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Places that start with I
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City/Town/Place Name Dates/County/Remarks
Ibex PO 1896-1905, Lake Co.
Idaho, Idahoe
now Idaho Springs
Est 1859, Kansas Terr.
Idaho PO 1862-1876, Clear Creek Co.
Idaho Creek RR Stop 1895-1899 map, Boulder Co.
Idaho Creek Larimer Co.
Idaho Creek RR Stop 1909-1923 map, Weld Co.
Idaho Springs
orig Idaho, Idahoe
aka Idaho Bar, Idaho City, Jackson's
Diggins, Payne's Bar, Sacramento
Est 1859, Kansas Terr.
Inc 1878, Clear Creek Co.
Renamed 1876
prev Alva
Est 1887, Arapahoe Co.
Now in Yuma Co.
now Guffey
Est 189~, Park Co.
Idaville PO 1895-1895
Ideal PO 1910-1929, Huerfano Co.
prev Joylan, Starbuck
Est ~1905, Jefferson Co.
Joylan PO Est 1918,
Starbucks 1920-1930,
Renamed Idledale 1930
Idlewild Grand Co.
Idlewild RR Station 1895-1923 map, Park Co.
Idylwilde, Idlewilde On 1997 map, Larimer Co.
Ignacio Est 1882, Inc 1913, La Plata Co.
Iles Grove Moffat Co.
Iliff Est 1881, Weld Co.
Inc 1914, Logan Co.
Illium RR Station, San Miguel Co.
PO 1891-1917
Ilse PO 1884-1929, Custer Co.
Imperial Weld Co.
Inche 1891 PO, Arapahoe Co.
Independence Est 1886, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Denver Co.
aka Mammoth City, Chipeta,
Sparkill, Farwell
Est 1879, Gunnison, Co.
Later Pitkin Co.
see Pueblo
Est ~1859, Pueblo Co.
orig Macon
Est 1895, El Paso Co.
PO 1895-1954, Teller Co.
Renamed 1899
India On 1885 map, Montezuma Co.
Indian Creek Teller Co.
Indian Hills
prev Eaton Park
Est 1925, Jefferson Co.
Indian Meadows Larimer Co.
Indian Springs Village On 1997 map, Jefferson Co.
Indianapolis PO 1887-1889, Las Animas Co.
Ingleside RR Stop 1906-1940 map, Larimer Co.
Inman RR Stop 1892-1956 map, Kiowa Co.
Innes Stockade Settler Fort Est 1864, Pueblo Co.
Insmont PO 1902-1917, Park Co.
(Still RR Stop on 1924 map)
Interlaken PO 1887-1894, Lake Co.
International Camp
see National City
Routt Co.
Iola PO 1896-1963, Gunnison Co.
(Site under Blue Mesa reservoir)
Ione Est 1927, Weld Co.
PO 1827-1958
prev Copper
PO 1898-1899, Mesa Co.
Iowa Mining Camp, Rio Grande Co.
(Merged into Summitville)
Iris PO 1894-1902, Saguache Co.
Irion's Fort 1860s Settlers Fort, Douglas Co.
Iron City Est 1880, Chaffee Co.
Iron Spring
see Bloom
RR Station 1895 map, Otero Co.
Iron Springs Mining Town, San Miguel Co.
Irondale PO 1889-1895, Arapahoe Co.
Inc 1926, Adams Co.
Ironhill Mining Area, 1883 PO, Lake Co.
Ironsides 1898 PO, Boulder Co.
(Never operated?)
prev Copper Glen
Inc 1884, Ouray Co.
PO 1883-1920
prev Case
PO 1913-1920, Douglas Co.
Irvington Est 1905, Boulder Co.
Irvington RR Stop 1909-1920 map, Weld Co.
also see Ruby Camp
Inc 1880, Gunnison Co.
PO 1879-1900 (Silver Camp and later RR Stop)
Irwin Canyon PO 1920-1924, Las Animas Co.
Island Station
now Henderson
Est 1859, Kansas Terr.
PO Est 1872, Arapahoe Co.
Renamed 1894, Now in Adams Co.
Ismay Trading Post Montezuma Co.
Italian Mountain Gunnison Co.
Ivanhoe PO 1888-1918, Pitkin Co.
RR Station on Colo. Midland
Ivywild Est 1888, PO 1891-1895, El Paso Co.
Places that start with J
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City/Town/Place Name Dates/County/Remarks
Jack City Larimer Co.
Site now in Jackson Co.
Jack Davidson Camp Mining Camp Est bef 1882, Hinsdale Co.
Jack Rabbit PO 1916-1923, Moffatt Co.
Jack Springs Moffat Co.
Jackpot Mining Camp, Teller Co.
Jacks Cabin
orig Howeville
PO 1879-1918, Gunnison Co.
Jackson PO 1873-189~, Pueblo Co.
Jackson 1893 PO, Gunnison Co.
Jackson's Diggins
see Idaho Springs
Clear Creek Co.
