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Places that start with K
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City/Town/Place Name Dates/County/Remarks
Kahler Weld Co.
later Grousemont
PO 1914-1919, Park Co.
(Renamed in 1918)
Kalbaugh PO 1898-1900, Fremont Co.
Kalous PO 1915-1931, Weld Co.
Kahnah On 1885-1923 map, Mesa Co.
Kannah 1882 PO, Gunnison Co.
Kant PO 1921-1925, Las Animas Co.
Kanza PO 1907-1917, Elbert Co.
Karl RR Stop 1909-1923 map, Prowers Co.
aka Kravig
Est 1910, Lincoln Co.
prev Platte Canyon, Watertown, Waterton
Est 1872, Jefferson Co.
Katchout On 1885 map, Gunnison Co.
Kauffman PO 1914-1934, Weld Co.
(Moved from Kimball Co, Nebr.)
aka Hackberry Spring
PO 1920-1931, Las Animas Co.
(1885 map shows Hackberry Spring)
Kearns PO 1913-1925, Archuleta Co.
(RR Stop on Pagosa Northern)
Keating PO 1914-1924, Custer Co.
Kebel 1899 PO, Pueblo Co.
(Never operated?)
Kebler Pass RR Station, Gunnison Co.
Keeldar On 1885-1923 map, Lake Co.
Keene RR Stop 1895-1923 map, Chaffee Co.
prev Keene Station
RR Station 1895-1899 map, Weld Co.
PO & Town Est 1907, Inc 1919
Keesee, Keese RR Stop 1909-1968 map, Bent Co.
Kelim Est 1907, PO 1915-1925, Larimer Co.
(Other maps show Weld Co. location)
Kelker RR Stop 1895 map, El Paso Co.
PO 1912-1914
Keller RR Stop 1924 map, Bent Co.
Kellogg Mining Camp, Pitkin Co.
Kelly PO
Town was Kelley
PO 1909-1916, Logan Co.
Kelley still on modern map
Kelly's Bar Placer Mining Camp, Chaffee Co.
Kelly's Diggings
see Leadville
Mining Camp, Lake Co.
Kellytown Douglas Co.
Kendrick PO 1906-1956, Lincoln Co.
Kenmuir RR Stop 1895 map, El Paso Co.
aka Kenosha Summit, Summit
PO 1891-1893, Park Co.
RR Station on 1895-1920 maps
Kenyon Corner Larimer Co.
Kenwood RR Stop 1895-1902 map, Arapahoe Co.
prev Radiant, Pyrolite
PO 1904-1929, Fremont Co.
Renamed Kenwood 1926
Keota Est 1888
Inc 1919, Weld Co.
Kelso Mountain Mining Camp, Clear Creek Co.
(Shown on 1885 map in Summit Co.)
Kerber City 1865 Military Camp, Saguache Co.
1880s Mining Camp, (Absorbed by Bonanza)
Kerns RR Stop 1920-1924 map, Larimer Co.
(Other maps show Weld Co. location)
Kerrs San Miguel Co.
prev Orr
Est 1887
Inc 1908, Weld Co.
(Renamed 1894)
Kester, Keser
now Guffey
PO 1874-1891, Park Co.
Still on 1899 RR map
Keysor PO 1906-1938, Elbert Co.
Keystone PO 1869-1872, Douglas Co.
Keystone RR Station 1895-1923 map, Summit Co.
(Two different sites)
Keystone On 1881-1923 map, San Miguel Co.
Keystone Ranch PO 1863-1865, Douglas Co.
Kezar PO 1882-1896, Gunnison Co.
Kiggin Garfield Co.
Kilburn PO 1890-1891, Kiowa Co.
Still on 1923 map.
Kilburn PO 1895-1898, Larimer Co.
Kilroy 1917 PO, Las Animas Co.
(Never operated?)
Kim Settled 1893, PO Est 1917
Inc 1974, Las Animas Co.
