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Email all submissions to: /

How do I submit an Itme to the Treasure Chest?

Email a complete description of the item, with names, locations, etc. Be sure to include your name and email address. Put TREASURE CHEST in the subject line.

I have some photos I would like to submit, what do I do now?

If You Have A Photo or Photos You Would Like To Post Here Just Follow these Guidelines:

  • Save and send them as a .gif or .jpg format. I can handle .tif and .bmp but these file sizes are very large and cause problems in sending as attachments.
  • If you have infromation on the photo please include when sending.
    (Photographer's name and location, Identity of photo subject, etc.)
  • Send your photo as an E-mail attachment. To:
  • Put COLORADO GOLD MINE PHOTO in the subject line.
  • Send only one photo at a time.
  • If you would like to submit multiple photos, please email me first to make sure I'm not on vacation.
  • Allow up to a week for posting.

What if I don't own a scanner?

If you don't own a scanner contact me and I will post the identifying information about your photo.

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