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City/Town/Place Name Dates/County/Remarks
prev Bird, Magnolia, Schuyler
Existed 1909, Adams Co.
see Idaho Springs
Clear Creek Co.
Sacramento Flats
aka Flats
Est 1878, Park Co.
(Absorbed by Fairplay)
Saddle Hill RR Stop 1899 map, El Paso Co.
Safe Here Larimer Co.
Site now in Jackson Co.
Sage PO 1880-1882, Gunnison Co.
Still on 1899 map
Sage Hen Springs Jackson Co.
Sago PO 1922-1925, Montezuma Co.
Saguache Est 1867
Inc 1878, Saguache Co.
Saint Charles PO 1866-1881, Pueblo Co.
Saint Cloud
later Cherokee Park
PO 1884-1933, Larimer Co.
(Name changed 1913)
Saint Elmo
prev Forest City
Inc 1880, Chaffee Co.
PO 1880-1952
Saint Francis Falls On 1881 Map, San Miguel Co.
Saint Jacobs Mine and Boarding House, Hinsdale Co.
Saint John, Saint John's
prev Coleyville
also see Saints John
Est 1861, Summit Co.
1872-1890 Company Town for Boston Silver Mine
PO was Saints John
Saint Kevin PO 1886-1890, Lake Co.
Saint Louis
now Loveland
Larimer Co.
Saint Louis On 1879 map, Weld Co.
Saint Marys PO 1867-1907, Huerfano Co.
On maps to 1923
Saint Peters PO 1905-1907, El Paso Co.
Saint Petersburg
aka Saint Peters
On 1934-1970 map, Logan Co.
Saint Vrain
also see Fort Saint Vrain
PO Est 1859, Nebraska Terr.
Merged with Platteville 1875
Site now in Weld Co.
Saint Vrain Stage Stop/Town Est 1887, Boulder Co.
Died before 1915
Saint Vrains PO 1915-1918, Weld Co.
(Not the same site as earlier St Vrain)
Saints John
also see Saint John
PO 1876-1881, Summit Co.
Salem PO 1894-1919, Arapahoe Co.
prev Arkansas
Est 1880, Inc 1885, Chaffee Co.
(1881 name changed to Salida)
Salina PO 1874-1925, Boulder Co.
Salina Est ~1907, Park Co.
Saling On 1887 map, La Plata Co.
Salis RR Stop 1916-1920 map, Cheyenne Co.
Salt Creek PO 1880-1908, Pueblo Co.
Salt Works On 1885-1887 map, Park Co.
Sam, Sams RR Stop on 1899 map, San Miguel Co.
PO 1903-1950
Sample RR Stop 1923 map, Fremont Co.
San Acacio Est 1853, New Mexico Territory
Inc 1885, Costilla Co.
PO Est 1909
San Antonia
see Apishapa
PO 1875-1876, Las Animas Co.
San Antonio
now Antonito
Est ~1880, Conejos Co.
(San Antonio PO 1880-1881)
San Bernardo
later Matterhorn
Mining Camp, San Miguel Co.
San Bernardo PO 1892-1907, San Miguel Co.
(Moved from Trout Lake)
San Carlos RR Stop 1882-1922 map, Pueblo Co.
San Cristobal On 1899 map, Hinsdale Co.
San Francisco
PO was named Lavalley, La Valley
Est 1854, New Mexico Territory
Inc 1885, Costilla Co.
(Upper Culebra on 1899 map)
San Franciso On 1885 map, Las Animas Co.
(Near site of later Tercio)
San Isabel Pueblo Co.
San Isabel
aka San Isabella
PO 1872-1912, Saguache Co.
San Isabel PO 1936-1938, Custer Co.
San Isidro
later Abeyta
On 1882-1902 map, Las Animas Co.
San Jose On 1885 map, Conejos Co.
San Jose PO 1873-1878, Las Animas Co.
(PO moved to Grinnell)
San Jose On 1885-1887 map, Rio Grande Co.
(same site as modern Freeman)
San Juan
see Mogote
Conejos Co.
San Juan Las Animas Co.
San Juan
aka San Juan City
PO 1874-1904 Mineral Co.
San Luis
aka San Luis de Culebra,
Culebra, Plaza del Medio
Est 1851, New Mexico Territory
PO Est 1862, Inc 1885, Costilla Co.
Oldest Town in Colorado
San Miguel PO 1877-1895, Ouray Co.
Later San Miguel Co.
San Miguel Las Animas Co.
