Costilla County, CO
Cemeteries & Funeral Homes

Excerpted from Colorado Cemetery Guide,
Edited by Kay R. Merrill and published by the Colorado Council of Genealogical Societies. 1985


Cemetery / Grave Name Location Type History Status
Arrowhead Indian Burials On Arrowhead Ranch 5 mi N of Blanca Private   Destroyed
Blanca Cemetery 1 mi N, 1 mi W of Blanca Public 1st known bur 1910 In use
Brennaman, Ed Cemetery 1 mile S. of Ft Garland Private 1st known burial 1918 Abandoned; 5 graves
Brennaman, Julia Cemetery at top of hill overlooking Ft Garland Private, family 1st burial before 1919, last 1934 Abandoned; 6 graves
Chalifues Cemetery Sec 27 of T1N-R73W      
Chama New Catholic Cemetery 1/2 mile S. of Chama - P.O. Box 99, Chama, CO 81126 Church Est. 1945 In use
Chama Old Catholic Cemetery SE edge of Chama on a mesa Church 1st known burial 1906 Full; No longer used
Chama Protestant Cemetery 1/2 mile S. of Chama Unknown 1st burial 1949, last 1961 In use
Cordova, Luisita grave 2 mi NW of Garcia Single grave   abandoned
Dow Cemetery behind old Dow place, SW of Ft. Garland Private 5 graves, possibly family of children who died of scarlet fever destroyed
Eastdale Cemetery Ranch Road at Town of Eastdale, 2 mi N of Jarosa. Records kept by the San Luis Valley Historical Society Public Est. 1890, 1st known burial 1891 abandoned, 20 graves
Fort Garland New Catholic Cemetery, aka Ft Garland-Blanca Cemetery 1 1/2 mi W of Ft Garland Public est ca 1948 in use
Fort Garland Civilian Cemetery, aka Ute Creek Cemetery 1 mi N of Ft Garland, W of Ute Creek on Emmett Calkins ranch Public, Civilian est before Ft Garland abandoned

