Friday, June 16, 1905 - With-in the granite walls of the penitentiary
at Canon City last night two lives were sniffed out and the Vengeance
of the Law for the Murder of an aged woman exacted.

Newton Andrews and Frederick Arnold dropped to their death through a
gallows trap.

The crime for which the convicts were executed was the murder of
Amanda Youngblood a woman of 70 years, who with her husband, who also
passed the three score and ten mark, kept a small grocery store in
Denver and were reputed to have a large amount of money in their

New Years Eve night in 1903 the place was entered by burglars three
young men, Newton Andrews, Frederick Arnold and Charles Peters in
their endeavor to hold the aged couple up, pistols were drawn and
shots fired. Mrs. Youngblood lost her life.

The boys were arrested and in record breaking pace for courts in
Denver were convicted and sentenced to death.  All resorts known to
the law were taken and the case attracted wide spread attention, the
aged mother of Andrews coming from the east to plead with the Governor
and Board of Pardons for her son's life. In the case of Peters a
respite until October next was granted. The trap was sprung on Andrews
at 8:15 o'clock last night.

Fifty minutes later Arnold went through the same trap.