San Pablo Est 1851, New Mexico Territory
PO Est 1893, Costilla Co.
San Pedro, San Pedra Est 1851, New Mexico Territory
Inc 1885, Costilla Co.
San Pedro
now Starkville
Est Bef 1879, Las Animas Co.
(Starkville Est 1879)
San Rafael Inc 1885, Conejos Co.
PO 1890-1895
later Spivak
Est 1923, Jefferson Co.
(Name changed 1928)
Sanborn PO 1878-1905, Bent Co.
Later Lincoln Co.
Sand Arroyo PO 1915-1917, Baca Co.
Sand Creek RR Stop 1882, Bent Co.
Site now in Cheyenne Co.
Sand Creek
aka Music City
Mining Camp, Saguache Co.
Sand Creek Junction On 1916-1920 map, Adams Co.
Sand Creek Station
aka Nine Mile Station
Stage Stop, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Adams Co.
Sand Hill Springs
see Lillian Springs
Logan Co.
Sandown RR Stop, Denver Co.
Sands RR Stop 1895 map, Garfield Co.
Sandy RR Stop 1916-1968 map, Huerfano Co.
prev Ephraim
Est ~1880
Inc 1892, Conejos Co.
(Named Sandford 1888)
Sangre de Cristo
see Cristo
Mining Camp, Costilla Co.
Sangre de Christo PO 1876-1884, Saguache Co.
Santa Clara PO 1873-1894, Huerfano Co.
RR Stop 1895-1899 map
Santa Maria Park Co.
Santiago Est 1898, Clear Creek Co.
Santisima Trinidad
see Trinidad
Las Animas Co.
Sapinero Est 1882, Gunnison Co.
Sarcillo RR Stop 1924 map, Las Animas Co.
orig Marshalltown
Est ~1879, Saguache Co.
(Renamed 1882)
Sargents School Rio Grande Co.
aka Surinda
PO 1875-1882, Weld Co.
Site now in Logan Co.
RR Stop was Bryant
PO 1882-1904, Pitkin Co.
Later Garfield Co.
Saugus PO 1908-1914, Lincoln Co.
Saunders Delta Co.
Savage Basin Camp Mining Camp, San Miguel Co.
Saw Pit
Sawpit (PO)
Est 1895, Inc 1896, San Miguel Co.
PO 1896-1926
Saxton Delta Co.
Schistos PO 1894-1895, Saguache Co.
Schley PO 1898-1913, Elbert Co.
PO moved from Clemmons
aka Schleyter
PO 1912-1913, Washington Co.
Scholl PO 1901-1930, Grand Co.
School House On 1885 map, Saguache Co.
(between Mirage and Saguache)
Schramm PO 1913-1925, Yuma Co.
(Same site as earlier Brunerville townsite)
Schriever AFB El Paso Co.
Schulter Plaza
now Aguilar
Las Animas Co.
prev Bird, Magnolia
later Sable
Est ~1880, Arapahoe Co.
Later Adams Co.
Schwanders On 1895-1923 map, Chaffee Co.
Scissors PO 1884-1894
On 1887-1922 map, Huerfano Co.
(PO was Capps 1894-1901)
Scofield PO 1880-1886, Inc 1880, Gunnison Co.
Scott Est 1911, Larimer Co.
Scranton 1886 RR Stop, PO 1887-1888, Arapahoe Co.
Abandoned 1915, Adams Co.
Secreto Creek
later South Kingston
Mining Camp, Gilpin Co.
Secor RR Stop 1895 map, Boulder Co.
prev Widefield
now Security-Widefield
Est 1920, El Paso Co.
Security-Widefield Est 1955, El Paso Co.
prev Round Corral, Plum,
Plum Station
Round Corral Est 1865, Douglas Co.
1870 name changed to Plum, Plum Station
Sedalia PO Est 1872, 1882 Sedalia platted
orig Henderson
Inc 1881, Weld Co.
(Name changed in 1885)
Logan Co. 1887-89
Now in Sedgwick Co.
later Parkville
PO 1880-1886, Saguache Co.
(Absorbed by Bonanza)
see Laird
PO 1892-1899, Yuma Co.
Brief name for Laird
Seedhouse Routt Co.
Segreganset PO 1914-1917, Kiowa Co.
prev Humoso
Est 1901, Las Animas Co.
Seguro PO 1895-1901, Huerfano Co.
Seibert Est 1888, Elbert Co.
Inc 1917, Kit Carson Co.
