.
PO closed 1907, Adams Co.
Hazeltine Heights Adams Co.
Heartstrong, Hartstrong PO 1921-1940, Yuma Co.
(Townsite was also known as Happyville.)
Heath Kiowa Co.
Heathton PO 1906-1908, Fremont Co.
Hebron PO 1884-1922, Larimer Co.
Later Jackson Co.
Hecla PO 1891-1895, Garfield Co.
Hecla Junction RR Stop on 1895-1899 map, Chaffee Co.
Hedinger Lake ~1860s Stage Stop, Douglas Co.
Site now in Lincoln Co.
Heeney Est 1939, Summit Co.
Heiberger PO 1908-1925, Mesa Co.
later Nathrop
PO 1866-1880, Lake Co.
Now in Chaffee Co.
Hellgate Mining Camp, Pitkin Co.
Hellgate RR Stop, Pitkin Co.
Hells Acre Mining Camp, Hinsdale Co.
prev Island Station
Est 1859, Arapahoe Co.
Now in Adams Co.
(Name changed in 1894)
now Sedgwick
Est 1883, Weld Co.
Now in Sedgwick Co.
(Name changed in 1885)
prev Hayden Creek, Palmer
PO 1887-1891, Fremont Co.
(1891 PO moved to Coaldale)
Henkel RR Stop 1909-1958 map, El Paso Co.
Henkel On 1924 map, Pueblo Co.
Henry PO 1889-1896, Conejos Co.
Still on 1923 Alamosa Co. Map
Henry PO 1880-1882, Lake Co.
orig Lariat
now Monte Vista
Est 1881, Inc 1885, Rio Grande Co.
Lariat PO 1881-1884
Henry PO 1884-1886
Monte Vista PO Aft 1886
Henry PO 1907-1917, Washington Co.
Henry Station
see Monument
Settler Post Est 1869, El Paso Co.
Henson PO 1883-1913, Hinsdale Co.
Herard PO 1905-1912, Saguache Co.
Hereford On 1887 map, Mesa Co.
Hereford (orig) PO 1888-1894, Weld Co.
(Hereford may have been in Wyoming)
Hereford (today) Est 1909, Weld Co.
Heritage PO Est 1976, Arapahoe Co.
Hermes PO 1908-1919, Yuma Co.
(1916-1917 operated in Kit Carson Co.)
Hermit Est 1880, PO 1904-1920, Hinsdale Co.
Hermitage PO 1878-1884, Grand Co.
Hermitage PO 1904-1907, Dolores Co.
Still on 1923 map.
Hermosa PO 1876-1900, La Plata Co.
Hermosilla, Hermosillo PO 1867-1870, Huerfano Co.
PO 1870-1872, Pueblo Co.
Herndon 1884 PO, Jefferson Co.
PO was Barton
On 1902-1924 map, Prowers Co.
Herrick RR Stop 1895-1899 map, Pueblo Co.
Herzman Mesa Jefferson Co.
Hesperus Est 1891, La Plata Co.
(PO moved from Ft. Lewis)
Hessie PO 1898-1902, Boulder Co.
Hester PO 1905-1912, Otero Co.
Site in Crowley Co.
Heston RR Stop 1920-1924 map, Larimer Co.
Hewit PO 1882-1885, La Plata Co.
Heywood, Haywood
aka Hortense
PO 1877-1904, Lake Co.
Later Chaffee Co.
(Named Heywood 1884-1888)
Hezron PO 1902-1912, Huerfano Co.
Hezron Junction RR Stop, Huerfano Co.
Hiawatha Est ~1926, Moffat Co.
later Drennen
PO 1920-1922, El Paso Co.
Hickman PO 1866-1869, Fremont Co.
Hicks PO 1895-1918, Las Animas Co.
Hidden Valley Jefferson Co.
Hideaway Park
Area prev known as
Woodstock, Vasquez, Little Chicago
Est 1932, Grand Co.
PO 1949-1980
Hierro RR Stop on 1895-1924 map, Gunnison Co.
Higbee PO 1872-1925, Bent Co.
Later Otero Co.
prev Dolomite
later Newett
PO 1890-1895, Chaffee Co.
Higgins PO 1911-1914, Las Animas Co.
High Point Est 1894, Mesa Co.
High View Acres Montezuma Co.
aka Chloride
Est 1879, Pitkin Co.
Highland RR Stop 1892-1959 map, Boulder Co.
Highlandlake/Highland Lake PO
Town is Highlandlake
PO 1883-1913, Weld Co.
Highland Mary Mining Town, PO 1878-1885, San Juan Co.
Highland Park Mesa Co.
Highland Park Est 1980s, Park Co.
(Same site as 1870s Ranch Estates)
Highland Terrace Montezuma Co.
orig Highlandtown
Est 1883, Inc 1885, Arapahoe Co.
Annexed by Denver in 1888
PO 1883-1897
Highline RR Stop, Arapahoe Co.
Highmore PO 1889-1931, Garfield Co.
