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City/Town/Place Name Dates/County/Remarks
M Junction RR Stop 1899 map, Arapahoe Co.
Mace's Hole
now Beulah
Est 1873, Pueblo Co.
Name changed 1876
Mack Est 1904, Mesa Co.
aka Hull City
later Independence
PO 1895-1954, El Paso Co.
Renamed 1899
Later Teller Co.
Macrose RR Stop 1909-1920, Arapahoe Co.
Mad Creek
aka Mad Creek Village
Routt Co.
Maddox RR Stop 1924 map, Park Co.
(Same site as Glenisle)
Maddux Weld Co.
aka Madera Siding
RR Stop 1923 map, Gunnison Co.
Madge RR Stop 1916 map, Douglas Co.
Madrid PO 1882-1917, Las Animas Co.
Madrid Plaza Settler Post Est ~1864, Las Animas Co.
Magee RR Stop, Adams Co.
Magic Mountain PO 1960-1962, Jefferson Co.
prev Bird, Schuyler
later Sable
PO was Duff 1884-1896
Existed 1892, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Adams Co.
Magnolia PO 1876-1920, Boulder Co.
Maher Est 1882, Montrose Co.
Mahoneyville Park Co.
Mahonville PO 1876-1879, Lake Co.
Site now in Chaffee Co.
now Loma
Est 1901, Mesa Co.
(Name changed 1905)
Maine Ranch PO 1872-1875, Bent Co.
Site now in Otero Co.
Maitland PO 1898-1935, Huerfano Co.
Majestic PO 1900-1914, Las Animas Co.
Majors PO 1911-1912, El Paso Co.
Malabys RR Stop 1906 map, Larimer Co.
Malachite PO 1880-1915, Huerfano Co.
Still on 1970 map.
Maldonado PO 1901-1905, Las Animas Co.
Maloy Weld Co.
aka Swilltown
Est 1875, Inc 1879, Lake Co.
PO 1875-1955
Mammoth City
see Independence
Pitkin Co.
Mammouth City Mining Camp, Gilpin Co.
(Name used by two different miniscule camps)
Mamre 1886 PO, Weld Co.
Manassa Est 1879, Inc 1889, Conejos Co.
Manassa Station RR Stop 1899 map, Conejos Co.
Manchester RR Stop 1895 map, Arapahoe Co.
Manchester Mining Town, Teller Co.
Manchester RR Stop 1882 map, Weld Co.
Site now in Morgan Co.
Mancos Est 1877, La Plata Co.
Inc 1894, Montezuma Co.
Mancos Creek,
Mancos Creek Trading Post
PO 1961-1962, Montezuma Co.
Manhattan Inc 1887, PO 1887-1900, Larimer Co.
Manila Adams Co.
Manitou, Manitou Springs Est 1871, El Paso Co.
(Manitou PO 1872-1885 & 1892-1936
Manitou Springs PO 1885-1892 & 1936-pres)
Manitou Junction On 1895-1922 map, El Paso Co.
Manitou Park 1st
now Woodland Park
Est 1888, El Paso Co.
Renamed 1890, Now in Teller Co.
Manitou Park 2nd PO 1890-1892, El Paso Co.
Site now in Teller Co.
Manitou Springs, Manitou Est 1871
Inc 1888, El Paso Co.
(Called Villa La Font by Early French trappers)
(Manitou PO 1872-1885 & 1892-1936
Manitou Springs PO 1885-1892 & 1936-pres)
Manoa PO 1900-1907, Fremont Co.
Manor House
see Redstone
Pitkin Co.
Mansfield RR Stop 1899 map, Garfield Co.
Manville RR Stop 1892 map, Prowers Co.
Manzanares PO 1901-1902, Costilla Co.
orig Catlin
Est 1879, Bent Co.
(Name changed 1895)
Inc 1900, Otero Co.
aka Marble City, Clarence, Yule Creek
Est 1890, Inc 1899, Gunnison Co.
(Townsite adjoined Clarence)
Marcott RR Stop, Logan Co.
Marcys Camp
see Fort Reynolds
Military Post 1867-1872, Pueblo Co.
Margaret PO 1899-1900, Costilla Co.
Marguerite Est 1927, Las Animas Co.
Marigold PO 1895-1902, Teller Co.
(Orig in Fremont Co.)
Marion PO 1885-1886, Delta Co.
Still on 1887-1923 map
Marion PO 1889-1912, Garfield Co.