Seiden's Ranch
see Everett
Stage Stop, Lake Co.
Selak PO 1883-1893, Grand Co.
Still on 1899 map
Selkirk On 1922 map, Gunnison Co.
Selkirk Mining Camp 1885 map, Park Co.
Selkirk Spur RR Station 1895 map, Park Co.
Sellar PO 1888-1918, Pitkin Co.
RR Stop 1895-1899 map
Selma RR Stop 1902-1916 map, Logan Co.
Semper Inc 1886, PO 1882-1900, Jefferson Co.
Senecero Inc 1885, Conejos Co.
Serape On 1885 map, La Plata Co.
Serene PO 1923-1942, Weld Co.
Servietta On 1885 map, Conejos Co.
prev Seton
PO 1915-1920, Baca Co.
(Renamed 1916)
Seven Castles PO 1913-1918, Eagle Co.
Seven Lakes Teller Co.
Sevenmile Plaza Rio Grande Co.
Seventeen Mile House Stage Stop/Tavern 1870s, Arapahoe Co.
aka Tailholt
Est 1894
Inc 1920, Weld Co.
later Clyde
PO 1896-1909, El Paso Co.
(Name changed 1899)
Later Teller Co.
Sewell On 1922 map, Pitkin Co.
(A few sources show Garfield Co.)
aka Silver Pick
1880s Mining Camp, San Miguel Co.
PO 1892-1896 (PO moved to Sawpit)
(Same site as 1920s Fall Creek)
Shadow Mountain On 1980 map, Grand Co.
Shaffers Crossing Est ~1865, Jefferson Co.
Shale (1st) On 1885 map, Mesa Co.
(NW of Mack)
Shale (2nd) RR Stop on 1895-1923 map, Mesa Co.
Shambalah-Asarama On 1980 map, Douglas Co.
Shanty Town Lake Co.
(Absorbed by Leadville)
Sharps Fort, Sharps Post Trading Post Est 1870, Huerfano Co.
Sharpsdale PO 1883-1934, Huerfano Co.
Shavano Est 1879, Chaffee Co.
1880 PO & 1930 PO
Shaver's Waystop 1881 map, San Miguel Co.
Shaw PO 1908-1955, Lincoln Co.
Shawano RR Stop on 1899-1923 map, Saguache Co.
orig Fairville, Slaghts
Est 1878, Park Co.
(Shawnee after 1900)
Sheddon City
aka Sheldon City
Mining Camp, Summit Co.
Sheehan RR Stop 1924 map, Weld Co.
Sheephorn PO 1895-1951, Eagle Co.
laterDenver Mills
PO 1891-1892, Arapahoe Co.
1892-1918 as Denver Mills, Denver Co.
Sheffield Platted 1926, Denver Co.
Sheldon City
aka Sheddon City
Mining Camp, Summit Co.
Shelton 1904 PO, Boulder Co.
Shelton, Shelton Junction RR Stop 1909-1923 map, Otero Co.
Shenandoah PO 1892-1896, Montrose Co.
now Lake George
Est 1891, Park Co.
Sheridan Inc 1891, Arapahoe Co.
Sheridan Junction
later Chattanooga
Inc 1885, San Juan Co.
Sheridan Lake
aka Sheridan
orig Bee
Est 1877, Bent Co.
Renamed 1887
Inc 1951, Kiowa Co.
Sheridan Park Arapahoe Co.
~1891, Absorbed into Sheridan
Sherman PO 1890-1892, Eagle Co.
RR stop on 1899 map just inside Garfield Co.
Sherman PO 1877-1886, Hinsdale Co.
PO 1895-1898
Sherman Spur RR Stop, Las Animas Co.
Sherrod PO 1904-1906, Gunnison Co.
Sherwin RR Stop 1924 map, Logan Co.
Sherwood RR Stop 1895-1923 map, Eagle Co.
Shields, Shields Ranch PO 1887-1894, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Yuma Co.
Shirley PO 1882-1882, Saguache Co.
(D&RG construction camp)
Shirley RR Stations 1885-1899 map, both
Chaffee & Saguache Co.
Shirley El Paso Co.
Short Creek Mining Camp, Saguache Co.
Shoshone RR Stop 1895 map
PO 1907-1910, Garfield Co.
Shriever Air Force Base
prev Falcon AFB
Est 1985, El Paso Co.
see Camp Shumway
Huerfano Co.
aka Sybly
On 1890s map, Otero Co.
