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City/Town/Place Name Dates/County/Remarks
later Pryolite, Kenwood
PO 1904-1929, Fremont Co.
(Renamed 1915)
Radium Est 1906, Grand Co.
Rafter J Open A La Plata Co.
Ragans RR Stop 1909-1920 map, Weld Co.
Ragged Mountain PO 1919-1956, Gunnison Co.
Rago PO 1912-1951, Washington Co.
Ralston, Ralstons PO 1863-1887, Jefferson Co.
Ralston Creek, Ralston Point,
Ralston Station
see Arvada
Jefferson Co.
Ramah Est 1888, Inc 1927, El Paso Co.
1889 PO moved from O.Z.
Ramona Inc 1913, El Paso Co.
Ranch Estates On 1970 map, Park Co.
(Same site as later Highland Park)
Rand Est ~1880, Larimer Co.
Now in Jackson Co.
Randall RR Stop 1909-1924 map, Otero Co.
Range Eagle Co.
orig Rangley
Est 1884
Inc 1946, Rio Blanco Co.
Rapson PO 1911-1934, Las Animas Co.
Raspberry RR Stop 1895 map, Chaffee Co.
prev Decatur
later Argentine
Est ~1868 (Decatur)
PO 1891-1895 (Rathbone), Summit Co.
Rathbone On 1923 map, Pitkin Co.
Raton PO 1878-1881, Las Animas Co.
(PO moved to Alfalfa)
Raton Pass
later Morley
Las Animas Co.
Rattlesnake Buttes PO 1918-1938, Huerfano Co.
Raven PO 1898-1939, Garfield Co.
Raven Park On 1923 map, Rio Blanco Co.
Ravens, Ravensbeque PO 1885-1888, Mesa Co.
(1888 PO moved to De Beque)
Ravenwood PO 1910-1939, Huerfano Co.
Rawlings PO 1886-1887, Bent Co.
Raybal Est 1940, Huerfano Co.
Raymer PO 1888-1895
Inc 1919, Weld Co.
Raymond Est 189~, Boulder Co.
Raymond RR Stop 1899-1923 map, Montezuma Co.
Read PO 1898-1934, Delta Co.
Recen Inc 1880, Summit Co.
Red Canon RR Stop on 1899 map, Garfield Co.
Still on 1964 map
Red Cliff, Redcliff Inc 1880, Eagle Co.
Red Elephant
aka Elephant
PO 1878-1881, Clear Creek Co.
Red Feather Lakes Est 1923, Larimer Co.
Red Hill
aka Mayol's
RR Stop 1879-1900s, Park Co.
Red Lion PO 1886-1890, Weld Co.
(Site was near Sterling, Logan Co.)
Red Lion PO 1910-1935, Logan Co.
(Site on UP RR near Sedgwick Co. Border)
Red Mesa, Redmesa
prev Garland
Est 1907, La Plata Co.
PO 1907-1954
Red Mount On 1899-1920 map, Gunnison Co.
Red Mountain Mining Camp1860s, Gunnison Co.
(Deserted before 1873)
Red Mountain PO 1880-1881, Gunnison Co.
Red Mountain 1878 PO, Grand Co.
Red Mountain
aka Red Mountain Town
Inc 1883, PO 1883-1913, Ouray Co.
Red Mountain City Mining Camp, San Juan Co.
(Rival camp to Ouray's Red Mountain Town)
Red Rock Mining Camp, Boulder Co.
Red Rock Waystop 1882-1885 map, Las Animas Co.
Red Rock RR Stop 1899 map, Montezuma Co.
Red Wing, Redwing Est 1913, Huerfano Co.
Redlands Est 1905, Mesa Co.
(Gone by 1943)
Redmond RR Stop 1916-1968 map, Larimer Co.
Reds Place Larimer Co.
aka Cleveholm, Manor House
Ruby of the Rockies
Est 1898, Pitkin Co.
prev Redlands
Est 1908, Montrose Co.
Reed's Springs Stage Stop Est 1859, Kansas Terr
Site now in Elbert Co.
Regneir PO 1900-1920s, Baca Co.
(PO moved into Oklahoma)
Reliance Junction On 1923 map, Huerfano Co.
Remington RR Stop, Larimer Co.
Renaraye PO 1915-1929, Montezuma Co.
Rene PO 1912-1921, Otero Co.
Reno On 1895-1923 map, Fremont Co.
Reno RR Stop 1892-1902 map, Phillips Co.
Resolis Est 1888, Elbert Co.
PO 1890-1914
briefly Vermilion
later Dawson, Foxton
Est 1880, Jefferson Co.
Named Dawson-1886, Foxton-1909
Rex RR Stop 1923 map, Eagle Co.
Rex Larimer Co.
Rexford Est 1881
PO 1882-1883, Summit Co.
Company town for Rexford Mine
prev Roan
RR Stop 1886-1895, Mesa Co.
PO 1893-1904,
PO renamed 1894
Rice Sawmill Est 1881, Gunnison Co.
Site now in Mesa Co.
Richards PO 1912-1938, Baca Co.
Richards Park Co.