Kimbrell 1881 PO, Saguache Co.
Kincaid On 1899-1923 map, Huerfano Co.
King, King Park, King City PO 1884-1896, Park Co.
Still RR terminal on 1899 map
Same site as 1st Como
King, Kings RR Stop 1887-1968 map, Douglas Co.
King Center On 1923-1968 map, Crowley Co.
Kings On 1899-1920s map, Montezuma Co.
Kings Canyon PO 1928-1936, Jackson Co.
Kings Corner Larimer Co.
King Solomon Mine Town, San Juan Co.
Kingston Est 1890, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Denver Co.
Kingston Gilpin Co.
later Lansing
Est Bef 1886, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Yuma Co.
Kinikinik Larimer Co.
later Burnt Mill
PO 1907-1921, Pueblo Co.
Name changed in 1911
Kinsey City
briefly Wilford
now Kremmling
Est 1888, Grand County
1891 Kremmling PO moved to Kinsey City and named Kinsey
Abt 1894 town renamed Wilford, PO still Kinsey,
1895 PO renamed Kremmling,
1896-1900 town again named Kinsey City,
1900 town renamed Kremmling.
Kiowa Stage Stop, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Adams Co.
Kiowa Est 1868, Douglas Co.
Inc 1886, Elbert Co.
Kipling Kit Carson Co.
Kirk Est 1887, Arapahoe Co.
Now in Yuma Co.
(Some sources date Kirk from 1883)
Kirkland Est 1890, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Denver Co.
Kirkland RR Stop 1909-1920 map, Weld Co.
Kirkwell PO 1917-1921, Baca Co.
Kit Carson Est 1869, Greenwood Co.
Later Bent Co.
Inc 1931, Cheyenne Co.
prev Luther Ranch
Est 1920, Jefferson Co.
Kliesen City Baca Co.
Kline Waystop on 1902 map, Prowers Co.
Kline Est 1904, La Plata Co.
Mar 1953 PO moved to Marvel
Klink On 1909-1942 map, Adams Co.
Kluver RR Stop 1916-1968 map, Larimer Co.
(Other maps show Weld Co. location)
Knight's Waystop 1885 map, Las Animas Co.
Knights Ferry RR Stop 1882-1897 map, Bent Co.
Site now in Otero Co.
Knob Hill PO 1958-1980, El Paso Co.
(Substation of Colorado Springs PO)
Kobe On 1924 map, Lake Co.
Kodel Mine Mesa Co.
Koen On 1899-1960s map, Prowers Co.
Koenig PO 1913-1930, Weld Co.
Kohinoor Spur RR Stop 1895 map, Clear Creek Co.
Kokomo Inc 1879, Summit Co.
Merged with Recon
Konantz PO 1895-1924, Baca Co.
(Moved from Stanton Co, Kansas)
Kornman Est 1908, Prowers Co.
Kraft PO 1882-1888, Chaffee Co.
RR Stop appears on 1887-1923 map
(PO moved to Brown Canyon in 1888)
Krain PO 1917-1919, Chaffee Co.
Krauss RR Stop 1924 map, Weld Co.
see Karaval
Lincoln Co.
Kremis RR Stop 1916 map, Otero Co.
aka Kinsey, Wilford
Est 1881, Inc 1904, Grand Co.
Kremmling PO est 1885,
PO and store moved to Kinsey City 1891,
PO called Kinsey 1891-1895,
PO renamed Kremmling in 1895.
Kreybill RR Stop 1909-1920 map, Bent Co.
aka Kubler Mine, Mines
Mining Camp, Gunnison Co.
Kuhns Crossing PO 1879-1920, Elbert Co.
Kukkak PO 1907-1908, Kit Carson Co.
Kuner PO 1908-1920, Weld Co.
prev Sanborn
Est 1878, Elbert Co.
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City/Town/Place Name Dates/County/Remarks
La Boca, LaBoca
aka LaBoc, Bocca
On 1887 map, PO 1895-1937, La Plata Co.