Absorbed by Fowler
Siding Number 1 On 1923 map, Alamosa Co.
Sidney PO 1881-1882, Gunnison Co.
Site now in Pitkin Co.
(Sidney was absorbed by Independence)
Sidney PO 1888-1941, Routt Co.
Sidney RR Station/Town 1892-1923 map
RR station in Elbert Co. near El Paso Border
Maps place town in both counties.
Sidneyville Clear Creek Co.
Sierra On 1924 map, Costilla Co.
Sierra El Late
("Mountain on its side")
Montezuma Co.
Sigman PO 1926-1935, Adams Co.
Signal PO 1896-1898, El Paso Co.
Site now in Teller Co.
Signal Station
aka Mesa Park Signal Station
Saguache Co.
Signal Station
aka Pikes Peak Military Reservation
Army Station, El Paso Co.
(On top of Pikes Peak)
Silla RR Stop 1887 map, La Plata Co.
Sillsville PO 1903-1910, Gunnison Co.
Siloam PO 1891-1943, Pueblo Co.
prev Ferguson
Est 1898
Inc 1915, Garfield Co.
Silver Brook Mining Camp/RR Station, Gunnison Co.
Silver City Est 1860, Kansas Territory
On Clear Creek-Gilpin Co. Border
Silver Cliff Est 1878, Inc 1879, Custer Co.
Silver Circle Mining Camp, Custer Co.
Silver Creek
prev Daileyville
aka Chinn City
Est 1884, Clear Creek Co.
Silver Crags Chalaet On 1964-1970 map, Jefferson Co.
Silver Dale Est 187~, Clear Creek Co.
Silver Drake Mining Camp, Clear Creek Co.
Silver Gate Mining Camp, Gunnison Co.
(Absorbed by Irwin)
Silver Heels Ext 1861-1897, Park Co.
Silver Heights Douglas Co.
Silver King
see Leadville
Mining Camp, Lake Co.
Silver Lake PO 1862-1864, Summit Co.
Silver Lake Mining District, San Juan Co.
Silver Lake RR Stop 1895 map, Huerfano Co.
Silver Ledge PO 1904-1905, San Juan Co.
Silver Night Mining Camp, Gunnison Co.
Silver Park PO 1879-1881, Custer Co.
Silver Pick
see Seymour
San Miguel, Co.
Silver Plume, Silverplume Est 1870
Inc 1880, Clear Creek Co.
Silver Springs Jefferson Co.
Silver Springs On 1970 map, Park Co.
Silverplume, Silver Plume Est 1870
Inc 1880, Clear Creek Co.
Silverdale Mining Camp, 1882 PO, Chaffee Co.
see Beartown
Hinsdale, La Plata, San Juan Counties
Silverthorne Est 1962, Inc 1967, Summit Co.
Silverton Est 1874, La Plata Co.
Inc 1876, San Juan Co.
aka Sylvia
RR Stop 1895-1923 map, Las Animas Co.
Simla Est 1888, PO Est 1909
Inc 1913, Elbert Co.
Simpson PO 1910-1943, Adams Co.
(Also shown in Washington Co.)
aka Simpton
PO was Wormington
Est 1909, Las Animas Co.
Sinbad PO 1914-1933, Montrose Co.
Sinbad's Valley Montrose Co.
Singleton On 1924-1980 map, Park Co.
Sinnard RR Stop 1916 map, Larimer Co.
Still on 1997 map.
Sitton, Sitton Corner PO 1906-1917, Pueblo Co.
Still on 1950s map
Six Mile House, Six Mile Inn
see Lawson
Clear Creek Co.
Sixty-Two Mile Lane Waystop on 1923 map, Weld Co.
Skinner PO 1897-1899, Fremont Co.
Skinners RR Stop 1909-1968 map, El Paso Co.
Skull Creek PO 1929-1949, Moffat Co.
(Moved to Blue Mountain)
Sky City 1880s Gold Camp, Saguache Co.
(Same site where Fremont's 1848 expedition
was turned back by snow.)
Skyline On 1964 map, Gilpin Co.
Skyway Est 1927, Mesa Co.
PO 1927-1945
Skyway On 1964 map, El Paso Co.
see Leadville
Mining Camp, Lake Co.
orig Fairville
now Shawnee
PO 1878-1900, Park Co.
Slate Creek Summit Co.
Slater Est 1876, Carbon Co, Wyoming
1888 moved into Routt Co.,
Now in Moffat Co.
