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Jefferson County Families

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Name Contact Date added
Anger Laurel Campbell 7/2004
Austin Julian Earl 11/2003
Amsley Mike Fisher 12/2003
Baker Juanita Baker 11/2004
Balderston Julian Earl 11/2003
Beesley Richard Beesley 12/2005
Bosick Richard Beesley 12/2005
Brady Jami Stoneking 3/2004
Brother Laurel Campbell 7/2004
Brown Juanita Baker 11/2004
Bryant Bob Peterson 9/2004
Burry Sandy Weber 2/2007
Cart-Nevius History
Donna Vesco Rothe 7/2004
Coleman Terri Whitaker Pilon 10/2005
Connelly Jeanne Catron 1/2004
Cook-Bromwell Mary Jane Cook 9/2004
Curtan Amy Amidei 10/2004
Davis Patti Burris 11/2003
Dillion Julian Earl 11/2003
Fife Helen Poland 12/2003
Fynes Geoff Fynes 11/2004
Garber Julian Earl 11/2003
Groom Juanita Baker 11/2004
Hause Bob Peterson 9/2004
Healy Juanita Baker 11/2004
Hebrew Juanita Baker 11/2004
Horton Heidi Short 10/2004
Hudson Rob Nicholas 12/2007
Kerr Robert Petrie 1/2004
Landt Cherrie Bauer 7/2005
Lewis Peggy Brown 11/2003
Lind Brenda Gervais 12/2003
Malet Edward Loyd 9/2004
Malone  Donette Wilson 12/2007
Matthews Pam 11/2004
Mawhirter E. Wilson 12/2003
Miller Bette Solomon 9/2004
Miller Cherrie Bauer 7/2005
Patterson Julian Earl 11/2003
Petrie Robert Petrie 1/2004
Pike Barbara Krogh 3/2004
Powers Dorothy Powers 11/2003
Presnell/Pressnell Linda Aaron 9/2003
Richards (Richards-Hart Estate) Laurel Campbell 7/2004
Sandhofer J. McDonald 11/2003
Sarell Larry Peahl 10/2004
Slater Annie Slater 12/2005
Smith Juanita Baker 11/2004
Tuttle Robert Petrie 1/2004
Wightman Laurel Campbell 7/2004
Wiley Craig Campbell 12/2003
Wilson Mary Saban 10/2004
Wright Cherrie Bauer 7/2005
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