Richardsons On 1881 map, Ouray Co.
Rich City Lake Co.
Richfield Conejos Co.
Richland Pitkin Co.
Rico Est 1879, Inc 1880, Ouray Co.
Now in Dolores Co.
Rico House Stage Stop 1881 map, La Plata Co.
Ridge PO 1912-1954, Jefferson Co.
Ridgway, Ridgeway Est 1890, Inc 1891, Ouray Co.
Ridgway Junction RR Station, Ouray Co.
Depot was site of original Ridgeway PO
Rifle Est 1882
Inc 1905, Garfield Co.
Rifle Range RR Stop 1920 map, Jefferson Co.
Riland PO 1913-1946, Garfield Co.
Riley RR Stop 1916-1920 map, Otero Co.
aka Muckawanago
RR and Lumber Town, Pitkin Co.
aka Los Rincones
On 1885-1894 map, Conejos Co.
Rinn PO 1901-1907, Weld Co.
(May have operated in 1899)
Rio Almo 1880s Mining Area, Saguache Co.
Rio Blanco, Rioblanco Est 1899, Rio Blanco Co.
Rio de las Animas
now Trinidad
Est Bef 1859, New Mexico Terr.
Now in Las Animas Co.
Rio Grande PO 1874-1877, Costilla Co.
On 1923 map, Alamosa Co.
Rio Lado RR Stop on 1899 map, Montezuma Co.
Rioblanco, Rio Blanco Est 1899, Rio Blanco Co.
Ripple Larimer Co.
Rist On 1923 map, Larimer Co.
Ritchie's Patch Mining Camp, Chaffee Co.
Rito RR Stop 1923 map, Fremont Co.
Rito Alto PO 1872-1884, Saguache Co.
Rivas PO 1924-1925, Moffat Co.
River Bend Est 1870, Elbert Co.
PO 1875-1939
River Portal PO 1906-1910, Montrose Co.
Rivera RR Stop 1916-1923 map, Las Animas Co.
Riverdale Est Bef 1909, Bent Co.
Riverside RR Stop 1899 Map, Arapahoe Co.
(at Riverside Cemetery)
Riverside Boulder Co.
Riverside PO 1872-1905, Lake Co.
Site now in Chaffee Co.
Riverside Stage Station Est 1860, Nebraska Terr
On 1885 map, Weld Co.
Site now in Logan Co.
Riverside On 1881 map, Ouray Co.
Riverton RR Stop 1902 map, Pueblo Co.
(Same site as Meadows, Livesly)
Riverview Jefferson Co.
Rixey Est 1908, Bent Co.
later Rhone
RR Stop 1886-1895 map, Mesa Co.
PO 1893-1904
PO name changed 1894
Roach PO 1929-1941, Larimer Co.
Roaring Fork City
aka Roaring Fork
Est 1879, 1880 PO, Gunnison Co.
Site now in Pitkin Co.
Robb PO 1889-1893 & 1920, Yuma Co.
Townsite Ext 1890-1930s
Roberta RR Stop 1909-1923 map, Otero Co.
Roberts Ext 1896, Park Co.
Roberts, Roberts Junction RR Stop 1954-1964 map, Larimer Co.
Robinson On 1882-1923 map, Bent Co.
(Some maps place site in Otero Co.)
Robinson PO 1881-1911
Inc 1881, Summit Co.
(now under Climax Mine tailings)
Robinson's Camp Mining Camp, Summit Co.
Co-camp with Ten Mile Camp and Summit City
now Model
Est ~1900, Las Animas Co.
(Roby PO 1911-1912)
Rock Butte PO 1869-1874, Douglas Co.
Site now in Elbert Co.
Rock Cliff PO 1874-1880, Saguache Co.
Rock Creek
see Gilman
Eagle Co.
Rock Creek
later Crystal City
Gunnison Co.
Rock Creek PO 1909-1915, Pueblo Co.
Rock Creek Stage Station, Weld Co.
Site now in Morgan Co.
Rock Creek Park El Paso Co.
Rock Island Ext 1880s, Yuma Co.
Rock Ridge
prev Virginia, Frost's Ranch
aka Rocky Ridge
PO 1872-1892, Douglas Co.
Rock Spur RR Stop 1895 map, Jefferson Co.
Rockdale Est 188~, Chaffee Co.
Rockdale On 1885 map, Bent Co.
Site now in Otero Co.
also see Rockvale
RR Stop 1895 map, Fremont Co.
Rockland PO 1888-1891, Logan Co.
see Solar
PO 1914-1915, Huerfano Co.
(Brief name for Solar)
Rockport Est 1926, Weld Co.
Rockrimmon Est 1987, El Paso Co.
(Substation of Colorado Springs PO)
prev Rockdale
Est 1882, Inc 1886, Fremont Co.
Rockville PO 1877-1878, Boulder Co.
Same site as later Rowena
Rockwell On 1887 map, Fremont Co.
Rockwood PO 1878-1940, La Plata Co.
Rocky Jefferson Co.
Rocky PO 1874-1898, Park Co.
Rocky 1905 PO, Mesa Co.