Slater's 1880s Waystop, Park Co.
Slavonia On 1922 map, Routt Co.
Slick Rock
orig Snyder's Camp,
aka Glade
Est 1879, San Miguel Co.
Slick Rock PO Est 1941
Sligo RR Stop 1895 map
PO 1908-1941, Weld Co.
Sloan RR Stop 1924 map, Weld Co.
Sloane RR Stop 1895 map, Pitkin Co.
1899 map shows Sloane in Eagle Co.
PO orig at Peach Blow
PO 1909-1931, Eagle Co.
Smeltertown Chaffee Co.
Smith Canyon PO 1892-1893, Las Animas Co.
Smith Hill On 1895-1923 map, Gilpin Co.
Smith Hill
see Anthracite
Gunnison Co.
Smuggler, Smugglers PO 1895-1928, San Miguel Co.
Large Mining Camp near Smuggler Mine
orig Porters, Mount Sneffels
PO 1879-1930, Ouray Co.
(Renamed Sneffels in 1895)
aka Molina
Est 1883, Mesa Co.
Molina PO Est 1895
(PO named Snipes 1897-1906)
Snook's Bottom Est 1902, Mesa Co.
orig Hope
PO 1885-1893, Lake Co.
(Renamed 1890)
Snowmass PO 1882-1883, Gunnison Co.
Snowmass Est 1901, Pitkin Co.
Snowmass Village
aka West Village
Est 1889
Inc 1977, Pitkin Co.
Snows 1880s settlement, San Miguel Co.
Snowstorm Park Co.
Snyder Est 1882, Weld Co.
Now in Morgan Co.
Snyders RR Stop on 1899 map, Pitkin Co.
Snyder's Camp
now Slick Rock
Est 1879, San Miguel Co.
Slick Rock PO Est 1941
Soda Springs PO 1879-1902, Lake Co.
Soda Springs
PO was named Grape
On 1887-1895 map, Fremont Co.
PO briefly Rockland
RR Stop on 1899 map, Huerfano Co.
PO 1914-1925
Solidad RR Stop 1880s map, La Plata Co.
Somerset Est 1902, Gunnison Co.
Sommers RR Stop 1909-1920 map, El Paso Co.
Sonora RR Stop 1916-1923 map, Pueblo Co.
Sopris On 1923 map, Garfield Co.
Sopris PO 1888-1969, Las Animas Co.
Townsite now under Trinidad Lake
Sorrento RR Station 1895 map
PO 1907-1918, Cheyenne Co.
Still on 1964 map
South Altman Inc 1896, El Paso Co.
South Arkansas
now Poncha Springs
Est 1868, Lake Co.
Renamed 1877, Now Chaffee Co.
South Boulder PO 1865-1869, Gilpin Co.
South Canon Inc 1891, Fremont Co.
South Canon RR Stop 1895 map
PO 1905-1916, Garfield Co.
South Creede Mineral Co.
South Denver Inc 1886, Arapahoe Co.
Annexed by Denver in 1894
South Evans Mining Camp, Lake Co.
South Fork Est 1876
Inc 1992, Rio Grande Co.
South Fork RR Stop 1899 map, San Miguel Co.
South Independence
aka Ruby
Est 1890s, Pitkin Co.
South Kingston
prev Secreto Creek
Mining Camp, Gilpin Co.
South Park PO 1874-1879, Park Co.
South Park City
see Fairplay
Park Co.
South Park City PO Est 1959 at Fairplay, Park Co.
(Reconstructed mining camp.)
South Platte PO 1873-1883, Weld Co.
Site now in Logan Co.
(Same site as 1860s Godfrey's Stage Stop)
South Platte PO 1899-1973, Jefferson Co.
South Pueblo PO 1874-1887
Inc 1881, Pueblo Co.
South Roggan Weld Co.
South Side PO 1869-1877, Pueblo Co.
Later Bent then Otero Co.
Southern Junction RR Stop 1916 map, Pueblo Co.
Southern Ute Indian Reservation Includes parts of La Plata and Archuleta Counties
Southglenn Est 1977, Arapahoe Co.
aka Borst's
PO 1872-1878, El Paso Co.
Spanish Mining Camp, 1898 PO, Saguache Co.
Spanish Bar Est 1860, Kansas Terr.
PO 1860-1885, Clear Creek Co.
Spanish Creek On 1885 map, Saguache Co.
Spanish Fort
aka Fort Sangre de Cristo
Spanish Fort Est 1819
Site now in Huerfano Co.
