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County Coordinator: Lynn Tooley


On the south bank of the Huerfano River at St Mary where the old wagon road from Huerfano to Santa Fe via the Raton Pass crosses, there stands a lone igneous granite. It has an altitude of 6,150 feet tapering from its base to a point like a church spire. It rises from the level ground as though it had been pushed up through the earth. No other rocks of the same character are in its vicinity and can be seen as a landmark many miles distant. The name of this rock is the Huerfano - the Spanish word for orphan and is properly pronounced Wayr fah no. It is for this butte that Huerfano County is named.

Though Huerfano is one of Colorado's original counties, until the formation of Colorado Territory on Feb. 28, 1861, Huerfano was a part of Mora County, New Mexico Territory. The vast majority of settlers came from Mora County, most of them drawn by the promise of free land.  More on this subject will be covered on the history of Huerfano County.



Communities in Huerfano County

Alamo Codo Gardner Monson Red Wing
Apache City Cuchara La Veta Muleshoe Rouse
Badito Cuchara Junction Lascar Occidental Strong
Bradford Delcarbon Maitland Pictou Tioga
Chama Farisita Malachite Pryor Walsenburg



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