La Costilla Inc 1885, Costilla Co.
La Fruto Alamosa Co.
La Garita Est 1874, Saguache Co.
La Garita Las Animas Co.
La Grange On 1900 census, Weld Co.
(near Greeley)
La Jara, Lajara
"old" La Jara
PO 1875-1884, Conejos Co.
La Jara
orig La Jara Station
Est 1884, Inc 1885, Conejos Co.
La Junta, Lajunta
orig Otera
Est 1876, Inc 1881, Bent Co.
Now in Otero Co.
La Junta Air Base Ext 1942-1946, Otero Co.
La Maga Club On 1924 map, Conejos Co.
La Plata, Laplata Est 1873, La Plata Co.
PO 1882-1934
La Plata City Ext briefly 1775, Mexico
Ext 1875-1893, La Plata Co.
La Porte, Laporte, La Port
orig Colona
Colona Est 1844
La Porte Est 1859, Nebraska Terr.
Now in Larimer Co.
La Posta La Plata Co.
La Salle, Lasalle Est 1886
Inc 1910, Weld Co.
La Valley
also see Lavalley
On 1964 map, Costilla Co.
La Vergne Est 1887, El Paso Co.
Absorbed by Colorado Springs
La Veta
orig Spanish Peak
aka Francisco, Francisco Plaza,
Francisco Ranch, Fort Francisco
Est 1834, Mexico
Inc 1886, Huerfano Co.
La Veta Pass
see Veta Pass
Costilla Co.
LaBoc, LaBoca
see La Boca
La Plata Co.
Labran On 1887 map, Fremont Co.
Lackawanna Gulch Mining Area, Lake Co.
Lacy RR Stop 1923 map, Garfield Co.
Lado PO 1884-1885, Conejos Co.
Still on 1899 map
(West of Antonito)
aka Dora
RR Station, Gilpin Co.
Ladore, Lodore PO 1889-1933, Routt Co.
Later Moffat Co.
Lady Murphy
aka Murphy Switch
RR Stop 1895 map, Chaffee Co.
PO was Romley. RR stop served the Mary Murphy mine.
Lafayette Est 1889, Inc 1890, Boulder Co.
Lafayette RR Stop 1909 map, Otero Co.
briefly Seebarsee
Est 1887, Washington Co.
Now in Yuma Co.
Lake RR Stop 1873-1923 map, Lincoln Co.
Lake City Ext 1871-1885, Lake Co.
Lake City Est 1875, Inc 1884, Hinsdale Co.
Lake Creek Mining Camp, Chaffee Co.
Lake Creek Meadows Eagle Co.
Lake De Weese Custer Co.
Lake George
prev Shepston
Est 1891, Park Co.
Lake Gulch Est 1860, Kansas Territory
Now in Gilpin Co.
Lake House On 1885 map, El Paso Co.
Site now in Teller Co.
Lake Hughes RR Stop 1895-1899 map, Ouray Co.
Lake John On 1887 map, Larimer Co.
Site now in Jackson Co.
Lake Junction
aka Lake City Junction
RR Stop 1895-1923 map, Gunnison Co.
Lake Minnequa, Minnequa
prev Bessemer, Bessmer Junction
Est 1886, Renamed 1891, Pueblo Co.
Annexed by Pueblo in 1894
Lake Park On 1881 map, San Juan Co.
Lake Station PO 1870-1871, Greenwood Co.
Stage Station, Site in Lincoln Co.
Lakeshore PO 1896-1904, Hinsdale Co.
Lakeside PO 1882-1886, Summit Co.
Lakeside Inc 1907, Jefferson Co.
Lakeside Est 1923, Boulder Co.
Laketon PO 1884-1886, Elbert Co.
Still on 1922 map
Laketon On 1885 map, Lincoln Co.
Lakeview PO 1892-1894, Jefferson Co.
Lakevista PO 1914-1918, Montezuma Co.
