This is a list of the people who settled Douglas County Colorado from 1850 to 1920. and includes surmanes, and individuals, their birth dates, where they came from (if Known) and any general details that we have found. Since this information has been collected from many sources, names may have been omitted or could have incorrect information. I may be able to provide or research individuals, and I welcome your corrections and additions. Jan Herman

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Abbey Albert Abbey     Husband of Mary E. Woodhouse
Adair Ella 1879 Iowa  
Adair Ellie ? Iowa Dau,. of Ella Adair
Adair Eve ? Co. Dau. of Ella Adair
Addis Mary Hulda Jan 27, 1927 Edna, Kan. Wife of Randolph Winegardner
Alderman Adelia Julia 1880 NJ., Ill. Del. 2nd Wife of David Tintle/1st Jas. H. Alderman
Alderman Arley Halley   Co Dau. of Jas. Newton Alderman
Alderman Ida Mae 1863 Co. Wife of Walter Bailey
Alderman James Grant 1885b Co. Hus. Of Ivey Halley
Alderman Jas. 1880 N.J. Hus. Adelia Alderman
Alderman Minnie 1882 Co. Dau of Jas. Alderman
Alderman Nelson Burton 1852b Co. Son of Jas. Grant Alderman,1st wife Ida Mae Start, 2nd Arla Ivey Halley 3rd wife Georgia Stupin
Alderman Newton 1800's Jacksonville, Ill. Silver State Ranch/Son of Jas. Alderman
Alderman Robt. Jas. 1818b Cedarville, NJ. Father of N.B. Alderman, Hus. of Sara Jas. Harris
Alderman Wm. 1880 Ill. Son of Jas. Alderman
Aldrich Lucy Ann 7/1817b Vt. Wife of Ed. Whittier, Mother of WI Whittier
Alterie Diamond Jack 1920's Chicago, Ill  
Ammons Annie 1871 Holly Springs, N.C. Dau. of J.R. Ammons
Ammons Elias 1871 Holly Springs, N.C. Son of Jehu Richard Ammons
Ammons Farita 1900   Wife of Alonzo F. Pohamus
Ammons Farita Hazeline 1871 Holly Springs, N.C. Dau. of J.R. Ammons
Ammons Jehu Richard 1871 Holly Springs, N.C. Husband of Margaret
Anderson Albert Martin 4/1907b Co. Hus. of Eleanor Popert
Anderson Albin 1891b Co. Stepson of Andrew Anderson
Anderson Andrew 1858b Sweden Hus. of Ingrid Anderson
Anderson Augusta Nettie 1890's Sweden, N.Y. Wife of Andrew N. Johnson
Anderson Carl Edw. 1901b Co. Hus. Of Blanche Chenot
Anderson Chas. Ernest 5/1883b Co. Son of Lars Anderson
Anderson Chas. Gustav 1860 Sweden Hus. Of Annie Sophia Anderson
Anderson Dorothy Elizabeth 6/1908b Co. Dau. of Elmer Anderson, Wife of John Pringle Hall
Anderson Edith 1896b Co. Dau. of A. Anderson
Anderson Ellen Mary 5/1889b Co Wife of Alfred Johnson Dau. of Lars M. Anderson
Anderson Elma Elizabeth 11/1895b Co. Dau of Chas. Gustav
Anderson Elmer 3/1878 Sandrna, Sweden Husband of Olga Decker,Son of Lars Anderson
Anderson Emil Ernest 1/1898 Co. Son of Chas. Gustav., Hus. of Glady Messing
Anderson Geo.   Co. Son of Chas.E Anderson
Anderson Harold Robt. 7/1909b Co. Hus. Of Alice V. Dietrich
Anderson Hilda 1898b Co. Dau. of A. Anderson
Anderson Ida Mae     Wife of Swan Peterson
Anderson Ingrid 1860b Sweden Wife of Andrew Anderson
Anderson Jacob Nels 5/1903b Co. Hus. Of Florence E. Christensen
Anderson Jennie 10/1879b Sweden Wife of Ed. Peterson
Anderson John Edward 8/1904b Co Son of Elmer Anderson
Anderson John Gustav 3/1891b Co. Hus. of. Grace Chenot
Anderson Lars Magnus 9/1849b Sweden Hus. Of Louise Wohlsten
Anderson Louis Benj. 8/1910b Co. Son of Elmer Anderson, Hus. of Mildred Flierl
Anderson Marie   Sweden Wife of Swan Peterson
Anderson Mary Louise 11/1902b Co. Dau. of Elmer Anderson,Wife of Louis Geo. Maas& Thos W. Lefner
Anderson Minnie 1892b Co. Stepdau. Of A. Anderson
Anderson Nellie   Little Rock, Ark. Wife of Gus. Anderson
Anderson Nellie Viola 10/1899b Co. Wife of Wm. Tanin
Anderson Nels 1887 Fjallstrop, Mangskog, Swed. Husband of Elma Anderson
Anderson Pearl Marie Died of Diptheria 1911 3/1911b Co. Dau of Chas. Gust. Anderson
Anderson Roberta   Co. Dau. of Chas.E Anderson
Anderson Samuel Frederich   Co. Hus. Of Florence V. Carlson
Anderson Wm. Arthur 11/1905b Co. Hus. of Olive Benson, Son of Elmer Anderson
Atchison Geo. 1886b NY Son of John Atchison Sr.
