DIST. 2-1903



Binkley, May Louis Binkley

Binkley, Lucy Campbell, Isaac

Baird, Silver Christiansen, Chris.

Baird, Hana Converse, Charles

Berry, Ruby Baird, Vernie

Campbell, Emma Cantril, Nels

Campbell, Dora Ellis, Fred

Campbell, Edith Ellis, Hiner

Christiansen, Bertha Hudson, Frank

Converse, Mary Hudson, James

Ellis,Eva Kelty, Howard

Gross, Marie Lucas, Thomas

Gross Nellie Lucas, Carmack

Lucas, Mary Metzler, Franz

Metzler, May Metzler, Herman

Metzler, Polly Metzler Edward

Oetzel, Lena Metzler, August

Oetzel, Bertha Metzler, Joseph

Petersen, Minnie Oetzel, Henry

Petersen, Augusta Oetzel, August

Schroeder, Lizzie Hudson, Willie

Schroeder, Hattie Petersen, Edward

Schroeder, Agnes Schroeder, Edward

Schroeder, Flora Manning, Randolph

Wolff, Gertrude Oetzel, Herman

Wolff, Myra Wolff, Clarence

Wolff, Ruby Hudes, Gene ?

Kathnen, Della Smith, Sheldon

Hudson, Roy Sr.



# BETWEEN 8-14 18 10 38(28)

TOTAL IN DIST. BET. 6-21 30 28 58

John McMurdo do solemnly swear by the ever-living God, that the foregoing census list is a correct list of the names of all persons between the ages of six and twenty-one years, who were bona fide residents of School Dist. # 2 Douglas County, State of Colorado, on the tenth day of April A.D. 1903, and none others, according to my best knowledge and belief, and that I have used due diligence to take the said list in accordance with the law.

John McMurdo, Sec. Of Dist. # 2, 18th day of May, 1903, Frank, D. Bull?