Rocky Flats Jefferson Co.
Rocky Ford Est 1870, Inc 1887, Bent Co.
Now in Otero Co.
Rocky Ford Aux Army Airfield Military Post 1940s, Crowley Co.
Rocky Mountain Arsenal Est 1942, Adams Co.
Rodley PO 1910-1937, Baca Co.
Roe Montrose Co.
Rogers PO 1886-1888, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Yuma Co.
Roger's Mesa On 1923 map, Delta Co.
Rogers Spur RR Stop, Lake Co.
Rogersville 1883 PO, Ouray Co.
prev Blair
Est 1883, Weld Co.
Rolla Adams Co.
Rollinsville Est ~1861, Gilpin Co.
PO Est 1871
orig Sunflower
Est 1899
Inc 1923, Conejos Co.
Romley PO 1886-1924, Chaffee Co.
Roof RR Stop 1916-1923 map, Huerfano Co.
Rosa 1895 PO, El Paso Co.
Roscoe Est ~1900, Mining Camp, Clear Creek Co.
Rose RR Stop 1899 map, Pitkin Co.
Rose Hill Est 1884, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Adams Co.
Rosedale Est 1887, Huerfano Co.
Rosedale Jefferson Co.
aka "Boozeville"
Inc 1939, Weld Co.
Rosemont PO 1903-1926, Teller Co.
Still on 1970s map
Roses Cabin PO 1878-1887, Hinsdale Co.
Rosevale Mesa Co.
aka Brown's Spring
Est 1870, Fremont Co.
Inc 1882, Custer Co.
Roswell PO 1889-1908, El Paso Co.
Absorbed by Colorado Springs
Rouarks RR Station 1895 map, Park Co.
Roubideau PO 1909-1918, Delta Co.
On 1887-1923 maps
later Mitchell
Est 1880, Summit/Eagle Co.
PO 1880-1909
(Renamed 1883)
Round Butte Ext 1880s, Larimer Co.
Round Corral
later Plum, Plum Station
now Sedalia
Est 1865, Douglas Co.
(Name changed to Plum, Plum Station 1870
and to Sedalia 1872)
Round Fort
aka McShanes Fort
Est 1868, El Paso Co.
Round Hill 1880s Waystop, Saguache Co.
RR Station 1895-1923 maps
Round Oak PO 1908-1910, Huerfano Co.
Roundup Junction Montezuma Co.
also see Old Rouse
PO 1889-1929, Huerfano Co.
Rouse Junction RR Stop 1892-1923 map, Huerfano Co.
Routt PO 1884-1892, Routt Co.
Routt PO 1930-1953, Moffat Co.
Rowe PO 1898-1900, Prowers Co.
Rowena Est 1894, Boulder Co.
PO 1894-1918
Same site as earlier Rockville
Roy Weld Co.
Royal Flush Ext 1904-1935, Routt Co.
(Mill closed 1918)
Royal Gorge PO Est 1949, Fremont Co.
Roydale RR Stop, Denver Co.
Ruby Mining Camp, Grand Co.
aka Ruby Camp
PO 1879-1880, Inc 1880, Gunnison Co.
(Silver Camp absorbed by Irwin)
Ruby RR Stop, Gunnison Co.
PO 1893-1895 (Near orig Ruby Camp)
Ruby RR Stop 1895-1923 map, Mesa Co.
aka South Independence
Est 1890s, Pitkin Co.
Ruby City PO 1878-1879, Ouray Co.
Still on 1899 map
Ruby of the Rockies
see Redstone
Pitkin Co.
Ruction 1899 PO, Larimer Co.
Rudolph 1886 PO, Montrose Co.
Ruedi RR Stop on 1899 map, Pitkin Co.
Ruedi PO 1889-1941, Eagle Co.
Ruff PO 1889-1896, Baca Co.
Rugby PO 1900-1947, Las Animas Co.
Ruin Canyon PO 1920-1928, Montezuma Co.
Rule PO 1909-1921, Bent Co.
Rulison Garfield Co.
Running Creek PO 1868-1883, Douglas Co.
Same site as Ruthton Stage Stop
Later Elbert Co.
Rush Est 1907, El Paso Co.
Rush Creek RR Stop 1897 map, Cheyenne Co.
aka Placer
PO 1876-1956, Costilla Co.
Town was Placer 1870s-1900s
After 1900s town was named Russell
Russell Gulch Est 1859
PO 1879-1943, Gilpin Co.
Russell Spring Waystop on 1885 map, Saguache Co.
Russell Station
orig Big Hill
Big Hill on 1885 map, Costilla Co.
Russell Station on 1924 map
Russellville Est ~1858, Kansas Territory
1862 PO, Douglas Co.
Rustic PO 1880-1887, Larimer Co.
Ruthton Stage Stop, Elbert Co.
Same site as Running Creek PO
Ruxton Bent Co.
Ruxton Park El Paso Co.
Ryans On 1887 map, Lake Co.
prev Table Mountain
Est 1881
Inc 1937, Pueblo Co.
Ryssby Est 1869, Boulder Co.

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