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I am looking for any data regarding the following individual, George WOOD.  He may have been in Walden in 1922 to 1924.  He may have died in Walden in 1923 or 1924.  Any help will be muchly appreciated.  Please Contact    Jcfrank35@aol.com

I am looking for any data regarding the following individuals, Sterling ISH, Ranchman in the 1907 directory.  Leslie ISH, Ranchman in same directory.  J.L. ISH , Ranchman also in the 1907 directory of Jackson County, Colorado.  Thanks in advance, please Contact    J Magee

I am looking for information regarding Maude Belle ROGERS, daughter of Edgar (Cap) and Annie ROGERS.  The ROGERS arrived in Larimer County in 1885 and then settled in Walden a few years later.  Belle married a Mr. HEISE.  Any information on her marriage and children will be appreciated at    Stephanie Bertics

Looking for any information regarding Erick John CARLSON, b. ca 1869 in Sweden and wife Christine CARLSON, b. ca 1867 in Denmark.  Christine CARLSON lived in Walden in 1942.  Maybe she and her husband were buried there and some of their children may have been living there too.  Any help will be much appreciated.  Please Contact    Anette Rosberg or: Midgardsgatan 3, S-216 19 Malmo, Sweden

Looking for Calla WILLIAMS family.  Calla was born in Minnesota in 1892.  Had relatives named Alice Madigan CONNER and an uncle, Patrick MADIGAN who died in Routt County in 1922.  Please Contact    I.K. Palmer

August F. LANGE, born Brandenberg, Germany, about 1867, working as hired hand with Victor L. RILEY, Jackson Co. CO, in 1920 census (Vol. 22, ED. 59, Sheet 6, line 55).  Looking for death date, obituary, cemetery inscription, biography.  Immigrated about 1880, 5 siblings in Muscatine Co., Iowa, and brother Henry Lange in St. Croix Co. WI.  Please Contact    Dale R. Lutz or: 518 Crestview Drive S., Saint Paul, MN 55119-5502

Looking for Hugh SALTS, born April 10, 1831 in Ohio died 28 November 1909 in Loveland Colorado.  1st wife Elizabeth May 2nd wife Nellie.  Children Sarah, Margaret, Daniel, Albert, Elizabeth, Milton, Amanda, Clara, Nellie, Maude, and Cora.  Went to Colorado around 1880.  Please Contact    G Kay Salts

I am hoping to find information concerning my great-grandmother, Rosella Evans SCHRIENER.  She moved to Colorado around 1925, and lived in Walden, Colorado around 1941.  She often referred to herself as "Rosella of the Rockies".  She may have provided medical attention to those who lived nearby.  She was born in 1879 in Iowa and probably died in Colorado.  She married John M. SCHRIENER sometime after 1930 (divorce from John A. EVANS was final in 1930).  I would greatly appreciate any help in learning more about Rosella.  Please Contact    Lynda

I'm searching for relatives or any one who may know of him or his family.  James P. McCONNELL.  Born in Scotland abt 1866 to James McCONNELL and unknown.  Came to the U. S. in early teens.  Lived in LaSalle County, Illinois to adulthood.  Had a brother named John C. McConnell and 6 half-siblings.  Agnes, Robert, Albert, Walter, Charles and David (all McCONNELLs).  He lived in Denver in 1899 and worked in a post office there.  He bought 160 acres of land in Jackson County in 1920.  Unfortunately, that is all I know about my husbands great uncle.  Any help at all would be a great help indeed.  Please Contact    Sandi McConnell

Looking for information on John PRICE, he was shot and killed by the mailman around 1900.  Also interested in his wife who then married George (Bud) CLARK.  They ran a roadhouse near Pinkhampton, on the road to Laramie.  She was known as "Grandma Curl" or "Lizzie Curl" and then "Lizzie Clark".  She died of blood poisoning around 1922.  Believe her maiden name may have been WEBB.  Also believe she was born in Scotland.  Bud CLARK was my Great Granfather.  Thanks for any assistance.  Please Contact    Floyd Little

I am searching for information about my grandfather and great-grandparents.  John William GREGORY was born in New Brinsley, Notts, England on 10 Jun 1860.  He married Felicia FLETCHER on 7 Nov 1881.  Felicia was born at Westwood, near Selston, Notts, England on 13 Oct 1864.  Shortly after their marriage they emigrated to the USA and settled in Morrison, Jackson County where my grandfather, James William GREGORY was born on 13 April 1883.  Within a couple of years after his birth John William had died and Felicia moved back to England with her infant son.  I have not been able to find anything about when they arrived in the USA and Colorado, about James William's birth, John William's death or when Felicia and James left Morrison.  I would like to find information about these things or anything related to their stay in the USA.  Thanks for any assistance.  Please Contact    Graham Freeman
Looking for info on Reuben David PEDEN, Charles Elston PEDEN, or Kenneth Elston PEDEN said to have been miners.  Charles was injured in a dynamite explosion about 1918 and moved to Jackson or Larimer County to find work.  Their wives were Martha Elizabeth HOLMES, Laura Taylor HAMILTON, and Kathleen Birt McDANNALD respectively.  Thanks for any assistance.  Please Contact    D. Bea Peden Price

I'm looking for as much information as possible on the BRANDS family in Walden, Colorado, as well as information on Nancy Lavinia WEBB, who married Charles Austin BRANDS, and her half-brother Adin/Aden WEBB.  For those researching this family I have a lot of genealogical information on the BRANDS in New Jersey.  Please Contact    Sandy

Looking for information on June FISCHER born March 1899.  Her parents were Peter W. FISCHER and Lena E. BUTLER.  This information is from the 1900 Colorado Census.  We can not find June FISCHER in any other census from 1910 on up.  We are looking for any secondary confirmation, Church records, death notice, etc., or if anyone knows of a family cemetery on P.W. FISCHER's old ranch.  Any help would be appreciated.    Ray Smith

Looking for a BUTLER genealogist in Jackson County.  Lena (BUTLER) FISCHER has left a photo album which has come to us.  I may have photos of interest for you.  The following people have photos in the album:  Albers BUTLER, Elizabeth BUTLER, Ernest BUTLER, H. P. BUTLER, Ida BUTLER, Lena BUTLER, James HODGDON, M. PRIME, Rebecca PRIME, and several other unmarked photos.  If you are a BUTLER genealogist I would like to hear from you.    Ray Smith


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