Higho PO 1889-1930, Larimer Co.
Later Jackson Co.
Highpark PO 1896-1917, El Paso Co.
Later Teller Co.
Hill City Est 1881, Clear Creek Co.
Hillden RR Station 1895 map, Saguache Co.
Hill Top 1885 Mining Camp, Park Co.
(Same site as later Antero Junction)
Hillerton PO 1879-1882, Gunnison Co.
(Moved to Abbeyville)
Hillrose Est 1900
Inc 1919, Morgan Co.
Hillsboro, Hillsborough
now Milliken
PO 1871-1903, Weld Co.
(1871 Hillsborough, 1891 Hillsboro, 1909 Milliken)
Hillsborough Est 1928, Adams Co.
Hillsdale 1880 PO, Fremont Co.
Hillsdale Ext 1871-1880s, Park Co.
Hillside Est 1882, Arapahoe Co.
prev Texas, Texas Creek
Est 1872, Fremont Co.
Texas PO renamed Hillside 1884
Same site as the first Texas Creek
Hillside RR Stop 1889 map, Ouray Co.
see Bath
Chaffee Co.
Hilltop, Hill Top
prev Bellevue
PO 1890-1943, Douglas Co.
Hilltop Junction RR Stop 1895-1900 map, Park Co.
prev Hillton
RR Stop 1887-1920 map, Bent Co.
Hiltonville PO 1873-1875, Weld Co.
Hine's Fork Waystop 1881 map, San Juan Co.
Hinkles RR Stop 1895-1923 map, Gunnison Co.
Hinsdale Lumber Camp 1870-1875, Park Co.
Hirst PO 1899-1901, Costilla Co.
Site now in Alamosa Co.
(Located at the Commodore Mine)
Hitchens Routt Co.
Hitchen's Camp Mining Camp, Grand Co.
Hitt RR Stop, Sedgwick Co.
Hiwan Hills Jefferson Co.
Hobart PO 1900-1902, Teller Co.
Hobson Pueblo Co.
Hodgson RR Stop 1916-1923 map, Weld Co.
Hoehne Est 1886, Las Animas Co.
Hoffman Heights PO 1941-1982, Arapahoe Co.
(Branch of Aurora PO)
Hog Back Stage Station, Las Animas Co.
On 1879 map.
Hogg PO
aka Stapleton
PO 1903-1906, Montezuma Co.
Hohnville Est 1887, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Adams Co.
Hoine Ranch RR Stop 1899 map, La Plata Co.
Holbrook PO 1906-1907, Otero Co.
(Never operated?)
Holden PO 1892-1893, Pueblo Co.
Hole in the Prairie Stage Station, Las Animas Co.
Hole in the Rock Stage Station, Las Animas Co.
Still on 1899 map
Holiday Acres Archuleta Co.
Holland Est ~1874, 1874 PO, Park Co.
(Abandoned by 1875)
Hollowell Corner Larimer Co.
orig Holleys
Est 1880, Bent Co.
Inc 1903, Prowers Co.
Holly's Ranch Ext 1896, Park Co.
Hollywood Teller Co.
Holmes RR Stop, El Paso Co.
Holmes City Est 1887, Las Animas Co.
Site now in Baca Co.
Holmesville Washington Co.
Holsteins On 1885 map, Lincoln Co.
Holtwold PO 1889-1917, Elbert and El Paso Counties
(1889-1892 Elbert, 1910-1917 El Paso)
Holy Cross
aka Holy Cross City
PO 1882-1904, Summit Co.
Later Eagle Co.
Holyoke PO Est 1887, Weld Co.
Inc 1888, Logan Co.
Now in Phillips Co.
Home PO 1882-1946, Larimer Co.
Home Place Otero Co.
Home Ranch RR Stop 1885-1923 map, La Plata Co.
Homelake Est 1919, Rio Grande Co.
Homestake Ext 1871-188~, Lake Co.
Very near Eagle Co. Border
Homewood Park Jefferson Co.
Honnald PO 1890-1904, Routt Co.
see The Hook
La Plata Co.
Hooks Eagle Co.
prev Garrison
Est 1891, Inc 1898, Costilla Co.
Renamed 1896, Now in Alamosa Co.
Hoopup PO 1919-1937, Las Animas Co.
Hoosier RR Station 1895-1920s map, Park Co.
Hoosier Mining Camp, Teller Co.
Hoosier City Mining Camp, Gilpin Co.
Hoovers Corner Montrose Co.
later Snowden
PO 1885-1893, Lake Co.
(Renamed 1890)
Hope PO 1896-1900, Mesa Co.
see Mount Hope
Est 1887, Pitkin Co.
Hope RR Stop 1923 map, Weld Co.
Hopewell Mining Camp, Gunnison Co.
(Absorbed by Irwin)
Hopkins RR Stop 1895 map, Pitkin Co.
1899 RR map shows Hopkins in Eagle Co.
Hopkins On 1923 map, Eagle Co.
Horace PO 1896-1899, El Paso Co.
