SHED letter:

The following letter was donated to the Arkansas History Commission by Edwin Henderson of Missouri. It is dated Nov 1, 1896 and is written to Cidney A. Shed of Little Rock, Arkansas from his brother William N. Shed:
Dear Brother and Sister,
With pleasure I rite in ancer to yours which is at hand but was missed mailed on the rout and never reached me until a late date. The case of me of me being so long ancering it I was truly glad to get a letter from you and learn you was all well as what you was this leaves us as well as common mi amanda is never well as we both suffer with pulrsy and is geting old and broke down. I was truly sorry to hear that you had lost your leg but since it has got wll I expect you are better off than you was before you had it amputated. I would like to know if you can go without crutches. I was also sorry to hear of the death of your daughter but that is of natural consiquence and God knows what is best for us. Hope we will all be prepared for the same when God sees fit to call us I was also sorry to hear of your son being gone. You not knowing whether he is dead or living as I no it grieves you it great of uneasess. You want to know who we all married. James married Mary Ann Colum. I married Amanda Clements and Joel married July Ann Adington. We all live in Jackson County about 12 miles apart. I hearde from all of them lately. They are all well. They will all rite to you when I tell them how to direct if they have not already done so I have been married 41 years the 6th of Last September. Have raised a large family of Children and all of them living or was a short time ago. The oldest one married M. J. Helan is living 12 miles below here. The oldes sone Johnny S. married Georgia Ann Todd is living in Dawson Co, GA. The next oldest son lives in Pueblo, Colorado. He married in that state after he left home. I also have another son out there but not married. His name is Benjaman R. My next oldest daughter married James H. Cominer He lives in Dahlonega. The next oldest one live heare by me. Malisea J. She married John D. Turner and the yougest one lives in Harmany 10 miles below here. Francis A. She married Augustis Num and the 2 youngest boys lives at home with me. Joel P. and Charles G. Nine in all 5 boys and 4 girls. So you see they are tolerable well scattered but God has gratefully blessed us in having them all healthy and sparing there lives. I am going to _______Jo and Charley to school in the morning and send them the next year. Jo will be 21 in March and Charles 18. I have gave all the children a common practicle education and they are all doing reasonably well considering there chance and the hariness of the times. I lived in Lumpkin until about 6 years ago. Sould out and moved down hear have bot land and expects to stay here the balance of my time and that will not be long. I dont think as I am badly afflicted in differal ways. I have not bin able to do good worke in serval years but am up all the time and buisay all the time. I am able to go you stated that if you could you would come to see us. I would be so glad if you could it would be a source of grate pleasure to meet you again in this life. Come if you can but it may be that we will never meet on earth if not I hope to meet you in Heaven with our parents and firends that is gone before me and my wife has been members of the Church before we hwas married and all of the children is members of the church. But one and he professed it. ope some years ago but has never been baptised yet so fare as I no. It is the single one that lives in the west. Well I have rote about all that I no to rite and perhaps a greate more than will interest you so I will close hoping to heare from you again.
Your brother W. N. Shed"

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