(PO at Marion coal mine)
Marion RR Stop 1895-1923 map, Gunnison Co.
Marion RR Stop 1909-1923 map, Larimer Co.
Marlman RR Stop 1909-1920 map, Bent Co.
now Flagler
Est 1887, Kit Carson Co.
see Murnane
La Plata Co.
Marnel PO 1917-1923, Pueblo Co.
Marnett On 1924 map, Boulder Co.
Maroon Creek Pitkin Co.
Marsh On 1887-1899 map, Fremont Co.
Marshdale On 1964-1970 map, Jefferson Co.
later Langford, Gorham
renamed Marshall
Est 1878, Boulder Co.
(Langford 1895-1899)
(Gorham 1899-1942)
Marshall Pass RR Station 1895-1923 map, Saguache Co.
PO 1919-1952
Marshallpark PO 1902-1903, Clear Creek Co.
now Sargents
Est 1880, Saguache Co.
(Name changed 1882)
later Able
RR Stop 1909-1920 map, Bent Co.
Martin PO 1898-1934, Grand Co.
Martinsen PO 1889-1891, Las Animas Co.
Martynia PO 1892-1893, Prowers Co.
Marvel Est 1915, La Plata Co.
(1953 PO moved from Kline)
Marvine PO 1895-1934, Rio Blanco Co.
Mary City Est 189~, Boulder Co.
see Maysville
Chaffee Co.
Mason Mining Camp, Grand Co.
Mason 1880 PO, Larimer Co.
Site now in Jackson Co.
Masontown Est 1866, Summit Co.
Masonville Trading Post Est 1875
PO Est 1896, Larimer Co.
Massadona PO 1917-1932, Moffat Co.
Massive City Mining Camp Est bef 1879, Pitkin Co.
(Deserted by 1883)
Mastodon Gulch Mining District, San Juan Co.
Masters Est 1900, Weld Co.
orig Mattison
Est 1886, Elbert Co.
(Name changed in 1915)
Mathews On 1902 map, Baca Co.
orig San Bernardo
Mining Camp, San Miguel Co.
aka Mathews
Weld Co.
now Matheson
Est 1886, Elbert Co.
(Name changed in 1915)
Maudru RR Stop 1970 map, Morgan Co.
(Same site as earilier Lamb)
Maxey PO 1889-1920, Las Animas Co.
Site now in Baca Co.
Maxeyville Rio Grande Co.
Maxwell's Mill
see Orodelfan
Boulder Co.
May Valley Est 1904, Prowers Co.
Maybell Est 1884, Routt Co.
Now in Moffat Co.
Mayday Est ~1890, La Plata Co.
PO 1913-1914
Mayfield RR Stop 1895 map, Jefferson Co.
Mayne RR Station 1899 map, Huerfano Co.
PO 1905-1907
Mayne Junction RR Stop 1899 map, Huerfano Co.
Mayo Gulch Mining Camp, Summit Co.
Mayo Spur RR Stop 1895 map, Summit Co.
see Red Hill
Park Co.
Mayol's Trenchards On 1881 map, Ouray Co.
Mayville Est 1906, Cheyenne Co.
aka Crazy Camp, Marysville
PO 1879-1893, Inc 1880, Chaffee Co.
(Heydays 1870s-1900, town still exists)
later Burgdorf
now Ault
Weld Co.
McAndrews Lake Rio Blanco Co.
McClave Est 1908, Bent Co.
McClellands RR Stop 1906-1964 map, Larimer Co.
McClintock Costilla Co.
McClure House
aka Flats
Est 1890s, Pitkin Co.
McCollin PO 1915-1917, Lincoln Co.
McConnellisville RR stop on 1887 map, El Paso Co.
McCourt RR stop 1899 map, Fremont Co.
McCoy Est 1890
Inc 1907, Eagle Co.
McDonald On 1905 map, Las Animas Co.
McElmo PO 1892-1932, Montezuma Co.
later Newfield
PO 1889-1896, El Paso Co.
RR Stop 1899 map
McGees RR Stop on 1899-1923 map, Chaffee Co.
McGinty RR Stop on 1894-1923 map, Costilla Co.
Site now in Alamosa Co.
aka McGregor
PO 1915-1942, Routt Co.
McGuire PO 1905-1911, Huerfano Co.
(Moved to Camp Shumway)
McKenzie Junction Custer Co.
McKinley Park Co.
McLaughlinn's Stage Station, Park Co.