Site now in Teller Co.
Horsefly PO 1886-1915, Montrose Co.
Horseshoe, Horse Shoe
aka Old Town, Doran, East Leadville
PO 1880-1894, Inc 1881, Park Co.
Horsetooth Heights Larimer Co.
aka Heywood, Haywood
PO 1877-1904, Lake Co.
Later Chaffee Co.
Heywood PO 1884-1901
see Orodelfan
Boulder Co.
Hot Springs, Hot Spring PO 1877-1879, Ouray Co.
Still on 1885 map
Hot Springs On 1885 map, Gunnison Co.
(Two sites shown on map)
Hot Springs
aka Hot Springs Camp
On 1885 map, Mineral Co.
Hot Springs RR Station 1895 map, Saguache Co.
Hot Sulphur Springs
aka Sulphur Springs
Est 1874, Inc 1903, Grand Co.
Sulpher Springs PO 1894-1911
see Colona
Ouray Co.
Hotchkiss Est 1881, Gunnison Co.
Inc 1901, Delta Co.
Hotchkiss RR Stop 1895 map, Weld Co.
Houck 1883 PO, Huerfano Co.
Still on 1885 & 1922 map
Houghton On 1956-1970 map, Las Animas Co.
Houston PO 1909-1923, Weld Co.
(Not listed in Colorado Post Offices.)
orig Pleasant Valley
Est 1877, Fremont Co.
Renamed 1882
Howard's Fork
now Ophir
Est 1878, San Miguel Co.
briefly Bullion City
PO 1874-1939, La Plata Co.
Inc 1885, San Juan Co.
prev Dell's Camp
aka David's
PO 1887-1933, Park Co.
later Jacks Cabin
PO 1879-1918, Gunnison Co.
Renamed 1909
Howland Mining Camp 1870s-1882, Lake Co.
PO 1879-1882
Hoyt 1888 PO, Elbert Co.
Site now in Kit Carson Co.
Hoyt Est 1906, Morgan Co.
Hubbards Ext 1896, Park Co.
Hudson Est 1883
Inc 1914, Weld Co.
Huerfano (1st) PO 1862-1879, Huerfano Co.
Site now in Pueblo Co.
(PO moved to nearby Undercliffe)
Huerfano (2nd) RR Stop 1873 map, Pueblo Co.
(Near Booneville)
Huerfano (3nd) PO 1882-1884, Pueblo County
(Re-establishment of 1st?)
Huerfano, Huerfano Station
prev Ute PO
RR Stop 1887-1923 map, Huerfano Co.
PO 1900-1929
(Ute PO 1888-1900)
Huerfano Cañon
also see Farisita
PO 1878-1890, Huerfano Co.
(PO moved to Talpa)
Huerfano Canyon
see Gardner
1871 PO, Huerfano Co.
Huff Delta Co.
prev Pallas
later Pallas
Inc 1907, Routt Co.
PO name 1906-1908
now Brighton
Est 1871, Arapahoe Co.
1885 name changed to Brighton
Original site now in Adams Co.
City spans Adams-Weld Border
Hughes PO 1913-1954, Yuma Co.
Hughes RR Stop 1923 map, Ouray Co.
Hughesville 1870s Mining Camp, Gilpin Co.
prev Willow Springs
Est 1871, Douglas Co.
Later Elbert Co.
Inc 1909, Lincoln Co.
Hugo Springs ~1860s Stage Stop, Douglas Co.
Site now in Lincoln Co.
Hukill PO 1879-1880, Clear Creek Co.
Hulbert RR Station 1895 map, El Paso Co.
Hull City
PO was Macon
Est 1895, El Paso Co.
Absorbed by Independence, Teller Co.
Humbar 1887 PO, Las Animas Co.
(PO moved to Troy)
Hummel PO 1882-1883, Chaffee Co.
later Segundo
Las Animas Co.
Humphrey RR Stop 1895-1899 map, Pitkin Co.
see Purcell
Weld Co.
Hunter Mesa Co.
Hunt's Concentration Works
see Orodelfan
Boulder Co.
Hunt's Spring Mining Boom Waystop, Saguache Co.
Huntsville Est 1860, Kansas Terr.
PO 1860-1871, Douglas Co.
(PO moved to Larkspur)
Hurley RR Stop, Morgan Co.
Hurrich Weld Co.
Hursley's Ranch Ext 1896, Park Co.
Husted PO 1878-1920, El Paso Co.
now Conifer
Est 1865, Jefferson Co.
(Name changed 1894)
Hyde PO 1882-1940, Weld Co.
Later Washington Co.
Hydes Mining Camp, San Miguel Co.
Hydrate, Hydrata PO 1920-1937, Routt Co.
RR Stop on 1920s maps
Hydraulic PO 1888-1905, Montrose Co.
prev Pella, North Pella
Est 1861, Boulder Co.
Hygiene PO Est 1883
Hynes PO 1884-1885, La Plata Co.
Site now in Montezuma Co.

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