20-30 graves

Fort Garland Soldiers Cemetery on 2nd hill E of Ft Garland Military 4 known graves, last burialca 1886 when Fort was abandoned in 1883 most military burials were removed to Ft Leavenworth KS
Fort Garland Presbyterian Cemetery, aka Fort Garland Cemetery S of Town of Fort Garland and W of the fort Church est 1921 in use
Garcia Catholic Cemetery NW of Garcia on road to Jaroso Church 1st bur 1945, prior to 1945 Catholics bur in Costilla, NM Cemetery in use
Garcia Pentecostal Cemetery NW of Garcia, on road to Jaroso Church   in use
Garcia Presbyterian Cemetery 1/2 mi W of Garcia Post Office Church est 1906 in use
Gardner, Mary grave on Ute Mtn Ranch, N of Jaroso, exact location unknown Single grave d ca 1959 abandoned
Garland City Cemetery E of Ft Garland, at site of old Garland City Public 1st known bur 1877; last marked grave 1880 abandoned, 13-14 graves
Gonzales, Vincente Cemetery On ranch between San Pablo & Los Fuertes where he lived, 50 yards from house under a large tree Private 5-6 children's graves abandoned
Hillside Cemetery, aka McMullen Cemetery 1 1/2 mi W of Ft. Garland, 1/2 mi N of U.S. 160; Records kept by the San Luis Historical Society Public 1st bur 1875 - Present in use
Hoffman Cemetery SE of Ft Garland below Mtn Home Resv Dam Private, family 3 graves of Joseph Hoffman family abandoned
Jaroso Cemetery, aka Mtn View Cemetery 1 mi N of Jaroso Church 1st known bur 1914; 7th Day Adventist Settlement in use
Jesus Only Cemetery just below forks of Culebra River, W of Culebra Canyon Catholic Church Church 26 graves, only 1 marker, 1956 in use
Los Fuertes Cemetery, aka Vallejos Cemetery, aka San Isidro Cemetery 1/2 m E of Los Fuertes Catholic & Protestant sections Oldest marked grave 1925 in use
Mesita Cemetery 1/2 mi N of Mesita Public Inc. 1915, 1st known bur 1916 in use
Mortimer Cemetery exact location unknown T29S-R71W      
Ojito Cemetery exact location unknown T31S-R72W    
Old Town Cemetery 3/4 mi S of Viejo San Acacio      
Placer Cemetery, aka Russell Cemetery on hill at town of Russell Public est 1869, 1st marked bur 1880 maintained
Rural Cemetery #1 S of Town of San Luison San Pedro Mesa Unknown several graves; possibly one family who died during World War I epidemic abandoned, burials may have been removed to San Pedro Cem
Rural Cemetery #2 on road going across foothills from White Mtn Ranch to Arrowhead Ranch, NW of Blanca Unknown 2 graves, names unknown abandoned
San Acacio New Cemetery 3/4 mi S of San Acacio Public 1st marked grave 1906 in use
San Acacio Old Cemetery, aka Viejo Cemetery in Catholic Churchyard in Viejo San Acacio Church oldest marked grave 1907 cemetery full
San Francisco Cemetery 1/4 mi N of San Francisco & Highway 242 Church   in use
San Luis New Cemetery at bottom of hill, 1/2 mi E of San Luis Public 1st bur 1930 in use
San Luis Old Cemetery on brow of hill, 1/2 mi E of San Luis Public 1st marked grave 1869 cemetery full
San Luis Original Cemetery in town of San Luis Public oldest cemetery at San Luis abandoned, most burials removed to cemetery E of San Luis
San Luis Pentecostal Cemetery 1/2 mi E of San Luis, across from Old San Luis Cemetery Church fenced, 3 graves in use
San Pablo Cemetery, aka Vallejos Protestant Cemetery 1/2 mi E of Los Fuertes unknown when Highway 242 paved, most burials removed to San Pedro Cemetery abandoned
San Pedro #1 Cemetery on site of the AlfonsoManzanares home in San Pablo area unknown first cemetery destroyed
San Pedro #2 Cemetery 1 mile N. of intersection of Colo 242 & 152, at San Pedro Unknown 1st marked grave 1882 In use
Shumate Indian Burial E of Sangre de Cristo Creek & E of Shumate place private   destroyed
Sierra Cemetery at Sierra, on Denver & Rio Grande Western RR, 2 mi E of US 160 & 8 mi W of Veta Pass Public ca 1915 abandoned, 9 graves
Spring Creek Cemetery, aka Billy Meyer Cem, aka Myer Cem 1 mi W of Ft Garland and1/2 mi N of US #160 Public 1st marked grave 1918, last 1959 contains 137 graves
Tobin Ranch Cemetery at old Tobin Ranch SW of Ft Garland Private children of ranch hands? abandoned
Trinidad Bernal Cemetery Up Culebra Valley from Chama, on hill overlooking Culebra River. Records kept by The San Luis Valley Historical Soceity Private 1st known bur 1939, last 1945 maintained
Trujillo Cemetery Unknown, possibly in Sec 15-T30S-R72W      
Unknown Grave 100 yards from Ft Garland Civil Cemetery Single grave headstone date 1660, possibly burial of a padre Stone was at Ft Garland museum
Vigil, Abel ranch Cemetery ranch 2 mi S of San Pablo, cem at edge of a field at foot of some rolling hills Private 6 graves, all Vigil family members, 1st known burial 1918 Abandoned
Funeral Homes Address Phone Number    
Butler-Showalter Chapel     1978 - 1997; In 1997 renamed to Roger's Family Mortuary Owned by Kenneth P. Butler
Lorton & Miracle     of Alamosa, opened a branch in San Luis in 1938.  
Myers Mortuary     1972 - ?; Rogers Family Mortuary baught them out Owned by John M. Myers
Rogers Family Mortuary 205 State Avenue
Alamosa, CO 81101
719-589-4271 They use to have a facility in San Luis, records now kept in Alamosa  
Romero Funeral Home 1407 State Avenue
Alamosa, CO 81101
719-589-9200 1981 - Present