(Very near Teller Co. border)
McMillan PO 1900-1904, Huerfano Co.
McMillin, McMillan
later Toledo
PO 1886-1889, Bent Co.
Site in Prowers Co.
(Renamed in 1887)
McNulty's 1880s Waystop, Park Co.
(Very near Lake Co. border.)
McPhee PO 1924-1948, Montezuma Co.
McQuiety PO 1894-1895, La Plata Co.
(Never operated?)
McShane's Fort
aka Round Fort
Settlers Fort Est 1868, El Paso Co.
Mead Est 1907, Inc 1908, Weld Co.
Meadowood PO Est 1976, Arapahoe Co.
(Substation of Aurora PO)
Meadows RR Stop 1895-1899 map, Park Co.
Meadows RR Stop 1882-1895 map, Pueblo Co.
(Same site as Livesly, Riverton)
Mears, Mears Junction PO 1879-1888, Chaffee Co.
Still on 1923 map
Medano Springs PO 1874-1879, Costilla Co.
Still on 1885 map
Site now in Alamosa Co.
Medford Springs PO 1916-1922, Bent Co.
Media Est 1887, Las Animas Co.
Medill PO 1910-1920, Cheyenne Co.
Medina Plaza Las Animas Co.
Medio RR and Coal Town, Pitkin Co.
Medlen PO 1896-1901, Jefferson Co.
Meeker Est 1880, Summit Co.
Inc 1885, Garfield Co.
Now in Rio Blanco Co.
Meeker Park Boulder Co.
Meekton PO 1910-1918, Washington Co.
Meily, Melly PO 1882-1885, Chaffee Co.
Melina Bent Co.
Melonfield RR Stop 1909-1920 map, Bent Co.
Melville PO 1889-1890, Elbert Co.
Melvin PO 1888-1895, Arapahoe Co.
RR Stop on 1899 map
Menefee RR Stop 1895-1899 map, Montezuma Co.
prev Wenger
PO 1891-1901, Las Animas Co.
(Renamed in 1891)
Menoken PO 1891-1892, Montrose Co.
RR Stop 1895-1899 map
now Peetz
Est 1889, Logan Co.
Name changed 1908
Mercier PO 1906-1913, Pueblo Co.
Meredith RR Stop 1895 map, Bent Co.
Meredith PO 1889-1890, Otero Co.
Meredith Est 1893, Pitkin Co.
Meridian RR Stop 1897 map, Crowley Co.
prev Buffalo
Est 1874, Weld Co.
Name changed in 1883
Inc 1917, Logan Co.
Merrick RR Stop 1902-1909 map, Pueblo Co.
now Fruita
PO Est 1883, Mesa Co.
(Renamed 1884)
Mesa Est 1887, Mesa Co.
Mesa On 1909-1920 map, Adams Co.
Mesa RR Stop 1899-1923 map, La Plata Co.
Mesa, Mesa Junction
aka Albia
RR Station 1895-1976 map, Pueblo Co.
Mesa de Maya On 1887 map, Las Animas Co.
Mesa Lakes Mesa Co.
Mesa Park Signal Station On 1923 map, Saguache Co.
Mesa Verde National Park PO Est 1924, Montezuma Co.
Mesaview PO 1921-1922, Las Animas Co.
Meserole PO 1882-1884, La Plata Co.
prev Hamburg
Est ~1909, Costilla Co.
Messex PO 1907-1942, Washington Co.
Still on map
Metcalf RR Station 1895-1923 map, Park Co.
Mexican Town Mining Camp, Saguache Co.
Meyer 1885 PO, Costilla Co.
see Leadville
Mining Camp, Lake Co.
Meyer RR Stop 1924 map, Weld Co.
Meyers Corners Larimer Co.
Micanite PO 1904-1925, Fremont Co.
Micheols 1919 PO, Montrose Co.
(Never operated?)
Michigan, Michigan City
aka Cameron's Pass
PO 1880-1882, Larimer Co.
Site now on Larimer - Jackson Co. Border
Michigan RR Stop 1895-1923 map, Park Co.
Michigan House 1863 PO, Jefferson Co.
Middle Boulder
now Nederland
PO Est 1871, Boulder Co.
(Renamed 1874)
Middle Jim Creek Mining Camp, Saguache Co.
Middleton Mining Camp, San Juan Co.
(Abandoned late 1890s)
Midway RR Stop/PO, Chaffee Co.