Lakewood PO 1912-1920, Boulder Co.
Lakewood Est 1872
Inc 1969, Jefferson Co.
Lamar PO 1885-1886, Pueblo Co.
Lamar Inc 1886, Bent Co.
Now in Prowers Co.
Lamartine 1880s-1900s, Clear Creek Co.
PO 1889-189~
Lamb PO 1890-1908, Jefferson Co.
Lamb RR Stop 1924 map, Morgan Co.
(Same site as later Maudru)
Lamport PO 1908-1927, Baca Co.
Lanark 1898 PO, Saguache Co.
Lancaster Est 1907, Prowers Co.
Land's End On 1887 map, Delta Co.
Landsman PO 1883-1918, Arapahoe Co.
Later Yuma Co.
(PO has also been in Elbert, & Kit Carson)
Lane Range Mesa Co.
(Ext until 1920s)
later Crystola
PO 1907-1913, Teller Co.
(Name changed 1911)
see Marshall
PO 1881-1899, Boulder Co.
prev Kingston
PO 1886-1910, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Yuma Co.
see La Plata
La Plata Co.
Laporte, La Porte
also seeLa Porte, Colona
Est 1844, PO Est 1862, Larimer Co.
Larand PO 1914-1916, Jackson Co.
later Henry, Monte Vista
Est 1881, Inc 1885, Rio Grande Co.
Lariat PO 1881-1884
Henry PO 1884-1886
Monte Vista PO Aft 1886
Larimer RR Station 1895 map, Pueblo Co.
(Near Huerfano Co. border)
Larimer PO 1907-1914, Huerfano Co.
(PO moved to Mustang)
Larium Camp 1923 map, Gunnison Co.
briefly Clay Pit
Est 1865, Douglas Co.
Inc 1979, (PO service from Huntsville until 1871)
Las Animas Est 1869
Inc 1886, Bent Co.
Town later moved to West Las Animas site
(Original townsite is under John Martin Res)
Las Animas Junction Bent Co.
Las Mesitas Conejos Co.
Las Sauces, Lasauses, Los Sauces Est ~1863, PO 1882-1920
Inc 1885, Conjeos Co.
Lasalle, La Salle Est 1886, Inc 1910, Weld Co.
orig Concord
PO 1916-1949, Huerfano Co.
Last Chance Mineral Co.
Last Chance Est 1926, Washington Co.
Latham, Fort Latham
prev Cherokee City
Est 1861, PO 1862-1870, Weld Co.
(Name changed 1863. In 1870 PO moved to Evans.)
Laub PO 1916-1923, Las Animas Co.
Laura PO 1908-1916, Logan Co.
later Buckskin
Est 1861, Park Co. Seat 1862-1866
Laurium, Laurim Mining Camp, PO 1895-1899, Summit Co.
Lava RR Stop 1895 map, Conejos Co.
also see San Francisco
PO 1903-1918, Costilla Co.
Lavender PO 1873-1874, Bent Co.
Site now in Otero Co.
Lavender PO 1888-1915, Dolores Co.
Still on 1923 map
see La Veta
Huerfano Co.
Laveta Pass
later Veta Pass
PO 1904-1935, Costilla Co.
Lawrence PO 1883-1884, Gunnison Co.
(PO moved to Dallas)
Site now in Ouray Co.
Lawrence Inc 1894, El Paso Co.
PO 1892-1898
Site in Teller Co.
aka Six Mile House, Six Mile Inn
Est 1876
PO 1887-1966, Clear Creek Co.
Lawton 1930s Community, Washington Co.
Lay Est 1880, Routt Co.
Now in Moffat Co.
Lazear Est 1910, Delta Co.
PO Est 1912
Lazy KB Estates Saguache Co.
Le Moy City Platted 1883, San Juan Co.
(Abandoned within months)
Le Pine RR Stop 1887 map, Conejos Co.