Spanish Peak
later La Veta
PO Est 1871, Huerfano Co.
(Renamed 1876)
Spanish Peaks 1920 PO, Hurefano Co.
Spanish Village Weld Co.
Spar, Spar City
prev Fisher City
PO 1892-1895,
Inc 1893, Hinsdale Co.
Now in Mineral Co.
Spargo PO 1920-1924, Montezuma Co.
Sparkill, Sparkell PO 1882-1887, Pitkin Co.
Still on 1899 map
(Absorbed by Independance)
Sparks PO 1913-1914, Moffat Co.
Sparrow PO 1883-1885, Pueblo Co.
Spence PO 1910-1920, Washington Co.
aka Cameron Spring
Inc 1897, Gunnison Co.
PO 1894-1907
(Cameron Spring on 1922 map)
Spencerville Mining Camp Est 1860, Summit Co.
Sperryvale 1901 PO, Pueblo Co.
Sphinx Park On 1997 map, Jefferson Co.
Sphinx Peak On 1964-1970 map, Jefferson Co.
Spicer Est 1884, Larimer Co.
Later Jackson Co.
Spikebuck, Spike Buck On 1895-1923 map, Fremont Co.
Spinney PO 1889-1908, Park Co.
RR Stop on 1899-1923 map, Park Co.
orig Sanatorium
Est 1923, Jefferson Co.
(Renamed 1928)
Spook City Mining Camp Est 1893, Saguache Co.
Spring 1881 PO, Gunnison Co.
Spring On 1885 Map, Arapahoe Co.
Site now in Denver Co.
Spring Bottom Stage Station 1860s, Bent Co.
Site now in Otero Co.
Spring Canyon Stage Station, Larimer Co.
Spring Gulch
aka Gulch
PO 1891-1916, Pitkin Co.
(Renamed Gulch 1895,
Some maps show Garfield Co.)
Spring Hill Stage Station 1860s-1900, Weld Co.
Site now in Logan Co.
Spring Valley PO 1865-1885, Douglas Co.
Spring Valley Park Co.
Springdale PO 1881-1911, Boulder Co.
Springer PO 1901-1902, Park Co.
Springfield Mining Camp, Gilpin Co.
Springfield Est 1887
Inc 1889, Las Animas Co.
Now in Baca Co.
Springvale PO 1874-1875, Las Animas Co.
Spruce On 1916-1923 map, Douglas Co.
Spruce On 1923 map, El Paso Co.
Sprucedale Jefferson Co.
Sprucewood Douglas Co.
Spur RR Stop 1895 map, Pitkin Co.
later Vim
PO 1916-1944, Weld Co.
(Renamed Vim in 1927)
Squaretop PO 1917-1918, Archuleta Co.
Squaw Creek PO 1884-1888, Eagle Co.
Squaw Gulch Mining Camp, Teller Co.
Absorbed by Anaconda
Squaw Point PO 1920-1926, Dolores Co.
Squirrel Creek PO 1911-1916, El Paso Co.
St. .... see Saint ....
Stage Weld Co.
Stage Canyon Stage Station, Las Animas Co.
Stage Canyon PO 1919-1920, Las Animas Co.
Stage Station
see New Stage Station, Old Stage Station
Prowers Co.
Stamford PO 1883-1920, Las Animas Co.
Standard RR Stop 1899 map, Fremont Co.
Standish PO 1885-1886, Gunnison Co.
Still on 1899 map
orig Coryell
PO 1887-1891, Costella Co.
(Name changed 1890)
Site now in Alamosa Co.
Stanley Lake RR Stop 1920 map, Jefferson Co.
Stanley Park Jefferson Co.
PO was Hogg
Montezuma Co.
Star Community Mesa Co.
Star Ranch On 1885 map, Saguache Co.
orig Joylan
now Idledale
Est ~1905, Jefferson Co.
Joylan PO Est 1918
Starbuck 1920-1930,
Renamed Idledale 1930
orig San Pedro
Starkville PO Est 1879
Inc 1954, Las Animas Co.
Starr 1907 PO, Phillips Co.
(Never operated?)
State Bridge Est 1889, PO 1909-1915, Eagle Co.
Stateline On 1885 map, Mesa Co.
(On Colorado-Utah Border)
Station On 1923 map, Morgan Co.
Station 21
Station 22
Station 23
1859-1860s Stage Stops, Elbert Co.
Sites now in Kit Carson Co.