Midland "1st" PO 1892-1899, El Paso Co.
Site now in Teller Co.
Midway "2nd" El Paso Co.
(Near Wigwam)
Midway "3rd" On 1964 map, El Paso Co.
(Near Manitou Springs)
Midway Larimer Co.
Midway Teller Co.
Midway Gunnison Co.
Midway Baca Co.
Mildred PO 1895-1903, Montezuma Co.
Mildred PO 1910-1954, Yuma Co.
Military Park Arapahoe Co.
1890's absorbed by Sheridan
Military Reserve
prev Fort Sedgwick Reserve
On 1871-1885 maps, Weld Co.
Now in Sedgwick Co.
Milk Fort
aka Fort Leche, Fort Independence
Peebles Fort
Trading Post Est 1839
Site now in Otero Co.
Mill Settlement on 1923 map, Saguache Co.
Mill City
now Dumont
Est 1859, Kansas Terr.
PO 1861-1879, Clear Creek Co.
1880 Dumont PO Est at same site
Mill Gulch RR Stop 1895-1923 map, Jefferson Co.
Mill Number 2 On 1887 map, Douglas Co.
Mill Pond Mining Camp, Eagle Co.
Mill Spur RR Stop 1895 map, Boulder Co.
Mill Switch On 1887 map, Saguache Co.
Millard PO 1907-1909, Montezuma Co.
Millbrook PO 1893-1895, Custer Co.
Miller Creek RR Stop 1895 map, Pitkin Co.
prev Surveyors Creek
now Platner
Est 1890, Washington Co.
prev Hillsborough, Hillsboro
Est 1871, Inc 1910, Weld Co.
(Named - Hillsborough 1871, Hillsboro 1891, Milliken 1909)
Mills RR Stop 1923 map, Weld Co.
(Near earlier Dixon's Mill)
Millwood, Milwood On 1899-1924 map, Montezuma Co.
Millwood On 1909-1960s map, Prowers Co.
orig Pool
Est 1900, Routt Co.
(Name changed 1920)
Milton RR Stop 1885 map, Saguache Co.
see Millwood
Montezuma Co.
Minaret PO 1890-1896, Gunnison Co.
prev Symons
PO 1917-1934, Otero Co.
Symons RR Stop Est 1890s
Miner PO 1888-1894, Larimer Co.
RR Stop 1906-1957 map
Mineral City Inc 1885, San Juan Co.
Mineral Farm Mining Camp, Ouray Co.
Mineral Hot Springs Est 1880, Saguache Co.
PO 1911-1947
Mineral Point PO 1875-1897, La Plata Co.
Later in San Juan Co.
(Some maps show Ouray Co. after 1885)
see Kubler
Gunnison Co.
Minersville Est 1884, Custer Co.
Minersville Mining Camp, Gunnison Co.
Minneapolis Mining Camp, Chaffee Co.
Minneapolis PO 1887-1899, Inc 1888, Las Animas Co.
(PO moved from Corinth)
Site now in Baca Co.
Minnehaha RR Stop 1899 map, El Paso Co.
On 1964 map
Minnequa, Lake Minnequa
prev Bessemer, Bessmer Junction
Est 1886, Renamed 1891, Pueblo Co.
Annexed by Pueblo in 1894
Minto RR Stop 1902-1920 map, Logan Co.
Minturn Est 1885, PO Est 1889,
Inc 1904, Eagle Co.
later Clifford
On 1873 map, Lincoln Co.
Called Clifford after ~1916
orig Cotton Creek
PO 1875-1927, Saguache Co.
(Name changed 1895)
Mirage Station RR stop 1923 map, Saguache Co.
(3 miles west of Mirage)
Miramonte On 1924 map, Boulder Co.
Miravalle City
aka Big Thompson Station
Est ~1860, Nebraska Territory
Site now in Larimer Co.
Mishawaka Larimer Co.
Missouri City PO 1860-1863, Kansas Terr.
Site now in Gilpin Co.
Missouri City, Missouri Camp Ext 1880-1884, Summit Co.
Site now in Eagle Co.
Missouri Flats Gilpin Co.
orig Roudebush
PO 1880-1909, Summit Co.
Later Eagle Co.
(Name changed 1883)
Mitchell RR Stop 1892-1902 map, Boulder Co.
(Other maps show Mitchell in Weld Co.)
Mitchell Camp 1916 map, Bent Co.
Mobley PO 1906-1907, Routt Co.
