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This site is dedicated to reuniting families with the memorabilia their ancestors left behind.

Have you ever received a document, just to find out it didn't belong to any branch of YOUR family tree?

Have you run across an old family Bible, but it isn't for YOUR family?

What about an old letter? Have you ever seen old photos, family Bibles or other family memorabilia offered for sale in flea markets, antique shops, or auctions and wondered if someone is looking for them?

If you have found someone else's family memorabilia and would like to see it reunited with family members, read our Submissions Page.

Do you have family memorabilia you would like to share with other descendants who may not know it even exists? If you'd like to share with others, contact me.

I will post a listing here, but proof of relationship will be necessary to obtain the object.

Posted: Sunday, February 28, 1999
By: Arleta Gallowaya

I rescued a photo album from an antique store. The pictures are of Nadine and Lucille DuPraw and relatives from Durange, LaPlata, CO 1920's/1930's
Names such as Wuerz, Miller, Hill, Klahn, Schluter, Sieler .
I need to get my money back, but I would like to see this go to descendants.

If this belongs to your family tree, contact me.

Posted: Monday, March 22, 1999
By: Molly Road

I have photos and information regarding George McJunkin , who worked in the Trinidad area from around 1874 past the turn of the century. Another family name (brother-in-law, niece, etc) was Fluellyn .(possibly lived in the Pueblo area) If you have unidentified African-American cowboys from a similar era, I may be able to identify. Send a photocopy to 1150 Molly Road, Fairbanks, AK 99709-6301

Posted: Monday, April 05, 1999
By: Jack Glasgow

I have a cc of Marriage License for Daniel Arnold & Maggie Blackmer , 1928 in Routt Co . Didn't know where to post my offer to give it to first person who asks.

Posted: Monday, April 05, 1999
By: Francy Thompson

I have found a letter that mentions two SHED brothers in Colorado. I thought this might help someone. I am a VERY distant relative of these SHED brothers as my GGGGrandfather was their Great-Uncle. Francy Thompson Austin, TX

Posted: Sunday April 17, 1999
BY: Eloise Grigsby

Photos left us by Great Aunt Ruby GRIGSBY who died in 1998 at age 96yrs.
She was born in Denver and lived in Lakewood, Colorado. She never married.
View them on theGoldmine Photo Pages.
If they are your family then contact
Lynn Waterman at:

Posted: Tuesday, April 27, 1999
By: maryk

Have photo album of Henry Grady Long d in 40s b in Col. Wife's name Bernice . They had two girls, Mary Ruth and Linda. Linda M Hamilton, they had a son Mike. Bernice M Carter . Would like to pass this album on.

Posted: Saturday, June 19, 1999
By: Chris Ueberroth

Have an item marked "Miss Addie Cooke, Silver Cliff, Colorado, March 1880"
Can't find this name anywhere. If this name is known to anyone please contact me.

Posted : Fri, 24 Dec 1999
BY: David Thompson

I have the Peter & May ABRANT Family Bible presented to them by Peter's parents in 1904. Within are a few photos, newspaper clippings and several handwritten notes of the family birth / marriage / deaths / obituaries. The family lived in the Colorado Springs, CO area in the 1900 - 1930's, with the ancestors originating in Kansas. John William Abrant graduated from Colorado High School in 1934.

I will gladly give this treasure to the family upon documented proof of relationship. Contact David Thompson in Arvada, Colorado via e-mail at or or call my work telephone 303-940-2883.

Posted: January 20, 2000
By: Vicky Barnett I have some old pictures of Nat, Bertha and Alton Due. The family moved from Mt. Home AR. to Co. The pictures are in very good condition. The names on other picture is; BILLING and KOONTY. I believe they are related to theTALBERT family, too. Anyone interested, e-mail me.

Posted : Fri, 21 Jan 2000
BY: Norma Finley

I am in possession of a box of photos left in Sharon Spgs, Ks a few years ago. There are greeting cards addressed to Marion C. Walther, Jr ca. 1944, a graduation pic of Mary Joy to her brother Clair Walther taken in Denver, Several grade school group pictures from late 1930's and 1940's of Edgewater and Washington Heights students. Would love to reunite this box with some family member.

Posted : January 30, 2000 BY: Tammie Morris

I came across a picture of a 6 month old baby named Ralph Carr. He is wearing a long gown. I don't know the date it was made but I would think 1900 or earlier. On the front of the picture is the photographers name and address. G. W. McDonald, 1337 Lorimar St., Denver, Colo.

View picture on theGoldmine Photo Pages

Posted : Sat, 5 Feb 2000
BY: Sharon Kenny
I have marriage certificates and a photo album that belong to someone's

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