Friday, January 31, 1908

                                      CONFESSION IS UNTURE

         George McDonald Admits Slaying Max Newman

Accomplice Promised Light Sentence, Convicted and Sentenced for life,
                             Takes Entire Blame.

Pueblo, Colorado - Called to the stand to give testimony by which it
was hoped to convict Lemma Grose of the first degree murder of Max
Newman in a jewelry store robbery May 1, 1907.

George McDonald, Grose's companion when Newman was killed and robbed,
confounded J. W. Davidson, District Attorney by declaring that he
alone had killed Newman and that Grose was looking out of the window
when the slaying took place.

McDonald was the star witness for the prosecution and his startling
statement has baffled the state Attorneys, Previously he had
reiterated that Grose did the killing while he was only concerned in
the robbery.

Revenge against the local authorities is assigned as the reason for
McDonald's change.  He confessed to his part with the understanding
that he was to get a light sentence for so doing, but in June he was
sent to the penitentiary for life after conviction by the same jury
which disagreed at Grose's first trial, nine members insisting on
hanging Grose.

McDonald was brought from Canon City and verified his previous
confession.  Fifteen minutes later, on the witness stand as he was
expected to fasten guilt on Grose, he announced: "I killed Newman and
Grose is innocent.  Grose was in the store at the time, but he was
looking out of the window."