Mobley's Camp
later Janeway
Pitkin Co.
prev Poso, Roby
Est ~1900, Las Animas Co.
Roby PO Est 1911, Renamed Model 1912
later Altona
PO 1874-1916, Boulder Co.
(Renamed 1879)
Modoc ~1880 RR Stop, Boulder Co.
(Near Niwot)
Moffat Est 1890, Inc 1911, Saguache Co.
Moffat Moffat Co.
prev San Juan, Fort San Juan
PO 1897-1924, Conejos Co.
Molding PO 1919-1924, Dolores Co.
aka Snipes
Est 1883, Mesa Co.
PO Est 1895
(PO named Snipes 1897-1906)
Monarch Ext ?, Boulder Co.
(Was at or near Downer)
prev Chaffee
PO 1879-1903, Chaffee Co.
(Name changed 1883)
Monarch PO 1907-1922, Grand Co.
Monon PO 1901-1918, Baca Co.
(moved from Stanton Co, Kansas)
Monson On 1899-1923 map, Huerfano Co.
Montana, Montana Diggins 1859 PO, Kansas Terr.
Site now in Denver Co.
Montbello, Montebello PO Est 1976, Denver Co.
Montclair Est 1885, Inc 1888, Arapahoe Co.
Annexed by Denver in 1902
Monte Vista
prev Larait, Henry
Est 1881, Inc 1885, Rio Grande Co.
Lariat PO 1881-1884
Henry PO 1884-1886
Monte Vista PO Aft 1886
Montebello, Montbello PO Est 1976, Denver Co.
Montelores RR Stop 1885-1923 map, Montezuma Co.
(Sometimes placed in Dolores Co.)
Montezuma Est 1865, PO 1871-1972
Inc 1882, Summit Co.
Montgomery, Montgomery City PO 1862-1888, Park Co.
Montrose PO Est 1882, Inc 1882, Montrose Co.
Montville PO 1887-1900, Costilla Co.
(PO moved from Orean)
Site now in Alamosa Co.
prev Henry Station, Camp Monument
Settlers Post & PO Est 1869,
Inc 1881, El Paso Co.
Monument Lake Park
aka Monument Park
Est ~1927, Las Animas Co.
Mooney 1896 PO, Huerfano Co.
Moonridge Douglas Co.
Moore 1904 PO, Las Animas Co.
Moore Weld Co.
Mooreville RR Stop 1884-1895, Arapahoe Co.
Moqui PO 1900-1914, Montezuma Co.
Moraine, Moraine Park PO 1880-1921, Larimer Co.
Morapos PO 1912-1931, Moffat/Rio Blanco Co.
Moray RR Stop 1909-1916 map, Boulder Co.
Morfield Village Montezuma Co.
Morgan PO 1887-1891, La Plata Co.
Later Montezuma Co.
Morgan PO 1879-1883, Weld Co.
Site now in Morgan Co.
later Freedom
PO 1900-1905, Conejos Co.
(Renamed 1901)
orig Fremont
then Fremont, Cripple Creek
PO 1891-1892, Teller Co.
(Brief name for Cripple Creek)
prev Raton Pass
Est ~1879
PO 1882-1956, Las Animas Co.
Mormon Colony 1846 Winter Camp
Site now in Pueblo Co.
Morning Glory Huerfano Co.
Morningside Est 1911, Jefferson Co.
see El Moro
Las Animas Co.
Morris PO 1907-1914, Kit Carson Co.
also see Balzac
RR Stop 1899-1923 map, Garfield Co.
PO 1902-1903
orig Jefferson
aka Mount Morrison
Est 1872
Inc 1906, Jefferson Co.
Morrison Springs On 1887 map, Jefferson Co.
Morse RR Stop 1899 map, Prowers Co.
orig Trinchera
On 1924 map, Costilla Co.
(Trinchera on 1885 map)
Town was Garland City
RR Stop, Costilla Co.
Morton Heights Boulder Co.
Mosby PO 1910-1913, El Paso Co.
Mosco PO 1880-1882, Costilla Co.
(Same site as later Montville PO)
Site now in Alamosa Co.
prev Streator
Est 1890, Costilla Co.
Now in Alamosa Co.
Mosca Station Stage Station Est Bef 1880, Costilla Co.
Site now in Alamosa Co.
Moscow Inc 1881, Gunnison Co.
Moseley RR Stop 1916-1924 map, Morgan Co.