Jacktown Lake Co.
prev Camp Jimtown, Jimtown
Est 1867, Inc 1883, Boulder Co.
prev Mobley's Camp
RR stop was Avalanche
PO 1887-1900, Pitkin Co.
prev Chimayosas
PO 1902-1974, Las Animas Co.
January Cow Camp Saguache Co.
Jaroso PO 1890-1894, Las Animas Co.
Jaroso Est 1911, Costilla Co.
Jasper PO 1882-1927, Rio Grande Co.
(PO moved from Cornwall)
Jays RR Stop 1899 map, Ouray Co.
Jefferson 1860 PO, Kansas Terr.
Site now in Arapahoe Co.
now Morrison
Est 1872, Jefferson Co.
Renamed 1873
Jefferson Est 1861
Inc 1907, Park Co.
Jefferson City Park Co.
Jennings Mining Camp, Chaffee Co.
later Timber Hill
PO 1875-1879, Hinsdale Co.
Jenny Lake Resort
aka Jenny Lake Camp
Gilpin Co.
later Pullman Shops
RR Stop, Arapahoe Co.
Jersey on 1882-1895 map
Pullman Shops 1923 map, Denver Co.
Jersey On 1885 map, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Adams Co.
Jessica RR Stop 1924-todays map, Logan Co.
Jessum RR Stop 1909-1920 map, Weld Co.
Jimmy Camp Est ~1825,
PO 1878-1879, El Paso Co.
RR Stop 1882-1892
aka Amethyst, Creedmore, Gintown
New Town
Est ~1890, Saguache Co.
Later Mineral Co.
(Absorbed by Creede)
Jink's Fort Settlers Fort Est 1864, Pueblo Co.
Jo Junior
see Jojunior
Montrose Co.
Joe Pace Ranch Early Waystop, Mesa Co.
orig Joe's Place, Three Joes
Est 1912, Yuma Co.
Johnson On 1923 map, Larimer Co.
Site now under Horsetooth Res.
Johnson, Johnson's RR Stops on 1882-1924 map, Weld Co.
(Three different locations)
Johnson Village Est 1947, Chaffee Co.
Johnsons Rural PO, Archuleta Co.
Johnsons Corner Mesa Co.
Johnson's Ford Ext 1880s, Montrose Co.
Johnstown RR Stop 1895 map, Arapahoe Co.
aka Johnston
Est 1903
Inc 1907, Weld Co.
Joker RR Stop 1923 map, Ouray Co.
Jojunior, Jo Junoir 1914 PO, Montrose Co.
(Never operated?)
see Arlington
Est 1883, Mesa Co.
Jones Fort Settlers Fort Est 1868, Grand Co.
Jones Siding RR Stop 1882-1892 map, Jefferson Co.
Jones Summit Montrose Co.
aka Jones Fort
Settler Fort Est 1863, Summit Co.
later Naomi
PO 1882-1888, Summit Co.
Joya 1904 PO, Conejos Co.
(Never operated?)
Joycoy PO 1915-1927, Baca Co.
later Starbuck, Idledale
PO 1918-1920, Jefferson Co.
Jual 1918 PO, Dolores Co.
Juanita PO 1904-1912, Archuleta Co.
Still existed 1964
see Juniata
Pueblo Co.
Juanita Junction Delta Co.
Juchem RR Stop, Jefferson Co.
aka Bent's Trading Post, Jules' Ranch
later Julesburg (orig PO)
Est 1850, named for Jules Bent
Site in Sedgwick Co was on the
south side of the Platte near the later
Fort Sedwick.
Julesburg, Julesburgh
present site prev Denver Junction
Est 1850's, Nebraska Terr.
Inc 1886, Weld Co.
Logan Co. 1887-89
Now in Sedgwick Co.
Present location is the 4th Julesburg site
Julia City Mining Camp, Saguache Co.
Jumbo Mining Camp, Summit Co.
(At the Jumbo Mine and Mill)
Junction RR Stop 1882-1884, Arapahoe Co.
Junction PO 1861-1863, Jefferson Co.
Junction City
later Garfield
Inc 1881, Chaffee Co.
Junction City Est 1894, Hinsdale Co.
Junction City Mining Camp, Lake Co.
Junction City
later Haybro
Est 1912, Routt Co.
(Renamed Haybro in 1918)
Junction City Mining Camp, Summit Co.
Absorbed by Kokomo
Junction House PO 1864-1866, Weld Co.
Site now in Morgan Co.
(PO moved to Fort Morgan)
Junction House Waystop until 1923, Pitkin Co.
Junction Station Stage Station Est 1860, Weld Co.
Site now in Morgan Co.
Jungle, The Camp, San Miguel Co.
('Red Light' district serving Smuggler and Tomboy)
aka Juanita
PO 1869-1893, Pueblo Co.
Still on 1920s map
Juniper 1881 PO, Fremont Co.
Still on 1887 map
later Juniper Springs
aka Juniper Hot Springs
PO 1906-1946, Moffat Co.
(Renamed 1919)

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