Atchison Jane 1836b NY Scotland Wife of John Atchison Sr.
Atchison Jane Jr. 1862b NY Dau. of John Atchison Sr.
Atchison John Jr. 1864b NY Son of John Atchison Sr.
Atchison John Sr. 1830b NY Scotland Husband of Jane
Atchison Maggie 1875b N.Y. Co. Dau. of John Atchison
Atchison May A. 1869b NY Dau. of John Atchison
Atchison Sarah E. 1859b NY Dau. of John Atchison Sr.
Aubuchon Julius 1859b   Hus. of Rose R. Lavelette
Aubuchon Ruelle E. 1884b   Hus. of Olive Lavelett
Aulesbrook Allen 1880 England  
Aulsebrook Alfred 12/1842b Nottingham, England Hus. Of Carrie Kloth
Aulsebrook Lena E. 4/1887b Co Wife of H.C. Eggleston, Dau. of Alfred Aulsebrook
Aulsebrook Perry 4/1887b Gilpin, Co. Son of Alred Aulsebrook
Aulsebrook William J. 1896b Co. Son of Alfred Aulsebrook
Babcock Jessie   Douglas Co., Co. Wife of John Pollock
Bailey Elizabeth 1887 Limerick, Ireland, Can. Vt. Wife of Samuel Bailey
Bailey Walter ? ? Hus. Of Ida Alderman
Baker Anna 1886 Petrie Co., Mo./ Co. Wife of J. J. Geiger
Baker John 1870 Missouri Husband of Mary
Baker Mary 1870 Iowa Wife of John Baker
Barney Sarah 1860 Plymouth, Luzerne Co., Pa., Marysville, Marion Co., Iowa Wife of Christian Manhart
Barney Sarah 2/1835 Plymouth,PA Wife of Christian Manhart
Barr Corvelia     Wife of M.J. Ingalls
Barton Margaret Ellen 1846b Carollton, Il. Wife of Oscar H. Wheeler
Bartruff Catherine 1880 Co. Dau of B. Engl Bartruff
Bartruff Frederick 1868 Wurtenburg, Germany Hus. Of Babet Engle
Bartruff Katherine   Co. Wife of Julius Seubert
Bartruff Rosie 1875b Co. Dau. of F. Bartruff
Bastion Esther Mitilda 1899 White Deer Valley Pa/Co. Wife of Antony Hilyen
Bauer Anna Louise 8/1874b Co. Dau. of Geo. Bauer, wife of Francis Fetherhoff
Bauer Geo. 11/1824b Bavaria Hus. of Margaretha Bauer
Bauer Jacob 1865b Germany Son of Geo. Bauer
Bauer John 6/1871 Bavaria Son of Geo. Bauer, Hus. of Augusta Bittner
Bauer John Daniel   Victor, Co Son of John Bauer
Bauer Kate 1864b Bavaria, Germany Wife of Julius Seidensticker
Bauer Margaretha 8/1832b Germany Wife of Geo. Bauer
Bauer Wenzel Louis c. 1869b Germany Son of Geo. Bauer
Bean Rinaldo Percival 1870 Gilead, Maine  
Beatty Emma 1898 Ill., Kansas/Co 2nd Wife of Geo W. Webb
Beeman Charles 1876 Kansas Son of Jas. Beeman
Beeman James 1876 N.Y., Mi., Kansas Husband of Kisziah Jane Brady
Beeman Myrtle 1876 Kansas Dau. of Jas. Beeman
Beeman Walter 1876 Kansas Son of Jas. Beeman
Benedict Ellah"Bess"     Wife of C. A. Kelty