Leader PO 1910-1940, Adams Co.
prev known as: Agassiz, Boughtown,
Carbonate, Cerrusite, Cloud City, Harrison,
Kelley's Diggings, Meyer, Silver King, Slabtown
Est 1877, Inc 1878, Lake Co.
(As Leadville grew, it absorbed many other small mining camps.
These camps are individually listed with a note.)
Leadville Junction On 1880-1998 map, Lake Co.
Leal PO 1904-1930, Grand Co.
Leavick Est 1873, PO 1896-1899, Park Co.
Same site as later Doran and Horseshoe POs
Lebanon PO 1875-1876, Pueblo Co.
Lebanon PO 1908-1939, Montezuma Co.
Lebanon Spur RR Stop 1895 map, Clear Creek Co.
Lee's 1880s Waystop, San Miguel Co.
Lees PO 1897-1904, Pueblo Co.
Lee's Siding RR Stop 1882-1895 map, Jefferson Co.
Leetsdale Est 1892, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Denver Co.
Left Hand PO 1872-1879, Boulder Co.
Lehigh RR Station/Town 1892-1916, Douglas Co.
Lehman PO 1903-1911, Grand Co.
Lena PO 1895-1896, Arapahoe Co.
Lenado PO 1891-1907, Pitkin Co.
Leon RR Stop 1895-1899 map, Garfield Co.
Leon 1883 PO, Mesa Co.
Leon RR Stop, Las Animas Co.
Leonard RR Stop, PO 1900-1940, San Miguel Co.
(Very near Brown)
Leopard 1880s Mining Camp, San Miguel Co.
Leopard PO 1890-1892, San Miguel Co.
Leopard Creek RR Stop on 1899-1923 map, San Miguel Co.
Leroy, Le Roy PO 1888-1918, Logan Co.
Lescher's RR Stop 1895 map, Larimer Co.
Leslie PO 1888-1896, Washington Co.
Site was on Yuma-Washington Co. line
RR Stop was Bunker Hill
PO 1910-1929, Huerfano Co.
Levinson 1906 PO, Weld Co.
Levisy RR Stop 1895 map, El Paso Co.
Lewis Est 1911, Montezuma Co.
Leyden Est 1870s, Jefferson Co.
Leyden Junction RR Stop, Jefferson Co.
Leyden Junction RR Stop 1923 map, Boulder Co.
aka Parma
PO 1886-1910, Rio Grande Co.
Liberty PO 1900-1921, Saguache Co.
Liberty RR Stop, Weld Co.
Liberty Bell San Miguel Co.
Liberty Hill Est 1891, Pueblo Co.
Lidderdale RR Stop 1895 map, Jefferson Co.
Lidderdale RR Stop 1899-1923 map, Park Co.
Liggett RR Stop 1969 map, Boulder Co.
Lillian Springs
aka Sand Hill Springs
Stage Station Est 1959
PO 1863-1864, Weld Co.
Site now in Logan Co.
Lily PO 1889-1937, Routt Co.
Later Moffat Co.
Lime PO 1898-1943, Pueblo Co.
Lime San Miguel Co.
Lime Creek RR Stop 1895 map, Pitkin Co.
Lime Rock RR Stop 1895 map, Park Co.
orig Limon Camp, Limon Station
Est 1888
Inc 1909, Lincoln Co.
Name changed 1903
Lincoln, Lincoln City
prev Paige City
aka Farncomb Hill
Mining town, PO 1861-1894, Summit Co.
Lincoln Hills Gilpin Co.
Lincoln Park On 1964 map, Fremont Co.
Lindland PO 1922-1937, Jackson Co.
Lindon, Linden Est 1888, Arapahoe Co.
Now in Washington Co.
Line Creek RR Stop 1899 map, Pitkin Co.
Link PO 1910-1912, Las Animas Co.
orig Dodsonville
PO 1873-1886, Las Animas Co.
(Name changed 1876)
Littell PO 1911-1915, Fremont Co.