Mosquito, Musquito
see Sterling PO
Est 1861, Park Co.
Moss Camp
later Parrott
La Plata Co.
Mound, Mound City Mining Camp Est 1891, El Paso Co.
PO 1893-1894, Site now in Teller Co.
Mounds RR Station 1895-1899 map, Gunnison Co.
Mount Alta Ext 1890s-1920s, Boulder Co.
Mount Carbon PO 1884-1891 & 1901-1909,
Two different Gunnison Co. locations
Mount Carbon RR Stop 1895-1920 map, Jefferson Co.
Mount Crested Butte Inc 1974, Gunnison Co.
Mount Earl, Mountearl PO 1896-1899, Larimer Co.
Mount Harris PO 1915-1958, Routt Co.
Mount Hope
aka Hope
Est 1887, Pitkin Co.
Mount Lincoln Mesa Co.
Mount McCellan On 1924, Summt Co.
Mount Morrison
orig Jefferson, Morrison
now Morrison
Est 1872, Jefferson Co.
Mount Olivet RR Stop 1899-1920 map, Jefferson Co.
(At Mt. Olivet Cemetery)
Mount Pearl PO 1911-1923, Cheyenne Co.
Mount Princeton PO 1889-1899, Chaffee Co.
(At Mount Princeton Hot Springs)
Mount Princeton Hot Springs Est ~1875, Chaffee Co.
PO 1926-1936
Mount Saint Francis El Paso Co.
Mount Sneffels
later Sneffels
PO 1879-1930, Ouray Co.
(Renamed 1895)
Mount Streeter PO 1919-1921, Moffat Co.
Mount Vernon Est 1860, Kansas Terr.
Inc 1886, Jefferson Co.
PO 1860-1885
Mountain Boy Gulch,
Mountain Boy Park
Mining Area, Lake Co.
Mountain City Est 1859, Kansas Terr.
PO 1860-1869, Gilpin Co.
PO moved to Central City
(Absorbed by Central City early 1900s)
Mountain Park PO 1966-1978, Jefferson Co.
Mountain View RR Stop 1899 map, El Paso Co.
Mountain View On 1964 map, El Paso Co.
Mountain View
orig Berkley
Est 1894, Inc 1904, Jefferson Co.
Mountain View Larimer Co.
Mountain View Montrose Co.
Mountain Village Inc 1995, San Miguel Co.
Mountaindale PO 1880-1899, Park Co.
Mountainvale PO 1884-1903, Mesa Co.
Mountearl, Mount Earl PO 1896-1899, Larimer Co.
Muckawanago, Muckawango
aka Riley's
RR and Lumber Town, Pitkin Co.
Mud Creek PO 1911-1918, Bent Co.
Mud Springs Mesa Co.
Muddy On 1924 map, Huerfano Co.
Muddy Creek PO 1870-1886, Pueblo Co.
(Same site as 1891-1914 Abbey PO)
Mudsill RR Station Est 1892, Park Co.
(Station for Horseshoe)
Mudsill Spring Park Co.
Muldoon RR Stop 1899-1923 map, Montezuma Co.
Mule Shoe, Muleshoe On 1887-1899 map, Huerfano Co.
Mulford Garfield Co.
Mullenville, Mullensville PO 1880-1882, Park Co.
Mulvane, Mulrane PO 1888-1893, Prowers Co.
Mulyane On 1899 map, Bent Co.
Munroe Park Est 1892, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Adams Co.
Muriel PO 1903-1906, Huerfano Co.
aka Marnane
PO 1882-1886, La Plata Co.
Murphy RR Stop 1899 map, El Paso Co.
Site now in Teller Co.
Murphy Switch RR Stop 1890s-1920s, Chaffee Co.
PO was Romley. Served the Mary Murphy mine.
Murphys On 1923 map, Dolores Co.
Murray's Waystop, San Miguel Co.
Murrays Ranch Stage Station 1860s, Weld Co.
Site now in Morgan Co.
Music City
aka Sand Creek
Mining Camp, Saguache Co.
Muskoka RR Stop 1916-1920, Kit Carson Co.
Musquito, Mosquito
see Sterling PO
Est 1861, Park Co.
Mustang PO 1914-1940, Huerfano Co.
(PO moved from Larimer)
Myers PO 1891-1894, El Paso Co.
later Platte Ranch
Park Co.
Myrtle PO 1906-1913, Pueblo Co.
Mystic PO 1910-1942, Routt Co.

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