Benn Jos. 1884 England, Ill. Husband of Harriet Sobey
Bennet Bery A. ? 1880 Tenn. Hus. of Martha Bennett
Bennet Coit 1885 Mo Dau. of H. W. Bennet
Bennet Eli 1880 Co. Son of B. Bennet
Bennet Hamilton W. 1885 Maine Hus. of Edna Elliott
Bennet Hattie 1880 Co. Dau. of B. Bennet
Bennet Helen 1885 Mo Dau. of H.W. Bennet and wife of Wilbur Fulker
Bennet Martha 1880 Tenn. Wife of B. A. Bennett
Bennet Mary E. 1880 Co. Dau. of B. Bennet
Bennet Nory 1880 Co Dau of B. Bennet
Benson Goldie     Wife of Chas. Hesseler
Benson John 1875? Sweden Husband of Ella
Bergstrom Charles John 1856b Sweden Never married
Berry Thos. Jefferson 1901 Harden Co., Ky. Husband of Joanna Fox
Best Alvin Stuart 1/1869b Shelby, Iowa Husband of Bertha M. Shirk
Best Alvin Stuart Jr. 1/1907b Co. Son of Alvin Best, Hus. of Grace Conrad
Best Harold W. 9/1901b Co. Dau. of Alvin Best Hus. of Jennie Lamb
Best Laura 2/1900b Co. Dau. of Alvin Best Wife of Barrett Allis
Best Mary A. 10/1898b Co. Dau. of Alvin Best Wife of W. Glover
Best Pearl Collins 8/1905b Co. Dau. of Alvin Best Wife of H. McCutchins
Bihlmeyer Barbara 1880 Co. Dau. of John Bihlmeyer
Bihlmeyer John 1838b Wurtengurg, Germany 2n hus. Of Babet Engl
Bihlmeyer Kate 1880 Co. Dau. of John Bihlmeyer
Bihlmeyer Rosie 1875 Co. Dau. of John Bihlmeyer
Binkley Almon M. 5/1900b Co. Son of Henry Binkley
Binkley Emma N.. 6/1887 Co. Dau. of H. M. Binkley, wife of Fred Linklater
Binkley Henry A. 11/1897b Co. Son of Henry Binkley
Binkley Henry Morgan 6/1860b Del Norte, Co./Edenton, Ohio Husband of Emma N. Gaffner, Elizabeth Davies
Binkley Lewis 6/1890b Co. Son of Henry Binkley
Binkley Lucy C. 12/1894b Co. Dau. of Henry Binkley, wife of ? Laver
Binkley Mary E. 9/1892b Co. Dau. of Henry Binkley/ wife of ?Knott
Binkley Wm. D. ?   Son of H.M Binkley
Bishop Flora (Florina) 1877b Monument, Co. Wife of Vincent Wheeler
Bishop Lillian May   Ill. Wife of J.H. Eggenburger
Bittner Augusta 1872b Victor, Co. Wife of John Bauer
Black Lucinda 1870 Ohio/Co Wife of Thos P. McQuire
Blunt John E. 1873 Mo., Kansas Husband of Mary Hansbrough
Bovard Benj 4/1900b Co. Son of Robt. Bovarrd, Hus. of Lena Turviance
Bovard Jas. Robt. 6/1895b Co. Son of Robt. Bovard
Bovard John J. 7/1893b Kan. Son of Robt. Bovard
Bovard Maggie M. 1/1889b Co. Dau. of Robt. Bovard
Bovard Robt. W. 2/1864b Pa. Hus. of Annie Foster (Geiger)
Bovard Wilbur 4/1900b Co. Son of Robt Bovard, Hus. of Audrey ?