Station 24 1859-1860s Stage Stop, Elbert Co.
Site now in Lincoln Co.
Steamboat Springs Est 1875, Grand Co.
Inc 1907, Routt Co.
Steffens PO 1915-1919, Yuma Co.
Stein RR Stop 1920-1923 map, Logan Co.
Stem Beach Pueblo Co.
aka Mosquito, Musquito
Est 1861, PO 1862-1865, Park Co.
Sterling Mining Camp, Hinsdale Co.
Sterling Est 1873, Inc 1884, Weld Co.
Now in Logan Co.
Stevens PO 1881-1882, Gunnison Co.
Stevens Gulch RR Stop 1895, Douglas Co.
Stevenson 1888 PO, Las Animas Co.
Existed until 190~, Baca Co.
also see Stuart
PO 1888-1899, Kiowa Co.
1899 RR map shows Stewart PO at Stuart Station
Stile's 1885 Stage Stop, Park Co.
Stillwater PO 1911-1930, Grand Co.
Stockade PO 1873-1874, Bent Co.
Site now in Otero Co.
Stockville PO 1873-1875, Las Animas Co.
aka Denver Stockyards
PO Est 1898, Arapahoe Co.
Now Denver Co.
Stoiber RR Stop 1899 map, San Juan Co.
Stollsteimer Archuleta Co.
Stone Canon RR Stop 1895 map, Boulder Co.
Stone City
aka Cabin Springs
Est 1912, Pueblo Co.
Stone Spur RR Stop 1895 map, Jefferson Co.
Stoneham Est 1888, Weld Co.
Stoner, Stoner Creek Est 189~, PO 1917-1954, Montezuma Co.
Stoneton Baca Co.
orig El Valle del Gutierrez
Est 1867, Las Animas Co.
PO 1878-1918
Stonington Est 1888, Las Animas Co.
Now in Baca Co.
Story RR Stop 1890-1924 map, Morgan Co.
Stout PO 1882-1908, Larimer Co.
(Branchline RR Terminal)
Stove Prairie Larimer Co.
Strange PO 1881-1883, Las Animas Co.
Straouseville Est 1874, Jefferson Co.
Strasburg Est 1890, Arapahoe Co.
PO Est 1908, Adams Co.
Stratmoor Hills El Paso Co.
Stratmore Valley El Paso Co.
Stratter On 1899-1923 map, Delta Co.
orig Claremont
Est 1888, Elbert Co.
(Name changed 1906)
Inc 1917, Kit Carson Co.
aka Winfield, Summit
Teller Co.
Stratton Meadows El Paso Co.
Streator PO 1880-1890, Costilla Co.
(PO moved to Mosca)
Site now in Alamosa Co.
Streeter Moffat Co.
Stringtown Lake Co.
Stringtown Mineral Co.
Strong PO 1905-1929, Huerfano Co.
Strong's Camp Teller Co.
Strontia Springs
orig Deane, Deansbury
PO 1879-1932, Douglas Co.
(Renamed 1892)
Struby RR Stop 1895-1923 map, Douglas Co.
Stuart PO 1888-1889 & 1911-1912, Kiowa Co.
1899 RR map shows Stuart aka Stewart PO
Stubbs Ranch
now Como
Park Co.
aka Stumptown
Mining Camp, Lake Co.
orig Connejos Camp
then Loyton
PO 1884-1914, Conejos Co.
(Renamed Stunner in 1886)
Subbette RR Stop 1887 map Conejos Co.
Sublette RR Stop, Weld Co.
aka Point Sublime
PO 1903-1909, El Paso Co.
Suffield RR Stop 1899-1923 map, Las Animas Co.
Suffolk PO 1879-1886, El Paso Co.
Sugar City
orig Wait
Wait Est 1891
Sugar City Inc 1900, Otero Co.
Now in Crowley Co.
Sugar Factory RR Stop on 1920 map, Rio Grand Co.
Sugar Junction On 1920-1990 map, Rio Grande Co.
Sugar Loaf PO 1867-1944, Boulder Co.
Sugardale RR Stop 1909-1921 map, Prowers Co.
Sullivan Est 1891, Arapahoe Co.
Sulpher Springs On 1885-1887 map, Routt Co.
(Two different places coexisted.)
Sulphide Flats Boulder Co.
Sulphur, Sulpher PO 1902-1926, Rio Grande Co.
Sulphur Gulch Stage Station Est Bef 1870, Douglas Co.