Little Antelope Fort 1860s Settlers Fort, Weld Co.
Site now in Morgan Co.
Little Beaver PO 1919-1925, Rio Blanco Co.
Little Book Cliffs RR Stop 1895 map, Mesa Co.
Little Buttes Stage Stop, El Paso Co.
RR Station 1895 map
Little Chicago Lake Co.
Little Elk Park
now Pinewood Springs
Est ~1903, Larimer Co.
(Name changed 1960)
Little Orphan
see Badito
Est 1865, Huerfano Co.
Little Thompson
now Berthoud
Est 1875, Larimer Co.
Littleton Est 1869
Inc 1890, Arapahoe Co.
Now spans Arapahoe-Jefferson Co. border.
Littleville On 1942 map, Morgan Co.
Livermore Est 1863, Larimer Co.
PO Est 1871
aka Livesey
RR Stop 1909-1968 map, Pueblo Co.
(Same site as Meadows, Riverton)
Living Springs PO 1865-1867, Arapahoe Co.
Same site as 1912 Swinford PO
Site now in Adams Co.
Lizard Head PO 1892-1895, Dolores Co.
Still on 1923 map
Lizard Head Mining Camp, 1898 PO, San Miguel Co.
orig Cenicero
PO 1894-1920, Conejos Co.
(Name changed in 1902)
Lochbuie Est 1960
Inc 1974, Weld Co.
Lockett PO 1889-1905, Saguache Co.
Lockwood Stage Station, Las Animas Co.
Loco PO 1903-1922, Kit Carson Co.
Lodge PO 1911-1920, Gunnison Co.
Lodi RR Stop 1911-1934 map, Morgan Co.
see Ladore
Moffat Co.
Log Cabin, Logcabin PO 1903-1942, Larimer Co.
Log Lane Village Inc 1956, Morgan Co.
Logan PO 1887-1901, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Yuma Co.
Logan RR Station 1895 map, Conejos Co.
Logan RR Stop 1956-1968 map, Logan Co.
Logantown Arapahoe Co.
1890 Absorbed by Sheridan
Logtown San Juan Co.
Lolita On 1895-1940 map, Crowley Co.
Loma Est 1867, Saguache Co.
Inc 1885, Rio Grande Co.
orig Mainard
Est 1901, Mesa Co.
(Name changed 1905)
Loma Junction RR Stop 1899-1923 map, Huerfano Co.
Loma Linda La Plata Co.
Loma Park RR PO, Huerfano Co.
Lombard PO 1914-1919, Clear Creek Co.
Lombard Village
aka Lombardi Village
On 1968-1980 map, Pueblo Co.
London PO 1883-1886, Park Co.
At London Mines
London Hill RR Stop 1880s-1920s, Park Co.
At London Mines
London Junction, London Spur
later Alma Junction
Est ~1882, Park Co.
Renamed 1895, closed 1924
Lone Basin 1881 Mining Camp, Ouray Co.
Lone Dome PO 1883-1907, La Plata Co.
Later Montezuma Co.
(Some maps show Dolores Co.)
Lone Oak
prev Duncan, Gotera
PO 1901-1928, Las Animas Co.
(Duncan until 1916, Gotera until 1922)
Lone Pine Estates Jefferson Co.
Lone Star Est 1946, Washington Co.
Lone Tree, Lonetree Est 1895, Archuleta Co.
Lone Tree RR Station 1882-1902 map, Weld Co.
Lone Tree Inc 1996, Douglas Co.
Longmont Est/Inc 1873, Boulder Co.
Longs RR Stop 1899 map, Dolores Co.
Longs Junction RR Stop 1895 map, Las Animas Co.
Longs Peak PO 1909-1936, Larimer Co.
Longsdale RR Stop 1923 map, Garfield Co.
Longview PO 1911-1937, Jefferson Co.
(PO moved from Dome Rock)
Loomis On 1924 map, Boulder Co.
Loraine Est 1888, El Paso Co.