Brackett Addie Mar. 281868b Neb Wife of John Brownard, Dau. of Ozro Brackett
Brackett Alice P. 12/1870b Franktown, CO. Dau of O. Brackett, wife of Mathew Hunt
Brackett Alonzo Haines 3/1856 Wis. Son of Ozro Brackett
Brackett Amos 7/1876b Co. Son of O. Brackett
Brackett Anson 3/1861b Paunee City, Neb. Son of Ozro Brackett
Brackett Charles 4/1867b Co. Son of O. Brackett, Hus. of 1st Eva Eggleston,2nd Flora Herman
Brackett Edmund Hilton 2/1865b Co. Son of O. Brackett
Brackett Edw. Levi 10/1880b Co. Son. of Levi Brackett, Hus. of Nellie May Fox
Brackett Effie Amy 9/18/1878b Co. Dau. of O. Brackett, Wife of Dallas Downing
Brackett Ellen May 6/1856b Wis. Dau of Orzo Brackett
Brackett Ira 2/26/1852b Wis. Son of O. Brackett, and Harriett Blackstone
Brackett Levi 12/28/1850b Wis Son of O. Brackett, Hus. of Clara Francis Crowfoot
Brackett Luther 1/4/1873b Co. Son of O. Brackett
Brackett Minnie Etta 12/1/1868b Co. Dau. of O. Bracket
Brackett Minnie May 9/8/1873b Co. Dau of Levi Brackett, wife of Earl Eggleston
Brackett Ozro 10/22/1813b Caledonia, Vt. Hus. Of Lucy P. Stone, 1st. Harriet Blackstone
Brackett Ozro Jr. 11/7/1874b Co. Son of O. Brackett
Brackett Samuel 6/29/1869 Wis. Son of Orzo Brackett
Brackett William 10/18/1882b Co. Son of O. Brackett
Bradley Martha Jane   Mo 1st wife of Jas. W. Young
Brady Kisziah Jane 1876 Kansas Wife of Jas. Beeman
Brennen Peter 1868 Ireland, Kansas Husband of Priscilla Allafar Swinney
Breuss Charles 10/1869 Austria Hus. of Louisa Roacher Engl
Breuss Chas. Frank 1901 Austria Son. Of Chas. Breuss
Breuss John 1901 Austria Hus. Of Katherine Renner
Briley Emily Marie 1888 Garden Grove, Iowa Wife of J.W. Higby
Brown Bess 1893 Ark., Ca. Wife of Jas. M. Dormer
Brown Frank T. 1886b Wy. Son of M. BrownHus. Of. Levi Novell
Brown James 1882b Co Son of M. Brown
Brown Jennie 1822b Wy. Wife of Melvin Brown
Brown Lucy E. 1889b Co. Dau. of M. Brown
Brown Mahalla J. 6/1860b Co. Wife of Jas. Buckner, Dau. of Sam. Brown
Brown Martha 1891b Co. Dau. of M. Brown
Brown Mary 1884b Co. Dau. of Melvin Brown
Brown Melvin G. 2/1859b Co. Son of Sam. Brown Hus. of Jane Storm
Brown Samuel 6/1832b Greenup Co., K.Y. Hus. Of Martha Hobbs, and Jane Keene Mc Cormack
Buchanen Josephine   Ill. Kas./Co. Wife of Moses King
Buckner James Aldolphus 1900 Ashville, N.C. Hus. Of Mahalla J. Brown
Buckner Vachiel Murray 1900 Ashville, N.C. Hus. Of Betty Jones/Brooks
Bucks Ada 1879b Co. Wife of Jos. Lorraine, Dau. H. Buck
Bucks Anna C. 1870 Germany Wife of Wm. Buck
Bucks Archie 1880b Co. Son of H. BucksHus. Of Etta Bucks
Bucks Benton H. 1884b Co. Son of H. Bucks
Bucks Geo. T. 1888b Co. Son of H. Bucks, Wife of Jennie C. Bucks
Bucks Harrison 1841? Bucks Co. Pa. Hus of Sallie Thomas
Bucks Harry 1887b Co. Son of H. Bucks
Bucks Julius 1880   Son of Wm. Buck
Bucks Mabel 1881 Co. Dau of H. Bucks
Bucks Wm. 1880 Germany Husband of Anna C.
