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     [original table created by Kathy Liegh, 1999.  Revised by Jackie Wilson Goddard, 2008.]

Cemetery Location First Burial Last burial Additional Information
Arlington Cemetery 1 mi south of Arlington and 1/2 mile west 1891   Find A Grave
Bates Family Cemetery
AKA Stuart Cemetery
Near Stuart      
Brandon Cemetery See Plainview Cemetery      
Catholic Cemetery Brandon      
Chivington Cemetery 1/2 mile south of Chivington, 1/4 mile west. 1887 1907  
Eads Cemetery 1/4 mile east of Eads, 1/2 mile south     Find A Grave
Eads Old Cemetery 1/2 mile south of Eads 1899 1908  
France Cemetery 3 miles northwest of Chivington     Find A Grave
Galatea Cemetery        
Hainer Cemetery 1/2 mile east of Eads, south 12 miles, east 2.5 miles, just west of Neeskah Reservoir.      
Haswell Cemetery 1/2 miles west of Haswell, 1/4 mile south.     Find A Grave
Jones Cemetery Eastern edge of Neenoshe Reservoir.      
Plainview Cemetery 1/4 mile south of Brandon     Find A Grave
Rural Cemetery #1       More than 2 graves.
Rural Cemetery #2       At least 2 graves,
1 that of a baby.
Rural Cemetery #3 8.5 miles north of Towner      
Rural Cemetery #4 12 miles south of Haswell      
Rural Cemetery #5 7 miles west of Haswell, 2 miles north      
Rural Cemetery #6 Northeast of Sheridan Lake.      
Sand Creek Massacre Historical Monument 4.5 miles west of Brandon, 7 miles north, 1 mile east, 1/2 mile north.     National Park Service site
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PBS Documents
Sheridan Lake Cemetery 1 mile north of Sheridan Lake.     Find A Grave
Stuart Cemetery See Bates Family Cemetery.      
Towner Cemetery 1 mile southwest of Towner, 1/2 mile south, then 1/2 mile west.     Find A Grave
Unknown infant grave Southeast of Eads, East side of Neenoshe Reservoir.      
Wagoners Cemetery 11 miles north of Sheridan Lake, 3 miles east.      
Wargo Cemetery Southeast of Eads.      
Water Valley Cemetery Northwest of Brandon.      


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