Lords, Lords Spur RR Stop 1895-1916 map, Larimer Co.
Lords Ranch RR Stop 1895-1899 map, Lake Co.
prev Olguines
On 1997 map, Las Animas Co.
Loretto, Loretto Heights PO 1896-1966, Arapahoe Co.
Now Denver Co.
Lorimer Wagon Stop, Lake Co.
Lorraine Mining Camp, Gunnison Co.
Lory Weld Co.
Los Angeles Mining Camp, Teller Co.
Los Brazos On 1885 map, Conejos Co.
Los Cerritos PO 1889-1914, Conejos Co.
Los Fuertes Costilla Co.
Los Garcias
see Garcia
Costilla Co.
Los Mogotes PO 1888-1890, Saguache Co.
Los Pinos PO 1872-1877, Saguache Co.
Los Pinos PO 1877-1881, Gunnison Co.
Site now in Montrose Co.
Los Pinos Inc 1885, Conejos Co.
Los Pinos
now Bayfield
Est 1889, La Plata Co.
(Name changed 1899)
Los Rincones
aka Rincones
On 1885-1894 map, Conejos Co.
Still exists as an area name.
Los Sauses
see La Sauses
Conejos Co.
Lost Acres Park Co.
Lost Canyon
aka Lost Canyon Placers
Placer Mines Est 186~, Lake Co.
Site now in Chaffee Co.
Lost Canyon RR Stop 1899-1923 map, Montezume Co.
Lost Lake Camp Mining Camp, Boulder Co.
Lost Trail PO 1878-1894, Hinsdale Co.
Lothian 1880s Mining Camp, San Miguel Co.
Louisville Est 1878, Inc 1882, Boulder Co.
Louviers Est 1906, Douglas Co.
Love PO 1894-1902, El Paso Co.
RR Stop 1923 map, Teller Co.
prev Saint Louis
Est 1878, Inc 1881, Larimer Co.
Loveland Heights On 1922 map, Larimer Co.
Low Pass Mining Camp, Chaffee Co.
Lowery RR Stop 1909-1924 map, Larimer Co.
Lowery, Lowery AFB Est 1919, Arapahoe Co.
Closed 1994
Lowe's 1880s waystop, Park Co.
Lowland RR Stop 1895-1956 map, Elbert Co.
later Wayne
PO 1908-1912, El Paso Co.
Lowell Est and abandoned 1886, Elbert Co.
Site now in Kit Carson Co.
(Same site as 1887 Burlington)
Loyd PO 1929-1955, Moffat Co.
Loyton, Loynton
orig Connejos Camp
later Stunner
Est 1884, Inc 1885, Conejos Co.
PO was Gem
Bent Co.
Lucerne Est 1892, Weld Co.
Lucero Plaza Rio Grande Co.
(First town in the San Luis Valley)
Ludlow PO 1896-1954, Las Animas Co.
Ludlum PO 1889-189~, Yuma Co.
Luis Maria Baca Grant
aka Baca Grant
1860 Land Grant
Now part of Saguache Co.
(Disputed mining and cattle area. Original grant confirmed by
US Supreme Court.)
Lujane PO 1905-1910, Montrose Co.
(Gunnison River project construction camp)
Lulu City, Lulu, Lula Est 1879, PO 1880-1883, Grand Co.
Lupton Post 1837 Trading Post
Site now in Pueblo Co.
see Fort Lupton
Weld Co.
Luslo 1904 PO, Lincoln Co.
Luther Ranch
see Kittredge
Jefferson Co.
Lycan PO 1913-1975, Baca Co.
Lyman PO 1885-1895, Arapahoe Co.
PO moved to Elyria, Site now in Adams Co.
Lynn RR Stop 1899-1923 map, Las Animas Co.
Lyons Est 1882
Inc 1891, Boulder Co.
later Turkey Creek
PO 1877-1920, El Paso Co.
(Name changed ~1885)

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