Buhs Anna Margaret 1913 Gage Co. Neb./Co. Wife of Guthals Broer
Buntain William Thos. 1882 Ohio, Neb. Husband of Bertha Rouse
Cahill Elizabeth 1870 Mo. Wife of Wm. A. Dakan
Cain Jennie 1878 Ind Wife of I.J. Noe
Calhoun Francis 1880 NY Wife of John Calhoun
Calhoun John 1850? Ireland Wife of Francis Calhoun
Calhoun John Jr. 1880 Co. Son of John Calhoun
Calhoun Katie 1880 Co. Dau. of John Calhoun
Calhoun Sarah Anna 1892 NY. Dau. of John Calhoun Wife of Henry Loman
Cameron R.R. 1878   Husband of Selena
Campbell David John 1862 Kansas Husband to Mary Jane Weisenberg
Campbell John R. 1872 Freedom, Beaver Co., Pa. Husband of Elizabeth Cook
Campbell Mary Jane Gallagher 1868 Ireland, Husband of Thos. Ed. Campbell
Campbell Thos. Edwin 1882 Kansas, Husband of Mary Jane Gallagher Monteith Jackson
Campbell Thos. Jackson 1872 Kansas Territory Husband of Mary Jane
Cantril Adam 1868b Iowa Son of Wm. Cantril
Cantril Isabella 1869b Iowa Dau. of Wm. Cantril
Cantril John 9/1842b Iowa Son of Wm.Cantral
Cantril Lida 1849b Ohio Dau of Wm. Cantril
Cantril Nelson T. 1846b Iowa Son of Wm. Cantril
Cantril Rosa 1856b Iowa  
Cantril William 1821b Ohio Hus. Of Jane L Cantril
Carlson Anna Matilda 1890 Iowa Wife of Chas. J. Palm
Carlson Florence   Co. Wife of Sam. Fred. Anderson
Carlson Florence V.   Co. Wife of Sam. F. Anderson
Case Ada 1865 Iowa Dau. of John A. Case, Wife of John Smith
Case Amelia 1860b Iowa Dau. of John Case
Case Clarence Walker 6/1925b Co. Hus. of Niona Mundy
Case Gertrude 2/1842 Fredericksburg, Iowa Wife of C. Kelty, Dau. of John Case
Case John 1828b N.Y. Husband of Mary Case
Case Mary A. 1839b NY Wife of John Case
Case Susannah 1862b Iowa Dau of John Case Wife of Benj. Fredenthal
Cass Lydia 1869 N.Y. Wife of Gideon Pratt
Chambers Darth 1891b Co. Son of Etta McDowell Chambers
Chambers Edgar ?1900d..   Hus. of Etta Mc Dowell
Chenot Blanche     Wife of Carl Edw. Anderson
Chezum Josephine 1920   Wife of Nels Oman
Christenson Florence E.   Co. Wife of Jacob. N. Anderson
Clarke Henry A. 1902 Seneca, Ill. Husband of Emma M. Dedrick
Clause Minnie 1872 Prussia, Iowa Wife of John Heir
Clibon Sarah   Sedalia, Mo.Vt. Wife of Gottlieb Schreiber
Clow Mildred   Fondis, Co. Wife of Kelsey Pottenger
Comstock Ethel Adelia      
  ?   2nd Wife of Berniece Wheeler  
Comstock Merciline Snider     1st Wife of B.O. Wheeler
Congrove Chas. 1905 Ohio, New Brighton, Pa. Husband of Clara Edna Steed
Conrad Chas. R   W. Va. Husband of Alta Bean
Converse Chas. 3/10/1889b Co. Son of Wm. Converse Hus. of Florence Strange
Converse Mamie Mary 12/4/1886b Co. Dau. of Wm. Converse
Converse Roger 11/21/1897 Co. Son of Wm. Converse, Hus. of Helen Gradall
Converse Wm. 1857b Mass. Husband of Ida May Kracaw.
Cook Eliza Ann 1866 Leavenworth, Kansas Wife of A.H. Eggleston
Cook Elizabeth 1972   Wife of John Campbell
Corbitt Margaret 1919 Neb. Wife of John Dillon
Cozad Franklin M. L. 1/1830b Leon, Decatur Co. Iowa Wife of Birdie Gore
Cozad James B. 1887 Iowa Bro. To Franklin Cozad
Cramer Geo.     Hus. of Louisa Ehmann
Crawford Mott (Martin) 1878 Ohio Not married
Crawshaw Byron 1863b Mo.. Son of Phillip Crawshaw
Crawshaw Chas. W. 1858b Co Son of Phillip Crawshaw.