(Stop later moved to Twenty Mile House)
Sulphur Springs PO 1873-1874, Park Co.
(Same site as later Glentivar)
Sulphur Springs
see Pictou
Huerfano Co.
Sulphur Springs On 1964-1980 map, Huerfano Co.
Sulphur Springs
prev Hot Sulphur Springs
now Hot Sulpher Springs
Est 1874, Grand Co.
Sulphur Springs 1894-1912
Sultana PO 1899-1903, San Miguel Co.
Summerville Boulder Co.
see Bath
Chaffee/Park Co.
Summit RR Stop 1889 map, El Paso Co.
(On Pikes Peak)
Summit RR Stop, Lake Co.
see Kenosha Summit
Park Co.
aka Cerro Summit
Montrose Co.
Located near Cerro. Some maps show Cerro Summit
Summit, Summitville Est 1872, Rio Grande Co.
Summit Stage and RR Stop, San Juan Co.
aka Stratton, Winfield
Teller Co.
Summit RR Stop 1887 map, Weld Co.
Summit City Mining Camp, Summit Co.
Co-camp with Ten Mile City and Robinson's Camp
Summit Park 1st PO 1873-1888, El Paso Co.
PO moved to Manitou Park
Site now in Teller Co.
Summit Park 2nd PO 1890-1892, El Paso Co.
Site now in Teller Co.
Summit Springs 1869 Battle Site
Now in Washington Co.
Sun View PO 1877-1896, El Paso Co.
Sunbeam PO 1912-1942, Moffat Co.
Sunetha On 1923 map, Archuleta Co.
Sunflower PO 1889-1892, Conejos Co.
now Romero
Est 1899, Conejos Co.
aka Sunshine
PO 1897-1912, Garfield Co.
Sunlight Junction On 1923 map, Garfield Co.
Sunnyside Boulder Co.
Sunnyside Mining Camp, Rio Grande Co.
(Merged into Summitville)
Sunnyside PO 1886-1891, Hinsdale Co.
Site now in Mineral Co.
Sunol PO 1892-1894, Fremont Co.
Site now in Teller Co.
Sunset PO 1883-1921, Boulder Co.
Sunset PO Est 1976, Pueblo Co.
(Substation of Pueblo PO)
Sunset City Fremont Co.
Sunshine PO 1875-1913, Inc 1885, Boulder Co.
Sunshine RR Stop, Huerfano Co.
Sunshine RR Stop 1895-1899 map, Garfield Co.
Sunshine Spur RR Stop 1899 map, Garfield Co.
Superior Est 1896, Inc 1904, Boulder Co.
Surber PO 1895-1916, El Paso Co.
see Sarinda
Logan Co.
Surles Meadow Park Co.
Surveyor's Creek On 1882-1885 map, Washington Co.
Same site as the later Millett, Platner
Suttle PO 1882-1883, Gunnison Co.
Suttle On 1922 map, Delta Co.
Suttons RR Stop 1895 map, Summit Co.
Swallows PO 1892-1947, Pueblo Co.
(Site now under Pueblo Resv.)
Swan Chaffee Co.
aka Swan City
PO 1880-1898, Summit Co.
Mining Camp absorbed by Tiger
Swandyke Mining Camp late 1890s, (short-lived)
PO 1898-1910, Summit Co.
(Swandyke PO may be different location after 1899)
aka Swan Camp
Mining Camp late 1890s, Summit Co.
Swede's Gulch Mining Camp, Lake Co.
Sweede Corners Saguache Co.
Sweetville On 1887 map, San Juan Co.
Sweetwater PO 1908-1918, Kiowa Co.
Swift PO 1910-1919, Lincoln Co.
see Malta
Lake Co.
Swinford, Swimford PO 1912-1913, Adams Co.
At site of 1865 Living Springs PO
prev Fairmont
Est 1900, Inc 1906, Otero Co.
(Renamed 1906)
Swissvale On 1895-1970 map, Fremont Co.
see Willamsburg
Boulder Co.
Switzerland Park Boulder Co.
see Sibley
Otero Co.
Sylcanite On 1899 map, El Paso Co.
Site now in Teller Co.
also seeBeartown District
PO 1893-1894, San Jaun Co.
Sylvanite 1898 PO, Chaffee Co.
aka Silvia
RR Stop 1895-1923 map, Las Animas Co.
Symes PO 1887-1899, Jefferson Co.
later Mindeman
RR Stop 1899 map, Otero Co.
Minderman PO est 1917

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