Crawshaw Cora Alice 1877b Co. Dau. of Phillip Crawshaw/Hus. of John Leo Donahue
Crawshaw Maude 1867b Co. Dau. of Phillip Crawshaw/ Hus. of John Wieters
Crawshaw Phillip 1828b N.Y. Husband of Sarah Crawshaw
Crawshaw Sarah 1831b NY Wife of Phillip Crawshaw.
Crawshaw Vincent 1875b Co. Son of Phillip Crawshaw Hus. Of Inez Chaffee
Crosswhite Chas. Edgar 1875b Gentry, Mo. Father of C. Crosswhite/Hus. of Annie Bell Williams
Crosswhite David Eugene 1907b Co. Son of C.E. Crosswhite
Crosswhite Edgar Woodrow 1918b ? Son of E.E. Crosswhite
Crosswhite Eleanor J. 1921b Co. Dau. of E. Crosswhite, Wife of ? Warriner
Crosswhite Esther 1/1921b Co. Wife of E.T. Ellis, Dau of E. Crosswhite
Crosswhite Grover 1885b Miss. Brother of Chas. Crosswhite
Crosswhite Hazel La Rue 2/1903b Co. Dau. of C.E. Crosswhite, and 1st wife of Jos. Metzler 2nd. Chas. Davis
Crosswhite John W. 1875b Mo.  
Crosswhite Lucy Elvira 6/1906b Co Dau. of C.E. Crosswhite
Crosswhite Mae Edna 1/1911b Co. Dau. of C.E. Crosswhite, and wife of Frank Lambert
Crosswhite Richard Percy 10/1904b Co. Son of C.E. Crosswhite, and hus. of Myrtle Buchanen
Crosswhite Thos. Franklin 1918b ? Son of C.E. Crosswhite
Crosswhite William Lloyd 1901 Co. Son of Chas. E. Crosswhite
Crowfoot Clara Francis 1857b Mi. Wife of Levi Brackett
Cummings Jacob      
Cummings Olive 1880 Belton, Wis. Wife of Chas. Dutton
Curtis Amelia Ann 7/1855b Aust. Dau. of Henry H. Curtis
Curtis Arch 1887b Co. Dau. of Chas. W. Curtis
Curtis Blanche 1889b Co. Dau. of Chas. W. Curtis
Curtis Caroline Blanche 1800? Wales Wife of Horace Van Horn
Curtis Caroline Harriett 1/1860b Aust. Dau. of Henry H. Curtis
Curtis Chas. Francis 1/1895b Co. Son of Chas. W. Curtis, Hus. of Bess Crangle
Curtis Chas. William 7/1858b Australia Husband of Elizabeth Moore Hepburne
Curtis Edgar Alastair 3/1899b Co. Son of Chas. W. Curtis,Hus. of Beulah Crangle
Curtis Elizabeth 1903b Co. Dau. of Chas W. Curtis
Curtis Eva Florence 1905 Co. Dau. of Chas W. Curtis
Curtis Fredrick Alfred 3/1861b Aust. Son of Henry H. Curtis
Curtis Grace 1883b Co. Dau. of Chas. W. Curtis
Curtis Henry Hargraves 8/1830b Australia Son of H.H. Curtis
Curtis Henry Harper 8/1830b Scotland, Australia Husband of Julia F. Paddison
Curtis Henry Harper 6/1893b Co. Son of Chas.W. Curtis, Hus. of Ella Mildred Bean
Curtis Horrace Beer 2/1867b Aust. Son of Henry H. Curtis
Curtis John Paddison 1854b Australia Son of H.H. Curtis
Curtis Julia Marie 12/1849b Aust. Dau. of Henry H. Curtis
Curtis Kenneth Ross 1901b Co. Son of Chas. W. Curtis
Curtis Lorna 1885b Co. Dau. of Chas. W. Curtis
Curtis Margaret 1881b Co. Dau. of Chas. W. Curtis
Curtis Mary 1891b Co. Dau. of Chas. W. Curtis
Curtis Mildred     Wife of Jonnie Fay Stewart
Curtis Ronald Arthur 1897 Co. Son of Chas. W. Curtis
Curtis Rowland Geo. 12/1856b Aust. Son of Henry H. Curtis
Curtis William 7/1858b Aust. Son of Henry H. Curtis